My Private Boxing Club Fight Story

I met Kenny at the gym one night when I had gone there for a late workout. There were only about five other guys there, but I sometimes like to go at this hour because I have the equipment I want to use to myself. I was just getting into my workout on the heavy bag, my favorite exercise, when this young kid comes up and stands watching me. I usually like an audience, and I really know how to punish a bag like it is a real guy, so I didn't think much about it at first. But there was something different about this guy, and the intense way he watched me, that started to turn me on.

I have been going to this gym for about 3 years and know most of the regulars. This was not a regular, and there is enough snob in me, plus my experience with this type of guy, to know he was slightly out of his element in a well-run gym. But he was hot looking, wearing a well worn pair of workout shorts and a tank that didn't cover up much. He was so fucking cocky in his stance and attitude, that I was not surprised when he said to me, "Wanna take a break while I work on this thing?"

I stood aside and watched him move in on the bag like he would on a ring opponent. He had good hooks and jabs, and apparently had been working out or boxing for a while. It turned me on to see how aggressively he went after the bag, and I could feel myself getting too interested in this young punk.

After he finished he sauntered away and I finished my workout, just happening to notice that he was pumping some weights at the other end of the gym. Afterwards I took a shower and went out and sat in my truck. I had already decided that if the opportunity arose I would offer him a lift home, and see what happened.

In about 5 minutes he came out, his hair still wet from the shower and his tank draped over one shoulder. I knew that he did not know the gym's rules about bare chests, and guessed , rightly as it turned out, that he was using a free trial membership which was sometimes offered to bring in new members. He walked directly in front of my truck and I leaned out the window and asked him if he wanted a lift. He hopped in without saying anything and I pulled out of the parking lot.

The gym is one of the best, but is not in a good section of town. The busses do not run by it and I thought the guy was heading to a bus stop a few blocks away. When I asked him he said, "Nah, I like to hitch-hike!" I took another look at him, in his tight jeans and with the tank over his shoulder, and imagined the kind of rides he would get. Been there-done that!

I told him my name was Bob, and he responded "Kenny", and gripped my hand with a firm handshake. He was about 5'8", I guessed his weight about 170, and he was build very hard. His arms must have been 16, but his best feature was hugely defined abs. I had to work to keep my eyes on the street. We started to talk and I was getting turned on by the minute.

He accepted my offer to take him home, and on the way he told me about himself. He lived alone in a big, old house that belonged to an uncle. His parents were dead and he had been pretty much on his own for years. Somehow he had stuck to school and had graduated last year, and now had a pretty good job in construction. He looked like the typical punk kid, but he was 19, independent, and surprisingly nice. I mind was already fucked!

The house was pretty much as he described it, and when we pulled up in the driveway he asked me if I wanted a beer. We went in, and I could tell he was pretty proud of the way he had fixed the place up. He had some decent furniture in the living room, courtesy of some relatives, and the bedroom looked like a typical teenager's pad. Then he showed me the room he had his exercise equipment in. It was this big, bare room that had a weight bench, some weights, a speed bag, and a heavy bag. He informed me that they also used the room for boxing, when the weights would go in the large closet.

We chilled out in the living room and I told him a little about myself. I was, and am, 32, divorced, work as a rep for a sporting goods chain, and into fitness and boxing. His eyes lit up every time I mentioned boxing. I was amazed how wise he was, and did not show any surprise when he asked "Are you gay?"

I no longer play games about this, so I answered "Sure!" "Wanna suck my cock?", he replied. Before I could answer he had his hand in his crotch rubbing his nicely outlined dick. I stared at him as he stood, unzipped his jeans, and pulled his now erect cock out for me. I could tell from the look on his face he was turned on at how he had my mind twisted, and as he walked over to me I moved forward to the edge of the chair. He stood directly in front of me holding his cock in one hand, rubbing his torso with the other. I moved closer and opened my mouth, and he went in deep on the first stroke.

