Brothers Wrestling Story

Toby and Kato never thought they would have brothers. Not only were they single kids in their respective families, but they had also suffered the loss of one parent. Toby's loving and beautiful mother left this world from a hereditary heart disease when Toby was merely five. Since then, Toby was brought up by his equally caring father, James, who tried hard to provide for his only son, even though he was just making ends meet. Kato's dad, on the other hand, died about a year ago, leaving him and his mom, who had never worked, in a financial plight. Kato's mom could not even turn to her parents, who were alive and well and quite wealthy, for help; for she had married his Maui husband against the wish of her folks, and was therefore disowned by her traditional Chinese parents. But as fate would have it, Maria, at the age of 35, found her first job in the canteen of a sheet metal factory and met Toby's dad, a wiry, handsome and solidly built guy in his early 40s, who was working there as a laborer. They slowly fell in love, and decided that they would eventually want to get married. It, therefore, made sense for Maria and Kato to move into James and Toby's household so as to save money.

It was under such circumstances that the two kids were soon to be introduced to one another, not as mere friends, but future brothers. They, not unexpectedly, did not like the idea. For one thing, even though they had not met, they knew each other to be of very different ethnic backgrounds, and that they would surely make odd-looking brothers. Toby came from a Southern European background on his dad�s side, making him bulky in stature with strong muscle groups. His chest was broad with well-developed pectoral muscles and large dark brown nipples. His stomach was flat with rock hard abdominal muscles covered in a thin layer of body fat. He worked hard every day to get the �six pack� look but could not quite get rid of the layer of baby fat. His face had a chiseled look to it, with high cheekbones and a tight square jaw. His small nose and sparkling blue eyes made him the heart throb of most of the girls in school, and some of the boys. He stood 5-7 and weighed in at 165 pounds of solid muscle and bone. His body structure overall was very sleek and he was well proportioned over his whole body and moved with a grace and confidence that few 18 year olds had. He was very adept at choosing a wardrobe that fit him well and showed off his body. His shirts fit snug but not tight. Just snug enough to show off his muscular chest and arms. The same with his jeans. He had the body shape that melted into them. They were not skin tight but snug enough that they showed off his tight round ass and the bulge in the front was not from the lay of the pants but from the body parts under them. Toby had matured early as a child and already at the age of 15 started to grow a thin layer of chest hair, no more than peach fuzz, but definitely there. Although it was hardly noticeable as his blonde hair from his Scandinavian mother, blended into his skin color quite nicely. He had also grown a dark love trail of hair leading from his navel down to a thick and curly patch of pubic hair that he felt a little self conscious about. The sandy blonde hair on his head had always been hard to control so he had kept it short enough that he could just wash it and go in the mornings.

Kato, on the other hand, has Maui and Chinese blood in him, giving him an exotic swarthy Asiatic look. At 18 (same age as Toby) his face was already decidedly masculine with dark bushy brows, deep slanting dark eyes, prominent cheekbones, short and slightly flaring nose, and thick full lips. He kept his head shaved, showing off a tattoo near his left temple in the form of a skull with a tear drop, commemorating his father's death - an event that had ever since put a frown on his young face. His well formed head was supported by a dark column of a neck, leading to well developed traps and square delts. His pecs were smooth, bulging and shiny, spotting two dark pointy nips that were way more fleshy than those belonging to boys his age. His stomach was flat but not ripped, and in fact a layer of healthy baby fat lingers about his 5'6"-160 frame as if to say he was still a kid. A small firm waist joined his v-shaped torso to his thick and slightly hairy tree-trunk legs that spoke of power and speed. His overall athletic appearance gave the impression that he had not seen one lazy day since he was born. Kato is an exquisite piece flesh art.

