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NOTE: Since I have been writing the Student and The Teacher series, the first �fan� email I received and a HUGE supporter of mine has been the legendary Rockyrog. In an email to him, I told him about this 15 year old named David with amazing legs. I kept promising to send Rocky a story about David. After I wrote it, I sent this to Rocky for him to be the first to read as a �thank you present� for his unending support. With his blessing I am posting it here

To all those who have left comments or emailed me about Justin, I truly thank you�you will never know how much I appreciate everything that has been said. . BTW: Chapter 13 of Justin will be up in a few days!

This is a true story that happened to me well over 10 years ago. (Has it really been that long?) Parts have been added to enhance the story line.

Here�s a little background first. My best friend Joe and his family used to throw this HUGE family reunion every summer out in the woods at their campsite. Since the entire family loved me so much, one year, I was asked to join them. The wooded campsite was about 10 acres, so everything was pretty much spread out. All over the place were old trailers, campers, etc that family members brought there and left there year after year. Since Joe and I were friends we got to share one of the older small pop up tent campers up on the hill in an out of the way area. His nephew, David showed up that Friday afternoon after all the room assignments, as they were called, had been given out. Since we had a cot in our two bed camper, he would be sleeping with us.

David was fifteen years old, about 5�8� and a good 150 solid pounds with brown hair that covered his even larger brown eyes. An impish boyish smile, he was always pleasant and very polite. The first time I saw David he was wearing a red t- shirt that just kind of hung on him loosely and a pair of red in the back and black in the front short spandex biker shorts. (he rode the approximately 20 miles from his home to the campsite on a regular basis as I found out later on.) Immediately I noticed his thigh muscles. His smooth, tanned hairless body was very vascular with no evidence of any remaining baby fat. His thigh muscles were long, lean, thick and blended down into a huge pair of grapefruit sized calf muscles that glistened in the sun with sweat that was running down his leg.

�Hi, I�m David. I guess that I�m staying here with you two guys this weekend.� He politely reached his hand out to shake mine. His grip was firm and confident. He didn�t immediately release his grip. Instead he tightened it up a bit as he stared me in the eyes.

�Good name, that�s mine too.� I replied. �Did you really ride your bike all the way here from your home?�

�Yea, I do it all the time. It keeps me in shape. I�m on the track and swim teams at school. It�s not a bad ride, just some of the hills at the end get me kind of tired, but I make it through. Listen I have to go see my mom and let her know that I�m here.�

As he walked away, I marveled at his hamstring development. With each step, the various striations on each leg shook and tensed. His bubble butt, round and firm complimented the worn spandex shorts that were hanging by a thread. It was apparent that he had nothing on underneath his spandex shorts. His calf muscles had thick corded veins running through them that I never saw so visible on someone so young.

I really didn�t see him most of the day. That night, as the adults sat around a camp fire, my friend Joe got drunk and passed out. As I tried to carry/drag Joe to our camper, David came over to help me. �Here, let me help you with him. I do this to my Dad all the time.� David bent down and easily lifted Joe over his shoulder in a fireman�s carry. While walking up a slight incline to the camper I walked behind David watching his leg muscles flex with each step as he easily carried someone almost twice his weight with no effort or strain. Once we got to the camper, I opened the door as David walked up the three steps so that we were inside.

Joe collapsed on one of the beds in his drunken stupor. That left one bed on the other wall and the cot left to sleep on. I thought that since I was the adult that I would get the cot. Plus I was the guest and I got here first, was I ever wrong.

�I guess that he�s staying put on this bed for the night. I�ll take this bed and you can take the cot.� David removed his baggy t-shirt to reveal a beautiful tanned, toned hairless body. His chest muscles weren�t that well developed, but some muscle size and definition were starting to show. His veined, vascular arms were like his legs, long and lean. The lines on the side of his emerging abdominal muscles from his intercostals made an amazing v shape that disappeared into his shorts.

