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Bear hug

A wrestler stands in front of an opponent and locks his hands around the opponent, squeezing him. Often he will shake his body from side to side, in order to generate more pain around the ribs and spine. Frequently used by powerhouse style wrestlers, this rather simple to apply hold was used by heels and faces alike.

Reverse Bear Hug

A wrestler stands behind the opponent and locks his hands around the stomach of the opponent, squeezing him like a regular Bear hug, the wrestler also has his opponent in the air, while squeezing. The wrestler want to squeezing a little bit more to generate more pain in the stomach and ribs.

Body scissors

A wrestler approaches a sitting opponent from in front, behind, or either sides. The attacking wrestler then sits next to the opponent and wraps their legs around the opponent, crossing their ankles and then tightening their grip by squeezing together their thighs or straightening their legs to choke the wrestler by compressing their torso. This hold is often used in conjunction with a hold applied to the head or the arms in order to restrain the opponent and makes them want to tap out.


Similar to a bear hug from a behind, a gutwrench hold, also known as an "inverted bear hug," starts with the opponent doubled over and the attacking wrestler pushing the opponent's head to one side of his legs, he then locks his arms around the opponents waist and lifts the opponent up as though going for a powerbomb so the victims back is wrapped over the attacking wrestlers shoulder. This hold is often transitioned into a submission, powerbomb, backbreaker, or suplex.

Back and torso stretches

Abdominal stretch

The Big Show locks John Cena in a Abdominal stretch.

Also known as a Cobra Twist, this hold begins with a wrestler facing his opponent's side. The wrestler first straddles one of the opponent's legs, then reaches over the opponent's near arm with the arm close to the opponent's back and locks it. Squatting and twisting to the side, flexs the opponent's back and stretches their abdomen. This move can also be applied on the ground, called the Ground Cobra when Antonio Inoki used it to beat Don Frye in a Japanese Pro-wrestling match.

Al Capone Cradle

The receiving wrestler is sitting down with his legs extended, the applier stands facing in the same direction so that his legs step over the receiver's shoulders trapping the head between his thighs, he then precedes to reach down and grab each ankle with each hand and pull them up wards to apply a torturous stretch. This move called by this name was first seen in WCW.

Boston crab

Main article: Boston crab

This typically starts with the opponent on his back, and the wrestler standing and facing him. The wrestler hooks each of the opponent's legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process. The final position has the wrestler in a semi-sitting position and facing away from his opponent, with the opponent's back and legs bent back toward his face.

Bow and arrow hold

The wrestler kneels on his opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other. He then rolls back so that his opponent is suspended on his knees above him, facing up. The wrestler pulls down with both arms while pushing up with the knees to bend the opponent's back.

Gory special

This hold sees a wrestler lift their opponent over their shoulder so that the opponent's upper back is across the wrestler's shoulder. Thus, the wrestler and opponent are back to back, facing opposite directions. The opponent's legs are tucked around the wrestler's hips. The wrestler can now apply pressure by applying a chinlock and pressing down. One or both of the opponent's arms can also be hooked for extra pressure.

Octopus hold

The wrestler stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. The wrestler then forces the opponent to one side, traps one of the opponent's arms with their own arm, and drapes their free leg over the neck of the opponent, forcing it downward. This elevates the wrestler and places all the weight of the wrestler on the opponent. The wrestler has one arm free, which can be used for balance.


The surfboard hold first sees a wrestler stand behind a fallen opponent, who is lying stomach first to the floor. The wrestler places one foot down just above each of the opponent's knees and bends his or her legs up, hooking them around his or her own knees; at this point the wrestler grasps both of his opponent's wrists (usually slapping the opponent's back in an attempt to bring the arms in reach), and falls backwards while compressing the opponent's shoulder-blades and lifting him or her off the ground. This can see the wrestler fall to a seated position or go onto his or her own back, lifting the opponent skyward, which will increase pressure on the opponent but put the wrestler in risk of pinning his or her own shoulders to the mat.

Another version of a surfboard which is most often applied by a standing wrestler against a prone opponent�but may also be applied by a seated wrestler or against a seated or kneeling opponent�sees the wrestler grasp both of his opponent's wrists, while placing his or her foot or knee on the opponent's upper back, pulling back on the arms to compress the opponent's shoulder blades.

The Tarantula

Applier has his legs hooked as if doing an inverted full nelson to the Receiver with his legs, then he grabs the ropes and goes completely over them so he can reach around from the other side to grab the receiver's feet so they can both be dangled off the ropes.


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