Boxing Lesson Knockout Story

It was my first time.

I had no idea that so many guys were into erotic boxing until I ran into the GWA while surfing the net. I saw a guy who was giving "private lessons".
Beads of sweat were forming across my brow and chest as I taped up my hands. Sitting there in the locker room with just my jock on, I started thinking about all that I liked about boxing. I just hoped that I could clue this guy in to what I liked.
After taping up my hands, the next task was to slip on a pair of emerald green boxing trunks over my stiffened jock strap. The feeling of satin running across my legs was an overwhelming feeling.

I looked at myself in a mirror in the corner of the room.
"Not bad." I thought to myself. I was 22 years old with brown hair and blue eyes. 5'7 32 waist 38 chest, hairy, and well built.
Next, I slipped on a pair of 8oz. yellow Reyes gloves.
I banged my gloves together a couple of times, flicked a couple of jabs at the mirror, took a deep breath, and thought to myself, "Well I'm ready... I hope."
I turned to go down the hallway. It seemed like it went for miles but in reality it was only 30 feet. I rounded the courner and saw bob in the ring waiting for me. My heart began to beat faster.

"No turning back now!" I thought as I made my way toward the ring. I could feel Bob eyeing me as I made my way there. Before I knew it I was at ringside.
My heart was racing as I started across the ropes. The feel of the ropes where so intoxicating I almost passed out with excitement!
The gym still smelled of sweat, blood, and after-shave. Seeing Bob and all of these sweet smelling sensations where attacking , my sences all at once. The room seemed to turn in an intoxicating frenzy!

"I've got to get myself together," I thought "before I knock myself out."
I saw Bob for the first time without a shirt on. HE WAS HOT!! From what I could tell he was 5'9 170 and all muscle! He was smooth and lightly tanned, about in his 30's with spiked blonde hair. 34 waist and a 36 chest. He was built like a roman god!
Bob smiled at me and asked, " So is this your first erotic match-up?"
All I could say was, "Yeah!"

"Well," replied Bob with a smirk, "I won't let you go home dissapointed."
I knew it wouldn't take long before I was putty in his gloves. We started off circling each other; getting the feel of one another's style.
We flecked a couple of jabs at each other.
It didn't take Bob long to see that I didn't have any boxing experince.
WHAM! He hit me with an overhand right that made me drop my defence. I wasn't expecting him to go so ruff on me.
Before I could protest he unleashed a flurry of lefts, rights, and uppercuts to my face. Each punch snapped my head around and all I could see was the blur of black leather. Soon I started to see stars and I felt myself slipping from conciousness.
Bob stopped to see that I was loosing conciousness.

"Oh no you don't!" Bob smirked and he hit me with an overhand left square on the mouth that sent me back into the corner. I could taste the coppery taste of blood and the room seemed to get darker as the room spun out of control.
He walked over to me and said, "I've only just begun the lesson!"
With that Bob took my arms and put them between the first and second rope. He then took the second rope and tied my arms helplessly at my sides.
"Now," said Bob with a menicing laugh, "Let's get in some body shots!"
Bob danced around for a couple of seconds before punching. He started with the solar plexus and I could feel my legs buckle from under me. Left's, rights, and uppercuts where thrown at such intensity that I thought that each punch was gonna go right through me.
Bob increased the speed of his punches. I saw that he had a hard-on in his trunks so I knew he was obviously enjoying himself.
WHAM! he hit me with an uppercut right under my eye. Almost instantly I could feel my eye swell.
My head snapped back and my chin came to rest on my chest.

Bob released my arms and I crumpled to my knees. He tilted my head back where he could look down on me. He didn't say a word as he lowered his trunks and roughly shoved his 9 inch cock down my throat. It didn't take long for him to shoot a huge load of manjuice down my bloody mouth. The taste of his sweaty cock and cum made me almost shoot a load in my jock. The last thing I remember after that was Bob winding up his glove for the knockout blow.

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