backyard muscle wrestling


"Josh,Jerry & Rog" By "Rockyrog"
The first roommate I ever had was guy who had just graduated from High School. Josh was 18 years old. I met him at a place where we worked. After work we always liked to go someplace for Pizza or Hamburgers. Nothing very special. The most thrilling thing I remember about Josh, was when we'd all ride in the front seat of my car. See, there were three of us. Josh, Jerry and myself. Since I did not care all that much for driving, I always let Jerry drive. He was just waiting to take his driver's test and could drive legally with me in the car. When we piled in the car, I was always in the middle, and Josh sat to my right. Now I knew Josh had these long muscular legs. Perfectly shaped but more like a linebacker's legs. So every time Jerry would push on the breaks to stop, my right thigh could always feel the giant left thigh of Josh, who was sitting to my right, next to the door. I could feel this hard muscle bulge out and press against my right leg very time Jerry would use the breaks. I was really anxious to see Josh's legs someday. Someday might be that weekend since we were going up to my brother's cabin. Just the three of us were going to go. When the weekend came, we were all ready to leave. Although this time I drove. Josh and I were in the front seat and Jerry was in the back. Every chance I got, I'd glance over to look at Josh while he was talking and many times, my eyes would drop down to his strong legs. He wore some really short cutoffs, and his huge thighs had begun ripping the seams open. I mean his huge muscular thighs looked like wide slabs of hard, flesh-colored granite under his tanned skin. Damn, it was hard to keep my eyes off his poweful legs! When we're almost all the way up there, Josh says to me, "You keep lookin at my legs, Rog Is there something wrong with my legs?" he asked as he began stretching them out and flexing his monster thighs next to me.

 He was very plainly inspecting his own legs as I stared at his long, magnificent legs stretch and flex while I'm trying to drive. "No, it's just that your legs are a lot bigger and more muscular than any other guy I've ever known." "You mean you're enjoying looking at my legs? Do my legs turn you on or something?" "Well yeah, I ain't ever seen such a powerful pair of legs on ANY GUY before. And yeah, I DO get a big kick out of watching the muscles of your legs as they bulge in and out, and swell out to such huge slabs of tanned hard muscle!!" "How'd you like to touch 'em, Rog?" "Are you sure you won't kill me if I do.?" And while my left hand is on the wheel while I'm driving, I reached over with my right hand and laid it across his flexed thigh muscle. "Gees, they feel like warm steel, your legs are hard as a rock!!" He then explained to me how his legs happen to be so big. He always had big legs. Long, big sized legs. But when he reached about 14 or 15 years old, he started to notice this light, soft blond hair begin to appear on his legs, and underneath his soft blond hairs, his big legs begin to show his huge muscles a little better. Everybody started to notice that he had some really big, slab-like muscles packed on his thighs and some grapefruit sized calf muscles appearing his lower legs. "You know what Rog? The most exciting thing that's been happening to me lately is to watch the faces of the guys that I've got trapped between my legs while I'm squeezing them. What a feeling! I've got them completely smothered with my legs. It's a great feeling to have some guy caught between these python monster legs of mine. Once I've got my legs wrapped around them and my ankles are locked together, there's no way that they're gonna away.

They're mine, as long as I feel like crushing them between these babies! I own them! They're mine!!! They can push, shove, claw and try to wedge there hands between my thighs and their bodies, and they just can't get free. In fact sometimes, I loosen my legs a little bit until their arms are under my thighs and then I begin tightening them all over again; except this time, my legs are wrapped around their entire upper body! Their arms are trapped against the sides of the their chest now! I love that feeling! They squirm and wiggle between my massive thigh muscles! Most of them will scream out, and start to cry.. But there's no way they're gettin' loose while my strong legs are holding them." Well we finally got to the cabin, and first thing we all did was to put our trunks on and go swimming off the dock. We wrestled around a lot and horsed around, then we got hungry and went back up to the cabin. We turned the TV on, and got ready to watch the Vikings play, while we're eating the fries and burgers I was making. Just as soon as the Vikings made their first touchdown, Josh lifted his long legs up in the air and brought them down around me. So fast that I couldn't move fast enough to escape those long, muscled legs as they began squeezing my chest. Jerry looked over at us and began to laugh. And Josh says, "Now you're in big trouble, Rog, you ain't ever getting free until I let you go" I looked into Josh's handsome face with his blonde hair flying around on top of his head. He had a beautiful grin on his tanned, handsome face, and gave me a toothy grin from ear to ear.

