absolute summer workout

This summer would be perfect - lots of sweat and lots of sun. I wanted to return to school with a great tan highlighting my lean, chiseled body. Eat your heart out, Michaelangelo! Jack at the landscape company was skeptical when I told him I didn't want a lawn mowing job, I wanted to work hard enough to stay in shape. He was really perplexed when I asked if there was a dress code; then I told him I wanted a great tan when I went back to school. He said anything that was decent, no nudity; if he got any complaints, we'd have to talk.

I showed up the next morning about sunrise wearing steel-toed boots, a bandana, tank top and short denim cutoffs, carrying a pair of leather gloves, and a cooler full of water and gatorade. Jack introduced me to Manny, the crew leader, and Charlie by telling them I volunteered for heavy work to stay in shape. Manny said he'd oblige. We loaded two pick-ups with equipment and took off for this week's site to landscape around model homes at a new subdivision. Charlie drove one truck, and I rode with Manny. He told me a dump truck would be delivering 2 or 3 loads of gravel; we had to load it into wheelbarrows and do some terrain sculpting in the back yard. Since I wanted a lot of work, he'd have me load the wheelbarrows while he and Charlie pushed them to the back yard and emptied them. The first load was in the street when we arrived. Manny handed me a coal shovel and told me to keep filling wheelbarrows fast enough so he and Charlie wouldn't have to wait. Alright, let's go! Each shovel load must have been about 30 pounds, and I was already sweating when I had finished the first of the 3 wheelbarrows. I pulled off the tank top and loaded the second wheelbarrow. Charlie took off with the first wheelbarrow, and Manny took off with the second a couple of minutes later. Charlie was back just as I finished the 3rd wheelbarrow, swapped his empty for a full one, and headed to the backyard. This kept up all morning. I knew I was tired when we stopped for lunch, but I said I felt great when Manny asked how I was doing. After about 15 minutes, we hit it again and kept going until the last of the gravel was gone at about 4:30. I offered to buy Manny and Charlie sodas from the fridge in the office when we got back to the yard. We sat out front and talked; Manny said he was impressed with how I had done today, and Charlie nodded agreement. I decided that since I was already hot and sweaty, I'd just stop at the high school athletic field and do my ab work before going home to clean up. I got out of my car and walked over to the soccer goal, jumped up on the crossbar, and started the first of 4 sets of 50 hanging leg lifts with my work boots still on. After the leg lifts, I did 200 twisting situps and called it a day.

I woke up the next morning a little sore for having used muscles I wasn't accustomed to working that hard. I put on a pair of short gym shorts, an inch or 2 shorter than my cut-offs, which I also brought along, just in case. Manny didn't say anything about my attire as we loaded the trucks. Today, we'd finish the gravel work and build some retaining walls with railroad ties. At lunch, Charlie told me he thought I had a good-looking body, that I wasn't a muscle freak. He was well built but not cut like I was. He was strong in the arms, shoulders, and back, but not in the gut. I told him how much ab work I did including the workout at the high school last night. Both he and Manny shook their heads in amazement. After we packed up that afternoon, I rode back with Charlie and we talked about working out. I told him about the workouts I did at school and about the occasional gut punching sessions afterward and admitted how much it turned me on. I'd gotten into some serious gut punching in the second semester, often letting 4 or 5 guys wear themselves out on my gut of steel. Charlie seemed very interested and asked a lot of questions.

On Friday, I brought along a thin gym mat. Since I had plans that night, I figured I might do my workout at lunch. After a hard morning, I pulled the mat out of the truck and started doing twisting bent-leg situps. Charlie knelt down and held my feet and did the counting; I stopped at 200, laid back on the mat and started doing leg raises. I alternated raising my right leg to vertical, then my left, then my right without letting my heels all the way down. After about 150 reps of each leg, I asked Charlie if he would hold my ankles to give me a little resistance. He added resistance and counted out another 150 reps on each leg. When I finished, I stretched my hands back behind my head for a few seconds before noticing the sweat accumulating in my navel and the horizontal and vertical cuts in my abs - a real turn-on. Back to work. After work, Charlie asked me if I was getting into any gut punching during the summer; no, but I wouldn't pass up any chance.

