One afternoon Benny made contact with John on the globalfight chat site. He introduced himself as Wai�s boyfriend and invited John over for a visit. John agreed and the next day he arrived at the house around 3 in the afternoon and rang the bell. It was a typical hot rainy day in Orange County, California. As John waited for Benny to come to answer the door he was a bit nervous. He was not quite sure why he decided to visit Benny or why Benny invited him.

Benny who was alone greeted John at the door. He was wearing a shirt with cutoff sleeves. Benny�s arms were thin with gymnast type Asian muscles, which bulged without even flexing. John was wearing a tank top also showing off his well-conditioned body. As they exchanged small talk about the weather, Benny brought John out to the backyard. Benny moved extremely close to John as they arrived in the yard. At 5�8� he was 3 inches taller and wanted John to recognize the difference in height. John could not understand why Benny was invading his space. Was it because he wanted to fight John or was he coming on to him? John was even more curious about the reason Benny wanted to see him. Benny knew John would view some of his feminine traits as weakness so he got right up close and sort of looked down at John.

As Benny got closer John put his hands on Benny�s exposed arms. It was a way for John to maintain some distance and take an opportunity to actually feel Benny biceps. Benny began to flex for John and since English wasn�t his first language he stated,� I stronger than you�. John was turned on by Benny�s rock hard gymnast type peaked muscle. He then began to flex for Benny. John�s muscles appeared much smaller because they were not formed like Benny�s arm muscles. Benny commented that his muscles were bigger and harder. John countered that his muscles were almost as big as Benny�s biceps. Benny just grinned.

Benny now gestured for the two men to have an arm wrestle. Again Benny said, �I stronger than you�. Again Benny flexed his muscles. This time John positioned his hand on Benny�s bicep. John then spontaneously exclaimed, �I can not put down this Asian bicep�. Benny flexed harder and just grinned.

Benny and John locked hands on the picnic table and immediately John�s arm went down slightly. Benny challenged John, �Show me what you have�. John was using all his arm strength, but as hard as he tried he could not budge Benny�s arm. Benny asked John, �Is that all you have�?

As John struggled, Benny eased John�s arm down a little bit more. John�s face was tense. The only sounds in the yard were the soft taps of a light rain and John's grunts as he struggled to deal with the force that Benny was applying to his arm.

Benny now remained silent and very nonchalant and looked away from John as he continued to apply pressure to John�s arm. John's arm was shaking a bit, while Benny's arm was firm and still. His tanned bulging muscle was glistening in the rain. Every so often he would glace at John and watch as John struggled.

John was giving it all he had but Benny was just much stronger. Every so often Benny would increase the pressure for a short period of time on John�s arm. John would grunt and strain as his arm weakened and moved gradually downward. As John�s arm got closer to the top of the table, Benny said,� You have no chance�. John did not respond. Benny was again increasing the pressure on John�s arm and John�s arm was now feeling Benny�s power. Benny seemed to be getting stronger.

Benny watched John struggle throughout the arm wrestle and actually felt the stress in John�s arm when he increased the pressure. John�s arm was beginning to really shake. It was almost down to the top or the picnic table. Benny now literally slammed John�s arm to the table. Benny cried out �I am stronger�. John was right. He could not last against the strength of Benny's biceps.

Benny could see the look of defeat in John's expression. He removed his shirt and let John take a good look at his toned slim athletic tanned built. John began begging Benny to flex his arm muscles. Benny just grinned. He thought that John would give him more competition and John knew that he had not been much of a challenge.

Benny would allow John to see his biceps but he wanted to see how many times John would continue to ask him to flex. He finally relented and asked John also to remove his shirt. He stood closer to John and began to flex his biceps. John felt even smaller hiim. Now Benny seemed to John to be more than the 3 inches taller.

Everything had changed. John was showing how impressed he was with Benny's slim fit body, strength, and demeanor. Benny was shirtless and was enjoying the way John was admiring him. Benny looked at John and commented, "you like my muscles." . John responded, "definitely".

John knew he was no match for Benny as he peered at Benny's smooth toned body. Benny looked down at a smaller man and felt good about the look of defeat that was all over John's face.

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