I told David that since I was the guest and older that I should take the bed. He didn�t see it that way.

�Listen I know that you�re a guest and all, but we can work it out if you want?�

�What did you have in mind for work it out?�

�I�ll arm wrestle you for sleeping rites in the bed.�

�Good idea, but there�s no table in here. Just a lot of floor space where the cot goes.� I walked over the bed, hoping to fall asleep.

�We�ll leg wrestle for it then.�

I had no idea what he meant by leg wrestle. �What is leg wrestling?�

�We both lay on the floor at opposite ends from each other. We lift our legs up in the air, wrap them around each other and try to press the other guy�s leg down to the floor. It�ll be fun.�

David laid down on the floor. I did the same. As soon as we both put our legs in the air, it was apparent that he had longer legs than I did. I had a feeling that this wouldn�t bode well for me. �Ready? One, two, three.� David counted down. Within a second, he had my leg pinned down with his. His teenage body heat penetrated my skin. The soft, smooth skin of his legs contrasted with the hair on mine. �Damn, that was easy dude. I pinned you in no time. The bed is mine then!�

�No fair David. I never did this before. You have experience. Plus we have to keep the noise down. I don�t want to wake anyone up. I was hoping that somehow I could experience more of David without waking up the passed out Joe.

�Ok then. How about I put you in a bear hug. If you can escape, then you get the bed.� The moonlight was shining off of his chest as David stood up, facing me.

�Ok by me.� At this point I would do anything to get a chance to feel this kids beautiful flawless skin and endure his teen power.

David wrapped his arms around mine, pulling our bodies together. My breathing was slightly heavy from our little leg tussle, but his chest breathing was normal. The pressure that he was using was powerful, but not enough to make me submit. I tried to struggle, but our height difference with him having a couple of inches on me made it somewhat difficult. Without any warning or notice, David jumped up in the air, wrapped his legs around my waist. Now, I was totally supporting his weight and mine. David pressed his body further against mine making my point of balance on my back. Within a few seconds I was stumbling, about to fall down. My back hit the side of the camper. With the wall supporting me, David pressed into my ribs tighter with his legs. Soon, my back was sliding down the wall with David still coiled around me.

�Yea, now I�ve got you where I want you. You�ll give up now!� The impish grin of David had changed into an evil smirk. He tossed his head back, as he released his arms from around my chest.

�Hey no fair, you said a bear hug. You said nothing about using your legs!� I was barely able to get those words out of my mouth as David squeezed harder and harder turning my innards into mush.

�Didn�t say I wasn�t gonna use them, I just said it�s a bear hug, never specified what kind.� David leaned back on his elbows as he once again started to squeeze me. From the pain that I was experiencing with David, it was apparent that he had done this before.

He would first use his inner right thigh muscle, then his left inner thigh and then both together, each time squeezing as he pulsated his leg muscles against my sides. Once he locked his ankles together I knew that I was done for. �Ok, I submit, I give up! You can have the bed.� I hoped that my quick submission would release me from his punishing leg hold on me.

�Cool. I knew that you would give up and see things my way.� David lightly released the pythons of his legs from around my waist, but his ankles were still crossed, locking me in. �Now that you gave up, I�m just going to have some fun with you. Next we�ll see about you making me breakfast in the morning too. You ready?�

�What do you mean by that?� My face was red and flushed from the pain that he put me through.

�You submit again, you make me breakfast. If you escape, then I�ll make you breakfast. Here goes!� With that statement, David tightened his crushing grip on my all ready worn sides. He kept squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing over and over again. He was enjoying this torment that he was putting me through.

�All right I give. I submit!� I couldn�t believe that this kid had made me submit to him twice within a span of just a few moments. �Come on David, I gave, now let me go.� With my submission to him, David kept up the pressure on my sides, not letting me go.

�Not gonna happen. You submitted, but I didn�t ask you if you wanted to submit yet. It ain�t over until I ask you to submit.� With each of those words, David poured more power into those muscle corded legs of his that were crushing the life out of me. I guessed that all those years of him swimming, running and bike riding had given him great stamina and amazing power in his teenage thighs.

