Beer Drinking Drunk Brawl Fight Story


I was out drinking a few beers after work. It was a really hot and stifling August night. I went out with my mates as soon as we'd finished work, I guess that was around five and had maybe three or four beers. Then they left to go home and for some reason I decided to hang around. I had a few more and before I knew it it was closing time and I was being kicked out by the impatient bar staff eager to get home. The bar was a pretty roudy place, full of rough working class types like me I guess. I worked in a gym as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor. It was pretty cool, lousy pay buy I got to work out every day. Consequently I was pretty fit; about 5'10 maybe 180lbs. I had a trainer's physique; thick set arms and shoulders, defined chest and a pretty good six pack. My biceps were around 18inches. I did concentration curls every day. It helped with the kickboxing. I guess I though I looked pretty good. I liked to show off my body too. That night I was wearing jeans and an open shirt, showing off my chest and abs.

The bar staff were getting pretty pissed off and shut off the lights to give everyone a hint. I finished off my drink. As I got up to leave I noticed a guy at the back of the bar that was staring at me. He looked familiar but I couldn't quite place him. I looked at him for a moment and then turn around and walked out. As I left I bumped into a mate and we chatted for a while sharing a cigarette. I was quite drunk by then and didn't notice the time go by. By the time we'd finished and he'd left to go home the street was empty.

I started to walk home using my usual short cut through some back streets. After a while I noticed some footsteps behind me. I turned round to see the guy that was starting at me in the bar earlier. I suddenly remembered he was from my gym. I didn't like him much. He thought he was real tough. He did some kickboxing but always seemed to take on guys smaller than him.

"Hey mate", he said. "You go to my gym" I nodded to him. "I think you're a wuss and I think could beat the crap out of you." He was pretty fit though. A bit taller than me. Had a bit of a body builders physique. He was wearing his gym gear: track suit bottoms and a work out vest.

"Yeah sure. You and who's army?" I replied. I wasn't afraid of him. I thought he was a dick.

He looked like he wanted a fight. He strode towards me lifting off his vest and tossing it to the ground. He looked pretty good. His chest and shoulders were bigger than mine, maybe not so defined. He obviously been working out for size. He had a six pack like mine. His torso was mostly hairless apart from a thin line of hair from the bottom of his abs down to his groin. He was dark skinned, Italian looking with dark hair and eyes. He had some kind of medallion around his neck, nestling between his pecs.

He lifted up his fists like he meant business and edged closer. I spat out the gum I was chewing and drew up my right fist protecting my right cheek and my left out in front. I was still drunk but the prospect of getting the shit beat out of me had sobered me up somewhat.

He was pretty pissed off and came at me with couple of crosses, keeping his distance at first. I blocked both and stepped forward with a defensive jab which connected with his face, twisting my body to dodge his returned jab.
I tried another couple of jabs which connected and then stepped inside for a right hook. He blocked the jabs but misjudged the hook which connected solidy with his jaw snapping his head to the left. He let out a grunt but before I could follow up he dropped down and hit me twice in the guts with his right fist. I felt both blows despite tensing my abs. Before I could recover he let out a right cross and then as I spun round from the blow he connected with a double left hook.

I quickly got my guard up and sent out a couple of defensive jabs to give myself some room. Neither connected but he backed off a bit. We weaved around each other for a for which gave me some time to get my breath back.

He came at me again I tried another jab but he ducked under it putting him in position for an uppercut to my jaw. It was a solid blow knocking my head backwards. He followed up with a left right hook combo keeping insided my guard. I was dazed from the two hooks but lifted my guard to defend my face. He switched to my body, hitting me with a series a punches to the abs. I let out a grunt with each one. The fourth or fifth one hit me so hard I doulbed over. Another uppercut straightened me out. I instintively lifted my guard but too late. He had time to unleash a spinning backfist with his right fist. It connected solidly with my jaw and spun me round 180 degrees. I was seeing stars and tasting blood. I felt a blow from the back and was pushed roughly against the alley wall. Before I knew it I was getting blow after blow to my kidneys. Each one wearing me down even more.

I knew I had to do something and in desparation tried to elbow him in the face. It connected with a satisfying snap. I did it again and he loosened his grip. I turned round and smacked him with a right hook and then a left to the gut. He grunted in pain and I followed it up with another couple of shots to his guts. A third blow hit him so hard it lifted him off the ground. He was winded and groaning. I straightened him up and hit him with a left jab then I got my whole weight behind a right cross. It connected with his jaw snapping his head to the side. A spray of sweat flung from his face. While he was still groggy I stepped back twisting my left leg to the side then spinning my right leg into a roundhouse kick. It connected with the side of his ribcage with a satisfying thump. He let out a groan and his knees buckled. It was all he could do to stay standing. A left leg front kick caught him in the gut doubling him over. He stumbled for a bit and then sank to his knees.

I stood over him watching him stuggle to get up. He tried to punch me an couple of times but he was weakened and I just absorbed the blows. After a moment, I grabbed his head in my left hand to steady him and then drew my right fist back. Using all my weight I punched him in the side of the head. His head snapped back and he fell to the ground. I stood over him waiting to see if he would get up but he was out cold.

I rested for a while, relieved that I'd beaten this creap. I put my hand in his track suit bottoms , taking out his wallet. I took what money he had before tos

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