Ass Kicking Story


Gar Little, Ass Kicking

Gar Little... What can I say about Gar? First let me start off with the first time I was introduced to him via the telephone. He calls my office constantly! One day, in the midst of chaos and proceeds to tell me how his product will revolutionize my business! I blow him off and send him on his way with the usual bullshit story about how �It will never sell�.

Next day he calls and wants to schedule a meeting to discuss the product and talk about services and �What he can do for me�. I am so not interested in what he is selling. Why won�t this guy just take a hint and stop with the bullshit? I reluctantly agree to a meeting, just to stop him from calling, and tell him to stop by tomorrow at 4:45pm. I can use the excuse that I have an appointment and need to head out at 5:00pm so he had better make his presentation quick!

The next day I am buried under deadlines, paperwork and e-mails as well as troubles in the plant. I head off site to visit a location where trouble has been brewing for two weeks and need to take care of the situation before it becomes a �union issue� and we have our corporate asses in a sling.

I head down to the plant and work out all the details of this pressing issue only to realize that it could have been handled by any number of people at the office who should have taken care of this four weeks ago. I head back to my car and put in a CD of Vivaldi. Now I can relax to on the drive home. Halfway home I am beginning to unwind when I realize that I have forgotten the meeting with Gar at 4:45pm. Dammit!

I exit at 8 Mile and head for home. Maybe I�ll just hit the gym and workout to relieve some work and life related stress. Hell, that�s what I always do! �Workout�, and what has it gotten me? A great body and no one to respect it! I pull into the driveway and head for my room, grab my gym gear and head to my basement Gym.

Once I am there I put on my gear and admire myself in my many mirrors placed strategically around my private gym. Damn! 6�1� and 210 pounds of granite hard muscle! I am proud of this physique and am not ashamed to admit it one bit! Michelangelo could not have done a better job sculpting �David�. I squeeze down on my 6pack abs and run my fingers along their deep ridges, spread my lats and watch as muscle, the size barn doors spread out wide in each direction, making my narrow waist even tighter. I flex my 18-inch biceps and watch as veins, the size of drinking straws, pop into view. I massage the hard mound of muscle as I flex and pose. I flex a �Most Muscular Pose� and watched the trapizius muscles erupt under the skin and swell along the sides of my powerful neck. Many have compared my neck to that of a bull. Damn I look H-O-T! And I don�t even have a pump going yet.

After my routine I take a long shower, put on my �University of Michigan� wrestling tee shirt and jogging shorts and walk downtown for a drink at the local café. See what interests me in town. Upon arriving at the café I see the ladies checking me out and a few of the ladies men check me out too. Needless to say I am flattered. I grab a place at the bar and start talking to Dave, the bartender, and an old buddy from High School and College. We grappled together and kept in touch after many other friends had fallen by the wayside. He kept himself in good shape by working out and lifting but since the marriage we don�t wrestle like we use too.

�Damn Guy!� he said to me as I sat down on the barstool! �You are ripped to the bone!� �You�d whip my ass if I were to take you down on the mats�. I told him that that�s not all I�d whip if I got him anywhere near a wrestling mat these days. He asked how my matches were going and I told him that I had a bad reputation on the mats for dominating other guys and getting a Little too rough. �Last week I put a guy in the hospital�. �All I did was wrap my thighs around his stomach and squeeze a little too hard�. �SHEE-AHH-T� Dave said. �Squeeze A Little Too Hard?� �You don�t know how to squeeze a little. It�s Snap A Guys Back In Two or nothing�. We both laughed at the description.

As we talked a figure moved about the bar for a better look and a better listen to our conversation. With stealth and silence he jockeyed about the crowd for a better position.

Dave finished another tirade about the wife and how he wished he could workout more and about the hot girls that are always hitting on him at the bar. I knew that was my cue to get the heck otta there or he would be going on and on all night about his �God�s Gift To Women� qualities. I excused myself and said �Good Night�. Reminded him that anytime he wanted a match against me that I would be willing to oblige him. He made several excuses as I pushed away from the bar. When I turned around there was this man, who I barely noticed, behind me and I pushed past him. �Excuse Me� I said and looked into and set of deep blue eyes sparkling with fire and life. �Cute� I said to myself. Any other time I�d introduce myself. But tonight I had a pillow and blanket with my name on it.

Upon arrival at work the next morning there was this person sitting in the lobby. Crisp neat and professional looking. I assumed it was a guy waiting for an interview. We do so many interviews here that it was not out of the realm of possibility. As I walked past the receptionist I caught his eye. He had the look of recognition in them. I smiled and nodded as I past. He offered a pleasant �Hello�. Beautiful eyes I noted. �Shirley. Who is that guy?� as I past her. She smiled knowingly. �Why, that�s your 4:45pm appointment� she offered. �From Yesterday�. Damn!

Dumbly I ran back to the lobby and apologized profusely for missing the appointment and offered to have him come into the office. I offered him a cup of coffee, which he took, black and told me not to worry about yesterday. Shirley had told him all about the fiasco from the day before. I introduced myself and He introduced himself as �Gar Little�. I let out a little snort of laughter. Gar Little was about 5�5� tall and cute as a button. About 39 � 40 years old. �That�s OK, I get it all the time� he told me about the snort. We walked to my office.