I felt like I was going to pass out. I knew that my face was turning red from the lack of oxygen as I felt my sides being pressed into together. With one final powerful burst of power, the pain became so severe that I thought I would die. Thankfully, this is when David released his hold on me. I instinctively curled up into a ball, holding my sides, trying to erase the pain.

�Man, you held out a lot longer than I thought you would.� David stood up shaking his muscle swollen thighs. I looked up and saw the pleased look on his face as his hands rubbed over those beautiful thighs of his. �OK, now that I have the bed and breakfast, let�s work on lunch.�
David reached down, wrapping those small soft hands around my battered waist. He pulled me up, so that I was on my hands and knees. �Here you go. Let�s do lunch now!�

I lifted my head and didn�t see David near me. I felt his presence though. Without any warning, David lifted his right leg up in the air and straddled my sides. I felt his skin of his granite hard thighs touching my chest as he brought his ankles together for a standing leg scissors.

With his hands on his hips, David was looking down at me, laughing at my predicament and my capture within his muscle fortress of his legs. I felt my ribs being pushed together by the insides of his thighs as my body was slightly raised up in the air, by David standing on his toes. As David would raise and lower himself on his toes, he would increase then decrease the pressure he was applying with his anaconda like quads. With each rise, by body was slightly lifted up, the down. �Alight David, I submit. I give up! Please stop!�

�I didn�t ask you to submit yet. Didn�t you hear me before? It only counts if I ask you. Since you keep submitting without me asking, I�m really gonna make you suffer then.� David relaxed his legs from around my chest. He shifted his body forward so that now I was in a standing head scissors.

I actually wanted to reach out to lick his thighs so that my lips could feel their hidden power. But that thought was crushed from my mind as I felt a yank of my hair as David pulled my head up higher locking me in between his legs even tighter. Just before he crossed his ankles I could feel the spandex of his shorts pressing against the back of me head. With one quick movement, David locked his ankles together. The pain that I experienced was unlike anything I ever knew to exist. The power from his tender teenage thighs was crushing my skull like it was made out of putty. The sound of him giggling over my pain only made it worse for me. I kept hitting the sides of his thighs with my hands hoping to escape his clutches. This only appeared to agitate David as with each punch on his swollen thighs, it brought out another powerful squeeze from his thighs.

Over and over again, David would squeeze me so tight that I thought I would pass out and then he would release my slightly just before he put on the big squeeze again. David moved his body back just a few inches. I hoped that this was the end to his torture. �Ok, now I�m going to ask you. Do you submit?� Just as he said this, David leaned his body forward and cupped his hand over my mouth. My muffled submission fell on deaf ears. �I can�t hear you. I though that you wanted to submit? Oh well.� David squeezed one more time with his legs around my neck. This time though, he didn�t release the pulverizing squeeze. Instead he kept up the pressure, once I knew that he crossed his ankles, I knew that I was done for. Feeling his tight skin, so smooth and hard against my neck hurt, for I knew that the power that was hidden within his long lean legs was about to get stronger.

The next morning I woke up on the floor. Joe was still passed out and I looked up to see David standing above me, hands on his hips, proud as a peacock. �Man, you were out all night. I never made someone pass out before. That was cool.� David leaned forward, his face only inches from mine. �And not a word to anyone about what happened last night. If you do, last night will seem like nothing.�

As David walked away, my vision was still blurred but my memory of last night seemed just as blurry. I wondered how a 15 year old boy could possess such power in those legs of his.

That afternoon, I tried to avoid David whenever I could, but it was hard. He would seek me out and then ask me to get him something to drink, etc. Everyone thought that I was just being nice to him, but we both knew the truth. With every step I took, the burning sensation of my ribs reminded me of how I got into this predicament. I dreaded having to go to sleep that night, knowing that David would want to continue this game of his.

