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GlobalFight is the oldest and largest alternative wrestling / fighting site in the world. 40 years ago we started out as a printed fighters directory in playbill format and when the internet came into being we converted our directory of fighters over to the internet.

OWNERS and MEMBERSHIP UPDATE - Dont be fooled by sites advertising they are the biggest in the world! Look over their profiles and you will see many profiles with NO PHOTOS which means fake profiles.  IMPORTANT! Be leary of personals sites who do not list WHO the owners are or ANY contact info such as phone number or live support at GlobalFight WE DO. You can also see photos of our admins all over our site and we have live support 9AM to 5PM daily ready to talk to you on the phone and 24 hour trouble ticket support. We do not hide in the shadows as many other sites keeping from our members WHO ownership is or even HOW to contact the owner. Were also the SAME guys who have been doing this on the internet for 22 years. While other sites have come and gone we will always be here because for us its not just a hobby it is a passion, way of life and a professional business.

We have worked with some of the great old timers such as Hollywood Blond Ken and Bill Hughes and stream many of the top wrestling video companies content in our members area. The site has been operated by Vangar for the past 20 years and still is one of the prime innovators of GlobalFight.

Love us or hate us, Vangar and GlobalFight is known the world over. We have sponsored pro wrestling shows around the country, provided webmaster limo services at the world famous InterNext convention 8 years in a row, sponsored FantasyFest DJ events in Key West, provided sponsorships and Tshirts to Police Fire Wrestling Events around the country, sponsored Mardi Gras Event parties, provided warehouse facilities the first two years for Clash of the Titans and the list goes on and on! In most wrestling, boxing and internet circles if you mention GlobalFight their is a face associated with the brand! We are proud of that fact, no other imitation to our service can say the same thing.

The first couple years on the internet we were free and during that time we added services requested by users such as users video clip shows, video chat, a multimedia area where users could be entertained with guys and gals erotic streaming shows, webcam channels, dvd streaming channels and of course wrestling / boxing matches and tens of thousands of image archives of male/female models and shoots of assorted erotic matches

As our traffic increased due to the services our users had requested we quickly realized (as many other free startup sites have learned over the years) bandwidth, equipment, servers and hundreds of man hours per month is not free and so we had to start requesting a small fee to help pay the bills and our programmers.

What sets us apart from the rest of the wrestling, boxing and MMA personals sites on the internet? We have been promoting, producing and providing fighters content for both gay and straight venues for two decades and we have hundreds of thousands of branded images all over the internet as well as 60,000 keyword search engine pages pointing folks to GlobalFight.com so if your looking to find a match or friend someone is more likely to find you on GlobalFight.com by following the thousands of links around the world pointing them to your profile here. Plus we are still the only personals site that also provides a world class multi-media section where you can watch over 40,000 HD streaming shows in addition to your personals membership.

This month our multimedia photo content hit the ONE MILLION mark. We have sorted all images into categories such as male - female, muscle, wrestling, boxing, bears, fetish, gear etc. TONS of content shot over the past 20 years and ALL available for you to view, enlarge images and even SAVE to your computer.

The 40,000 video streaming shows have been made much easier with a whats new section that shows you the latest uploaded full length HD shows. If you have not checked it out yet be sure to take a look. You can access it either from the personals section (top left Multimedia Videos button) or if you dont want to post a profile you can access it from the LOGON link on top of GlobalFight.com

Thanks to our users support we continue to be the most innovative website on the net with applications that work with both iphone and android operating systems.

This year we are celebrating our 21st year of continuous operation on the internet and we look forward to many more years of providing a place for sports oriented folks to find new friends.

As always we are happy to hear from you with comments or suggestions. Feel free to EMAIL US HERE


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