Big Bear Wrestling Story


They met, at all places, at a local bathhouse. Gary had already gotten dressed, a sleeveless flannel shirt covering his 48” fur-covered chest, his tattooed 17” biceps bulging from his sides. As he walked past the TV room towards the exit, he noticed that they were showing one of his favorite Can-AM wrestling video, “Football Wrestling” starring Doug Brandon and Thor. It was a hot scene: Doug had Thor tied spread eagle in the corner, working over his big nips. Despite having cum twice, he could feel his thick tool stirring in his jockstrap. Gary heard a low moan and looked over to see a young guy, maybe 23, watching the movie. Normally, Gary would have just kept walking, despite the guy’s 6’ well-definted physique and almost obscene sized cock. The guy barely weighed 170lbs and was smooth all over except for the hair under his pits and forest of black pubes that surrounded his thick, 8.5” meat.

No, what caught Gary’s eye, besides the impressive tattoo work that covered his chest and biceps, was the WAY he was watching the video. He was leaning back in the chair, his legs spread apart widely, his cock sticking straight up, untouched. All the while, the young boy continuously kept softly rubbing his nipples, which were good-sized and hard as rocks, coming to points at the ends. Every time he brushed a finger across one of his nubs, his cock lept and bounced and dripped even more precum.

“Hey kid, you like wrestling?” No answer.

“Well, if you ever wanna hook up for a match, me and my buds get together every Friday night for some wrestling in my basement. First guy to cum loses. I gotta warn ya though, it’s kinda intense.”

The kid never looked away from the screen. He reached into the black bag next to him, took out a card, and handed it to Gary. “E-mail me the time and place.” the card simply read: Ben

The following Friday at midnight, Ben rang the doorbell and was greeted by a huge musclebear who led the young boy down a long flight of stairs to a dark and low-ceiling basement. The room was hot and dank, the smell of mansweat and cigars and poppers and stale beer in the air. Through the darkness, Ben could make out a few huge guys leaning against the stone walls, cocks in hand, eyeing him up hard as he was led to the ring. The ring consisted of four metal poles that supported the ceiling, encircled by three pieces of rough rope, creating a 12’x12’ area. The floor was cement and a bare light bulb hung over the ring.

Gary was already waiting for him in the ring. His hairy body was pumped to the max and glistening with sweat. He was barefoot and his black jock strap was bulging with his semi-rigid tool and his big bull balls. He ran his hands across his huge pecs and flashed Ben a wicked smile. In the corner behind him was a small canvas bag. Ben put down the small leather bag that he was carrying and sat on the floor to take off his boots and jeans.

The big bear who had led Ben to the ring explained, “No rules, no time limit, first to cum loses. Winner gets to use/abuse loser for the rest of the evening.” Ben’s eyes scanned the crowd of drunk, horny musclebears as he slipped off his jeans and quickly realized that the winner wasn’t the only one who was going to get to use and abuse the loser.

Ben stood up, his huge tool crammed into a small, dirty white jockstrap, and began to peel off his skin tight wife beater t-shirt. as he got the shirt over his head, Gary bullrushed him from across the ring, driving his huge shoulder into Ben’s gut and ramming him backwards into the metal corner pole. The back of Ben’s head hit the pole hard with a loud clang and Gary followed him in with a wicked chop across the boy’s pecs, which echoed through the basement and left a brutal red welt. Gary pulled Ben away from the pole and buried four hard shots into Ben's unprotected gut, each one lifting him off his feet. Ben’s arms were still tangled in his t-shirt, unable to protect himself, as Gary buried three hard knees into Ben's wide open cock and balls. Ben dropped to all fours, gasping for air and Gary bore down on him with a brutal fist to the top of his head that sent him sprawling to the mat.

Gary stuck his fingers into Ben’s nostrils and dragged him to his feet, parading him around the ring to the whoops and hollers of the horny bearstuds surrounding the perimeter, before securing his arms between the second and third ropes, Ben’s legs wobbling under him. Gary stood before him, rubbing his cock through his jock, then applied a brutal couble pec claw, digging the fingers in hard, kneading the boy’s sinewy muscles as Ben yelled in pain. Reveling in the power he has over Ben, Gary tightened his grip, smiling, his face inches from Ben’s as his opponent screamed in agony. Ben began to sag to his knees from the pain. As he dropped down, Gary released his claw grip, giving relief to Ben’s pecs, only to re-grab them in his merciless hold again and laughing as Ben shouted in more agony. The crowd murmurred its approval and Gary worked his fingers even deeper into Ben's now numbing pecs.

