Boy Toy Fist Fight Story

All the characters in the above story are 18yo or older. All the events in this story are erotic fiction. The author of this story doesn�t condone or finds acceptable sexual violence in real life in any form.

Boy Toy Tournament
Yesterday Miss Finch told me that she enrolled me in some sort of contest. She didn�t tell me until today what it was. It turns out it is some kind of no holds barred fight tournament. All these rich fucks like Miss Finch bring their boy-toys to fight in a big arena. If I win Miss Finch wins a lot of money. Not that she needs more money or anything. But you know the rich -- they gotta have their fun. And there is something in it for me too. Since Miss Finch doesn�t need the money -- 500,000 bucks -- she promised to give it to me if I win, of course.
Rules? There is none. In fact, you have three ways to win: 1) put him out 2) make him cum. 3) if he begs to submit and you�re generous enough to let him�. So here we go.
By the way, my name is Derrick. I�m not in all the fights. But I�ll tell you everything I see.
Part I: The First Stage
It�s a medium sized arena. Full of rich folks -- men and women. A lot of contestants are sitting half naked and prepared to fight next to their sponsors. I�m sitting naked under my white robe next to Miss Finch.

Fight 1
Scott vs. BJ
Scott walks into the arena. He�s pretty buff and handsome and wearing swimming trunks and some little talisman around his neck. He poses. He looks pretty confident.
BJ walks in. He is blonde, smooth and muscular like Scott but he�s wearing a g-string. You can see he�s all shaved in there. He has one of those pretty boy arrogant faces that make you wanna fuck them up. And what kind of name is BJ anyway?
They�re both 23. They circle each other. BJ is egging Scott on, saying: �Come on, bitch, come on.� I�m getting a hard-on from watching them. BJ keeps saying, �Come on, bitch,� until Scott swings at him with his left and knocks him out. BJ is laying on the floor on his stomach with his bare ass on display. He jerks his left foot twice then he is still. He�s out. I can see from here that BJ�s gonna have a black eye on the right side of his pretty face.
Miss Finch whispers to me, �Wow, he�s not kidding. He must be straight, this Scott guy, he wasn�t playing around. You could tell that he could do it too if he wanted to. He was tougher. He could have played with BJ a little bit, could even make him cum.�
Scott shakes his hand out not like he is hurt it but like he is disgusted that he had to touch BJ. He puts his right foot on BJ�s ass and poses. I�m just staring at BJ�s buttocks squished under Scott�s foot. As Scott poses his foot is shifting a little bit making the unconscious looser�s ass cheeks jiggle slightly. I now agree with Miss Finch -- Scott is straight. You can tell he is not even aroused by his defeat over BJ at all. It was just a fight for him.

Fight 2
Ceasar vs. Sasha
Ceasar walks in. The audience goes wild. Ceasar�s physique is stunning. His smooth brown skin is glistening in spotlight. He is wearing skimpy speedos. He looks confident and smiles a lot.
Sasha walks in. He is much smaller than Ceasar. He�s cute, strawberry blonde, lots of freckles. He�s wearing red trunks and a coach�s whistle around his neck. Like Ceasar he�s 22.
As Ceasar starts posing, Sasha starts pulling down his trunks and playing with his whistle and his cock. He is pretty obscene and somehow annoying and weird. Deep in my mind I hope he wins this match so that maybe I get to kick his ass myself, later in the tournament.
The fight starts and Ceasar doesn�t waste any time. Still smiling he charges Sasha, who laughs at him and runs to the opposite side of the ring. Again Ceasar goes after him but Sasha evades him laughing and whistling through his whistle. I lean toward Miss Finch and tell her, �What an annoying little freak. Is he ever gonna fight?�

Ceasar stops chasing Sasha and looks at the audience confused and shaking his head as if the audience has some explanation for Sasha�s strange behavior. Once Ceasar takes his eyes of his opponent, Sasha jumps at him and punches him in the balls. Ceasar gives an animal howl and drops to the ground holding his battered crotch. Sasha laughs at him and kicks him in the face. Then he jumps on top of Ceasar, puts his whistle string around Ceasar�s neck and starts strangling him. Ceasar looks scared. He takes his hands off his balls and tries to save his neck. Sasha slaps Ceasar�s ass with his right hand. Then he plunges the same hand between Ceasar�s wiggling ass cheeks searching for Ceasar�s balls. When he finds them, he squeezes them as hard as he can, pulling them up. Ceasar screams a muffled scream. Sasha leans his head close to Ceasar�s and whispers something in his ear. Then slowly Sasha is getting up pulling obedient Ceasar with him. Now Ceasar�s amazing body is on display totally dominated by Sasha who still has Ceasar by the neck and by the balls. Every time Ceasar moves in a way Sasha doesn�t want him to move, Sasha tightens his grip on Ceasar�s testicles and pulls harder on the string around Ceasar�s neck. �Beg,� says Sasha. Suddenly Ceasar�s white little speedos look wet at the crotch. You can see he�s shaking and crying.
�Did Ceasar just wet himself?� I ask Miss Finch. She nods laughing.
�It happens frequently,� she says to me as if it�s normal, �Some men look strong but are not made for fighting. They get scared and soil themselves. You better not embrass me in front of my friends like that. By the way, I�ll give you extra fifty thousand for every boy you humiliate.�
The hairs the back of my neck stand up. Meanwhile, Ceasar is beggin, �Please, you the winner, please.�
Sasha keeps laughing, saying, �Lauder, prick.�
Finally, Sasha lets go of Ceasar. Sasha�s hand is wet with Ceasar�s piss. Sasha bitch-slaps Ceasar with it. Ceasar is dizzy and on all fours holding his balls in one hand. Ceasar�s underwear is still halfway down his ass from Sasha�s manhandling. Sasha yells, �Go run to your mama, pussy boy,� as he walks away a winner.

