Begging for Mercy Sex Wrestling


This past summer, I was working around the house. I Looked out the window and noticed a group of men working replacing my neighbors roof. There were three men all together, working without shirts on. The older man was about 35, very hairy. The other two were in their early 20's tall an thin. Later that afternoon, I noticed that two of the men left, leaving one behind. I went out in my back yard and started mowing the grass. I was only wearing shorts, no shirt. I am in pretty good shape, working out 3-4 days a week in my basement gym. at 30, 185 pounds, 6'0", hairy chest, nice pecs and kind of handsome, I still turn a lot of heads! While mowing the grass, I noticed the young man that was left behind had sat down under a tree in the neighbors back yard. I looked over at him and knodded....He knodded back with a half smile. After finishing up the yard, I went into the house and grabbed a couple of beers. I went over to where the young man was setting and handed him the beer. I introduced myself to him, and he told me that his name was Todd. He explained that the other two men had gone into town after more roofing supplies. I later found out that Todd was from Kentucy. He was here helping his uncle out with his roofing business. Todd was about 5'9", 140 pounds, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a little gootee, some peach fuzz on his chest, but a nice line of fur going from his belly button downwards to his pubic hair. The kid was cute with is southern drawl. I found out that Todd had a girlfriend back in KY. They had a one year old son together. Todd himself had just turned 20. When he stood up, Todd was lanky, thin but had some nice arms on him! I asked if he worked out, he said once and a while. He asked how often I worked out and then said that I looked to be in good shape. I invited him in my house to check out my workout room in the basement. We made our way into my house, where I paused at the frig....I threw another beer at him and we continued down to my basement. He looked over my bench and free weights. He told me that I had a nice set up and would not mind working out sometime with me. On the other side of the room was my video library, big screen TV and VCR set up. Todd started looking over my video collection. My videos consisted of NHB fighting tapes. He asked me if I was into fighting/wrestling. I said yeah, I loved watching two men duke it out! Todd told me that he had done some wrestling in high school. I asked Todd if he'd be interested in coming back after work, and working out for a while. He said sure!

Todd had to get back to work....He said that he'd be back over around 5:00 that afternoon. I ordered a pizza and had it delivered. When Todd came back over, we ate the pizza and had a couple more beers. We finally went down to the basement and started lifting. Todds arms were getting pretty hard as he lifted the free weights. Under his arms were nice patches of fur....Usually, I'm not attracted to lanky, thin, men with no body hair, but I must say, Todd was very cute! After about an hour and a half of working out, Todd asked about the fight tapes that I had. We went over and I popped in a video tape. The first match on the tape was about the defeat of the Champion by a smaller, inexperienced man. Todd sat down on the couch as we watched the fight together. Eventually, I got up and told Todd that I was going to take a shower. The shower was a free standing unit in the corner of the workout area. I pulled a towel off the shelf, dropped my shorts and started running the water....I looked over at Todd, to find him looking me over, standing there naked. When I finished, I stepped out of the shower and started drying off. I noticed that Todd was still looking me over! I walked over towards Todd with the towel I had used to dry myself, hanging over my shoulder. My dick is about 6" soft, nice and fat! I acted as if I was watching the video while looking at Todd out of the corner of my eye. He looked me up and down and then turned to watch the video again. A new fight had started. This fight was of a small black man beating the shit out of a muscular white dude! I sat there watching the video tape feeling my cock starting to get hard as I watched this smaller black dude dominate the much larger white guy! I turned to Todd and told him that if he wanted to take a shower, the towels were on the shelf next to the stall. He said ok, walked over, grabbed a towel and dropped his jeans. He was wearing boxer short under his jeans....His back was to me so I did not get a look at his cock before he got into the shower. Watching the fight tape was making me so hot, I felt my cock getting really hard. By the time Todd had finished in the shower, the fight had ended. I looked over as Todd stepped out of the stall. He was turned so that his back was to me again. All that I saw was a nice round ass, and very hairy legs! After Todd dryed himself off, he placed the towel around his waste and walked over to the TV area. He asked if I had any more fight tapes....I said sure and popped in another one. Most of the tapes I had taped myself from pay-per-view....A couple fo them were from real tough men contests. I had been very selective when taping and purchasing the tapes. The next video was a biker match, fist fight, where the big hairy dude got the shit stomped out of him by a tough, smaller guy.