After two more minutes loosening and tightening the claws, watching Ben’s face contort into screwed-up masks of agony with each reapplication, Gary began to work just the nipple of Ben's right pec. Ben moaned from the feeling of agony and pleasure that was running through him. Gary twisted the hard nub in his fingers, pinching and rubbing the sensitive tip as Ben moaned louder and started to squirm.

Gary strutted over to the corner to his canvas bag and pulled out two yellow snake bite kits, perfect for pumping up a set of hot nipples. He licked each one deliberately then applied them to Ben’s already sensitive nipples. You could see their effect instantly as Ben lolled his head back, momentarily reveling in the pleasure of the suction on his nipples. Gary grabbed Ben’s arms, which were still wrapped in the ropes and placed his foot between Ben’s pecs. "How about we stretch those pecs out a little more", Gary growled, and leaned back hard, grinding his foot into Ben’s chest while stretching his arms and shoulder out hard. Ben again let out a yell from the pain in his pecs, kicking his legs in agony against the floor, the nipple cups jutted out as his arms and pecs were yanked even harder. The ropes were leaving brutal burn marks on the young man's shoulders and Gary noticed that the bulge in Ben’s jockstrap was getting bigger with a hint of wet starting to spot them. "Like this don't you boy", he taunted as Ben moaned.

Ben realized he had to take some action against this big hairy bear and quick. His pecs were throbbing from the pec claws that had been applied non-stop and the constant pressure on his nips was driving him crazy. Though still in pain from the torture of being stretched to his max, Ben has also regained some oxygen and some sense back into his head. As Gary let up a bit to turn and showboat to his friends, Ben sprung in the air and buried a hard drop kick into Gary's jaw. Gary let out a scream and flipped once in the air before crashing to the mat while Ben flew backwards, arms still tangled in the rough rope.

Ben quickly untangled himself was on his opponent in an instant, then ripped off the suction cups, his nipples red and swollen. He grabbed Gary by the right leg, holding his foot in an ankle lock while stepping on Gary's left calf. He spread the legs of the big man, pain shooting from the groin of his now helpless opponent. Gary, stunned, grabbed his crotch, which also has a prominent bulge from watching Ben as his helpless victim, and let out a yell from the intense pain. Ben applied even more pressure to the ankle and widened the split, causing Gary to pound the floor with his fists. Ben licked his lips as he watched the big bear's giant hairy tits shake and jiggle from the vibration of the pounding.

"Now who is going to give into who," Ben taunted the helpless Gary arrogantly. Quickly, he placed the foot he had on Garys left leg into the big crotch and crashed to the floor with his foot jammed into Gary's bull balls and pulling hard on the big man's right leg. Gary let out an ungodly scream as his balls are smashed into his body with Ben's foot and his leg muscles are stretched beyond their natural limits. Gary continued to pound the floor in agony. "Give it up Titboy," shouts Ben degrading him, "FUCK YOU!" Garys screamed back. The bears in the crowd screamed their encouragement to Gary, but Ben just pushed his foot deeper into his crotch, using his bare toes to squeeze Gary's huge balls; he could feel Gary's rigid tool as he moved his toes in and out to torture his victim. Gary's face was a mask of contradiction, both pain and ecstasy as he felt his bull balls being crushed and kneaded by Ben's foot. He sat up and tried to grab Ben's foot to ease the pain, but Ben only applied more pressure, forcing the hairy giant back onto his back.