As we talked and he told me about what type of products and services he could offer me and the company I couldn�t help but realize that I had seen him somewhere before. Those eyes. As he droned on and on about his company and their products. He was really beginning to bother me. I thought that he sure was annoying like a little fly buzzing around the office. He seemed so full of himself and a typical �Type-A� personality. Or �Napoleon Complex� kinda guy. He finally stopped talking and stood up to show me some drawings and I stood up to view them. This was when I really noticed that I was about 8 inches taller than he was. I did a little giggle and he looked up at me. �Excuse Me� he said. �Nothing� I said. �Something struck me as funny is all�. �Is that so?� was all he said.

I sat back down and wondered what it would be like to Wrestle This Man? To take this �Little� man in a bone crushing scissors hold while he was blathering on and on about the product and Crush him until finally shuts up. �Blah, blah, blah, blah� was all I heard. Then my mind races back to my little fantasy match. �Blah� � Crack, �Blah� �Snap, �Blah� � Splinter, and �Blah� � Crush went his spine as I methodically constricted around him with my 28inch legs. Finally he finished and I told him that I would consider his proposal and sent him on his way. I opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it and walked to the door. �Thank you for your time. I hope you will consider my proposal. I will be in touch�. Not too soon after he shut the door to my office. I threw his proposal in the trash. Good riddance! I snapped my legs together and broke his back in my fantasy-wrestling match.
1 � 2 � 3. He�s Out!

I called Shirley and was about to tell her to do a better job screening my calls and to stop annoying guys like Gar from getting through to me when suddenly the door to my office opened and in walked Gar. �One more thing Mr. Smith� said Gar as he headed toward my desk. He stopped and looked at me and then down into my wastebasket at his proposal. �Nice� he said. I made some lame excuse that it must have fallen off my desk and into the wastebasket. I cradled the phone and pulled his proposal from the basket. Gar ripped the prospectus from my hands, held it in front of my face and tore it into quarters, then threw it back into the wastebasket. �I�m sorry to have wasted your time Mr. Smith. By the way, you didn't� impress me here today and you really didn�t impress me at the café last night�! I saw you parading around, with your wrestling tee shirt and your Herculean physique.� �The old cliché applies�. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, The louder they
S-N-A-P!!� .

With that he turned from me and the proposal and stormed out of my office. As he slammed the door behind him my College Diploma and a picture of me wrestling in the U.S. Championship fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces. Needles to say I was pissed! I picked up the quartered pieces of the proposal from the trash and laid it on my desk. I was going to find out who he was and report his behavior to his superiors! While re-assembling his proposal. It was then that I noticed his proposal was as thick as a dictionary. He must have been really pissed to be able to rip this apart with his bare hands. Oh well. I thought to myself. Damn Little Napoleon!

All night I was fuming about the day and now I was really taking it out on the punching bag in my workout room! I decided to take it outside and go for a run around the park. A run always did me good. I locked my door behind me and stepped across the street to do some stretching before heading off on my run.

As I lifted my leg up to stretch it on a park bench I heard this �Hey Stud!�, coming from the bench behind me. �That�s a great position for you. Are you Advertising?� I turned to look and there was that �Little� bastard, Gar Little! �What the Fuck do you want?�. I shouted. �You on the wrestling mat at Danny�s� he calmly answered. Danny�s is an old time gym from the 1930�s that has turned into a private club for wrestling matches. Everyone there minds their own business and what happens there Stays there. I dropped my leg and walked over to him. There he was in all his 5 foot, nothing, inch, glory. All wrapped up in a sweat suit, from head to toe. �Dude� I said. �I will take you down on Danny�s mat and Rip your fucking head off!�. �But first, I will wrap these biceps around your neck and crush the tiny neck of yours until it snaps!� �Whatever Mary� was all he said. �Yeah� I snorted. Now I admit that I am gay, but do not patronize me and make fun of that fact! I am gay and proud of it. But, I am by no means �Queer�!

�First of all� he countered, �You�ll have to come near me to get that fat ass arm around my neck�! �Second, I�m not going to let that happen�! �You�ll be screaming for mercy within 20 minutes of me taking you down�. �20 minutes?� I repeated his statement. �It�s going to take you 20 minutes?� I laughed at his comment. �It will take you 20 minutes to climb up this high?�. I roared with laughter.

He informed me that; �The 20 minutes would be broken down into several segments�. �The first 15 seconds: I will drop you down to the mats. The next 45 seconds I will pummel you senseless, The next minute I will watch the fear rise in those gorgeous eyes of yours and then the remaining 18 minutes [maybe more] I will toss you around like a personal toy!�

�You�re On, You Little Bitch� I snorted! I strode over to where he was standing. �What time and Where is this match was going to take place?� �Right Here and Right Now� he said. �You are so on� I countered!

We walked to a clearing that was surrounded by trees. It may have been a soccer field. There was still enough daylight and we were still able to see. We sat next to each other on the park bench. I wanted to be sure that he got a good look at what was going to take him down as I removed my tee shirt and shoes. He was thinking the same thing as he began to remove his sweatshirt...

To Be Continued

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