Fight 3
Hot Puppy vs. Clay
Hot Puppy who used to be a big porn star walks in. He pulls his pants down. Takes his shirt off. He�s hot. His muscles are very defined. His skin is dark. He is very arrogant. He is wearing a stupid top hat and has his braided hair in a pony tail. He�s got large dark nipples. And when he teasingly pulls his white briefs down -- everyone is shocked at the size of his enormous cock. He pulls his underwear up again. His mouth is pinched and his eyes are half-closed -- to look mean . He has a cute little goatee.
Clay walks in. He is also 23. His skin a shade lighter than Puppy. A thin mustache is crowning his upper lip. He is almost as defined as Hot Puppy but a lot cuter in the face. He is wearing a white cap, boxer briefs and a cross on a chain around his neck.
They both pose.
�You look like a motherfucking bitch to me, you motherfucker,� Hot Puppy says.
Clay just looks him in he eyes and smiles.
�I�m gonna pop your nose,� Hot Puppy says, �I�m gonna make you bleed. I�ll shove my cock up your ass.�
Clay is still silent.

The fight begins. They circle each other. Puppy swings but misses. Clay punches him in the nose. Puppy pretends it doesn�t hurt and swings again. This time he hits Clay�s shoulder. Clay punches him in the nose again. Puppy is hurting but tries no to show it. Clay hits him again. This time it really hurts. Puppy�s eyes are bloodshot. Puppy touches his nose. He gets pissed at Clay and jumps at him with no particular plan of attack in mind. Except I notice that something flashes in his hand. Soon Clay has Puppy in a headlock with his left hand. Puppy�s hat falls off. A blade falls out of Puppy�s hand and everyone gasps. �You asshole, breaking the rules,� Clay says. With his right, he punches Puppy in the nose again and again and again. He then tears Puppy�s briefs off and stuffs them into Puppy�s mouth. To prevent Puppy from taking it out, he twists his arms behind his back. Then Clay starts rubbing his cock into Puppy�s ass cheeks, humping him lightly. To everyone�s surprise Puppy�s huge cock starts to get ever bigger and stiffer. At this point Clay can restrain both of Puppy�s hands with one of his hands. Clay picks up the blade from the floor. �I could cut your dick off,� he says. Puppy�s arrogance is gone; he is sniveling but is still hard. Clay runs the dull edge of the blade around the shaft of Puppy�s cock, not pressing hard. Then Puppy�s balls. Puppy is hysterical and tears are running down his cheeks. Then with one swift move that surprises all of us, Clay cuts Puppy�s pony tail off. He then uses it to tie Puppy�s hands behind his back. Puppy�s erect cock is swinging lightly up and down. Puppy is whimpering. Clay takes his cap off. There was a condom inside of it. He puts it on. He leans over and gives Puppy�s ass a quick rimming -- Puppy gasps twice at this point -- then he shoves his cock up Puppy�s ass. Puppy is squirming and moaning. Clay grabs Puppy�s cock in one hand and Puppy�s balls in the other. Everyone in the audience is on the edge of their seat. Clay moves his pelvis up and suddenly Puppy�s feet are off the ground. Puppy is impaled on Clay�s cock -- squirming and whimpering louder and louder. Clay moves his head around Puppy�s shoulder -- he takes his hand off Puppy�s balls to adjust Puppy�s body in way that allows him to suck on Puppy�s nipple. But before he sucks on Puppy�s nipple, Clay lifts Puppy�s arm a little and licks his hairy armpit. �You�re just another bitch pretending to be all tough aren�t you,� Clay says, hungrily running his tongue over Puppy�s flanks and chest. Now Puppy is going crazy. Clay has a cold determined smile on like he�s an executioner. Now with his legs still off the ground, impaled on Clay�s tool, Puppy comes all over himself -- yelling and shaking like mad. Clay grabs Puppy�s waist with his both hands. He quickly pulls Puppy off his cock and tosses him aside like a rag doll. Puppy is laying on his stomach with cum splattered around him on the floor. Puppy is gasping, breathing hard. I�m close enough to the arena to see his stretched asshole closing and opening like a hungry mouth. Puppy seems to be out of it -- his mouth is drooling and he�s mumbling something with his eyes closed.
Clay grins. Then he spits on Puppy with disgust and says, �Shit, I made him cum and I put him out. I done both. What do I get for that?�
Then Clay looks up at the audience and says, �Well, are you happy now.� The audience roars.
Miss Finch is all sweaty and her eyes open wide. She tells me smiling, �Well, I guess that�s how it�s done.�

