asian guy wrestling story


One day John created a personal advertisement on The title of his personal ad was � In search of toned top white guy for wrestling match�. Ideally, he was looking for a taller white dude with a nice body and nice bicep muscles. John wanted to lose to a top guy.

An Asian guy named Wai contacted him in the chat room. John was cordial but did not feel an Asian guy could outwrestle him. Wai was soft spoken and polite. When John asked if Wai could outwrestle John, his answer was always maybe or he was not certain. . John had not seen Wai with his shirt off, and each time John asked how Wai looked without a shirt Wai avoided the question.
Wai was a slim muscular Asian guy who did not look the part of a wrestler. He came across as passive but it was just his demeanor. In his hometown in China Wai began exercising as a young child. Before school each day he was required to go through a ritual of exercise. From a very young age Wai proved to be very strong. He also practiced martial arts and was won medals and awards representing his hometown in martial arts and judo contests. Wai was experienced and very competitive. He liked to win and especially took pleasure and beating white guys who seemed to underestimate him. Wai could not explain it but it made him feel more powerful and gave him pleasure.

Why wasn�t John begging Wai for a match? John wanted to lose and Wai felt that it should be obvious to John that he did not have a chance. Wai knew John thought he would not be a lot of competition because Wai was Asian. This made Wai angry at John�s attitude But Wai enjoyed beating white guys like John so he just continued to chat and stay in contact with John. Wai liked when a white guy fell to his knees in front of him. If John was a little racist in his way so was Wai.
John stereotyped Wai and felt that he could not get much out of fighting Wai. John�s goal was to lose and beating Wai just would not turn him on. Since it would be good practice for John, He had not had many fights so John reasoned that the competition would give him more practice and make him more competitive and interesting to other opponents.

Wai and John finally met for coffee in Manhattan. Wai wanted have a gut-punching contest. Upon looking at John in person Wai was convinced that he could punish John. Wai was taller and saw John�s body on cam so Wai was sure he was stronger and more agile than John

Wai detailed the rules while John listened and agreed. John wanted to wait until next week to fight, but Wai just finished working out and was anxious to work John over. Wai felt that he obviously was taller and stronger than John. He knew that John could not see this because Wai was Asian.

John did finally agreed to fight Wai. The two men stood up and walked to Wai�s house. John realized that Wai was taller. He reasoned that it probably the shoes he is wearing or the angle of the sidewalk. He continued to view Wai in his mind as a skinny, weak, and passive.

The two men walked together to Wai�s place saying very little. The irony was that Wai knew that he was going to punish John and John who wanted to lose didn�t believe that he could lose to an Asian guy.

Wai�s basement was warm and John changed into a pair of Nike shorts and removed his shirt. Wai stood near him and touched his body and felt his arm muscles. Although Wai was ominously bigger, John felt comfortable while his opponent was complementing his body. He thought it meant that Wai did not figure that he could beat John. This made John feel very confident. He told Wai that he was going to work over his Asian body and let him know that he could give up at any time. Wai was annoyed at the mention of his Asian race. Wai was ready to make him pay.
Wai removed his shirt. John looked astonished. He looked up at this tanned slim smooth muscular body. Wai was not bulky but his muscles bulged from his arms and his chest stood out. Wai was taller and more muscular. Wai stood in one place and watched as John stared at his Asian body. �Wow this guy is big�, John said to himself. Wai knew exactly what John was thinking, and as if to stretch, he began to flex his biceps. As John looked on he could see these egg like muscles protrude from Wai�s arms. John placed his hand on this muscle and told Wai that his muscles were awesome.

As agreed both went to their knees to begin the fight.. Each one would take turns throwing punches from their knees until the other submits. John threw the first punch. Wai grunted as it landed. . John started feeling confident; he had landed a punch that obviously affected Wai. Wai then landed his punch. John clearly felt the pain, telling himself that the next punch will not be as hard. John now punched Wai as hard as he possible could. This time Wai did not react the way he did after the first punch. Wai�s next punch landed hard and John grunted. It felt harder then the first punch. This exchange continued. Every punch that Wai landed felt harder than the one before. As Wai landed his third punch Wai realized that John was struggling. Wai used only half of his power to land the fourth punch and for the rest of the contest. After grunting John realized that the Wai�s punch was not as hard. For a moment John thought Wai might be weakening. Still with each punch John lets out a loud grunt and each punch causes him to gasp. John was weakening and the punches he was landing on Wai were having less and less impact. By the fifth punch Wai barely even felt John�s punches. Wai was looking strong and John was looking feeble and weak. With each punch John�s white body would double up with pain even though Wai even though was no longer using all of his power.

