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Each time you post a photo we review it and based on the following criteria determine if it will be added to the featured listings. Keep in mind, being picked has nothing to do with whether you are a member or not, it is strictly based on the following criteria...

---A very clear shirtless (but not nude) photo.
We prefer no other persons in photo unless they are part of the action such as someone wrestling you, massaging you etc...
---A clear view of your face, no cutoff heads! Of course in some cases an exception is made such as wearing a mask or a really really really HOT photo but those are rare. If you want to be featured a full view of your upper body and face will help.
---Since this is a wrestling, boxing and sports oriented site having something to do with these topics also helps. You can be posing in a fight stance or standing in a ring. Whatever your doing in the photo ask yourself if this is relevant to the site, if not you can post it in your profile but chances are it will not be featured unless it just happens to be a really good hot looking photo
--- Hue tints with really bad color exposures in one extreme range of the color spectrum cannot not be used
--- SIZE should be anywhere between 1000-4000 pixels (4 inches to 24 inches) which gives us enough room to crop to display as a perfect square.
--- REPOSTING or updating your ad multiple times in one week with the same photo or not loading new photos and just updating text in an attempt to move your same old photo up will result in being removed as featured
---Whether your smooth or hairy has no bearing in our choices.
---Tiny thumbnails posted as photos are almost always stole off the internet and have no chance of being featured. The same goes for large grainy photos which are usually tiny thumbnails stole off a site and then blown up to larger size. When we say tiny were talking about half an inch or smaller.
---If you think you posted a perfect photo and feel it should be featured you can always email with a copy of the photo along with your user name and ask why it was not considered. You will be given a reply back with ideas on what to change to make it a better candidate for becoming featured on your next upload.


EACH time you post or UPDATE your photo it gets checked to see if it meets our criteria for being a featured. Many times, a photo will get uploaded which is grainy, less interesting or just plain lame as compared to the previous photo which was really hot. In this case, the new photo will cause the FEATURED status to be removed. Remember, featured photos have nothing to do with having a ton of really hot photos IN your profile. It has everything to do with your MAIN photo because that is what people will see on our main home page.

ALSO, just because you are featured now does not mean it is a lifetime honor. If the same photo has been featured for a long time we will remove it to make room for newer photos to get rotated with a chance to be on the main page. If you post a new photo it still goes through the criteria check list as listed in criteria above.

The "MOST VOTES" listing is chosen by YOU the personals members based on how many times a user has clicked on the VOTE FOR ME button.

NEW! Verified Ad's... "VERIFIED" means the user has MET at least one verified person from our website personals or is known by our website staff and/or has attended one or more of our events. It does NOT vouch for any skill level, intensity or safety. However, we do not allow anyone to be and/or remain a verified user who has shown to be a risk to the safety of others or advertising injuring another person such as NHB fighters, blood play or unsafe sex such as barebacking. Unverified users may still be contacted, we simply urge safety when meeting someone for the first time. If you have met a verified user have them contact us to change your status. If your both unverified send photo proof of your meeting to

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To get listed on the top 50 of this page simply get as many votes as possible from our registered users. Only one vote per registered user is possible for you and only registered users can vote... this prevents users from spamming message boards to get inflated votes. Being in the chat room or logged into our personals pages and interacting with other users can also help get you more votes.

The MOST POPULAR PROFILES are a running total of the most page views each user has had since posting. They are then listed in order by hits.

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The HOTTEST NEW profile listings are only those which have been POSTED in the past 30 days sorted by highest hits

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