Once again, Joe got drunk and passed out. Like the night before, David easily carried Joe up to our camper and depositing his body on the bed. I dutifully followed behind, not wanting to anger David. Inside the camper, I immediately went to the cot, hoping that David would get the hint.

�Hey, where do you think you�re going? Get over here.� That was David, now ordering me around.

�Come on David�we did this last night. You won. I can�t go through another night of this.�

David sat up in the bed. He reached over grabbing my head in between his hands, pulling the cot with me sitting on it over to him. Before I could think of any counter move or say I word, David pulled the back of my head tightly in his crotch. He placed his right leg over my shoulder, the wrapped it around my neck. His left leg went over his right ankle, locking me within his grapefruit sized calf muscle. My hands reached up trying to separate his hold, but his overall leg strength had my upper body totally outmatched. �Ok, now we�re going to work on you being my slave for tomorrow�s breakfast, lunch and dinner.�

David pulled on his right ankle. His calf muscle pulsated with muscle power as my windpipe was shut off from giving me oxygen. David would tense his muscular calf muscle that felt so hard, soft and powerful then release it over and over again. It was obvious that he had vast experience in wrestling submission holds since he had no problem manhandling me into multiple submissions with just his powerful legs. My hands pounded on his lean legs only to be met with more power being produced to cut my wind off. �Stop hitting me! Every time you hit me, I�ll squeeze harder.� I did as instructed but he still would not release his thighs of power on me.

I have no idea how long he kept me locked within those crushing pythons that he called his thighs, but it seemed that it had to be at least a half hour or more. I don�t know how I lasted that long without passing out. �Man, this is fun doing this to you. To bad we only have one more day of this left.� With his soft skin covering his hard muscled legs, David gave one more tight squeeze around my neck. My vision became blurred as I again passed out.

Finally it was Sunday, the last day and night. After getting David his breakfast, he took off with his family to go somewhere. I was happy to see him go, so that I could recuperate, but again, I missed seeing him around the campsite. I took a walk through the woods down to the large stream that ran though the edge of the property. I found the cool crisp water relief for my sore ribs and neck. Sitting in the water, I felt relaxed as the water ran over my body. I was just getting ready to go back when I saw David walking along the stream with his family. Once they came near me, I crouched under the water, just up to my neck trying to hide the bruises that their dear sweet son inflicted upon my body. The normal pleasantries were said and they went on their way. Looking at David walking away, I was again mesmerized by the leg development as he made his way along the uneven rocky shoreline. Each muscle in his legs flexed as they struggled over the terrain. Once the family was out of my sight, I stood up, ready to leave.

After only a few steps I saw David running towards me. �Hey stop, right there. Where do you think you�re going? I didn�t say you could go in my stream.� David stood there on the banks of the stream. His arms folded across his chest, one tensed leg out on front of the other�intimidating me. David pulled his t-shirt off over his head. He kicked off his sneakers and removed his socks. Instead of those black and red spandex shorts that I had grown to love, he was wearing a pair of baggy jean shorts. As he removed his jean shorts, I was in fear of my life. Was he going to try and drown me or something?

As David walked in the water, his white bikini brief underwear grew wetter with each step and each splash of the water. In a matter of just a few moments, they were soaked and see through. David placed one hand on my shoulder as he stared me in the eyes. �You didn�t ask permission this morning to come into my stream. You know what this means don�t you?�

I shook my head not knowing what he meant or what he had in mind for me.

�It means this.� David jumped in the water lifting his teenage body high up in the air. His crotch was almost level with my face when his young legs wrapped around my waist. With his arms wrapped tightly around my neck, he gave several quick flexes of his powerful legs around my waist. The relaxing feeling of the water running around my body contrasted with the power he placed around my body with his muscles. Even in the water, his powerful long lean muscular legs hurt to the point of almost breaking my ribs.

