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One day, I went to check my email and saw a message with the subject heading "Challenge". As I opened the message, I noticed that someone had replied to a posting that I'd put on a sparring partner page. The guy called himself Max and that he was challe nging me to a bareknucks boxing match to KO. He described himself as 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, and said that he was a Paramedic by trade. He went further in explaining that he was of Irish decent with red hair and green eyes and that he worked out regul arily. He had never formally trained in boxing but he just liked to fight. He insisted on boxing rules but was open to kicking, and knee and elbow strikes. I replied back to him and said that I wanted to talk. He emailed back the next day with a phone number and a time to reach him.

I called at the time he told me to and from first impression I thought that this guy was full of shit. He had a very small voice and he didn't sound like he was that tough of a guy from what I could tell from the conversation. I wasn't sure if I should fight him but he talked me into it. We both agreed on the rules: Bareknuckle boxing with kicking and knee and elbow strikes allowed. He did, however insist on one rule: the loser of the fight was to be totally broken by the winner. I asked him what th at meant and he said it was to be taken literally. The winner has the right to completely humilate, torture, punishe and physically destroy the loser. This didn't fit in with the impression that I got from first talking to him. He was too soft spoken t o come up with something so extreme. After thinking about it for a minute, I agreed to include the rule since he wouldn't fight me if I didn't.

Now, as I sit at the place we agreed on to fight at, I can't think how nice of a morning it is. I'm at one of the athletic fields just outside of the campus where the Marching Band practices every night. The sprinklers just went off and it's really cool out. The Sun's just peaking over the oleanders that line the fence so no one can see in. I look down at my watch and notice that it's 6:15am. We were supposed to meet here at 6am so I assume that he's not going to show up. Just as I get up to leave I see his Jeep pull up outside the fence. He walks on to the field wearing grey gym shorts and a white tank top. He has on white tennis shoes and socks and a black "No Fear" baseball hat on. This guy is huge. There's no way that he is 185 pounds. I go up to him and shake his hand. His grip is solid and you could tell that he means business. I tell him that I thought he said that he was 185 and he appologizes for the mixup. He tells me that he hasn't weighed himself in a while and he's actually abou t 200 right now. He then says that if I don't want to fight, he'll understand. Since I'm only 5'9" 170 pounds I'm going into more that I anticipated so it's nothing against me. I tell him that we came here to fight and that's what we're going to do.

We walk over to the bleachers and get ready. We empty out our pockets and take off our shirts. I notice right away how cut Max is. He has a very tight body with a 45" chest, 32" waist and 18" arms. His legs look like a couple of tree trunks with shoes on. He asks me if I'm ready and I nod. We walk away from the bleachers about 25 feet and turn to face each other. "Whatever happens, there's no hard feelings" he says as he reaches out to shake my hand. I shake his hand and we step back to get in our fighting stance. Max immediately throws a left jab that lands on my cheekbone, stunning me a little bit. I put up my guard and he lands two more quick jabs and a hard right cross that sends my back a couple of feet. I regain my senses and face to figh t him. He throws another jab but I parry it and land a left cross of my own. I follow with two right hooks to his left eye and an uppercut to his chin. He then steps back and regains his senses. He just smiles at me and nods his head. You can tell by the look on his face that he's impressed that I caught him off guard. "Are you ready to turn it up a bit?" he asks. I put up my guard and get ready for the next round.

I didn't give him the first shot this time. I shoot in on him and start pounding his gut to try to tear him down. My hands start to hurt because his abs are so hard. He manages to grab my shoulders and lays his huge thigh right in my gut three times, k nocking the wind out of me. He follows with a short right hook and then lands an elbow to my left eye causing a cut over my right eyebrow. I feel that I'm losing my senses and he notices it also. He follows with a series of about 15 punches to my face and finishing off with a back fist that sends me to the ground.

I'm hurt and he knows it. For some reason, he backs off for a minute. He walks over and takes a drink from his water bottle. In the meantime I'm struggling to get up. I have to win this fight somehow. If I don't I'm really fucked. As Max is drinkin g he tells me that he's changed his mind. He doesn't want to continue the fight any longer. He can't bring himself to beat me up any longer. As he's telling me this, I'm really starting to get pissed off. "I don't need his sympathy" I'm thinking to my self. "Does he actually think that little of me to pull a stunt like that. I'm going to kick his ass." I start to get up and tell him that I don't want his fucking sympathy. "We agreed on the rules before this started and now we're going to finish it. No hard feelings!" He sets down his water bottle and gets in his fighting stance. "You want to finish this? Let's do it, Fucker!"

I'm so pissed off that I start to throw a wild flurry of punches at his face, landing some that bloody his nose and his right eyebrow. He retaliates with a hard kick to my gut and a spinning back kick to my right temple. As I stagger to not fall, he gra bs me by the back of the head and slams his right knee into my face several times. He follows with a left-right combination that almost knocks me out. I fight to get back up and manage to land a hard uppercut to his floating ribs, but I'm so weakened by his blows that I can't do any damage. He follows by standing me up and landing three hard uppercuts to my soft ribs, cracking two of them. Then he picks me up and drops me with a backbreaker over his knee. He then knee drops on my stomach and follows with an elbow square on my nose, shattering it.

He gets up and realizes that he's won. I'm completely unable to fight back. He sets one foot on my chest and declares his victory. As for his prize he claims his right to completely destroy me. He goes over to his gym back and pulls out a piece of rop e and a pair of football cleats. He comes back over to me and ties my hands behind my back. He then kicks off his shoes and puts on the cleats. "Do you know what it's like to be a football? If not, you're going to feel what cleats are like." He get's up and lands a hard kick right to my abdomen. Then he steps on my face and digs in deep with his cleats. I start to scream in pain as he presses down with all of his weight. He then lets off and backs up a few steps. He then runs up and kicks me squa re on the face as he would punt a football. Blood spatters and I feel like my whole head exploded from the force of the kick. Then he picks me up and start to land viscious uppercuts and knee blows to my body while he works me over to the bleachers.

He props me up against the bleachers and starts to land brutal punches to my face. Everytime I fall down he props me up again and continues the attack. He then starts to land the cleats on me. He kicks me in the stomach and ribs for about ten minutes. Then he lands roundhouse kicks with his powerfull legs to my face, splattering blood with each kick. To finish me off he grabs the back of my head and lands a solid right hook to my face which sends me to the ground, knocking me out.

As I wake up, I'm laying on the bleachers and Max has his Med Kit out and is cleaning up my cuts. He just smiles and thanked me for fighting him. "You're a tough dude and you took a lot of damage this morning. You've earned my respect buddy." I ask hi m if he wants a rematch some time and he accepts my challenge.

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