Boxing with Terry Story

I�ve always enjoyed rough housing and wrestling, especially when the other guy would give me some light punches into my stomach. It always gave me a hardon. But I never realized just how much I enjoyed it until Terry gave me a lesson I�d never forget.

I met Terry in high school. He�d always been a rough kid, giving me a hit on the arm, or grabbing me from behind and wrestling me to the ground. I was always attracted to him, but never said anything. I just didn�t know how he would react. I often imagined what it would be like to have him working over my gut, trying to get me to submit. But these were just fantasies.

Terry and I both worked out at the same gym, even after graduating from college. He was always well built, but over the last couple of years had begun to really develop. His 6� frame was well chiseled and his abs always gave me a the chills just looking at them. He was pretty smooth, with just a fine line of hair running down his midsection to his more than ample basket. Since we had showered at the gym a number of times, I had the privilege of seeing his full 8�. I sneaked looks whenever I could and hoped that he never noticed how much I would have liked to grab him and suck and caress his dick.

I decided that since I really was turned on by boxing, I would take a few boxing lessons, just to see if it would be as much fun as I had hoped. The idea of having another man throw some shots into my gut really got me going. Terry noticed the gloves in the back of my car one day and asked me about them. I tried to explain, without giving him the real reason. �Maybe we can do a little sparring one of these days. A buddy of mine has a place that we could know..go a few rounds just for fun� Terry said. I thought I�d died and gone to heaven. �Sure. I didn�t know you knew how to box� �Oh, I�ve done my share. How about following me up to Mark�s and I�ll show you what I can do� he said and he got into his car.

I followed Terry up into the hills, just past the city. I thought maybe he was lost, when he turned off the road and headed for a small house about 100 yards ahead. I pulled up behind him and was wondering what he was up to when I saw the ring around the side of the house. There, in the middle of nowhere, was a full boxing ring with turnbuckles, ropes..the whole thing. My heart started beating a little faster. The thought of going a few rounds with Terry and maybe have him work over my gut a little was really exciting. I just hoped that I didn�t appear too anxious. �Come on�, he said getting out of his car. I followed him to the ring, watching his tight ass as he walked ahead. Hs buns were so tight, and his jeans fit like a second skin. I often wondered about him but was always afraid to ask.

We took off our shirts, stripped down to our shorts and began putting on the gloves. We both had 16 ounce black leather gloves that pulled on rather than tied. I looked up and noticed Terry starting at me, just smiling. He looked so hot, standing there with his body glistening in the sun, wearing gloves that would soon be working my body over. �You�ve wanted this for a long time, haven�t you:� he asked. I felt really sheepish. �Yeah, I guess I have� I muttered. �Well, just so you know, I�ve often thought about working you over. Getting you to give up and then having my way with you�, he said. I couldn�t� t believe what I was hearing. �You�ll never get me to give up�, I said, standing little straighter . �And maybe, I�ll have my way with you�. �Sounds like a challenge to me� Terry answered, smiling even bigger. �Let�s see just what you�ve got�.

We approached each other slowly, circling around the ring without throwing any punches. I threw a couple of left jabs, but none of them connected. I could feel myself starting to get hard as we continued to throw some short jabs. I threw another jab that caught Terry on the chin. �Not bad�, he said. �I�m sure you can do better than that�, he said tauntingly. I was beginning to get pissed. I hadn�t expected him to be so sure of himself. Even though I wanted him to win, something wasn�t right. I came at him, swinging my right hand at his head. He ducked out of the way, and brought his right and up into my gut. I shook off the punch, and backed off a little. Terry was smiling bigger now and I could see a bulge starting to appear in his speedos. �I�m going to really enjoy this,� he said, grinning. With that he caught me on the side of my head with a left hook. I staggered back a little and shook my head, trying to clear my vision. �When I�m through with you, you�ll be begging for mercy�. �Never� I said. �I can take anything you can dish out. Go ahead, take your best shot. �

I dropped my gloves and motioned for him to come on. I tensed my stomach muscles, waiting for the next shot. Terry didn�t wait long. He came right in with rights and lefts straight into my middle. I stood my ground, not willing to give him any satisfaction. He drove a left hook into my ribs, again and again. I winced a little, but still refused to back down. He continued to pound my abs, starting from the solar plexus and then working his way down. Alternating lefts and rights, working my entire midsection. I was starting to feel the punches and could see the sweat starting to trickle down his pecs as he worked me harder and harder. With each punch my cock got harder and harder, straining against my shorts, making for a larger and larger pouch and apparently, a larger and larger target. Terry too was getting more excited and I could see the outline of the veins of his cock inside his tight briefs.

