Armlocks holds pro wrestling live shows
This week featuring Armlocks holds pro wrestling live shows. The receiving wrestler is sitting down with his legs extended, the applier stands facing in the same direction so that his legs step over the receiver's shoulders trapping the head between his thighs, he then precedes to reach down and grab each ankle with each hand and pull them up wards to apply a torturous stretch. This move called by this name was first seen in WCW.



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Further information: Armlock


Hardcore Holly with an armbar locked on Mr. Kennedy.

Also known as an arm wrench, the wrestler takes the opponents arm and twists it, putting pressure on the shoulder and elbow.

Crucifix armbar

The wrestler holds an opponent's arm with his arms, pulling the arm across his chest. He is situated perpendicular to and behind the opponent. The wrestler then holds the other arm with his legs, stretching the shoulders back in a crucifying position and hyperextending the elbow.

Fujiwara armbar

A grounded armbar innovated by Yoshiaki Fujiwara. With the opponent lying on his belly, the wrestler lies on the opponent's back, at a 90� angle to him, putting some or all of his weight on the opponent to prevent him from moving. The opponent's arm is then hooked and pulled back into his body, stretching the forearms, biceps and pectoral muscles. Variations of this can include clasping the opponent's hand instead of hooking the upper arm, for extra leverage and bridging out, while performing the move to increase leverage and immobilize the opponent.

Headscissors armbar

The wrestler wraps his legs around the opponent's head, facing towards the opponent. He then grabs one of the opponent's arms and wrenches in backwards, causing pressure on the shoulder and elbow of the opponent. This can often be performed on a standing wrestler.

Scissored armbar

The wrestler approaches a prone, face down opponent from the side. The wrestler then "scissors" (clasps) the near arm of the opponent with their legs and takes hold of the far arm of the opponent with both hands, forcing the opponent onto their side and placing stress on both shoulder joints, as well as making it harder for the opponent to breathe.

Seated armbar

The wrestler sits on either side of an opponent who is lying prone on the mat, with the wrestler's legs scissoring one of the opponent's arms. The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm, pulling it upwards, causing hyper-extension of the shoulder and elbow.

Tiger feint crucifix armbar

The opponent begins supine, lying with their back on the bottom or second rope and facing into the ring. The wrestler runs towards the opponent and jumps through the second and top rope while holding on to the ropes, then swings around and grapevines the opponent's arms, applying a crucifix armbar.

Barely Legal

From behind a seated opponent, the wrestler grabs one of the opponent's elbows and pulls it up and backward toward himself. He then bends the wrist and forces the open palm of the opponent's hand into his chest, putting pressure on the wrist.


The wrestler stands behind the opponent and hooks one of his arms so that both wrestlers' elbow joints are snug together and their arms are wrapped around one another. The wrestler then pulls the arm upward against the back of his opponent.

Chickenwing arm lock

The wrestler lays on top of the opponent's torso, in a 90� angle. He or she then grabs hold of the opponent's wrist with his or her far hand and pushes it behind the opponent's back. He or she then puts his other arm over the opponent's shoulder, reaches under the opponent's arm and grabs hold of his or her other wrist. He or she then uses both arms to pull the opponent's arm behind him or her into an unnatural position, causing pressure. Also known as a Kimura.

Crossface chickenwing

A chickenwing variation where the wrestler applies the chickenwing to one of the opponent's arms. The wrestler then uses his free arm to either push the arm, and particularly its radius bone, against the face of the opponent to cause pain, or wrap the arm around the neck of the opponent in a sleeper hold. The wrestler may also grasp his hands together in either variation.

Double chickenwing

Jazz applies the Bitch Clamp (Elevated double chickenwing) to Trish Stratus

The wrestler locks both of the opponent's arms into chickenwings, and then pushes upward on the opponent's back (lower scapula). From here, the opponent can be grounded in a seated double chickenwing, thrown over for a suplex, or lifted for an elevated double chickenwing. The latter of which can be used to transition into a facebuster.

A bridging grounded double chickenwing, also known as the Cattle Mutilation, this hold is applied when an opponent is seated or lying face down on the mat the wrestler locks a double chickenwing on their arms and then performs a forward roll into a bridging position further stressing the hold.

Key lock

This hold is very similar to the chickenwing arm lock, the difference being that the opponent's arm is bent the other way. The wrestler lays on top of the opponent's torso, in a 90� angle. He then grabs hold of the opponent's wrist with his near hand, so that the opponent's hand is palm up and folded fully, and holds it down. He then reaches under the opponent's arm with his other arm and grabs hold of his other arm's wrist. He then forces the opponent's elbow upwards, bending the arm to an unnatural position.


The wrestler grabs his/her opponent's arm, pulling it around behind the opponent's back. This stretches the pectorals and shoulder joint, and immobilizes the arm. This is a legitimate controlling/debilitating hold, and is commonly used by police officers in the United States to subdue uncooperative persons for arrest.

Wrist lock

William Regal immobilizes Cody Rhodes with a standing wrist lock

The wrestler grasps the opponent's hand and twists backwards, placing pressure on the wrist. While this can inflict pain on its own, it is most often used as a transition hold, leading into either a hammer lock, an elbow to the held arm, or kicks to the opponent's abdominal area. Another form of wrist lock sometimes known as a figure four wristlock involves the wrestler (after applying the initial wrist lock with the left hand) threading their right arm through the gap the two arms provide, forming a '4', and providing leverage on the wristlock.


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