Ben released his hold and quickly moved behind the big man who immediately grabbed his balls and leg and groaned in agony, rolling from sie to side. Ben forced him into a sitting position, kicked his legs legs apart wide and, putting one foot one each of Gary's inner thighs, grabbed his hands and pulled forwards, ripping his big bear's crotch in a brutal spladle. The giant wailed in agony as his groin is stretched beyond its limits. Ben poured it on, leaning farther and farther back, arching his back upwards to maximize the pressure, his big cock only inches from Gary's face. In desperation, Gary lunged forward and clamps his teeth onto Ben's rock-hard tool. Ben let out a high-pitched yelp and immediately let go of Gary's arms, which propels the big bear back, further scraping his teeth along the kid's cock before slamming his back hard onto the mat. As Gary rocked back and forth in agony, holding his crotch, Ben staggered to his feet and checks his equipment---some brutal red teeth marks, but no bleeding.

As Gary tried to sit up, Ben approached him and, fast as lightning, puts him in a reverse headlock, smothering the big man’s face in his sweaty armpit. "Let's see you do some sucking for air now, slavebear" he says as he tightened the hold, grinding his face. Gary gasped and moaned, the smell of his Ben's sweaty, rank pit driving him crazy. He let his arms drop to his sides, trying to conserve his strength, all the while gulping for air. Ben reached over and started to work Gary's huge nipples between his fingers. The nipples harden and come to a nice point between his fingers. He released the hold and retrieved the small black leather case that he brought to the ring, while Gary fell to the mat and immediately sucked in a huge breath of air. Ben grabbed a piece of rope from the bag, pushed the big man over onto his hairy belly and pulled both of Gary's arms behind him, binding them at the wrists with the rope.

He then rolled Gary over onto his back, his hand bound behind him. Ben smiled as he looks at his helpless captive, the horny bear audience stunned to near silence. The big hairy giant is hot and hairy all over his chest and stomach, hair sticking from his armpits. His nips are the size of half
dollars and sticking out from the earlier work they received, but now begging for more. He also noticed that the bulge in Gary's trunks had not gone down, but has gotten even bigger. Gary, too, now has a wet spot forming on his trunks. "You're all mine now slavebear to do with as I please" Ben growl evilly. "You skinny mutherfucker, you better let me up 'cause when I do get loose your ass will be mine."

Ben bent down and begins to tweak the big hairy nips on Gary, who responded with some low moans. "How's those bull balls feeling?" Ben asked with a raised eyebrow. He reached into Gary's jock and began to massage the huge hairy orbs he finds there. Gary can only moan. Ben continued to massage and grope, feeling the size of the big balls making his own cock harder. Ben pulled Gary's jock down his legs, leaving them on his ankles to restrain his hairy legs better. Even Ben let out a small gasp when he finally eyed the big man. Gary was huge. His whole crotch was covered in a thick forest of now sweaty hair and precum. The balls are bigger and hairier than he imagined they would be. And his big hard cock throbbed against his hairy belly.

Ben began to again focus his attention to Gary's big nips. He started kneading the hairy pecs and pinching the hard knobs. Gary could only moan as the feeling rushed down to his throbbing cock. Ben took one hand and began rubbing the precum only on the head of Gary's swollen tool, taking special care to work the slit. His other hand was still working the nubs and Gary started sweating real heavy now. He leaned over and took one of Gary's nips into his mouth, tonguing and sucking it, first softly and then harder and harder. Gary began to shake and could feel the cum rising up in his cockshaft. Ben gets into Gary's huge tits, working them, pulling, twisting, sucking, licking and biting them.

Ben kne he had Gary on the edge of shooting his load. The big bear was sweating and moaning as he continued to ravage the big hairy nipples while rubbing the head of his throbbing cock. The crowd of bears were shouting at Gary, encouragin his to fight on. Ben was so focused on how hot the big hairy brute was, the control he possessed over him, that he was unaware that the rope binding Gary's hands behind him had come undone. Gary moved like lightning, bringing both arms up and wrapping them around Ben, putting a bear hug on him, squeezing him hard. Ben arched his back from in surprise and let out a gasping moan as Gary applied more pressure to his back.

Gary used his weight advantage to roll over on top of his captive, continuing to apply more pressure. He kicked the jockstrap wrapped around his ankles off, then released his devastating hold. Sitting on his knees he gave Ben a couple of forearm blows to his pecs, knocking more wind from him. He then raked his fingers across his eyes, blinding him and filling his eyes with tears. Gary stood up and gave Ben a hard blow to the belly with his bare foot. Ben, blinded and breathless, grabbed his belly and doubled up. Gary scooped him up and drops him stomach first across his outstretched knee. Gary then picked up his discarded jock and smothered Ben's nose and mouth with it, cutting off even more air. Ben was laying on his back, his 9" tool hanging semi-rigid from the side of the sweaty jock pouch.