Fight 4
Wong vs. Stevie
Steve enters. He is 27. Good shape but not very defined muscles. Smooth pale skin and red hair. He is wearing a jockstrap. Cute fleshy butt. Cute freckled face. He waves to the audience.
Wong walks in. He is the same age as Steve. He is handsome and dark. He is leaner and more muscular than Steve. He is completely nude and his huge long cock is dangling half-erect between his feet.
The fight starts. Wong is confident and aggressive. He puts Steve in a bear hug. Watching Steve struggle, his pale bare ass on display, makes me hard. Suddenly, Steve elbows Wong in the face. Wong is disoriented for a moment but quickly regains his strength and karate kicks Steve in the face. Steve falls on his knees. Wong grabs Steve�s face and opens his mouth by shoving his thumb between his lips. Steve doesn�t fight back as Wong shoves his now fully-erect cock into Steve�s mouth. Wong closes his eyes and moans letting Steve devour his cock. �Just don�t chock on it, cocksucker,� he says to Steve who looks up at him with a combination of obedience and hunger.
Miss Finch says to me, �I�ve heard he gives best head.�
Suddenly, Steve punches unsuspecting Wong in the stomach. While Wong is doubling over, Steve kicks him in the nuts. Finally, he grabs Wong by his hair and punches him in the mouth. When Wong is sprawled on the ground breathing and trying to get up, Steve seats on his face. Wong tries to push Steve�s ass off his face. Steve grabs Wong�s head by the hair and lifts it up, pushing Wong�s face deeper into his butt crack. Then Steve straightens his legs trapping and squeezing Wong�s head between his thighs. As Wong is wiggling trying to free himself, Steve reaches forward with his head and his hands and takes Wong�s cock into his mouth again. He works Wong�s cock licking and sucking it, teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Finally, Wong�s struggling stops and he starts moving his whole body in violent spasms. Steve grips Wong�s ass with his both hands to restrain Wong�s pelvis from moving too much. Wong�s long cock is in Steve�s mouth up to the base. Then Wong is still. Steve gets up and spits Wong�s cum on the floor. Wong is not moving, breathing heavily, his cock limp and small. Then I notice his mouth forming a pleased smile -- as he licks his upper lip. I understand this smile -- being forced to eat Steve�s gorgeous ass while being given the blowjob of your life is not the worst way to loose.
Miss Finch says to me, �You have to watch out for him, if you get to fight him. Don�t get carried away with those talented orifices of his.�
Fight 5
Wolf vs. James
Wolf walks in. He is 21. Handsome and mascular. Dark hair. Piercing eyes. His nipples really stand out. And his legs are hairy as hell. You can tell, he is hung cuz his cock is long even when it�s limp.
James is the same built and same age. Blonde. He�s got big sensuous lips. Green eyes. All naked like Wolf but his big cock is as stiff as they get. James�s whole body is covered with blonde peach fuzz hair.
They start circling each other. James kicks Wolf in the chest. Wolf stumbles and kicks James in the face. James looks at Wolf surprised. James�s cock is so hard -- you can tell he expects more than just a fight from this fight. Wolf swings at James but misses. James punches Wolf in the jaw knocking him on the ground. He jumps on top of Wolf. Sits on his face and starts rubbing his balls into Wolf�s mouth. Wolf looks pissed. �Hey I�m straight so get your balls away from me while you still have any,� he says. James ignores him and continues to rub his hairy blonde balls into Wolf�s lips. Then swiftly Wolf raises his legs in the air, puts them around James�s torso and uses them to pull his opponent off his face. He gets up before James does. Poor James doesn�t get a chance to get on his feet cuz Wolf walks up to him, grabs him by his blonde hair -- for a second I see, James�s face twisted with fear and his hands raised in the air pleadingly -- and punches him in the face knocking him out instantly. James�s blood is dripping from Wolf�s fist. James�s cock is quickly shrinking. Wolf kicks James�s body once and it rolls away from him like a rugdoll. Then to everyone�s surprise, James gets up and starts running for the exit (which is closed). James is banging on the gates screaming, �Let me out, please.� Wolf approaches him slowly. �I said, don�t put your balls near my mouth,� he says coldly. �Please dude, I�m sorry�� James starts. Then Wolf grabs him by the neck with one hand and by the balls with another. James is screaming from excruciating pain. Then Wolf punches him out again, this time for sure. Wolf lets go of James balls and wipes his hand on the wall in disgust. James naked bod slides down to the ground.