 Todd did not set down, he just stood there watching the tape. He would look at the TV, then look over at me setting there. By this time, my dick was really getting hard! I crossed my legs trying to hide the hard-on that I was getting. Todd finally sat down on the sofa, across from the chair where I was setting. He lit a cigarette and started staring at me. I shifted my body from side to side, feeling his eyes go right through me! Todd leaned back on the sofa and lifted one of his legs up, bening his knee and resting his arm on it. The towel had slid upwards exposing his manhood. I tryed not to look, but I could not help myself! My eyes had become fixed on Todd's crotch! His cock had to be 9" soft, with low hanging Man Nuts! The shaft of his cut cock was surrounded with thick, long, pubic hair! This kid was hung like a horse! I felt my cock grow hard, very hard. I looked up to see Todd's face. He had a half smile on his face with a cigarette hanging from his lips. He sat there looking me up and down shaking his head back and forth! He then spread his legs further apart and pulled the towel from around his waste. He ran his hand down, running it across his cock fur and eventually to his man nuts! He pulled his nut sack and started playing with his balls! After a while, He put the cigarette out, leaned forward and said, your nothing but a Faggot aren't you? He said, I've noticed something. Every fight tape that you have, is of a smaller dude beating the fuck out of a larger guy! Why is that?? Todd got up from the sofa, walked over to the chair where I was setting, placed both hands on the arms of the chair and said, ANSWER ME FAG! Screaming he said, How would you like this little man to beat the shit out of you?? My legs were still crossed trying to hide my hard cock. Todd grabbed my leg from on top of the other, exposing my dick standing straight up! He said, I knew you were a FAG looking down at my cock. He said, kind of small isn't it?? I started to get up from the chair to get away from him! Standing in front of me, he pushed me back and I felt a fist slam into the left side of my face! The next thing that I knew, Todd had grabbed me by the hair and threw me over to the other side of the basement, by the work out bench. I landed hard on the mat, face down. I felt Todd grab my arm and roll me over onto my back....He then pulled my legs apart and dropped with one knee landing right into my groin! The impact to my nuts caused me to set upwards, were my jaw was met with a powerful right hook, slamming me back on the mat! Todd's knee was still at my aching nuts, grinding it back and forth! The pain was terrible as I struggled to shake the cob webs out of my head! I gained enough strength to take a swing at Todd, catching his jaw. He laughed at me and said, I'm gonna have to stop you from doing that again! He got up off of me as I rolled over onto my side! All I knew was that I had to get away from him!

The next thing that I felt, was my body being rolled over agin onto my back. I heard a clanging noise as I felt my left arm being spread out on the floor. Looking over, I saw that Todd had grabbed one of my arm curl weights. He slammed it full force into the muscle of my arm! I tried to grab the weight with my right hand, but it was too late! He plastered my arm again....I screamed, the pain was horrable! Todd then grabbed my right arm....I tried to fight him but had become weak from the pounding I had already received! My arm was streached out, and the man slammed the weights into my muscle three times! My arms were totally usless at that point! I could not even roll over onto my side, the pain was too bad! I laied there and watched Todd stand up, throw the weight across the room and laugh at me! His cock was not completely hard, but well on it's way! Todd then walked across the room, I could see his mighty meat swinging back and forth as he walked, between his hairy man legs! I had a video camera setting out on the other side of the room. Todd grabbed the camera, sat it up on the stand and said this is something you can remember me by! He put in a tape and started the camera. The camera was aimed towards the wall on the other side of the room. As He walked over towards me, I begged him to stop! The look on his face was scary! He grabbed me again by the hair of the head and walked me over to the wall where the video camera was set up! Todd looking towards the camera and said, now were going to have some fun! I looked down to see that his cock was completely hard! Placed up against the wall, Todd ran his hands across my hairy chest. I felt his hands come to rest on my nipples as he begain to pull, twist and yank them! Looking down, I saw my nipples being pulled away from my body....I placed my hands on Todd's arms trying to gain enough strength to stop the assult....The muscles in my arms were racked with sharp shooting pain! My hands came to rest on Todd's forearms, feeling his muscles as the buldged from the pressure he was applying while tearing my tit's apart! He eventually let go of my numb nipples....I placed my hands to my chest to hopefully block a further attack, when I felt a fist slam into the side of my head! The pain shot from my jaw into my ear! Looking into Todds face, he was smiling! He said, you like that FAG? Then, I felt his left fist slam into my jaw, then his right, snapping my head back and forth! Holding my head with his left hand, he looked deep into my eyes. His face was against mine as he screamed at me!

