British Novices Strength Wrestling Story
by John

I was 21 and in my final year at University. I’m still the same height (5’ 8&#8221 Wink but in those days I was lighter (10st or 140 lbs) and a lot fitter. I exercised regularly, and had powerful arms and legs. Dan was a first year, only 18 – and I found him irresistible! He was taller than me (6&#8217 Wink but the same sort of weight. What was more, he was on an Army scholarship and often spent weekends on training exercises. He was tough; lean and very powerful. One night a group of us had been having a pint in the college bar and an arm wrestling competition had started. Dan had beaten all of us – and it hadn’t looked difficult.

Like I say I was fascinated by Dan. I tried not to let it show. Those weren’t tolerant times, and I was coming to terms with being gay myself. I knew I was, but I didn’t want anyone else to find out – I was very scared of being rejected. So I showed a friendly interest in Dan, helped him find where things were, listened to his plans for the future and went to the pub with him from time to time. On evening we’d been out having a drink but left early. There was a big TV in the pub and they started showing a titleship boxing fight. Not only did the noise make conversation impossible, but it turned out neither of us liked boxing. As we walked back to Hall we chatted about that, about how odd it was that boxing was a recognised sport while wrestling was just a set up job, how many good moves there were in wrestling underneath the fakery, how two men could have a real fight trying to make the other submit – suddenly we realised we were each hooked on wrestling!

“You ever done any?” I asked.

“Yeah – I’ve got a group of mates outside Uni, and we get together for fights or just to try out moves. Some of those holds are really vicious.”

“I know. Some friends at school were interested, and we experimented together. Why they have to put fake stuff on TV when it can be real beats me!”

“Me too. You still wrestling?”

“Haven’t for a while – I lost touch with those friends when we went off to Uni. Shame really.”

“Fancy a scrap tonight? It’s only 9 o’clock – there’s plenty of time.”

My mouth went dry. Was this handsome kid really offering to wrestle me? I tried to sound nonchalant, “Sure – why not? But where would we do it?”

“You’ve got that big old room haven’t you? If you push the furniture back there’ll be plenty of space, and we won’t be disturbed.”

It was true. As a final year I’d had my pick of the rooms and I’d got a lovely one, big and well lit, at the side of an old building. There were no other rooms nearby so noise wasn’t a problem. “Sure,” I said again. “OK – let’s do it. I’ll sort the room out.”

“I’ll se you in a few minutes,” Dan said, and disappeared to his room.

Five minutes later I’d sorted the room out and Dan reappeared, wearing a Track suit. I was still in the rugby shirt and jeans I’d been wearing all day – and I assumed I’d be fighting in.

“C’mon – get changed. You can’t wrestle like that,” Dan said, as he unzipped his top and rolled off his trousers. Underneath he was just wearing a pair of trunks, with a leopard skin pattern on them. I’d never seen him like this before, and I drank in the sight of his wiry frame, the light golden hair on his chest and the thicker hair on his thighs. Quickly I grabbed a pair of black trunks from my drawer and turned around as I changed into them. I could tell my dick was starting to throb, and I didn’t want Dan to see that! I didn’t want him leaving now.

Dan puled my duvet onto the carpet to prevent burns – it looked like he’d done this before. We knelt facing each other. “Best of three?” I asked.

“If you think you can last that long – punk,” he replied, grinning.

With that I launched myself at him, grabbed him in a side headlock and yanked him to the ground. I wanted to show him I was tougher than he thought, so I bent his arm back over my outstretched leg. Slowly I increased the pressure as Dan groaned. “Whose not going to last – boy?” I taunted as I pushed down on his hand with my other foot. Now I knew from experience that once that arm lock is on there is no way out, and I didn’t want this to finish too soon. So I took my foot off, and relaxed the pressure a little – mistake! Immediately Dan grabbed me round the waist, rolled me over and was sitting astride my chest. He slid down, wrapped his legs under mine, and then spread his legs. The pain in my thighs was immense! “They call this the Grapevine – like it?” Dan asked. In reply I wrapped my arms round his chest and squeezed for all I was worth. He gasped as the air was forced from his lungs, and I could tell his legs were getting weaker. I kicked mine free – just as Dan leant back and squeezed my nuts! The sudden shock made me release him, and I fell back.

“What the fuck?”

“Like it?” Dan grinned widely now. “That’s a special move I learnt in the Army” With that he’d leapt at me, and locked his strong legs round my waist. Now I was gasping for air; his legs were like pincers crushing me in two.

“OK punk – wanna give?”

“No way,” I groaned. I sank my fingers into his thighs which weakened the grip just for a moment. I twisted so that I was facing him, but he squeezed again, the light of triumph in his eyes. He was pressurising my kidneys now – I knew I couldn’t stand much more of this. I staggered to my feet, his legs still round my waist.

“This is my favourite move – I think you deserve it fucker!”

I clamped his legs in my arms and in one swift movement I’d rolled him over, so he was face down. Dan was struggling now, but his only chance would have been to escape before the turn was complete. I’d been too quick for him, and I wasn’t going to give him any more chances. Slowly I began to sit down.

“This is the Boston Crab! There’s no way out – wanna give, boy?”

“No way – fuck you!”

I laughed – that was what I hoped he’d say. I sat down fully, my bum on his. Dan moaned, but wouldn’t give. I leant back slowly – I didn’t want to injure him permanently, just play with him a bit – which increased the arch of his back. It was never meant to bend like that. “Nooooooo,” he moaned again. I worked my way down, so I was sitting in the small of his back. A glance in the mirror showed Dan was bent right back on himself, like a human C. “Unghghhh” – and he pounded the floor with his fists.

“Give or I snap you in two!”

“Fuck! No, no – YES! yesssssss.”

I dropped his legs and let him lie on the floor. Looking at myself in the mirror I rested one knee on his back and flexed my muscles in a victory pose. I was one up on the Army Boy!


This is my first attempt at writing a story. It’s the sort of fight I want to hear about, as it’s the sort of fight I have in real or cyber. If you liked it and want more let me know, and I’ll describe the rest. Believe me, the action isn’t over - John

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