Big Drunk Men Fist Fighting Story

This particular incident did not involve me directly, but me and a group of buddies of mine
sort of orchestrated one of the best fights I have ever seen take place between two �bulls�.

It happened when I was 27 and in Orange County, Ca (Anaheim, to be exact). I was
working in Huntington Beach and was basically enjoying life. I knew then I loved to show off
the bod and walking around the beach area was the best way to show it off. One day, while
at work, a bunch of guys decided to go out for a couple of beers. Me, of course, changed
my shirt before I got to the bar into a sleeveless t-shirt and tight jeans and boots. To me,
this was a calling card for anyone thinking I was showing it off (which I was) and wanted to
do something about it, i.e. Armwrestling, wrestling, fighting, etc. (NOTE: As I type this on
the train, I am wearing a very very tight white t-shirt, tight jeans, and black boots. I have
caught the eye of a few guys so far, but all of them have shown respect and backed down
when the pecs were flexed; anyway back to the story).

So, me and my buds were drinking and after tallking for awhile we discovered we knew
mutual acquaintances. The best part of it was, was that these two guys that we knew hated
the living hell out of each other. It went back to an old college football rivalry and of course
a woman. We learned, through further discussion with each other, that they had both said
that if they ever saw each other again, they would rip each others� heads off. (well, by now I
bet you could imagine what was going through my head!) I looked at both of my buds and I
said, �are you thinking what I�m thinking?� They both looked at me with these big shit eating
grins on their faces and shook their heads. After a couple of hours and some more beer we
concocted a plan to get these two guys to meet and see what happens. We knew we had
to be sneaky about it and we knew it was a long shot that either one of them would take the
Let me tell you about these two big boys now. One, Steve, at the time of the fight, weighed
285 pounds and was 6�4. Steve was overheard to say that he sported 24 inch biceps and
a 55 inch chest and had about 17% bodyfat (so not as ripped, but definitely a big boy.) He
had played as a linebacker for a Big Ten college team. He had been a powerlifter and had
competed in numerous competitions. Now, rumor had it he delved in some underground
NHB competitions, but that we couldn�t confirm. Presently he worked as a supervisor for
an industrial contractor and it was told he didn�t take any shit from the workers on his crew
or any of the sub-contractors for that matter. He was known to �enforce his rules� by taking
on anyone who had a problem with his rules. He would fight guys on the work site almost
on a weekly basis and always won. Most of this info. was reliable as one of my buds was
married to the sister of the guy that owned the business Steve worked for. There were
nights she would say, �Steve is such a barbarian, one of these days he�s going to get his
ass kicked and I hope I�m there to see it�. (little did she know).

The other guy, Jeff, also at the time this fight took place weighed in at around 275 (very
close in weight to Steve) and was also 6�4. (In my opinion both guys were out of proportion,
but they carried their weight very well.) Jeff had also played football for a Big Ten school,
and obviously a rival school at that. There was a story that it took 6 guys to pull them apart
after a game one night where they had waited to fight each other in the parking lot after the
game. That fight never materialized, but the rivalry and the urge to rip each other part just
festered over the years. Jeff had taken his size and went the other direction. He competed
in several major Bodybuilding events and was into using various steroids, therefore
contributing to his 5% bodyfat and ripped physique. The irony behind all this was, his
profession had led him into the police force. His buddies on the force used to give him crap
all the time about how his uniforms had to be special ordered and tailored to fit him. One
day in the locker room of the police station he reportedly had shown his buddies how he
could take one of his smaller uniform shirts and flex his biceps and rip out the sleeves all
the way up to the shoulder seam. All the time bragging that he was the baddest ass cop
with his 25 inch guns and that he could take any guy down in any kind of confrontation.
Neither of these guys had married and at the time were each 26 years old. As a matter of
fact to our knowledge neither of these two guys even had girlfriends because they were so
into themselves and really couldn�t spare any extra attention to anyone else. It was also
rumored (and never substantiated) that Jeff was not interested in the opposite sex.
Supposedly that was the word out amongst the bodybuilding world which is rumored to
have a number of homosexuals in their sport.

So now we have both guys, pretty much equal in size. One, a little �fatter� and a powerlifter
working a blue collar job and making sure his crew knew who was the boss by enforcing the
�rules� with his fists. The other one �leaner� and a bodybuilding cop that was using steroids
and had the attitude that comes with it. Also, he liked to prove to the �bad boys� he would
collar that he was in charge both on his beat and at the station.

After lengthy discussions amongst the three of us schemers and several more beers, we
knew what we had to do. Orange County is a large area and we weren�t quite sure how we
could get these two guys together, alone, and risk not getting our own asses kicked. Now,
don�t get me wrong here, I was pretty damn healthy, but these two boys, their occupations,
and their sizes were definitely out of my league in the ring. Finally we decided that each one
of us that knew the other guy would do some digging and find out what night he�d like to go
out for a beer with some �friends� that he didn�t know, but were mutal friends. About three
weeks later (which seemed like an eternity, cause I gotta tell you I was itching to see this
thing go down!) we finally had a date, time and place set.