Without any warning, he released his arms from around my neck. He leaned his body back resting it on the water. I was still supporting my weight and now his. David nonchalantly placed his hands behind his neck, as he semi-floated in the stream. The pressure from his inner thighs increased very slowly. I believe that this was done so that I could realize how powerful he really was and how much I was at his mercy whenever he wanted it. Looking down I couldn�t help notice how the water and sun glistened off his youthful skin. In this position he looked beautiful. For a fleeting moment, I took a glimpse of his water soaked briefs noticing that we was obviously enjoying this moment. We heard some people coming down the banks of the stream. David released his hold on me. As he walked to the shore to retrieve his clothes I stared at him, almost in a worshipful way. The wet briefs clung to his teenage frame, almost appearing non-existent on his youthful body. His beautiful bubble butt bounced and involuntarily flexed as he put on his clothes. When David bent over, the glimpse of his awesome hamstrings stretching, blending into his butt almost made me cry. Just as he started to walk away, he turned to me as he said. �I expect my dinner at 6. I�ll see you in the camper at 9pm sharp.�

That night I headed to the camper just prior to the required time in fear of what would happen to me if I didn�t. When I walked inside I saw David sitting on the bed just wearing his white bikini briefs from this afternoon. They were dry by now, yet still clung to his body like a second skin. With the light shining off his tight toned body, every lean muscle glistened with amazing power. �Lay on the floor.� David commanded in a very scary tone of voice.

I lied on the floor as instructed. David knelt down next to me. He slithered his left leg under my back as he crossed his right over my chest. He grabbed onto my arm holding it down. As he crossed his ankles locking me within his granite hard vise I tried to scream, only to have it met with a tighter clamp on my chest. �Ok, first the calf muscles are going to flex against your sides, then I�m going to tighten my inner leg muscles then the outer muscles.� Slowly I felt the crushing power of his teen legs against my sides. Once the pressure was applied to my chest David seemed to go crazy with his flexing of his legs.

David cupped his one free hand over my mouth trying to muffle my screams of submission. But like before, he wouldn�t accept a submission, because he didn�t ask for one. I was amazed at how someone so young who was so nicely developed could have such a mean streak. Over and over again, David repeatedly compressed and lightly released his hold on me. His long luscious legs tightened their hold on my chest with every breath I took. The feeling of his grapefruit sized calf muscles on my previously sore ribs had to be the worst pain I had felt all weekend. For a fleeting moment I was actually thought of what pain I would have had been in if David was standing up with my head trapped within those super calves of his as he stood up on his toes, flexing those amazing muscles against my head. But with another flex of his superior quads against my chest brought me back to reality and the pain I was in.

My body convulsed, quivering in pain as he compressed my chest with his amazingly powerful legs. With a teenage chuckle, David was enjoying this total leg domination over me. As he flexed, tensed each muscle, I could almost identify which muscle was which as their coiled muscles brought me further and further to the breaking point. �Damn, I�m starting to get a leg cramp. Boy you�re lucky.�

David unlocked his ankles. He pulled his leg out from under me as he removed the equally heavy leg from my chest. He stood up, rubbing and shaking each leg as he straddled me. I rolled over onto my back. In a few moments of uncomfortable silence I gazed up at David in an almost worshipful way. I first stared at his grapefruit sized calves and the thick vein that ran up his leg, then those long, lean, luscious, hairless legs, that contained so much superior power that held me captive all weekend. I stared at the growing bulge in his sweat drenched bikini briefs powered by his teenage testosterone running throughout his body, and his waspish waist with a trickle of sweat that started up at his pecs. He brushed the hair from his eyes, as he stared down at me. �Damn, Uncle Joe was right, you were easy. But damn, you lasted longer than anyone else when I had them trapped within my legs. Hopefully you�ll be here next year. Just think I�ll have a whole year of bike riding, running and swimming to tighten and build up these crushers. I want my breakfast at 10am.�

David turned around and went to bed. I sat on the floor in disbelief of what had just happened.

Joe moved out of state a few months later. I never saw David again.

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