So it was not hard to see why the boys found it difficult to even to imagine each other as brothers. And the fact that they were both of the same age and both considered themselves the alpha male did not help. Toby had always been possessive as a child and the fact that he would now have to share his father did not set well with him. Being naturally aggressive he figured that he would have to put this �outsider� in his place right away and keep him there. After all, this was HIS house. Toby had also heard his father talking about how this Kato character was on the wrestling team at his other high school and had actually wrestled in the same weight class as he did. Toby thought to him-self, �I will be more than happy to show him how to wrestle�. The thought of wrestling Kato suddenly caused his loins to tingle, as wrestling always turned Toby on. However, the more Toby thought about this situation the more upset he became. How could his dad do this to him? Having to share HIS house with some other kid that he did not even know. Toby also knew that he was going to have to share a room with this outsider as their small house only had two bedrooms. What was worse is that both bedrooms only had one bed each in them. �Shit!� Toby thought. �I�m going to have to sleep with this guy!� Toby stewed and steamed over this situation most of the day. And the fact that Kato and his mom were moving in the next day made it worse.

* * * * *

Early the next day, Toby was awakened by his dad to help with the moving. Toby was extremely grumpy about it. He sulked silently in bed and refused to get up. Seeing that his son was not going to get out of bed any time soon, James decided to drive alone to Kato and his mom's apartment to do the loading there, but issued the warning to his son that if he did not see him out of bed and ready to help when he came back, Toby would lose his month's allowance. Toby was fuming. He was both angry at his father, and at himself - at his father because of the he made in a tone so severe that he had not heard for a long while; and at himself because by not accompanying his dad to go help with the moving out, he had made himself look like a brat. In a fit of resolute anger, he jumped out of bed and ran down the basement. Although it was winter and quite chilly downstairs, he just threw on his sweat pants and a pair of thick socks. He started to work on his punch bag, a gift from his dad on his 13th birthday. He went bare fisted on it, jumping and dodging as he did so. In a flurry, he punched out 20 straights at the battered bag, caving it in with every powerful assault. Then another 20 uppercuts kept the bag hanging in midair. Toby then grabbed the bag at shoulder height, and lifted his strong squarely knees into the bag, Mai Thai style. The poor bag bent this way and that as Toby's fiery knee-lifts cut into it. Toby showed no sign of tiring. His solid youthful muscles flexed and relaxed as he dealt out blows that would have been extremely devastating on a human body. He was punching the bag in a frenzy that was animal-like; a grunt escaped from his mouth with every strike he made. All this time he was resolving within himself that he would make up for his absence at the moving out by working extra hard at the moving in. He was determined to make a show of his muscle power, and, thus, establish himself as the boss vis-�-vis his newly acquired brother. He was going to kick his little brother's butt (for he was a month older than Kato), beginning with his super feats of strength. After half an hour of workout, he was drenched in sweat, but energized. He had a good pump all over his strong and lithe body. He stood in the ray of sunlight streaming in through the high window with his golden body gleaming like a young god, legs shoulder width apart, arms hanging down and pushed out by his overworked lats, chest bulging and filled with blood, heaving heavily. He felt great, and his boyhood attested to that by standing up rock hard, leaking.

A wet spot was forming on the sweats that he was wearing at the end of the tent that his rock hard manhood was creating. The knee lifts that he had been doing had caused his body to rub against the punching bag. Ever since he could remember his male equipment was very quick to stand up. But since he started to mature it seemed like, if the wind blew in the wrong direction, he was hard. He also had become quite good, he thought, at masturbating. He had heard other boys at school talking about it, but they always made it sound like it was something nasty and you should not be doing it. He could not figure out how something that felt so good could be bad. He also knew that his Dad did it quite often as he would hear him moan and groan at night when he was supposed to be asleep. Now his rock hard cock was calling to him for attention. The hard work out and the rubbing against the bag had his loins screaming to be released. His hand gently started to stroke the outside of his sweat pants along the length of his 8� cock. He paid particular attention to his mushroom head and could feel the wet spot getting bigger as his young boy pre-cum almost squirted out. He laid down on the weight bench in the basement as his hands slipped inside his sweats, and pushing them down, to give his boy shaft more attention. As his one hand gripped his shaft and spread his slippery natural cum lube on it to make it more slippery his other hand moved down and would lightly slap his ping-pong ball sized gonads. Most boys cringed at having their balls struck but Toby had always found it stimulating. As he worked himself into more of a frenzy his eyes glazed over and his thoughts turned to fighting with Kato and how he would dominate him. The thoughts of conquering his new �brother� made him even harder. His hand pumped faster and squeezed his shaft tight, and he found himself almost pounding on his family jewels in his fantasy fight lust. Suddenly his body convulsed and he let out a huge combination grunt scream as his cock sprayed a huge load of boy cum up and onto his chest. Again his body convulsed even harder this time sending a stream clear up onto his face. Five more times his boy meat showered his body with thick white globs of his juice. Breathing heavily his body collapsed in exhaustion. He lay there for a few minutes when an alarm went off in his mind. �Damn, they will be here any minute and I better get cleaned up�. Toby jumped up and raced to the shower upstairs to clean himself off before his new �little punk brother� showed up.