Fight 6
Raul vs. Muhammed
Muhammed enters the arena. Unlike all the previous fighters, he is still wearing his pants (they are so oversized and baggy they expose his boxers). His is a beautiful 21 year old man. Muscle bound and cute. You can tell he is very cocky.
Raul follows. He is the same age. Very dark skin. Smooth and mascular body. Handsome face. Same built. Both nipples pierced and wearing weird swimming trunks with a zipper in front half way open.
Muhammed makes the first move. He swings at Raul. �Wussup bitch,� he says. Raul grabs Muhammed�s hand and twists it around his back. Muhammed whimpers. Raul lets him go. �Bitch,� Muhammed says and swings again. Raul twists his arm behind his back again this time rougher. Muhammed screams. Raul lets him go again. Muhammed is pissed. He kicks Raul in the face and then puts him in a headlock. Instead of trying to free himself from this headlock, Raul grabs Muhammed around the waist with one hand and under his left leg with the other. He picks Muhammed up then quickly slams him over his knee. Muhammed lets go of Raul�s head. He�s rolling on the floor touching his bruised back. �Take off your pants, man,� Raul orders him calmly. Muhammed tries to crawl away from him. Raul leans over and slaps Muhammed�s face. �Take your pants off, I said,� Raul repeats. Muhammed is not as cocky anymore, �Let it go man.� Raul grabs Muhammed�s pant legs and pulls. Muhammed�s pants were so loose they come off in an instant. Raul grabs Muhammed by his ear and pulls him up. Muhammed doesn�t want to submit but is afraid to fight now cuz he doesn�t want to get hurt. He lightly punches Raul on the shoulder over and over. So lightly that even I can see from the audience that he doesn�t mean it. �Let go of my ear, man,� he says pleading. Raul lets him go. Muhammed runs toward his pants. He doesn�t put them back on but he takes out his belt and starts swinging it like a weapon. He hits Raul in the face with the belt buckle. There is blood running Raul�s still calm face. Raul manages to snatch the belt out of Muhammed�s hand. Muhammed panics but doesn�t have any time to act on it cuz Raul already has his right arm twisted behind his back, then his left arm too. He takes both of Muhammed�s hands in his left hand. He bends his right knee. Then he makes Muhammed lean lower and lower until Mohammed�s crotch is pressing into Raul�s knee. With Muhammed obediently slumped over his knee, Raul pulls his opponent�s boxers down. �Whatcha doing, man?� Muhammed asks scared but doesn�t dare to fight back. Raul runs his hand over Muhammed�s smooth boy ass. Then he starts spanking him with his own belt. Muhammed starts screaming and protesting. His struggling is in vain though. �Please, I give up,� Muhammed pleads, his most high pitched plea yet, his ass all red. The all of a sudden, Muhammed�s body starts to gyrate and he starts screaming really loud. When he stops, Raul smiles. �Kiss and make it better,� he says and leans over to kiss Muhammed�s left buttock cuz it�s redder. Then he lets Muhammed fall from his knee. When Muhammed rolls over onto his back on the floor, I see to my surprise, that he has a shrinking hardon and his abs are soiled with cum even as he�s holding his battered ass moaning. �He came,� I narrate to Miss Finch the obvious, �HE GOT OFF ON BEING SPANKED.� Raul gives Muhammed his hand to help him up. When Muhammed is up, Raul grabs his ass with his left hand and the back of his head with his right. He brings Muhammed closer until their bodies press against one another. Raul passionately kisses Muhammed while fondling the loser�s bare ass.

Fight 7
Carlito vs. Roberto
Carlito enters. He is 21. Cute dude but looks mean. Mascular but not very big. He is wearing a sexy white shirt (only two lower buttons are buttoned) and skimpy white briefs. His left ear is pieced. You can tell he is really full of himself.
Roberto enters. He is 21. A lot bigger than Carlito. He is wearing a see though underwear. Very muscular. Very rough looking. A huge tattoo on his back. I stare at his slightly furry ass which you can see through his dark briefs.
I lean to Miss Finch and ask her, �Why did they match this small dude with a much bigger guy.�
�Carlito can take care of himself,� she replies, �He won the tournament the last time. Nasty little twat.�
As soon as they start the fight, Carlito jumps in the air and kicks Roberto in the head. The bigger dude stumbles but stays on his feet. They exchange a few blows. Carlito really can take care of himself. Roberto has a weight advantage but it doesn�t seem to matter to Carlito.
�I�m gonna fuck that ass tonight,� he says as he hits Roberto in the neck with a side of his hand. Roberto starts coughing. �I love big dumb clumsy booty,� Carlito laughs. He walks around Roberto and jumps on his back putting his beefy opponent in a sleeper. �Nice beefy ass,� Carlito taunts, �Have you got hair on that ass? Cuz I like beefy hirsute rears?� Roberto starts gasping for air and flaling his arms. Roberto falls on his knees first and then on all fours. Carlito doesn�t let him go but doesn�t put him out either. When Roberto is disoriented enough, Carlito takes a condom out of his underwear, puts it on, makes a hole in Roberto�s underwear by poking at it with his finger, takes his own briefs off and mounts Roberto with his long cock. Roberto starts moaning, still disoriented. I feel bad for Roberto but also jealous of Carlito cuz Roberto�s big hairy ass is real eye-candy. Suddenly Carlito gropes Roberto by his flanks and pulls his ass a little higher until Roberto is on his knees with his ass in the air. Roberto is moaning even loader and his moans are not moans of pain. Carlito slaps Roberto�s ass and rides it more aggressively. Then he pulls out and rolls Roberto onto his back. Roberto�s eyes are obediently fixed on Carlito�s eyes. Carlito is smiling. He lifts Roberto�s feet up by the ankles and plunges his cock inside Roberto�s eager asshole once more. Roberto starts moaning again. Carlito starts stroking his opponent�s cock with his left hand while he lets Roberto suck on right thumb. Roberto looks like he is about to come. He starts moaning loader and as soon as he does that Carlito punches him out. Roberto�s cock is throbbing and gushing cum. Carlito gets up. He slides Roberto�s underwear off the unconscious loser�s ass, smells it and smiles. Then to everyone�s surprise -- he is much smaller after all -- he picks Roberto up and puts him over his shoulder. Then he starts toward the audience. Carlito approachs one of the men in the audience -- a handsome fat black man in a suite -- and lays Roberto�s beautiful unconscious body on the man�s lap. The man looks at Carlito angry. �I believe it�s yours,� Carlito says to the man. �Someday, someone�s gonna teach you a lesson little shit,� the man answers.
�Mr Fredericson is pissed,� Miss Finch tells me, �I suppose if it came to be you against Carlito and you kicked and humiliated his ass, Mr Fredericson would be very pleased with you and would probably reward you on top of what I�ll reward you. By the way, it�s your turn. Make me proud, Derrick.�

Fight 8
Me (Derrick) vs. Justin
I come out. I�m 22. I�m blonde, well built but not too mascular. Very short hair and smooth body. I�m butt naked and hard as a rock.
Justin comes out. He is hot. The way he moves, I can tell he�s gay. Nice built, hairy in all the right places. Dark hair. Both ears pierced. He flexes his body -- mostly his ass. He likes to show off his ass. It�s a beautiful ass with little hair close the butt crack and smooth otherwise. He is also buck naked and hard as a rock.
We charge at each other and start rolling around on the ground our cocks pressed together. I start fondling his ass and he quickly succumbs to my manly charms. I kiss him and then, to his surprise, put him in a leg split by pinning his right leg to the ground and pressing his left leg toward his torso. He screams and looks at me confused like I betrayed his trust. I lean forward as much as I can until our crotches meet again. I start humping his crotch lightly. His cock is still rock hard and so is mine. I grab his head and kiss him and he comes. It�s hot to feel his cock throb and squirt cum while squashed by my bigger cock. As the audience roars in applause, Justin whispers to me, his eyes pleading, �Can I have your phone number after this?� �Can I have your ass later today?� I ask him. He smiles excitingly nodding with a lot of enthusiasm.
Part II: The Second Stage
It�s a smaller arena. There is an oil pit in the middle of it. This time it�s eight of us. Four fights. We all fight in the nude.

Fight 1
Clay vs. Scott
Clay walks in arrogantly showing off his physique and his hardon. Scott, the �straight� guy, looks confident and cocky too. But he doesn�t have a hardon.
Clay and Scott start circling each other. Clay kicks Scott in the knee. Scott grabs Clay�s arm so that when he slips on the oily floor, he pulls Clay with him. Both of them are on the floor. Clay start rubbing oil onto his body showing off to Scott. Scott shakes his head disapprovingly as if saying, �I�m not interested in your body.� Scott sits up and kicks Clay in the head, sending his opponent across the floor. Clay is furios now. He gets up and tries to kick Scott in the balls but Scott catches his leg, and jerks it hard until Clay falls on his ass. Now clay is trying to get up but Scott catches his other foot and pulls Clay�s feet so wide apart that Clay starts to scream. Then Scott plunges his big toe up Clay�s ass and starts fucking him this way. Clay is sniveling and beggin Scott to stop. �You give, pussy?� �Yes, yes, yes,� Clay is yelling. Scott pulls his toe out of Clay�s asshole and turns Clay on to his stomach. As Clay is trying to get up slowly, Scott stomps his foot on the loser�s ass pinning it to the ground and poses. Clay is obviously afraid to continue the fight since he just lies there underneath Scott�s foot. Clay�s smooth oiled booty is wiggling under Scott�s foot and I�m wondering what it would feel like to fuck his black ass with my big toe. I don�t feel sorry for him cuz I remember what he did to Hot Puppy.