Gary picked his opponent up by his nipples, raised his arms and reapplied the devastating bear hug. Ben yelled from the pain shooting through his lower back and ribs. He stated to sink like a ragdoll as the big man grinded the bear hug into him. "Thought you had me didn't you?" he growled at the sagging Ben. He released the hold for only a second to reapplied it lower on the back and ribs of Ben, bringing him to his toes. Gary knew that Ben's nipples were very sensitive from the earlier work he did on them. He began to rub Ben's chest back and forth across his own hairy chest, grinding against the nubs of his helpless opponent. The effect it had on Ben was overwhelming as his cock began to grow hard against the hairy belly of Gary. Gary felt this, smiled, and continued the punishment.

He then picked Ben up higher off his feet so that his cock was flat against his big hairy belly and rubbed it back and forth; the friction between Gary's rock hard gut and Ben's cock causing it to ooze precum. Gary squeezed harder, causing Ben to arch backward which exposed his pecs and nipples. Gary wasted no time using his mouth to suck at the defenseless nipples. He had Ben in both agony from the bearhug and ecstasy from the rubbing.

Ben's eyes are glazed over. His cock was throbbing hard as Gary masturbated it against his hairy belly, his nipples were being sucked raw from the hairy bear's hot mouth. In defense he tried to push Gary back, only to find the bearhug applied harder. He tried to relax and catch his breath, then again tried to loosen the grip and again Gary squeezed harder. In an act of desperation, he gouged the big man's eyes with his fingers. Gary yelped and released the holding, letting Ben crash to the floor in a heap. Seeing the bear reach for his eyes to wipe them, he rammed a hard fist into the giant's huge hairy balls.

Gary let out a scream from the pain that shoots through his body. Ben took aim again and let another fist fly into the exposed orbs, this time bringing the big bear to his knees. He grabbed the hairy orbs in one hand and started to pound his fist into them over and over again as Gary yelled and screamed from the intense pain, his cock growing harder with every punch thrown into the abused balls. Ben landed forty blows to the big man's nutsac, with the bears in the crowd counting along with each shot. Gary was mewling like an idiot. His eyes were crazed, his cock purple from being hard, and the hole in the tip distended obscenely,
literally spurting clear fluid onto Ben's gut and chest,
as he moved in closer with his punches. Ben continued the especially heavy volley of hard punches into Gary's gonads, which were giant from swelling. Ben was inches from the Gary's face, and, exchanging his fist for his powerful knee, began slamming his knee into the stud's balls, blow after blow and finally ending his assault with a powerful ball claw, squeezing and twisting them at the same time.

Gary tried to defend himself by reaching out for Ben, only to have the claw squeezed harder on his hairy orbs. Realizing that Ben can do what he wants to them now, he lowered his arms to his sides. "Spread those big hairy legs wider", Ben yelled at him and Gary obliged. Keeping the claw in place he says, "I want you to play with your big hot nipples for me slave bear". "Never!" was Gary's reply. Ben
applied more pressure to the radiply swelling orbs and twists them harder. "I said play for me slave!" he again shouted. Gary screamed and started to play with his own big nipples. "That's it, work em for me...and DO NOT touch your cock," Ben commanded.

With Ben squeezing, twisting and kneading his big balls, and with his own fingers working his huge hairy nipples, it isn't long before Gary was close to the edge of shooting his load again, evident by his big cock standing hard against his hairy belly. He began to moan and sweat heavily. "Yeah you big hairy bear, I am taming you all the way this time, yeah, work them big hairy tits for me," Ben growled softly. "Mmmmm.mmmm", was the giants only response. Hearing this, Ben slid a finger up Gary's hairy crack, finding the tight pucker waiting for him. He rubbed his finger over it, still squeezing and more massaging Gary's big hairy balls. "OOOHHH", moaned the bearman. Ben easily fingered the hot hole, soaked with sweat. Once inside he started to massage the giant's swollen prostate, jerking him off from inside.