Kenny placed both his hands on the side of my head and proceeded to fuck my mouth like a pussy. There was no hesitation, he just ploughed my throat as deep as he could. I opened up for him so he could go all the way, and was amazed at how well he fucked me without making me gag. It didn't last long, and I didn't want it to. He shot a load deep in my throat and held his cock deep down while I drained every drop.

He pulled out, tucked his cock back in his jeans, and flaked out on the couch again. "That was good!", was his understated comment. I nodded in agreement, and my dick was dripping precum and my mind was totally turned on to his power. I wondered what was next.

"I like gettin' my cocked sucked. specially by a guy who likes it rough!", Kenny confided. He told me he had been getting head since he was 14, and liked it as much as pussy. He had a girl, of course, and was fucking her regularly, but she was not as exciting as a guy. I knew the feeling, and told him so. Somehow, despite the age difference, I could feel us bonding, and so could he. I admitted I had been with hustlers before, but told Kenny that though I liked to do nice things for the guys I went out with, I resented paying for cock. He seemed to understand, and we made plans for another encounter. He also mentioned his buddy, Scott, who lived down the street and boxed and worked out with him a lot. He thought I might like him, too. I was SURE I would!

Kenny called me in a couple of days, for, though I usually don't give out my phone number I already trusted him with it. He told me he and Scott were gonna work out that night and could I come by, meet Scoot, and do some boxing. Also implied was the promise of more intense sex. I consulted my schedule, and somehow I was available!

When I got to Kenny's he and Scott were already there and had been lifting. Scott was lanky, red-headed, and freckled, and had a very tight body. His hair was longer than Kenny's, but he was just as sexy in a different way. They both had on workout shorts and Nikes and looked great. I had not got in the door before Kenny said, "Get your shirt off and make yourself at home!" I pulled if off quickly, and enjoyed seeing the boys had some appreciation for my trim body. All that time in the gym had paid off.

We went back in the workout room and Kenny quickly pulled the weight equipment in the closet. Then he got out an old set of Everlast 8 oz. gloves and I helped lace em on him and Scott. I refereed, and they fought 3 two-minute rounds, like most amateur fights. Actually Scott was the better boxer, with longer arms and quicker punches, but Kenny made up for this with sheer brutality. They may have been best friends but they went at each other like pros, and I loved being their referee. Nobody went down, but there was a lot of really hard punching. the whole scene turned me on to the max.

After the bout Kenny and Scott took a break, but neither removed their gloves. I thought this strange, but assumed they might want to fight another round or so. I was wrong--they had planned a little something for me! Kenny said, in his very abrupt way, "Can you take a hard punch in the gut?", and when I answered yes, they both looked at me with interest. "Wanna see how much you can take?", Kenny asked again. Sure, I said. "Stand up!" said Kenny.

I stood up, moved into the center of the room, and Kenny moved directly in front of me. "I wanna see how much you can take in your gut before you go down! Think you can take me working you over in the stomach?" I nearly shot in my jeans, cause I have always gotten off on gutpunching, but just managed to nod my head. "Tighten up and I'll work you, then Scott! If you want us to quit, just say STOP. Otherwise we'll work you over on and on until you go out! Agreed?" Almost in a daze I nodded.

Kenny drove his right deep in my gut right over the navel. If I had any thought that this was for fun the first punch cleared it up. He used his combinations on me, jabbing me and hooking me in the gut and under the ribs until I knew he could finish me off when he wanted to. I stood there with my hands at my side while the leather went deeper and deeper into my torso, circling my navel and sometimes going right over my pubic bone. Scott cheered him on, and I found this really exciting, too. Being worked over in front of an audience was always my fantasy.

Kenny began to work really hard under my right ribs. Each punch seemed to go deeper, and I tried to stay up and concentrate on surviving the barrage, because I knew that the more I could take the more Kenny would think of me. I looked up at his face as he delivered the punches and the intensity made my dick rise. Then, one particularly brutal hook went right under the ribs and I slipped to the canvas.

I stayed on one knee and looked up to see Scott stepping in. When I got up he took his stance and started right where Kenny had finished. He used a uppercut motion a lot, and it seemed to drive my guts up into my chest. He grinned as he sunk his fists deeper and deeper into my unprotected gut. I sensed he was enjoying my pain more than Kenny.