Fight 2
Steve vs. Sasha
�We�ll see which one of this sneaky little assholes beats another up,� Miss Finch tells me as the next two fighters come on stage.
Steve and Sasha exchange a few blows. Once on the floor they start rolling in the oil until their bodies are covered with it. They seem to be equally matched even though Steve is much beefier. Somehow Sasha ends up on top of Steve�s back. He humps him a little then he quickly puts him in the full nelson. �I give,� Steve says suddenly to everyone�s surprise. As if he didn�t hear it, Sasha pushes Steve�s face down on the floor so that he can�t speak anymore and plunges his erect cock into Steve�s bubble ass. He starts humping his opponent like a dog. The audience goes crazy. Suddenly he pulls out. He then turns Steve unto his stomach. Steve looks up at him scared. When Steve tries to get up, Sasha hits him in the face twice, splitting his lip. He then lifts Steve�s legs up and starts bending Steve in half, pushing his feet toward his face. Steve yelps and pleads with Sasha but all in vain. Finally, Steve is bend to the point where his cock is dangling right above his own face. Sasha exerts once more pushing Steve�s pelvis even further. �Open you mouth bitch,� he says, �The sooner you suck yourself off the sooner I�ll be done with you.� Steve is obedient and starts devouring his own cock. Sasha slaps Steve between his ass cheeks aiming for the hole. Since both of their bodies are oiled from head to toe, you can see oil splashing every time Sasha�s angry hand connects with Steve�s vulnerable hole. Finally, Steve is moaning and chocking. Sasha lets Steve go but not all the way. Steve relaxes his legs and his feet fall on Sasha�s shoulders. He looks at Sasha with a mix of exhaustion, hate, obedience and lust. They both breath heavily. Then suddenly Sasha forms a fist and punches Steve and the face. Steve is out. Sasha pushes Steve�s feet toward Steve head again until Steve�s asshole is totally exposed again. Then he punches Steve�s asshole as hard as he can. �What an asshole,� I say to Mrs Finch.

Fight 3
Me (Derrick) vs. Wolf
As soon as I see that dude, I remember how dangerous he is and what he did to James. I don�t wanna fool around. So I just start punching away. He tries to block but he�s a little surprised. He thought I�m gonna be trying to molest him or something. He didn�t expect that I knew how to box. Pretty soon he falls on his ass. I don�t waste any time and put him in an armlock. I try not to look back and get distracted by the view of his ass wiggling as he struggles. �I give,� he says. I let him go and turn my back on him. He surprises me by punching me in the back. It hurts and I get really really pissed. I knee him in the face. Then I get on top of his back and I grab him by his hair. Then I start slapping his ass as hard as I can. I�m pulling his head up by the hair and slap away. Then I get distracted, deep my hand in the oil on the floor and shove two of my fingers up his hairy ass, then three, then four. I explore his insides with my hand. It feels nice and warm and his tight little boy-cunt is pulling me in deeper. He starts begging me to stop and tells me he is sorry and he is really submitting this time. So I slam his head against the floor to make sure that he is out and leave him there in a puddle of oil with his tight little ass lifted in the air cuz his legs are still bent at the knees. I see his straight boy virgin asshole gaping and twitching from my manhandling. Suddenly, I get pissed at him for James and I punch his asshole as hard as I can nailing it to the floor. I look in the audience and see that Miss Finch is very pleased with me.

Fight 4
Carlito vs. Raul
I missed the beginning of the fight cuz I was changing after my fight. When I got back to my seat next to Miss Finch, Raul was in the air in a surfboard. Carlito totally exposed Raul�s body to the audience. Raul legs were folded and held in place by Carlito�s feet. Meanwhile, Carlito was pulling Raul�s arms behind his back. Raul�s prick and balls dangling defenselessly in the air. Suddenly, Carlito let him go. Raul fell to the ground -- his body aching. Carlito sits on Raul�s belly and starts to pull on Raul�s nipple rings. Raul howled like crazy. Carlito slapped him around to make him shut up. Then he moves his bare ass down to sit on Raul�s cock. Raul sighed with pleasure as he felt Carlito ass rubbing his cock. Suddenly, Carlito started punching Raul in his flat gut. Raul couldn�t take it any longer. He held his hand out to defend himself pleading, �Please, stop, I surrender.� �You surrender?� Carlito said sarcastically. He cupped Raul�s head and brought it close to his own. His kissed Raul�s full lips passionately. Then all of sudden he grabbed Raul�s nipple piercing again and jerked them so hard that they came off. Raul screamed in pain. Carlito licked the blood off his new trophies and started to walk off. Then seeing the guards rushing to help crying and bleeding Raul, he turns back and just to spite everyone punches Raul out cold. As I stare at Raul�s beautiful body sprawled on the ground. His nipples and his nose bleeding, I swear to myself that I�ll have no mercy for Carlito if I get to fight him. And somehow I know that I will fight him. I look at his ass cheeks shifting as he walks away, arrogant and remorseless, I become more and more conviced that it is my destiny to make him pay for Raul and Roberto.
Part III: Third Stage
We�re back at the regular arena. We are allowed to wear our clothes again -- not much of it but still. There is only four of us left. Only two will come out winners. Then the final stage�.

Fight 1
Carlitto vs. Scott
Even though it�s not my fight, I have a lot of investment in it. I want Carlitto to kick Scott�s ass cuz I don�t like Scott and I wont be sorry for him if Carlitto unleashes his usual self on him. I also want Carlitto to win cuz if I win in the next match, I get to face Carlitto and that�s gonna be fun.
Miss Finch asks me, �Are you nervous?�
I shake my head no.
Scott who is usually silent and who seems to dislike Carlitto like the rest of us says, �I�m gonna fucking murder you, dude.�
Carlitto is not impressed. He starts punching and kicking away. That doesn�t faze Scott though, probaly, cuz Scott is much bigger than him. Scott kicks Carlitto in the gut and Carlitto dubles over. Scott kicks Carlitto in the ass hard enough to make him fall face down on the floor. Scott jumps on top of Carlitto and puts him into a camel clutch. Carlitto looks terrified. I�m starting to feel disappointed. If Scott finished Carlitto off, I�m not gonna have any fun. Suddenly, Scott does something that no one expects him to do -- he lets Carlitto go.