Once he has the big man totally subdued, he reached into his black bag and pulled out a bottle of poppers and a 10” dildo butt plug. He peeled off his own sweat-soaked jock and forcibly wiped it across Gary's face, and Gary's cock jumped at the smell, dripping even more pre-cum. Ben took the jock, splattered some poppers on it, then wrapped it around the big man's face. The fumes quickly overtook him and he knew he had lost. The big man was convulsing with need, jutting his cock and ass in the air, humping the sky. "Fuck! Please get me off! OH FUCK!" Ben knelt over his vanguished foe and rammed 8” of the dildo up the big bear’s ass. He grabbed Gary’s by his nipples and hoisted him to his knees. Standing before him, he dangled the full length of his nine inch boner in front of the big man's throat. Gary lunged for it, sucking the whole thing down his throat in one gulp, working the shaft with his tongue, bobbing up and down, all while working his nips with lightning speed. The crowd of bears, many stroking their own cocks, laughed and taunted their big friend, watching him service the smaller man.

Ben fucked Gary’s face mercilessly for five minutes until a large puddle of precum has formed under the big bear’s gaping piss slit. Abruptly, Ben pulled out, took two steps back, then kicked Gary in the face as hard as he could, causing the big man to scream in agony and flipping him once in the air before crashing to the mat. Ben again took two running steps then kicked the remaining two inches of the dildo up the big man’s tight hole.

Gary tried in vain to crawl away, but Ben came up behind him and kicked him hard in the nuts, flipping him onto his back. Ben slowly descended on his beaten foe and sat on the big man’s face, grinding his sweaty ass all over his nose and mouth. Slowly, methodically, he started to punch the big man’s cock, lefts and rights, uppercuts and jabs. Again again until Gary’s screams of pain were reduced to whimpers of agony and raw lust.

Gary was so hot now. His cock was aching for release as his nipples sent signals to it; the beating his cock was taking had him on the edge. When Ben hooked Gary’s legs under his arms and startedto throw punch after punch into the butt end of the dildo, battering his engorged prostate gland, he knew he couldn't hold on any longer. He let out a loud moan and pinched his own nipples as hard as he can. At the same time his cock erupted, sending a torrent of cum that shot onto Ben’s chest. Again and again Gary’s cock shot out spurts of hot white liquid, splattering across Ben's chin. Ben continued to punch the dildo, massaging the prostate, milking the big man dry, smiling. When the big man has shot his last, he pulled the dildo out and releases his grip on the big balls.

Ben looked down at his exhausted victim. What a sight to behold! Gary, over 200 lbs, covered in hair, soaked with sweat, cum from head to toe, his nipples still erect and hard, his cock still semi hard and leaking the last of the cum onto his hairy belly. He hoisted up the big man's legs and skewered him with his spit-soaked rod. Gary's back arched in agony and he grabbed his own nips and breathed heavily into the popper-soaked jockstrap. In no time, the bear's cock was rock hard again and Ben grabbed ahold of it and jerked it roughly as he impaled Gary with long strokes of his cock.

Eigth bears from the crowd slowly surround the two studs, then they descended upon Gary with fists and feet and cocks and asses. One man grabbed his arms and planted his feet on Gary’s shoulders, pulling back hard and stretching out the big man’s pecs to the max. A second planted a brtual claw on Gary’s forehead, squeezing and digging in with maximum pressure. Two attacked his nipples, alternating between brutal bites and soft licks. Two more wrestle bears alternated vicious claws between his lower abs and his swollen cock and balls. The final two each had him by the leg and were ripping his groin in a new definition of pain. And Ben continued his brutal anal assault, pulling all the way out after each agonizing thrust, making an audible pop, never allowing his cock to get wet.

Gary's eyes were rolling independently in their sockets as he let loose with another eruption of cum, this one even more violent than the first, the first shot spurting past Ben's head. Ben pointed Gary's cock up towards his face and the next three blasts caught him right in the mouth. Ben abruptly pulled out, straddled Gary's chest, and shoved the full length of his shaft down his throat. Almost instantly, he was filling Gary's throat with torrents of jism. Gary guzzled as much as he could, but it was almost endless and the last four spurts came drizzling out of the corners of him mouth and down his hairy chin.

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