Man, my heart was pounding.
My friends and I met back at the same bar we had concocted this whole scheme. We were
to meet each friend at different bars, have a few drinks, get them loose and sort of stir the
pot. You know, bring up �memories of the old days playing college football�, but at the same
time not appear obvious. And then at a certain hour we would say we had to meet our
friends at a party at someone�s house. About 11:00 PM rolled around, and
within 3 minutes both sets of friends appeared. One had gone to the back door, and one to
the front door. The other guys stayed in the back yard area and my other friend brought
Steve back to the back yard. Now both of these guys, being as studly and narcissistic as
they were, both were dressed in tanks and jeans...we couldn�t have planned that one out
better if we had tried. And they looked pumped as hell. When I laid eyes on them I almost
fainted because I couldn�t believe what these two guys could do to each other....and when
they had been drinking....(we didnt� want them drunk so we let them only drink to a certain
point). I�m telling you right now, pecs, delts, biceps, lats, traps were straining. Even Steve
looked ripped and Jeff of course always did.
Then it happened.....their eyes met, my heart stopped, and all I could hear was the sound of
heavy breathing getting deeper and deeper and deeper till it sounded like two bulls snorting
air out of their nostils. No one said a word. We had agreed earlier to just let things go and
not try to instigate anything (even though we had dredged up some bad memories earlier
while drinking). They both slowly started sizing each other up. Then Steve said, �hey what
the fuck are you doing here?� and Jeff replied, �what�s it the fuck to you?� Then Steve
turned to me and said, �listen Randy, I hope you don�t mind some damage done back here,
because if this fucker doesn�t leave in 10 seconds, I�m gonna kick his ass�, then turned and
pulled off his tank top and flexed his pecs right at Jeff. Jeff said, �I ain�t going anywhere
pussy. I have waited 5 years for this day.� Then he ripped off his shirt in a very dramatic
fashion and proceeded to go into a whole posing routine. Steve followed suit, but wasn�t as
polished as Jeff was but I have to say, very impressive. I just swallowed hard and said,
�you guys do what you gotta do�. My other friends looked at me and winked, obviously
pleased with my quick response.

Jeff and Steve circled each other. Both of them were flexing the pecs constantly in a show
of strength and dominance. They reminded me of two bulls rooting for territory and the
female. Then all of a sudden they went chest to chest, nose to nose and stared each other
down for about 15 seconds. I swear they were so close their noses touched. Then Jeff
said, �I�m gonna kick your faggot ass� upon which Steve quickly replied with, �from what I
hear around here, you�re the only real cocksucker amongst the group�. Well, with that
remark, Jeff hauled his right fist back and planted his big fist square across Steve�s jaw.
Steve staggered back a few feet, but quickly returned the same blow to Jeff. Jeff staggered
back and the two of them went into the classic �exchange of blows� I have ever seen to this
day. Each of them stood there and took what the other gave. Blood started flying. Then
they really started the street fighting. Steve kneed Jeff in the balls and then blasted him
with a right forearm smash to the head as Jeff doubled over....Steve started to literally
kicked the shit out of Jeff. Then he jumped on him and the ground fight was on. They
rolled, clawed, kicked, spit, cussed, hit, and choked each other for about 15 minutes. Finally
they stopped, stood up and their heaving chests were grass stained, bloodied, and dripping
in sweat. They stood there for a minute catching their breaths. Then like on cue, both of
them put their fists up in a boxer�s stance and started circling each other. Time for round

They actually did a pretty good job of fistfighting each other without taking it to the
ground. They were connecting blows and jabs and would occassionally lock up but would
push each other away. This went on for better than 30 minutes with the occasional trash
talking back and forth. Steve rushed Jeff and put him into one of the most amazing bear
hugs I have ever witnessed. Man, the sight of these two big men and their massive pecs
and rock hard abs squeezing against each other in a test of strength was absolutely
phenomenal. Steve kept the pressure on Jeff and his biceps swelled as they dug into the
side of Jeff�s lats. I swear Steve�s biceps had to be about 26 inches now. Jeff was losing
his breath and was trying desparately to break Steve�s hold but to no avail. Steve started
pouring everything into it. Jeff started screaming and the sweat from each of them was
running down their backs. This was a sight to see. Two massive muscle men struggling
for superior dominance over the other and neither one of them willing to give in......then it
struck me. What would happen if they started actually trying to kill each other...I mean, just
me and my two friends could no way separate these two men. I prayed like hell that didn�t
happen as it was on my property and I was responsible. Suddenly in one quick motion, Jeff
reared his head back and headbutted Steve right on the bridge of his nose and Steve broke
his hold. They both fell to the ground, Steve holding his nose cursing about it being broken
and Jeff laboring to breath cursing about his ribs being broken.......both them actually
crawled over to each other and started throwing blows while on their knees, neither one of
them willing to give in to the other. They would lie on top of each other and roll around.

now, they were spent. Neither one of them could even lift their arms. It had been about one
and half hours since the first blow was thrown. They separated, we brought them each a
beer and no one said a word. Then they drank another beer in was killing me.
But seeing both of these massive warriors in all their beefy splendor was great. I was
actually tempted to challenge one of my buddies there to fight me as I was now so worked
up and itching to fight as well. For some reason, I had shed my tank top during the fight.
Then Steve said to me, �I need to clean up�. Was it over? Had he quit just like that? Jeff
said the same thing. I said that they were welcomed to take a shower in the house. Now
this was the freaky part. They both walked into my house, went into my bathroom and
closed and locked the door. They came out about 30 minutes later, all showered and
talking like they were best friends. My friends and I just looked at each other dumbfounded.
They apparently used the bathroom at the same time to clean up and I heard the shower
running, but neither me or my friends had the courage to ask what went on in there. We all
drank a few and went out to a club and I tell you, we got lots of attention from some big guys
with Steve and Jeff with us, but NO ONE fucked with us. It felt like we had our own
personal bodyguards with us.

I found out the rest of the story a few years later.......however it did entail mutual
bodyworshipping and homosexual encounters, so I�ll end it here. That didn�t surprise me
too much about Jeff, but with Steve I was shocked, But looking back, Steve never did date
too much either. But both of them were ALL MAN, I never would have thought. I know now
it had to do with mutual admiration for each of their massive muscles and strength. And
from what I heard it must have been quite a sight to see what happened in my bathroom
between these two bulls.

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