Boxing Erotic Story

Tom & Wes had been working on the same construction site for the last 6 months. Over the course of time, they became workout buddies in the game and the boxing ring. Tom was close to 6' tall with piercing blue eyes, jet black hair, shoulder length and a body that couldland him in any fitness mag he chose. His arms measured 20", veins & all, an awesome punch proof mid-section, shredded tree-trunk like legs and a chest of steel with half dollar size nipples, nice and firm. Wes sported more the marine type look. Again he was close to 6' tall, short brown hair and eyes.

His physique was somewhat comparable to Tom's, just a bit smaller. His muscled
arms hung out at his sides, with horseshoe like triceps, his abs were tight and
contained an incredible 6-pack, legs that could squat 600 lbs. and calves that
were as cut as an 18 carat-diamond. It was close to the end of the day for the
men and it had been a scorcher. Both men were drenched in sweat, which really
accentuated their physiques thru the tight white tank tops and thigh high
shorts. The typical construction worker's look, tool belt included. It was
Friday afternoon and they were hot, tired and thirsty. A cold beer would be
great right about now, but they had to get to the gym for their workout and
sparring session. "Hey Tom," yells Wes. "You got your equipment in the truck?"
"Yeah, why?" "Why don't we just go a few rounds here, drink a few beers and kill
2 birds with one stone?" "Cool idea!" Both men got their gloves on and removed
the wet tank tops.
They both had abs as tight as drum skins and they were just getting ready to do
some poundin'!!! By now, they both had consumed a couple of beers each and
between them and the heat from the sun, the air of cockiness was starting to set
it on both fighters. Tom snapped a few jabs out at Wes who blocked them and
countered with a quick right cross! "Good shot," said Tom and with that, he
ripped an uppercut into Wes' chin snapping his head back. This light sparring
continued for 15 min, giving the guys an ample chance to loosen up, let the
beers kick in and get their muscles good and pumped.

Turning up the pace a bit,
Tom goes in for a few combinations to the skin tight abs of Wes, who just grins
as the bounce off him. Wes begins to throw hook after hook at Tom's right
shoulder and melon-like biceps hoping to take that right cross out of
commission. After 10 or so shots, his arms were getting tired and he was pretty
sure Toms right arm was beginning to feel the effect of the punches. "Hey man,
go easy, this is just a friendly fight, remember??" said Tom. "Sorry!" "Let's
crack a beer and take a break for a minute," Tom said. "Okay," responded Wes.
Unable to see the smirk on Tom's face, Wes cracks open a can of beer and tilts
his head back to enjoy the coolness of the beer. As he tilts back, Tom lays into
the abs with a series of left right combinations, really diving in with those

Caught of guard, Wes chokes on his beer. "Okay tough guy, lets do it!"
And both fighters get ready for the ultimate battle. Tom hooks a left right
combo to the chin, while Wes comes back with a left cross to the chin and three
quick rights to the center of Toms mid-section, hearing Tom gasp for air as he
steps backwards from the blows. A quick right to Toms face bloodies his nose and
a left to the mouth opens the bottom lip. Incensed by this, Tom begins a series
of lefts and rights going from the face, to that awesome steel chest right down
to that river of abdominal muscles on his "friend" Wes. The men are hot, sweaty
and now a little bit drunk. Wes staggers Tom with a right to the kidneys, and
spinninng him around, digs a left and right into his lower back causing Tom to
wince in pain. Three quick jabs cause a swelling under Toms right eye. He wipes
his face with his glove only to catch a solid body lifting uppercut to his

Wes continues to jab at Tom's muscular physique, backing him into a steel
girder. With no where to go, Tom's muscled gut becomes a heavy bag for the rapid
fire arms of Wes. Putting everything behind his punches. Wes go to work snapping
the chin with uppercuts eventually pummeling Tom into semi-consciousness. As Tom
leans against the pole dazed and bleeding, Wes grabs a jack hammer that is
laying on the ground. He slips off his glove and ties it to the end that puts
the rivets into the metal frames. "Let's see how tough those abs really are,"
and with that, he lifts the piece of equipment to Toms heaving abs and turns the
machine on. The machine is landing punch after punch into the gut of Tom who is
groaning from the abuse his 6-pack is taking. As a reddening welt begins to form
on his abdomen, Wes finally turns off the jackhammer. Tom is just leaning
against the pole; groaning, dazed and hurting. Wes goes over and licks the
swelled rigid mid-section of Tom, causing him to groan even more. "Let's finish
this" he says and digs his knee into Toms groin and then follows thru with 3
lrib breaking left hooks that leaves Tom collapsed against the pole. "Thanks for
the workout,: Wes said. Tom looks up and says, "There's always tomorrow,

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