As Toby stood in the shower his thoughts were still on wrestling. He was thinking about the last meet his team at school was at. During that meet he had wrestled a guy for the first time to a draw. The match had gone all three periods of hard and intense fighting. Neither could get the upper hand on the other. Every time one of them would get a point the other managed to get one right back. The crowd had been noisy and enthusiastic that night, so much so that he could not even hear his opponents name when it had been called. All he remembers was that when he walked to the mat the young guy across from him was an extremely good looking Asian boy. His body was well developed and his face was very handsome. Toby also noticed that the bulge in his opponents� singlet was pronounced even though he was not hard. His own bulge tingled just at the sight of this young warrior and he would have to concentrate on not getting hard. When the whistle blew the young Asian was on Toby in a heartbeat. Luckily Toby was just as fast or he would have been in serious trouble. Both boys fought back and forth and used crotch lifts frequently to try and maneuver each other into a pinning position. The feeling of each other�s equipment was stimulating both boys and each could tell the other was starting to grow. Sweat poured off their bodies making them slippery. Many times their grip slipped allowing the other one to take advantage just to have the same thing happen to him. In the end both were getting so desperate to win that they each started to use some dirty tactics. When they would lock in a crotch lift they would slam their hands or arms into the others crotch harder than necessary to crush each other�s balls. Knees would accidentally connect between their legs or elbows would get jabbed in the others eye. Everything was executed perfectly so that the ref did not know that they were being done on purpose. Only the two warriors knew. Both were fiercely competitive and would have liked to take this fight further but time ran out and they had to quit. At the end they both glared through the sweat running off their brows at each other. Frustrated that there was not a clear victory in this battle. Both had to stay bent over pretending to have to catch their breath to try and hide the enormous erections that they both had. As Toby rinsed the soap off his body he realized that his daydream had aroused him again, and his �little man� was standing at attention again. He smiled as he played with the head that was leaking again but also realized that his dad would be here any minute and he needed to get dressed. As Toby got dressed he mused about the new �bro� that he would have. He wished he knew at least a little bit about him. His Dad had not even told him what school he was coming from. �Oh well,� thought Toby, �I will find out soon enough I guess."

Just at this moment, he heard his father's truck coming into the driveway and the noise of the party getting off it. Damn, Toby thought; it could not have been a worse time for them to arrive. But the worse was yet to come, for his father shouted out loud, "Toby! Are you up yet? If so, come and help us with the moving." What a way for his dad to call out at him! What would his new relations, especially the little bro, think of him - a slacker, an under-achiever or a lazy bum? No, this cannot be tolerated. He dried himself in record speed, and slipped into his sweat pants. And amidst such frenzy, his eyes chanced across the mirror, and what he saw caused him to stop at this track. Here in front of him in the full length mirror was not only the solid stocky youth that he was so familiar with, but with his hair in pleasant disorder and dripping a little, and with moisture still clinging on to his flushed body and cheeks, he looked like an imposing young stallion just out of a session of intense training. An idea crossed his mind in a flash - he would just walk downstairs as he was, bare everything but for his sweat pants, and, with his superb physique, make an impression on his new brother, once and for all, that he was the alpha male here, that he was the boss in the house, and fuck that thought that he might be a slacker if that had indeed already been formed. He was especially gleeful and confident about this scheme when he reminded himself that his brother-to-be was an Asian boy whom he expected to be "weaker", wrestling in his own weigh class or no. So with renewed brisk, he rushed downstairs with a loud and haughty retort to his dad's affront, saying "Absolutely, and I'm coming.�

Toby flew out the front door feeling very confident in his ability to intimidate this new �brother� with his glistening muscles fresh from the shower. As he bounded down the front steps he saw both his dad and Kato bending over the back of the truck picking up boxes to carry in. Kato was wearing sweat pants as well, but he also had on a tight fitting tank top. Toby was instantly taken aback by the look of Kato�s powerful looking muscles that were flexing as he lifted what appeared to be a heavy box. The muscles in his arms and across his back literally bulged as he hoisted the box up. Toby heard his father say to the boy �You sure you can handle that? It is a heavy one.� �I can get it,� grunted Kato in response. As Toby moved forward to grab a box and started helping, Kato turned and Toby got his first look at the new �brother�. His mouth literally dropped open. Kato, on his part, had been struggling with the box as it was heavier than he thought. As he looked up and saw his new �brother� for the first time, his grip slipped and he dropped the box. Both boys stared at each other in disbelief.

The sound, the smell, and the bodily sensation pertaining to the wrestling match in the last inter-school meet all came back to Toby in an instant. The boy whom he could not defeat was now standing before him - the very boy whose image he had so powerfully jacked off to just a few moments ago in the shower. He could not believe his eyes. He could not believe that Kato, the dark skinned, Asian Powerhouse in his memory and fantasy, was now going to be his brother. And the same thing was going through Kato's mind. How could he ever forget that match with the hunk now standing before him. Not only was Kato undefeated until then, but the furtive but solid forearm bars to his testicles, the powerful grip of his swollen manhood, and the stocky hairy thighs to his exposed nuts from the Thick White Boy burnt a hole in his psyche like a powerful drug. He remembered vividly how he brought home the hard on from the match only to jack off three times to get rid of it. As a stud, he had no lack of admirers whom he could satisfy his sexual urges on, and he did take advantage of that. But he swore to god that that jack-off that he gave himself reminiscing on the match with Toby gave him by far the most heightened sexual pleasure he'd ever had. And now, this Thick White Boy was going to be his new brother? Unbelievable! His sight was fixed on Toby's ruggedly cute face, and his muscular body all but motionless and tensed up. His ample boy meat was the only moving part of his body .

Toby stood frozen looking at the young Asian muscle god that had been the object of his fantasies just minutes ago and was now standing in front of him. The same warrior that had fought him to a draw was now to be his brother. He could feel his loins twitching as he tried to figure out if he should be happy or pissed as hell. But one thing he did know was that he needed to establish his dominance right away. In a flash of brilliance he squatted down and wrapped his arms around the box that Kato had just dropped and said �let me get that, it is obviously to heavy for you.� As he lifted on the box he had to concentrate very hard not to grunt, as the box was extremely heavy. He maintained a look of complete calm and even managed a little wink at Kato as he lifted it up. However as he turned his back his face turned to a mask of pain as he struggled to maintain a hold on the box. Kato�s face turned red with anger at being shown up by his new brother. He furiously grabbed another box and followed him to the house. Toby managed to walk with a steady gait to the house but as he got around the door he almost dropped the box as he set it down. Toby�s father saw this and rushed over and said, �Toby, did you hurt yourself? You should have asked Kato for help!�, Kato rounded the doorway just as Toby�s father put his hand on his shoulder and expressed his concern. Toby brushed away his father�s hand that was on his shoulder and mumbled, �I�m fine. It wasn�t that heavy�. Both boys walked out to get another load while their parents started unpacking boxes. As the boys got to the far side of the trailer Kato, in a high, whiney, mocking voice said, �Did you hurt yourself Toby? You should have asked for help� and started laughing. Toby instantly turned red and grabbed Kato and shoved him against the trailer and held him there by the shoulders. �Get this straight you slant eyed gook� Toby hissed. �This is my house and you had better learn to play by my rules� Toby could feel his cock getting hard as he held Kato�s strong shoulders against the trailer. Kato shoved Toby back hard and glared at him. � I don�t play by anybodies rules but mine you piece of white trash. Now why don�t you go slither back under the rock you came from before I hurt you!� Kato�s cock was rock hard at this point. Both boys tensed ready to do battle at the slightest move from one of them. Just then Toby�s father walked out of the house and could see the tension between them. �What is going on here !!!!???� Toby�s dad almost bellowed. Both boys instantly took a step back and almost simultaneously said �NOTHING !!!� �look you two� Toby�s dad said, �you are going to be living together and you need to get along! Now shake hands!!!� The boys glared at each other momentarily. Toby glanced at his father and saw his �do it now� look and reluctantly extended his hand. Kato knew that if he refused he would look bad in the eyes of his new �father� whom he liked very much. The boys gripped hands and instantly both tried to dominate by trying to crush the others hand. But they did it in such a way as to not revel what they were doing. And just like the wrestling match neither one was able to crush the other. Right at that moment Kato�s mother stepped out of the house and said �Jim, did you forget that we need to meet with the attorney in about 15 minutes?� �Damn�, Jim mumbled under his breath. �You two behave. We will be gone for the rest of the afternoon. I will expect the rest of the stuff to be unloaded when we get back� Jim said, giving the boys his stern �you behave� look. �Yeah, Yeah Dad, we will� Toby grumbled as he gave Kato a �your mine now� look.