�Is he dumb or something,� Miss Finch asks me, �He had him. He really had him. He could have finished him. There was no way out of that camel clutch.�
�He�s just arrogant,� I tell her. �He thinks he can do it again.�
Carlitto starts to get up but Scott kicks him making him roll over on the floor. He tries to kick Carlito again but Carlito was pretending. He grabs Scott�s leg and pulls him off his feet. When Scott is down, Carlitto punches him in the balls again and again. He strips Scott�s underwear off Scott�s ass and uses it to strangle Scott. While doing that, he begins to bite Scott�s nipple. He elbows Scott in the gut again and again. Then starts strangling him once more with his underwear. He pulls him up. Lets him drop. Then pulls him up again. Periodically slamming his fists into Scott�s huge pecs and six pac. Finally he strips his own trunks off and sits on Scott�s face. Scott starts struggling trying to get Carlitto�s ass off his face. His movements become slower and slower until it�s clear that he�s out. Carlitto gets up and walks away. You can tell he is not pleased but weary cuz he didn�t expect Scott to put up a fight like this.
Fight 2

Me (Dereck vs. Sasha)
Sasha walks in. He is naked just as I am. He is wearing his whistle around his neck again. My heart fills up with hate and my cock with blood. Sasha is hard too but his cock is small. He plays around with his whistle and I feel guilty for being aroused by such a weirdo.
�Hey freak, I�m gonna fuck you up,� I say to him cockily.
He smiles at me. He is very cute despite being an annoying prick. He makes me chase him like he did with Ceasar but he wont fool me. I pretend to loose my patience, turn my back on him and shake my head at the audience. He thinks I don�t know that he is sneaking behind my back ready to attack. When he is close enough, I don�t give him a chance and punch him with the back of my fist. I turn around. He is disoriented, sitting on his ass and trying to get up. �Time for pain,� I tell him. He gives me a frightened look. I punch him in the face lightly, making sure that I don�t put him out. I sit down on his face. I grab his legs and pull them as far up and apart as possible. He tries to scream but it�s only tickling my ass. I apply more pressure looking longingly at his vulnerable balls and cock dangling very near my face. His asshole crowned by dark blonde hair makes me think of all the things I would be doing to him if this wasn�t a fight. Then suddenly I realize he is quietly farting in my face, probably thinks it�s his last chance at getting away or maybe he can�t help it since I�m stretching him so bad. Too bad no one can hear him do it -- it would be too humiliating. I get a funny idea. I let go off one of his legs really quickly and lift my butt off his face for a second -- to get his whistle off his neck. When I do I shove it up his hole and drop my ass on his face again. Everyone gasps at my doings and then everyone gets quiet as they hear Sasha�s asshole whistling. He probably doesn�t realize what he is doing. The audience, confused at first, now explodes in laughter. I get up and lift him up by his neck. The string of the whistle is hanging from his ass like a tail. He tries to pull it out and I punch him. He stumbles backwards. He is dazed. I put him over my shoulder. That�s when his ass starts whistling again. Everyone in the audience is laughing. I start walking around so that everyone can see Sasha�s ass. I slap it and it whistles as I parade it in front of everybody. �He�s got serious gas problem,� I tell the audience. They laugh. Finally I put him down. I grab him by his waist and press my rock hard cock against him. His body feels soft and weak against mine. I can see that he is scared of me. �Too bad it�s illegal to kill in this tournament, you piece of shit,� I tell him. I start kissing him. Shoving my tongue as far into his mouth as I can. Then I pick him up slightly off the ground and start grinding my cock into his. I begin to feel him getting hard again. His little prick pressed against my bigger cock. I know he is to disoriented to pose me any danger right now. I kneel in front of him and put his cock into my mouth . He gasps and comes instantly. I get on my feet and spit his cum into his face. Then I turn him around like a rag doll for everyone to see that he came. Now I�m done with him. Well, almost. I quickly put him in a headlock -- he yells �Mercy!� -- and by the time the guards are pulling me away, Sasha is out cold on the floor. The whistle still in his ass and it starts whistling again.

Part IV
The Final Match
This is an outside ring. We are on a beautiful beach surrounded by the same audience.
Carlitto vs. Derrick
Carlito walks in in his usual sexy white shirt and white speedos. I take off my robe and I�m naked under it. Carlito starts circling me. I punch him in the nose. Something about me intimidates him -- maybe, it�s my determination to kick his ass. He throws a handful of sand at me but it doesn�t surprise me -- and I close my eyes in time.