Monday was real scorcher. Since the lunchtime workout had gone well on Friday, I decided to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I stopped at the high school for a few sets of hanging leg lifts; I was frustrated I couldn't do them at lunch, since that was my favorite exercise. On Tuesday, I laid on the mat just to soak up some sun. My back was already tanning nicely, and I wanted to balance that with some darkening of my chest and abs. I woke with a start when Manny stepped on my stomach; he showed some surprise at how firm my stomach was even when I was sleeping. He hadn't been a part of the conversations with Charlie, but he had overheard enough to know what we were talking about. On Wednesday, I decided to try a modified RC situp at lunch. I lowered the tailgate, cleared a space, sat on the edge of the tailgate facing the cab. I asked Charlie to hold my feet, and I lowered upper body over the back edge down to about a 45-degree decline and began doing twisting situps. After 200 reps, I laid back out with my upper body at about a 30 degree decline and held it for about 10 minutes. That felt like a good substitute for RC situps. On the way back to the yard after finishing the day's job, I told Charlie I was going to stop by the high school on the way home. He asked if he could join me, and I said I'd like to have somebody to talk to. We met at the soccer goal, and both of us jumped up on the crossbar to do hanging leg raises. Charlie could only do about 20 and dropped to the ground. I told him I planned to do 4 sets of 50 and kept cranking them out. As I started the last set, I told Charlie, I wanted to keep going to failure on this set, hoping to get to 80. The burn became intense as I hit 60, then 65, then 70, and I finally stopped at 100. I bent over with my hands on my knees to get my breath. Charlie asked if he could feel how hard I could flex my abs after such a workout, and I said sure. He said I felt like a brick wall - looked like one too. Sensing his arousal, I asked him if he wanted to try a few punches. He hesitated, and I encouraged him to go for it. His eyes popped after my abs deflected his first punch just above the navel. I told him to keep going. The burn had started to subside after about 5 minutes, and I was really getting aroused by Charlie's punching. He stopped after about 10 minutes, sweating and breathing hard. He said that was a lot different from punching the heavy bag at the gym - he liked it! After a couple minutes for Charlie to get his breath, I jumped up to grab the overhead bar of the soccer goal and told Charlie to whale on me again. His punches started causing me to swing forward and backward slightly, and he started timing his punches so he was hitting me as I was swinging toward him. Was that sweat or something else around his zipper? He quit after about 5 minutes and had a big grin on his face. I dropped to the ground, put my arm around his shoulder and told him I enjoyed it too, as we walked to the cars. As he got into his car, I shouted "Anytime! Just let me know!" As I drove off, I realized I hadn't been that excited since the last punching session at school before final exams. I was hoping this would be the first of many workouts with Charlie.

The next day, Charlie had already told Manny about last night's workout when I arrived at the yard. I rode out to the site with Manny, and he asked me alot of questions about ab training and punching; some of his questions had a kind of s&m or domination overtone. When we broke for lunch, Manny told me had once seen a guy stretched out between two chairs, head on one, feet on the other; he wondered if I had ever done that. I told him I had done similar things in gymnastics and thought I could do it. He dropped the tailgates on both trucks and backed one around so the beds faced each other. I got my mat out of the truck, rolled it up and placed it on the edge of one tailgate; after I laid my head on the mat, Charlie grabbed my feet and swung them up on the edge of the other tailgate. Manny called me the human bridge and asked how it felt. "OK, feels great!" After about 15 minutes, Charlie walked over to check me out. "Still firm and rigid," he observed. "Still firm all over," I said. Charlie looked at my shorts and knew what I meant. Manny came over and asked if I thought I could take a punch in this position. "Sure, I'm already flexed." They looked at each other, smiled, and started pounding my gut as though they had hammers in their hands. After a couple of minutes, Charlie, grabbed two shovels, gave Manny one, and they started slapping my abs with the handles of the shovels. That stung a little, but didn't hurt the muscles. I joked, "no harm, no foul!" After about 5 minutes, Manny said it was time to get back to work.

Charlie and I repeated the workout at the high school on Monday night, and we both left fully aroused. On Tuesday, I realized I had no clean gym shorts to wear. I put on a bikini swimsuit and my cutoffs over that. After we got to the site that morning, I stripped down to the bikini. The materiel load was late, and we finished all the other work about 11. It would do no good to go back to the yard, so we stayed at the site. I rolled out my mat in the back of a pickup, and took a nap in the hot sun. When the truck finally arrived, it dropped a load of 50- to 70-pound rocks that we had to carry to a slope and use for riprap. I volunteered to carry the rocks, and Manny and Charlie placed them on the slope. By the end of the day, my abs were red and had a few scratches from the rocks. Charlie noticed the scratches and asked if I was ok. I told him I was fine, just needed to wash up. I wore the bikini almost every other day the rest of the summer. I continued my lunchtime workouts, sometimes substituting one of our lunchtime games to keep some variety in the workday, and Charlie and I continued our workouts at the high school 2 nights a week.

Two weeks before I had to go back to school, I told Manny and Charlie at the shop after a long, hot day that I wanted both of them to come to the high school with me the next night for a long session. I expected that some of my school buddies would like to spend more than an hour working over my abs as soon as I got back to school, and I wanted to be sure I was ready for it. I wanted to start lengthening and varying two workouts a week to get ready. They agreed, and we all met at the high school the next night after working all day. I did 6 sets of 50 hanging leg lifts, with the last set done to failure, 115. I followed that with a set of 250 twisting situps, and I had a real good burn going. I jumped up on the soccer goal crossbar and told Charlie and Manny to try to keep me swinging with their punches for 30 minutes; if one needed to rest, the other should keep it going. By alternating for periods of 3 or 4 minutes, they were able to keep pounding my gut for over 40 minutes. I dropped off the soccer goal, and walked around for a couple of minutes as the sweat rolled off of me. I laid down of the ground with my hands behind my head and told Manny and Charlie to drop elbows on me for a while. They had spent most of their punching time on my lower abs, so I wanted them to focus above the navel. They only lasted about 15 minutes. Then Charlie stood on my stomach and started jumping up and down like he was jumping rope. That started affecting my breathing after about 5 minutes, because I was absorbing Charlie's full weight with each jump. Every jump caused a loud moan. They switched off and kept it up for about another 10 minutes; the last 5 minutes was rough going, and I was covered with sweat. As I weakened, I became more and more aroused. My cock was so hard, it was just starting to come out at the top of my bikini. << >> When I awoke with a sore gut the next morning, I knew I had gone far enough. The red splotches still on my belly reinforced it. I knew I'd be ready for anything when I got back to school.

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