He paused for a moment and backed away a few steps. �Not bad. I thought by now you�d be really hurting, but I�m glad that so far you�ve lasted�. No problem,� I replied. �Especially if that�s the best you can do�. �Oh it isn�t. I�m just getting warmed up�. Somehow I sensed that I was in trouble. The look in his eye was a little too cocky for my taste. �I see you really like being hit�, Terry said, pointing at my bulging crotch. �That�s good, becuase as you can see, I really like working you over.� His shorts were pulled tight across his bulging crotch and I could see a wet spot that was growing larger by the minute. He walked up and gently ran his right glove up and down my cock, using the thumb to lightly caress my throbbing head. Oh fuck, but that felt good. I closed my eyes and allowed my head to fall back a little as I relaxed. All of a sudden Terry pushed me into the corner and brought his knee straight up into my crotch. �Now we�ll have some fun�. he said jamming another knee into my cock, causing me to double up in pain. He drove a right uppercut into my chin, snapping my head back up and then started really pounding my gut with his gloves. Lefts and right came furiously and with each one, my defenses weakened. He placed his left forearm across my upper chest, forcing my stomach to arch towards him, and drove his right hand deep into my abs, just below the navel. Again and again he drove the right hand in, causing me to gasp for air with each punshing shot.

�Give up?�, he asked. �Never, you fucker�, I yelled. I�d come this far and was determined not to give in. �Too bad then� he said, �Cause now I�m gonna really work you over�. He drove his thigh up between my legs, catching my balls and smashing them against my body. He left his leg there to keep me from sliding down the onto the mat and threw a right hook to my head, followed by a left hook to the pecs. He moved back a little, and then sent several lefts and right to the side of my head that knocked my head back and forth with each punch. I started seeing stars now, and was having trouble keeping my balance. I still refused to give up and figured I�d better fight back. I threw a roundhouse right that wasn�t even close and Terry caught me right in the ribs with a right hook. I dropped to my knees right in front of him. He took my head in his gloves and ground his crotch into my face. He began slamming his already stiffened cock into my face, banging it against my nose and mouth. �Cmon,�, he yelled. �Get up�. As I started to get up, he grabbed me under the arms and lifted me back onto my feet. He alternated rights to the body with left uppercuts to the chin that had me doubled over his glove with one punch and then straightened up with the other. He shoved me into the ropes and then locked my arms between the top and middle rope, leaving me dangling helplessly and at his mercy. He stood back for a second giving me time to realize the predicament I was now in.

He took his time with me, sending short jabs into my midsection, which was already red from the beating it had taken. Every now and then he would surprise me with a uppercut up into my balls that took my breath away and left me gasping for air. He seemed relentless now and intent on doing some real damage. �I�m gonna put you out and then fuck you in the middle of the ring� he shouted. He danced around me some more, throwing jabs at my chin and body. I was almost out on my feet, when I felt him release my arms from the ropes. I fell forward into his arms and was pushed immediately back into the corner.

�Hey Terry, � I heard someone way, �what�s going on? I thought you�d be here an hour ago.� �Sorry, Mark. It took a little longer to get here than I realized. I�m giving my friend Jeff here a little boxing lesson. He thinks he tougher than I am. Why don�t you give me a hand�, Terry replied. �Sure. We haven�t gotten a chance to really work someone over for quite a while.� Mark was about 5�10� and built like a gymnast. Really well defined, with massive arms and shoulders. He stripped down to a pair of speedos that barely contained his obviously large cock and balls, put on a pair of gloves and climbed into the ring. �Hey guys,� I said trying to back away, �two on one is not what I had in mind�. I was scared and figured I�d better get the hell out of there before things got worse. Terry and Mark had obviously done this before and I knew I was in serious trouble. I started to climb out of the ring when Mark grabbed my arms from behind. I could feel his hard cock through his shorts, pressing against my ass. He held me tighter and tighter, grinding his crotch up and down my crack. �This is gonna be mine�, Mark whispered in my ear. �Never fucker�, I shouted, even though at that point I wasn�t sure how I was going to get out of there. �Hold him steady,� Terry said. �I�m gonna work him till he gives�. I tightened my abs as Terry came towards me, readying myself for the onslaught that was to follow.