�You�re dead meat, Carlito,� I tell him, �I�m gonna be the new champion.�
Carlito snickers at me. I punch him again. Then I take him by surprise and tear his shirt off him. He looks helpless as the lower three buttons of his shirt fall on the ground. I�m surprised to see that he has both of his nipples pierced. �Nipple piercings,� I laugh at him and try to reach his chest playfully. �I�m gonna do to you what you did to Raul.�

�What�s that, cellulite?� I tease him and point at his thigh to distract him. As he looks down I punch him real hard. He stumbles. I knee him in midsection. His gut feels soft and smooth. I�m getting harder and harder. I start punching away. He tries to punch me too but misses. �Is that a black eye?� I ask him pointing at the bruise I just gave him under his left eye. I put him in a sleeper. He whimpers. His white underwear-clad ass is rubbing against me as he struggles. I start nibbling on his pierced ear. To his surprise I let him go. I don�t give him a chance to recover though and put him in a bearhug. He looks at me all scared. I get even more aroused feeling his tight little body being squished by my arms. I let him go again. I karate kick him to knock him on the ground. Then put him in a crotch-to-face head scissors. �Lick my balls Carlito,� I tell him. To my surprise he starts licking my balls obediently. His tongue is warm and I get even harder. I loosen by grip on him and pull his head higher to impale it on my cock. He sucks my cock with his eyes pleadingly fixed on my face. Suddenly, I feel his fist connecting with my balls. I scream. He quickly jumps on me and punches me in the gut. He takes off his underwear. Then he sits on my face like he did with Scott. He intends to put me out by suffocating me with his ass. Instead of struggling I have another plan. My tongue starts darting in and out of Carlito�s asshole. He moans. I can feel he is a little distracted. I reach up with my hands and start playing with his nipples. He moans louder. I am enjoying this immensely but I also want to win. To Carlito�s and everyone�s shock I jerk his nipple piercing tearing them off his chest and at the same time I bite his asshole as hard as I can.

Carlito is in so much pain, he doesnt know whether to hold his nipples or his ass. He starts crawling away from me. I tell him, �Oh, no you don�t.� I catch him by his foot and drag him towards me. I spread his legs as far as they go. He is yelling and sniveling. I shove his underwear in his mouth. �Can I have a rubber?� I adress he audience. Someone throws me a condom and say, �Fuck him good and proper, you hear?� I plunge my cock up his ass. First I fuck him face-to-face and holding his ankles. Then I put my hands around him like in a bear hug and fuck him some more, kissing him on the mouth and nibbling on his nubile neck. Then I turn him until he�s on the floor on his side, lifting his left foot. I fuck him deeper and deeper. My secret weapon is that I can hold myself from cumming as long as I wish even when I�m hard as a rock. I turn him on his stomach and hump him some more. I lift his ass and fuck him slower -- each stroke I practically pull out and then plunge my cock all the way into his tight ass. I lift him up by his torso into a standing position and continue to fuck him. His asshole starts quivering and I pull out. He looks at me terrified. He realizes that I�m not gonna let him off so easily. �I told you you�re dead meat,� I tell him. His mouth is no longer plugged by his underwear he wants to say something. I know he wants to give up. �I�m giving up, man, please�.� he starts saying. I cover his mouth with my hand and turn him around until his ass is pressing against my cock again. My left hand is on his belly and I can feel it heaving. It�s hot to feel the soft skin around his belly button move as he breathes. I run my hand along his treasure trail. I lick my lips. I get painfully hard. He�s terrified. I whisper in his ear, �The things I�m gonna do to you. I�m not gonna be done with u until tomorrow, asshole.� The audience starts roaring. I look down and sure enough -- Carlito is pissing himself. �

Extra fifty grand from Miss Finch,� I think to myself. I pick him up and turn him until he is upside down with his ass in my face. I plunge my cock into his mouth. I start walking around the arena and smacking his ass with my hand. I aim at his hole cuz it�s most sensitive. I start rimming his wide open hole. The audience goes wild. Then I toss him aside and ask the audience for another condom. I start fucking him again -- one position after another. He seems all woozy and out of it. His moaning is getting louder and louder. I kiss him on the mouth. He seems really close. I bend my back forward -- I�m really flexible and put his cock in my mouth. I put my hand over his mouth. He starts girating like crazy. I start kissing him all over -- running my tongue over his flanks and chest. Kissing his neck. Rimming his belly button. Finally, I take his dick in my mouth again. I feel his prostate poking my dick, his asshole contracting. His cock is draining cum into my mouth. But no one has to know that I won already since I covered his mouth. I put my hands on his mouth and nose and put him out. I pull out. Lift him by the back of his neck and his ass (my fingers plunged deep into his stretched quivering asshole). I walk around and display his unconscious body to everyone. �Who wants to claim this piece of shit?� I ask the audience. No one replies. �I guess I�ll keep it then,� I say. Then after thinking for a second, I add: �Or not.� And I toss him aside and then spit on him.
I�m the new champion. Everyone in the audience raises to their feet. I feel like I�m drowning in all the applause. Miss Finch just wrote me a check and is waving it at me.

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