* * * * * * *
As the boys parents drove down the driveway, both boys waved goodbye while watching each other out of the corners of their eyes. As soon as the car turned out of sight Toby shoved a hard back hand fist at Kato. But Kato had been watching, expecting something, and ducked out of the way leaving Toby�s abs wide open. Kato slammed a hard right fist into Toby�s abs catching Toby by surprised as he had expected to connect with Kato and had not tensed his ab muscles for a blow. But Toby�s conditioning paid off as his solid muscles absorbed the blow with little or no damage, however Kato did get the satisfaction of seeing Toby double over with a definite �ooffff� come out of his mouth. Kato�s satisfaction was short lived however as Toby came round and landed a hard fist to his exposed ribs causing him to step back a couple of steps. Both boys were in full battle mode now as they circled each other moving into a wrestling crouch, determined to finish the fight that they had started at the school match, only without the rules. As they circled both of their sweats started to tent and sweat poured off their bodies in the heat of the day. Both boys lunged at each other at the same time and they locked up in a fierce bear hug, struggling to knock the other off his feet. As they grappled their bodies were grinding against each other causing their boy cocks to get even harder. They both could feel each others steel shafts pressed into each other. In their effort to overturn each other their thighs went between each others legs for leverage and pressed against each others gonads. Each started to push their thighs up into each other in quick little blows. Neither wanted to be the first to start fighting �dirty� but both wanted to take advantage of the other. Their arms were locked tightly around each other and they could feel each others hot breath as their faces were pressed against each other in their struggle for dominance. Sweat poured down their muscled chests as their nipples rubbed together and sent erotic shocks through their teenage bodies. Suddenly Toby slammed his thigh up hard into Kato�s nuts causing Kato to double over in pain. Toby gripped his hands together in a double fist slamming it hard onto Kato�s back driving him down to one knee. Kato retaliated by shoving his fist up directly into Toby�s gonads, almost lifting him off the ground. Both boys collapsed in pain beside each other clutching their crotches, gagging and coughing from the pain.

