Brit Wrestle Club Story

The first match he came upon appeared to be a mismatch. One wrestler was about 6� and looked very muscular, like a football player. probably close to 180 or 190 he guessed. He was wearing a black jock strap and that was all. The other wrestler was very slight. About the same height, maybe a little taller, and much lighter. His chest was flat and his ribs showed. But his cock was huge. Very long. 10�. The big wrestler appeared, only in this area, to be at a disadvantage. The slight wrestler had on only a midriff shirt, it was gray. His cock was exposed and was semi-flaccid. This was to be a match where the winner had to strip the other guy totally then make him come. If he came before he was stripped the match would continue until someone was stripped and came.

When he came upon the match it looked like it was well under way. The muscular jock was literally pounding on the other guy, his sweat glistening in the light. The other appeared to be totally dominated and destined to lose. The big guy, Tal, was slamming the little guy, Brit, into the mat at will. He wasn�t taking Brit�s shirt off just yet though. Brit was defenseless against Tal�s overwhelming strength. Tal had Brit in the ropes now and was giving him forearm after forearm to his chest trying to knock the wind and desire to continue out of him. And then he would throw him over his head and Brit would land on the mat on his back, writhing in pain. He now had Brit in a head lock from behind. Brit was sitting on the mat with Tal kneeling behind. Tal was working the head lock. Brit�s only defense was to weakly challenge Tal�s enormous arms. Yet it appeared he wasn�t so much trying to get Tal off of him as it seemed he was caressing Tal�s biceps and triceps. Somehow gaining strength from feeling out Tal�s muscles. Brit was now becoming erect. Tal was completely oblivious to this though. His mission was to get Brit to concede, then he could do with him whatever he wanted--Brit would have surrendered. But Brit would not give in--would not concede. This appeared to make Tal even more determined to punish him, to completely dominate him, so that Brit was unable to come back. And as long as Brit did not give in, he could come back, he had before--and Tal knew that.

He found out later that Brit was the champion, had been the champion for some time, and that no one, not even the strongest, had been able to beat him. It was hard to believe this was so since he looked to be in so much trouble. Like Tal could have his way with him at any time. But, even so, he did see a glimmer there of Brit�s strength in his caressing Tal�s muscles--like he wasn�t gone just yet or like he was playing possum. That, too, was hard to believe since he was taking such punishment from Tal. Being thrown around the ring and beaten senseless to the head and body by Tal. It appeared that Brit�s time was up. That Tal had finally beaten the unbeatable champion.

Tal, always avoiding Brit�s lips and cock, now had Brit in a figure four hold. Brit, face down in the mat, his shirt up around his neck. His pale skin even paler by contrast with Tal�s tanned body. Tal, working the hold going for a concession. Brit was clearly in pain, weakly slapping his fist against the mat each time Tal would push. After what seemed like minutes, Tal changed the tactics and lifted Brit up to his now weakened legs and resumed his throwing Brit around the ring. Brit landed in the corner with his legs entangled in the ropes and his body nearly wrapped around the pole. He did not move. Completely dominated and, it seemed, only waiting for Tal�s mercy to put him away. Tal had merely to rip Brit�s shirt off and jack him off till he came.

Tal walked over to Brit and lifted him up by his shirt. He placed Brit against the ropes facing out with his back to Tal. Tal grabbed the shirt by the collar, and with an enormous show of strength ripping downward, tore Brit�s shirt off of him. Brit was now naked and vulnerable, offering no resistance. The violent action dropped Brit immediately to his knees. Tal stood him up by his hair and jerked him around so that he now faced Tal. Brit looked so over matched it was hard to believe he was the champion. The crowd was rooting for Brit. Chanting his name in rhythm, �Brit!, Brit!, Brit!�. Tal once more picked Brit up and threw him into the middle of the mat where he was to finally put Brit, the unbeatable Brit, away.

Brit was spread out laying on his back. Completely limp, and fully erect. Tal too was erect as the head of his cock poked up above his jock. He circled Brit nudging him to see if there was any fight left in him, taunting him to get up and screw him. As if for good measure he lept onto Brit and began finger fucking him. Brit looked close to coming. His eyes were closed and his face was straining. However in an extraordinary act of domination, Tal suddenly stood up and he tore his own jock off. The crowd went wild. Now both wrestlers were naked. Tal got on top of Brit, cock to cock, with his face very near Brit�s. Going near the lips was an act of daring. Brit�s tongue was a dangerous weapon. Tal began licking Brit�s face and slapping him, taunting him, mocking him as the now dominated champion. Brit�s only response was body jerks from the slaps.

Then, suddenly, with one last burst of whatever strength was left, out of nowhere, he grabbed Tal�s face and brought it to his. His tongue, nearly, it appeared, as long as his cock, plunging now deep into Tal�s throat. Tal was protesting wildly, the crowd at fever pitch, but it looked like Brit had a superhuman hold on Tal�s head. Tal could not get away. Now Brit had wrapped his legs around Tal�s torso and began squeezing the wind out of the now nearly exhausted Tal. Tal was getting weaker and weaker until finally he stopped fighting back. He was now limp while Brit continued to thrust his tongue deep into Tal�s mouth going on for a long time. Now Brit was licking Tal�s face and slapping him, while pinching and playing with Tal�s nipples. Tal could not fight back. Brit rolled Tal off of him and got up, now standing over the naked Tal. He rolled Tal over onto his stomach. Spreading Tal�s legs apart, he mounted Tal and began fucking him. The crowd now was on their feet. Tal, who just seconds earlier was the sure victor, had now become only the latest victim to Brit and his 10� cock and tongue. While Brit fucked Tal, he had Tal by the hair and began slamming his head into the mat. Brit was now punishing Tal. In a few minutes he rolled Tal over, and while sitting on Tal�s face with his anus on Tal�s lips, he sucked Tal off until he came.

As he got up, Tal lay there destroyed and beaten. His shot at the championship now over. His muscles were useless and weak. Brit mounted Tal�s chest and began taunting and mocking Tal with his cock in Tal�s face. Slapping him with it. Flexing his small muscles in defiance of Tal�s muscles. Brit then jacked himself off and came in Tal�s face. The match was over.

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