I could no longer keep to the center of the room and was slowly and methodically drive by Scott's fist against the wall. There I stood, a human punching bag, and he stood in front of me and used every combination in his arsenal to drive my guts into my throat. I finally started begging, but never used the word STOP. My moaning and pleas seemed to turn him on, and he just kept the pounding up.

Suddenly Scott stepped away and I looked up through bleary eyes to see Kenny standing by him, shoulder to shoulder. "Ready for the finisher?" Kenny asked. I nodded , and they took their stances; Kenny supporting my left side with his right glove, Scott supporting the other with his left. Then they alternated , Kenny with a left, Scott with a right, into my already busted gut. I don't know how long it went on, but it was excruciatingly painful and the ultimate turnon. I finally went out and I guess I slipped to the floor.

I came to on the bed in Kenny's bedroom. Kenny had gotten a washcloth and wiped my face off, and I was feeling pretty good considering that I had just been butchered by two studs! He handed me a beer, and said, "You are tough, dude! I didn't believe you could take that much. Now, Scott wants you to blow him!" Scott was standing behind him smiling, and I said" Sure".

Kenny helped pull me over to where my head was hanging off the back of the bed. Scott had slipped off his shorts and his huge dick was already hard. Kenny got me lined up and Scott stood on the side of the bed and slipped his cock all the way down my throat as I lay on my back and submitted to him. He had almost more that I could take, but the position was a good one for handling big cocks, and after a few thrust he hit bottom on me. Then he supported my head with his hands as he fucked me so deep that I had a problem to keep from cumming. He took his time, alternating stroking deep and shallow, and all the time fucking up my mind already blown mind. He made it last as long as he could, then blew a wad deep in the bottom of my throat.

All the time Kenny had been standing back, not saying a word, but enjoying the sight. "Was it good?", he now asked. I nodded my groggy head and he said, "Now it's my turn!" I'm gonna give you the real meat course!"

He and Scott pulled me back on the bed and Kenny put two pillows under my head. He climbed on my chest, straddled me, and while he held me in his hands said, "I'm gonna knock your brains out!" I almost shot before he could get his dick in my mouth, and he did as he did the first time going all the way down on his first stroke. I was so turned on by the whole evening I would have done anything to please, and I grabbed his butt and pulled him deeper in my throat. He tried to make it last, one time just holding it deep down to make me gag, but I was too hungry. While Scott encouraged him to ram it into my stomach, he proceeded to fuck me almost senseless. He shot in me at the exact moment I came, and it was all so good I almost passed out.

We all cleaned up a little and sat around drinking a beer later. I like their attitude after sex--no guilt or macho shit. They told me they knew some other buddies into boxing that they thought I might like. I told them I would be by if they called during the weekend, and would bring a case of beer and some porn tapes. We all seemed satisfied with the arrangement. I know there will be lots of other hot encounters soon.

After the first boxing encounter with Kenny and Scott I could not wait until I heard from them again. I though about what they had done to me all the time, and usually would get hard thinking about their doing it again. I also remembered what they had said about having other friends into boxing, and wanted to meet them, but wanted to keep some stability about the whole situation. After all, I did have a job and I maintained a strait exterior to almost all of my friends. But I found my boxing buddies increasingly in my thoughts.

Kenny called me midweek and asked if I could come over Friday night late. One of their buddies would be over, and he wanted to meet me. He sounded hot, and Kenny assured me that he was safe, so I was only slightly uneasy when I drove up into Kenny's driveway about eleven that Friday night.

Kenny met me at the door and I saw Scott and the new guy sprawled out in the living room. Kenny said, "Bob, this is Mark", and the guy got up and shook my hand. All so nice and formal! I thought I knew what he had already been told about me, and probably what he intended to do to me, but at least it started off nicely.

Kenny popped me a beer and told me to get my shirt off, as they all were barechested. We were a hot looking group sitting around in shots without out shirts drinking beer--almost like a TV commercial. But there was one thing different; I knew what they had in mind to do to me shortly!

