Boxing Cowboy Sex Fight


"...and to your left are the stables," said the tour guide.
I looked over at my friend Jim and said, " I outta knock you silly talking me into going to this Dude Ranch."
"Look Shawn," said Jim, "I don't get many days off from work. Let's just enjoy this while I can."
I rolled my eyes in agony. This had to be one of the most lamest vacations he ever took us on. I couldn't wait until we got back home. I was gonna take him down to the basement, where my boxing ring was, and work him over for this lame vacation.
"And over here are the watering troughs where we water the horses," said the guide.
He continued, "Here's one of the ranch hands now. Hey Steve, how about telling us a bit about what you do around here.
"Sure," he said.
He continued to talk but my attention was distracted. Fuck this guy was a STUD! I looked his body over. He had a wonderful 6-pac and a handsome face to boot.
I started to imagine this guy in a pair of red and gold trunks that said "Cowboy" on the front. A pair of red gloves and bare chested. I also imagined a slight rise in those trunks as he came over to me and put his gloves up in the boxers stance. I could actually feel the gloves sinking into my unprotected 6-pac and my hard-on growing also.
With arms like his I could imagine him putting me down on the canvas with about two or three good punches. Then he would bend down into my ear and wisper ever so softly "one...two...three..." until he counted me out.
I looked up and saw a tattoo of a pair of boxing gloves on his left arm. Oh yeah...that was a turn on!
All of a sudden I heard Jim say "Come on Shawn the group is moving again, we're gonna get left behind."
"Oh right.." I said snapping out of my trance. I started to walk off and looked back over my shoulder. He winked at me!!
I wondered if he knew if I was staring at him. I looked down and realized that I had my Ringside shirt on.
We both had our flags waveing!!!!!!

All though the day, I couldn't take my mind off Steve. God he had the most perfect body. And he was into boxing too!!! I wondered if he had ever erotic boxed before? I wish we would have ran back into him again but the tour took us in the opposite direction.
I kept imagining Steve in those cowboy trunks and I was trying hard not to get myself aroused by these thoughts.
Oh what I wouldn't do to meet up with him and just once box with him. I thought to myself.
After the tour, me and Jim ate at the commesary.
"Are you O.K.?" asked Jim.
"Wadda you mean?" I asked looking up from my plate.
"You've been poking at that piece of steak for ten minutes. Is something on your mind?"
I thought quickly and said, "I guess i'm just a bit homesick."
"You can't stand to be out of the ring for more than five minutes can you?" he asked with a laugh.
I didn't reply.
Jim put his hand on mine and said, "Don't worry, I brought the gloves." I didn't let my emotions show but I was cheering inside.
I quickly finished my dinner. When I was done I looked at Jim and said, "I'm gonna go use the bathroom."
"Take your time." said Jim.
"I plan on it." I muttered under my breath as I walked away.
I wasn't even headed toward the bathroom. My direction was taking me back to where I saw Steve before.
I saw him in a pair of Jeans and cowboy boots pitching hay. The sun was just beginning to caress the top of the mountains yet the tempreture was still high. Sweat glistened off his bronze back. I saw the tattoo on his arm and I almost got hard again.
Steve looked up and saw me. He smiled and said, "I was hopeing to meet up with you again."
"Me too." I said with a sheepish grin on my face.
Steve looked around to see if anyone was around. "You into erotic boxing?" he wispered.
I almost fainted. It was a dream come true. I finally managed to say, "Yeah!"
"Too bad I ain't got no gloves with me or I'd box ya dude." Steve said.
"Don't count yourself out yet." I said "I brought two pairs of gloves with me."
His eyes lit up like the fourth of July.
He looked at me and said, "Could you meet me up at the barn in about 10 minutes?"
"Sure!" I replyed.
"Cool!" said Steve, "And don't forget the gloves stud!"
"Don't worry!" I said and I ran back to the room.
Man my anticipation was growing......

Man I never ran so hard in my life. I opened the door of our room to see if Jim had returned. "Good it's empty." I muttered to myself. "Now where the fuck did Jim pack those gloves at?"
I digged through the luggage at break-neck speed until I found the two pairs of 8oz. tuf-wear gloves.
I went back to the barn where Steve was waiting for me. He had his cowboy hat on, boots and jeans. NO SHIRT!
FUCK this guy was hotter now than this morning.
I handed him a pair of gloves and slipped on the ones I had. God he looked so hot he could have knocked me out with just his good looks.
"Ever boxed before?" asked Steve slipping on his gloves.
"I've boxed a few times professionally but a lot of times erotically." I replyed.
He took of his hat and hung it on a near-by nail.
He banged the gloves together two times and asked, "Ready?"
I nodded in agreement.
"Let's get it on!" he shouted.
We started to circle each other. I flicked a couple of jabs to his face and they connected real good. The only problem was that he had an iron jaw!
He came back with four solid straights to my face. I could feel my nose starting to bleed already. This guy was a professional at wooing guys and then beating the shit out of them!
"Hey man," I said, "I thought this was erotic boxing. What's up?"
"Beating the shit out of you is erotic for me fucker!" he said.
"Oh fuck," I thought, " I'm in trouble."
He got aggressive with his punches. He started using combos on my face. I couldn't even defend myself. And when I put my gloves up to defend my face the power of his punch went strait through my glove into my face.
Then he started to use uppercuts to my face. It didn't take long for a cut to open up above my eye.
I could see a bulge in his jeans as I went down from a uppercut to the solar plexus.
"That was hot stud!" said Steve, "You make and excellent punchbag."
He unzipped his jeans and stood in front of me. "Come on and suck this man dick for me mother fucker." said Steve.
"What the fuck is all this..."

I turned around and saw Jim.
"So you went to the bathroom eh Mother fucker?" He then kicked me in the stomach.
"And as for you.." he turned to Steve.
Jim was a big burly man and was taller than Steve. He laid in on Steve with lefts and rights. Steve had power but not a lot of stammina. After a couple of uppercuts to his solar plexus he fell like a ton of bricks.
Jim leaned down next to me and said, " You'd better start looking for a new roommate when we get back home or you can take Steve here. I hope he beats the shit out of you every day."
Jim started to walk out the door.
"Jim wait!" I yelled but he paid me no mind.
He walked out the door. I started to follow him. It was hard to run because I was still winded.
"Jim wait! I yelled.
He turned around and said "What!" in such a manner that made me stop in my tracks.
"Jim I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." I said.
"If you think that lame excuse is gonna change my mind you're only fooling yourself."
said Jim coldly.
"I wouldn't blame you if you never talked to me again," I said "But believe me I've learned my lesson."
Jim smiled and said, "I can see that."
He continued, "I'll give you this Shawn he was georgious wasen't he?"
I smiled and said, "But he's not as great as you."
"Come on Shawn," said Jim, "I've got to get you back to the room and practice some first aid on you.
That night me and Jim boxed. For the first time ever I let him win. Afterwards we had the most intimate intercourse between two people.
And the next time I need a jobber job done I won't look no farther than my roomate Jim.

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