He said since your a Fuck'in Fag, you'll want to suck a real man's cock! I'll use your mouth as a pussy! As he stepped back, I saw that his cock was completely hard! It had to be 11", and FAT! He grabbed his dick and started jacking it. Todd dropped to his knees in front of me. He started running his hands across my hairy legs, then across my hairy belly and chest! He spread my legs apart while still jacking his huge cock! Without warning, I felt his right fist slam into my balls, causing me to double over in pain! As I was bending over, my face was met with Todd's left Fist, knocking my body back upright and slamming against the wall behind me! I felt the blood spert from my busted lips as Todd rose to his feet again! I felt his finger inside of my mouth, prying my jaw open! He looked at my mouth while holding my mouth open and said, It looks like I'll have to break your jaw in order for my dick to fit! I struggled hard to get away from him....It was no use, he had beaten me too badly! I felt my knees buckle as Todd placed his hands under my arms pulling me back up! He said, I'm not finished yet FAG! With that, He slammed his fist into my gut, then started punching my lower stomach, just above my pubic hair! Another upper cut as I bent over forced my head to slam against the wall behind me! A left to the jaw, met by a right, over and over again, snapping my head back and forth caused me to fall to my knees! Standing before me, Todd slapped my face with his huge man dick! Then, he stuck that huge tool in my hurting, bleeding mouth! I place my hands on his hips, trying to push him away....He was too powerful. He shoved his cock about 1/4 of the length into my mouth! If felt it starting to go down my throat as I was gagging! All of a sudden, he pulled it out and fell to his knees in front of me...We were both on our knees, with me slouched up against the wall! Todd said, I told you that your mouth is not big enough for a real mans cock....I'm going to have to brake your jaw in order for it to fit! A huge smile came over his face as he gabbed the back of my head! I saw him pull his right fist back and then felt the impact as it slammed against my face! My head snapped back as he had a tight grip using the hair on the back of my head for leverage. I saw stars as my muscular arms fell limp to my sides! Opening my eyes, I saw him pull back again and I knew what to expect! Over and over again, He bashed his fist into my face....My eyes were swollen, my noise bleeding and my lips cut open from my teeth being smashed into them! After he let go of my head, I felt myself starting to fall forward! With his forearm he pushed me back up against the all and slammed his fist, againt into my face! My left eye was swollen shut but I could still see out of my right. With the smile still on his face, Todd stood up in front of me. Still on my knees, he bent over and grabbed my nipples with is fingers and thumbs!

Pulling upwards, as if lifting weights, my body was being lifted off of my knees by the use of my tit's! I begged, pleaded and cryed for mercy and he dangled me there laughing at me! My beaten body was numb as he let go and I sleathered down the wall in a heap! Todd then dropped to one knee in front of me, grabbed the hair on the back of my head, turned my bashed face towards the video camera, flexed his right arm muscle while calling me a cock suck'in, mother fuck'in Faggot! Todd then stood up, gragged the hair on top of my head, pulled my head backwards, and pulled back with another fist! He said....I'm ready to fuck your mouth! Time to break your jaw! I grunted as the firt punch slammed into the left side of my jaw....Then, the second punch, third....Then I don't remember anything! When I came to, I was laying on the floor next to the video camera. My body was racked with pain and I could hardly see out of my eyes! Laying by my side was a note and video tape. The not read....I did not have to break your jaw after all! The tape is something to remember me by and to add to your collection. Thanks for the fuck asshole! To this day, I have never been able to watch that tape!
To this day, I have

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