I asked Mark a few questions about himself and learned that he was older than Kenny and Scott, married, and had gotten into boxing a few rounds with them from time to time. He loved to get away his wife for some male bonding, and apparently did it ever week or so. He was a big, good looking guy, in a rough way. He worked as a carpenter, had huge muscles, and had boxed while he was in the navy. Naturally he had the obligatory navy tattoo, an anchor, nicely centered on one huge bicep.

After we got the chit-chat out of the way and had about finished our beers Kenny said, "Mark wants to box you!" Well, I had expected as much and was really ready, but looking Mark over I knew I would be no match for him. I weighed about 180 and was in good shape, but Mark was over 200 pounds and while not as hard as me, there was enough muscle there to do some serious damage. However I had the feeling that this was a prelude to sex, and knew I could take a lot in anticipation of his cock.

We agreed on boxing three 2 minute rounds, the amateur standard, and Kenny laced the gloves on me while Scott did the same for Mark. They had already cleared all the exercise equipment out of the room, so we were ready to go. Kenny was to be the referee, and Scott was our audience. And I was to be the target !

Mark moved in on me quickly and started banging me pretty good. He was more of a slugger than a boxer, so I tried to keep away and slip in some good shots on him. This worked for most of the first round, but I could tell he was getting tired of playing around and was ready for something rougher when he came out for the second.

Using his bulk he banged and pushed me up against the wall, then started driving his fists in my gut. I love gutpunching, and I was alternatively turned on and really hurt by the assault on my midsection. He used his huge body to keep me from getting away, and I knew he could sense that I liked what he was doing to me. He was standing close, his body pressed against mine, and I had dropped my gloves to my side as he pounded my unprotected abs. When I heard the bell he stepped back and I went to my knees. He just stood there looking at me with a smirk on his face.

Kenny helped me back to my stool and I sat on it, trying to catch my breath. Across the room I saw Mark still standing, looking hardly winded, and like he could not wait until the final bell sounded. Of course Scott was getting off on all this, yelling encouragement to both Mark and me, while hoping to see a knockout. Then Mark walked over to me, stood facing me still seated on the stool, and said "Have you had enough?"

I nodded, hardly having the strength to answer, and just looked up at him. He said "You submit?" I nodded again. He hooked the thumbs of his gloves in his shorts and pulled them down exposing his cock and said " OK-ready to blow me?" Again I nodded and he stepped closer as I reached out and took his hips in my hands.

Scott and Kenny had moved up behind Mark and now watched as I opened up and prepared to blow my master. He slid his cock in my throat and held it there as I got harder and began to fill me up. He placed his gloved hands on the side of my head and began a slight pumping motion as his cock got bigger and went deep down me. I had hardly had the time to realize how large his dick was, but now I knew that I was being filled totally, and began to wonder if I could take it all.

Scott noticed my struggles to accommodate all this cock and decided to help. He moved behind me and, placing his hands on the back of my head, began to push me forward. I had four hands slowly and steadily driving my throat deeper and deeper on Marks, cock! I though I might faint, but gradually opened up and stretched to where it all fit in.

Kenny and Scott were totally turned on seeing me sitting on my stool impaled on Marks huge dick. They both got their cocks out and started jacking off as Mark began a slow pumping motion, relaxing and stretching me even more, and further freaking my mind. I was gradually opened up like a tight pussy, and he knew exactly how to use it. He began long, deep strokes, pulling out till just the huge head rested inside my lips and then driving slowly back until the head almost busted into my stomach.

"Hold still and let me fuck your mouth!" Mark commanded, and I tried to do as he said. He held my head firmly in his gloves and began to pump me aggressively. If I had not been so turned on I probably would have tried to pull back, but I now drove myself to meet his thrusts, and further impale my throat. I looked up at him and nearly fainted at the look of lust on his face! He held me even tighter, drove as deep as he could, and unloaded a gallon into my stomach.

"Stay deep!" he said, and I did not try to pull back. I let him drain all the cum there was into me with his cock still touching my tonsils. How I got my breath I don't know, but when he pulled out finally I gasped. He patted me on the head with his gloves and said "Nice pussy boy!"