He threw three hard rights, straight into my middle and then caught me with a left hook into the ribs. My knees started to buckle and I could feel Mark pressing even harder from behind. �Cmon Terry, work him� he yelled. He pulled back on my arms causing me to arch my back and expose my stomach and groin even more. Terry alternated lefts and rights into my lower abs, right above my cock, picking up the pace with each punch. It was getting harder and harder to catch my breath and I could feel my stomach muscles starting to weaken.

�Give up?� Terry asked. �Never�, I managed to say while gritting my teeth, though I knew I�d made a mistake as soon as the words came out. �Never is a very long time� he replied. �I think we can change your mind�. He drove a solid right hand into my midsection and then caught me with an uppercut to the balls. My knees gave out and as I started to sag, Mark pulled me back up. His cock was still rock hard and I could feel it throbbing against my cheeks. Terry took a step back and drove his right foot up between my legs smashing my already sore gonads with the top of his foot. Another kick to the balls, and another made me cry out in pain. �Hey Terry, how about letting me take a few shots� Mark said. Terry just smiled and nodded. Mark released my right arm, spun me around and drove his knee into my solar plexus. I doubled over in time to have him pump another knee into me again. I started gasping for air, the pain of the last few minutes still very fresh in my mind. Before I could tell them I�d had enough, Mark gave me a knee lift into the chin that sent me flying back across the ring into Terry�s waiting fists. He threw a right cross that spun me around and back into Mark where he met me with a left into my cock and a right that spun me back again. Terry and Mark continued to work me back and forth between the two of them until they mercifully let me drop to the canvas.

�I give�, I managed to say through a split lip. �I give more�. I barely had the energy to get the words out. Several minutes passed by and I wondered what they were waiting for. It didn�t take long for me to find out. Terry walked over to me, and without saying a word, rolled me over on my back and roughly pulled my shorts off. I looked up and saw both Mark and Terry standing over me. They have removed their shorts and were slowing rubbing their swollen cocks with their gloves. They looked like hungry wolves about to finish off their prey. Both their cocks were dripping with precum and were bobbing up and down with excitement. Without a word, Mark removed his gloves, picked me up off the mat, and got me into a hammer lock, pulling my left arm up between my shoulder blades.. This time, rather than just rubbing his member over my crack, he slowly worked it in between my cheeks, driving his shaft into me as far as he could. He switched positions and put me into a full nelson, pulling his cock back slightly and then ramming it into me time after time. Terry was standing in front of me just watching and slowing stroking his dick with his gloves.

Mark pulled my arms further back, again causing me to arch my body outward. Terry came towards me and drove a right into my gut. As he connected, the force of the blow caused me to double over slightly and drove Mark�s cock again deep into my ass. Mark pulled my arms and they repeated this sequence over and over again getting into a rhythm of punch, thrust, punch, thrust. They kept the pace fairly slow for a while, savoring each minute. Terry working my body from the front and Mark fucking me from behind. I could hear Mark�s breathing increase as he got closer to shooting. �Work him� he yelled, �cmon, faster�. Terry picked up the pace as Mark began to thrust faster and faster. The blows were coming so fast now that they felt like a continuous stream of punishment. My muscles had given out and the punches were really hurting. Sweat was pouring off of Terry�s face and Mark was holding me so tight that I could feel his balls banging against mine with each thrust. With one final jerk, Mark released my arms and grabbed me in a bear hug from behind. I could feel him shooting into me, draining his cock. He let me go and I crumpled to the mat as he collapsed behind me into the ropes.

As I lay on the mat, Terry straddled my chest and began to lightly punch my head from side to side. I was almost out and couldn�t even talk to beg him to stop. He put his left glove under my head and shoved his stiff cock into my bloodied mouth. He shoved it in as far as he could and I could feel myself beginning to gag on his large member. He continued to punch my head with his gloves, all the while sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. I was helpless and could only hope that the beating would soon end. When Terry finally filled my mouth, I got my wish.

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