"What's the matter Rog? how are your ribs holding up under the terrible pressure of these powerful, killer legs of mine?" As soon as he got that our of his mouth, his huge thighs begin to turn into giant vise grip. "AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrgggggggg......." All I could do was to make a long muffled cry of helplessness as his long legs begin to crush all the air from my lungs. "Please Josh....m'ribs!. . . m'ribs are gonna go!!" "Rog, I gotta tell ya, It's one of the greatest feelings I've ever had when my legs are wrapped around someone, and crushing them! And the harder you struggle, the harder my thighs squeeze. They begin to actually bend your ribs to the snapping point." All at once, when he saw that I was almost out, he unhooked his ankles and let my bruised, red body fall off the couch where I laid at his feet. I just looked over towards him and from my angle, all I could see were those powerful calf muscles. Jerry got out of his chair and came over to help me back on the couch. I had been held between his long, tanned muscular legs for maybe about 20 minutes, but it felt like I\rquote d be his prisoner for an hour!!!.. Then when Jerry looked at Josh, he knew he was the next victim for Josh's legs. He got up and ran outside the cabin. "Don't worry Jerry, I can get you whenever I want you. You can run now, but before the day is over, you're gonna feel these squeezing legs of mine, around your body!! You can run, but you ARE going to feel my thighs as they tighten around your skinny little body."

The next chance Josh had was in the back of a wagon full of hay. We went on a hayride that night. Trouble lay ahead for Jerry. A bunch of the guys from the little town near us let us share their Hay Wagon, in a ride across the country roads around this little town. There was lots of hay and the three of us were sitting with our back against the backboard of the wagon. Right up over our heads, the guy was controlling the horses as they clopped through the woods. That's when Josh fulfilled his promise to Jerry. He reached up and around Jerry's neck and wrapped him in a Full Nelson hold. With just his powerful arms, he lifted Jerry up and pulled him towards his waiting, powerful legs. He spread his deadly legs apart and brought them up and over and around Jerry's chest. With Jerry's arms still caught in Josh's Full Nelson, he had no way to fight loose from Josh's powerful, squeezing legs. "Hey Jer, now I've got you right where I want you. Now you're going to feel what Rog felt this afternoon! My legs are going to hold you prisoner for the next couple of hours. It feels so good to just hold you between my legs. I'm not going to squeeze you. But I AM going to just hold you as my prisoner as long as I want. Gees, it feels so good to have your warm body between my long legs! And the more you squirm and try to free, the harder you'll feel these legs squeezing." I watched Josh's handsome face and his wicked dimpled smile as he just kept staring at Jerry's body between his long legs. I felt sorry for Jerry. I'd felt those same crushing legs around me, earlier that day.. My hands were still rubbing my sore and bruised ribs, as I smiled, watching Josh do the same thing to Jerry. After a couple of hours, the ride ended and Josh unhooked his ankles and let Jerry's body sort of tumble out and away from his long massively muscled legs. Both times he used his legs on me that afternoon, and just now against Jerry; Josh never did squeezed with the full power of his Python like legs. Had he just kept squeezing both of us, we'd both be in the hospital right now, trying to mend our broken ribs and crushed internal organs. Josh has some unbelievable legs. Legs that could actually crush the life out of anyone he didn't like. As long as I live, I'll never forget the feeling of Josh's long warm, hard legs, as he clamped them around my ribcage that afternoon, and then turning them into solid hard boulders against my bruising skin! The way they'd slowly tighten up and turn into a warm, steel vice around my chest. How often I came close to passing out under the power of his tremendous leg strength. Boulders tightening around my ribcage. Oh, the pain I often felt was a great feeling, but after a few seconds, would become almost unbearable. And Josh was very, very proud of those long, beautifully muscled legs he had. So many times, he's held nearly every guy he ever knew between his very powerful legs and squeezed everyone of them, nearly to unconsciousness. He made sure that ALL of his close buddies tasted the power of his legs. The better he got to know you, the closer you came to being introduced to his legs. He loved squeezing guys, until they almost pass out. Why not? I loved the feeling of his rock hard thighs across my chest as much as he did.. And oh, how he could crush a guy!! Josh's legs are so long and beautifully muscled. What great legs to have. And Josh had them!!

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