I watched him move away and out of the room and looked over to see Scott and Kenny standing there in the center of the room with their hard dicks in their hands. They had both been turned on the sex scene and were ready to be serviced. And I, after getting my breath again, was ready to give them what they needed.

Kenny looked at me and said, "Come here!" I moved off the stool and into the center of the room and stood facing the two studs, now wearing nothing but their sneakers. "Want some more cock?" Kenny asked while Scott just grinned. I dropped to my knees and took Kenny in my mouth in answer. He thrust his hips forward sending his cock to the bottom of my already stretched throat. I tried to get more, and again Scott stepped behind me and placed his hands on the back of my head. They rocked my head back and forth on Kenny's cock until he shot off, quickly as usual. Then Scott moved around in front, locked his huge hands on the front of my head, and pulled me deep on him.

I thought that Scott was the most sadistic throat fucker I had ever met. He got great pleasure out of fucking me rough and making me gag and groan. I liked to look up at him and see the smirk as he pumped me full of meat. He was slower than Kenny, and far more brutal. I had some quick visions of what sex would be like with him alone! Then he dropped a load in me and wiped his dick off on my face.

Kenny helped me up and we went back into the living room, where Mark was watching TV and drinking beer. We sat around and talked for a little while, and I mentioned that I would like to get them all jackets with some kind of boxing club logo on them, and would try to order them through my company. They seemed enthusiastic, and I thought the ideas was hot! It was getting pretty late then so I started to leave, with the idea that we could get together next week. Mark asked me to give him a ride home.

I pulled on my tank, but apparently Mark had not worn a shirt. Off we went in my truck, talking as if we had just spent the night drinking beer in some bar. But immediately Mark got the subject to boxing, and , after telling me that I gave him a good fight for a guy so much smaller, said "I know you liked the pain I put on you!"

I asked if Kenny and Scott has said anything about this and he said "Not really. I just could tell from the way your eyes looked when I started gettin to you! Ever had guys do that to you very much?" I admitted I had, but not recently, and he said, "Well, I like to fuck up guys who like pain! I'll give you all you can take and we'll keep each other happy!" I cut my eyes to his crotch and could see him getting hard again. I reached over and rubbed his cock under his shorts and he said, "Pull over!"

I pulled the truck over onto an off street and parked but kept the motor running. I went into his crotch and he was totally hard, and he arched up off the seat ramming his cock deep in me. This time I was stretched enough to take it, and loved the feeling of being stuffed with him again. He held my head as he arched up again and again into my throat, gagging me slightly but turning me on totally. The he stopped and said "I know a place near my house!" So I drove to a deserted service station and pulled in.

"Back here", he said leading me behind a trash compactor. "I like to drop my load while I'm standing up! You get on your knees and I'll fuck your throat again!" I dropped in front of him and he grabbed my head and drove in me again. His dick went straight down like it had found its home, and he started pumping me deep. This went on for a few minutes when he stopped, pulled his cock out, and lifted me up to stand facing him.

He reached out and pulled my tank off my body. I just stood there , almost hypnotized, as he made a fist and started rubbing my bare torso with it. I did not know exactly what he was up to, but suspected that he was going to punch me some more. He cocked his right arm, then threw a light punch in the center of my gut. It went in , but not too deep, and I fell forward , grasping his body for support. He let me hang on him , supported me with his left arm, and used his right as a battering ram, working over my gut with short, well directed shots. I loved it, but after a minute he said " That's enough! Just wanted to turn you on!" Then he pushed be back to my knees.

I tilted my head back, opened up, and took him to the bottom on the first stroke. He pack my jaws with meat as I moan and gurgled and tried to meet his thrusts. He shot in me as I was just about to cum myself, and as I let him drain deep in my throat I shot a load between his legs. I have never before had such an orgasm.

I drove Mark on home to his lucky wife. Before he got out he let me know that he had enjoyed the whole scene and that he would be available again. And he also mentioned how much he was looking forward to the jackets I had promised. And I though how much I would enjoy my boxing club in the future

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