As John looked up at Wai�s strong tanned body, he began lamenting to himself that this is not the way the contest was supposed to go. Wai seamed to be getting stronger and John was obviously looking weak. Each time Wai landed a punch John tried hard not to show the obvious pain but was gasping, and trying not to fall over. John was becoming confused. He was hoping that Wai didn�t notice how weak he was becoming. Wai was not asking whether John would submit so John reasoned that maybe the match was more even then he thought. But Wai could feel John�s white body weaken with every Asian punch. He was feeling powerful as he punched John�s body and watched John double over.
After the fifth punch John�s punches were becoming extremely weak. He was looking tired and nervous. He needed time to recover. But each time John landed his punch, Wai immediately responded with a powerful Asian punch, not giving John any time to recover. John�s white body was quivering. John wanted to start over but he knew it wasn�t possible. Wai watched while John grunted, moaned louder and loader, and weakened with every punch. Except for the first couple of punches, which Wai absorbed the rest of John�s feeble punches. Wai was feeling good about himself. He was easily handling John and after each punch, Wai began to flex his bicep muscles and contract his sex pack abs as he looked down at John.

At one point he grabbed John and turned his head toward the mirror. Wai said to John. �Look at the difference between your weak white body and my Asian body�. By now John was ready to give up. All he could really do was admire Wai�s hard egg shaped biceps. As John looked in the mirror, Wai landed another punch. This time John fell into Wai�s arms and began salivating on Wai�s shoulders. Wai lifted John to his feet. John was winded and begging for mercy. Wai flexed his biceps and again turned John�s head toward the mirror. �Asian guys rule�, Wai told John. �Look at you. You are pathetic�. Wai gave John anther punch and John fell to his knees and held Wai�s legs. Wai lifted John�s weak white body again off the floor and punched him again. John went right down. Wai the victor stood on top of John and yelled, �Asian Power�. John was defeated and looked up at Wai�s awesome Asian body and conceded defeat. As John made his way to his feet, Wai punished him with another punch. John�s weakened body fell into Wai�s strong Asian arms. John was hanging on with his hands on Wai�s biceps. This time Wai lifted John high in the air and gave him another punishing punch. John was gasping and his legs buckled. Wai knocked the air out of his white body. John was in Wai�s arms trying to catch his breathe. Wai lets him go and John fell to his knees. John looked pathetic as he looked up from his knees at Wai�s awesome Asian body. He concedes defeat to the Asian Alpha and realizes that he was no match for an Asian guy.

Wai then put his dick into John�s mouth. John began to suck. With his tong he began sucking the head of his Asian dick. Wai�s head fell back with pleasure. His was standing over his defeated opponent who was now providing him with pleasure. As Wai moved his dick in and out of John�s mouth, John began to choke slightly and he began to show the pleasure of sucking Wai�s Asian dick. John head bobbled back and forth and Wai was feeling the ecstasy of victory. The battle was over. Wai removed his dick from John�s mouth and began to cum all over John�s face and chest.

He now lifted John and brought him into the shower. John�s body was aching from Wai�s punches and as Wai turned on the shower John began to feel relived as the warm water feel upon his body. Wai was three inches taller so John always found himself looking up to him. As Wai entered the shower John began to lather and massage Wai awesome body. Wai flexed his biceps and John dick became hard. As he continued to massage and worship Wai Asian body, John began to cum. Both men stepped out of the shower. After drying himself with a towel, John began to dry Wai.
After the shower Wai invited John to have a cup of tea. Not much was said between the two men, but it was obvious that Wai was happy about the way he handled John and the respect that John showed after the contest. Wai did not have to boast about his victory. But as John complimented Wai on his power, Wai mentioned that he wasn�t really using all of his power. For some reason John took offense to this comment. Wai replied, �if I was using all of my power the contest would have ended after the fourth punch�

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