As the boys started to recover and get to their knees they both noticed that each of them were still hard and had a large wet spot at the end of the tent in their sweat pants. As they looked into each others eyes they both knew that the pain was enjoyable to each of them. Simultaneously, as they stood, they pulled their sweat pants down. Their cocks were like steel shafts protruding from their bodies, bouncing a little as they moved. Drops of precum were dripping from the ends of their hard shafts as they circled each other. Both of the young warriors were consumed by fight lust at this point. Kato moved in quickly and shoved a hard right fist into Toby�s cheek causing his head to snap to the right. Toby used the momentum of the blow to help him circle around and slam his elbow hard into the side of Kato�s head knocking him back a few steps. Neither boy had ever really been in a knock down drag out fight like this before and were surprised at how it was not only exhausting them so quickly, but how it was creating such a powerful lust drive in each of them. Both were drenched in sweat and both felt like their cocks were about to explode from the hardness that they were experiencing. They began circling again. As they looked at each the hatred that they had before was turning into a combination of respect for each other as a warrior, and an attraction for each other sexually. For a fleeting second this new feeling disorientated them but the fight lust was so strong at this point it overwhelmed any other thoughts. Again they lunged at each other and locked up in a bear hug, struggling to throw the other to the ground. Immediately Toby slammed his thigh hard up between Kato�s legs. Kato uttered a muffled grunt of pain and he returned the move to Toby, almost lifting him from the ground again. Both cocks were squirting streams of precum with each blow. Back and forth the young fighters exchanged thighs to each other as their arms held each other tightly and the sweat from their bodies mixed. Precum was smeared on their abs and public hair as each blow produced eruptions from their rock hard shafts.

Finally in a surprise move, Kato released his grip on Toby and moved back just far enough so that his knee cap connected with Toby�s gonads instead of his thigh. Toby�s nuts were crushed between his pelvic bone and Kato�s had knee creating excruciating pain. As Toby doubled over and letting out a loud �uuuuuggghhhhhhhh�, Kato slip his arm in under his brother�s arm and hip tossed him to the ground. Toby, still reeling from the blow to his balls, was not prepared for the hip toss and landed hard and got the wind knocked out of him. Toby managed to roll to his side and started to get to his knees as Kato moved in behind him. Both boys were exhausted and sweating profusely by this time as Kato reached under Toby�s arms and applied a full nelson. His solid shaft was pressed firmly against Toby�s crack as the boys struggled. Kato was barely able to hang onto the hold as Toby�s struggling to get free kept his ass pumping and rubbing against Kato�s stiff cock. Precum was running freely out of both boys at this point and both of their loins were aching for release. The feel of Kato�s male shaft rubbing against his crack was driving Toby crazy. He never thought he would want another guys equipment inside him but the desire was so strong that he kept pushing his ass against Kato for the feel of it rather than trying to escape the hold. The sweat on their bodies made them slid against each other smoothly. The more Toby pushed and shoved pretending to try and get away, the lower Kato slid until in one hard push Kato�s cock head was pressed against Toby�s manhole. Toby let out a moan of pleasure as he felt it pushing against him. Kato�s hold on Toby had slipped but Toby was not moving away and in an instant Kato realized that both of them wanted the same thing. Kato wrapped his arms around Toby�s waist and started to gently press his steel shaft into him. A load moan and a small cry of pain came from Toby as Kato started to enter his virgin ass. Kato rolled Toby over on his back and placed his legs up on his shoulders so he could see his new brothers eyes. The lust in them was strong and they now looked at each other with a new found love. As Kato placed his hands on Toby�s hips to help hold him in place he started to push into him. Both boys let our moans of pleasure as their lust took over completely and they began a new form of battle. Toby raised his hips slightly to help Kato as he pushed into him. They both instantly began humping and groaning as their bodies went wild. Kato grabbed Toby�s cock and began stroking it as he drove his love shaft into Toby harder and harder. His fist began to hit Toby�s balls and Toby thought his whole body was gong to explode at any minute. Kato had never felt anything as good as Toby�s warm tight ass wrapped around his cock. Harder and harder he pumped with his brother working in perfect unison with him. Sweat was running down his body and dripping on his new love/brother. Both boys almost screaming in pleasure. Suddenly Kato�s body tensed and a huge convulsion rumbled through it as his loins poured out his juices inside Toby�s. Toby�s body spasmed at the same time spraying both his brother and himself with his boy juice. Spurt after spurt, both boys shooting more than they ever had before. Then collapsing in each others arms holding each other tight. Just then they heard the sound of tires coming down the driveway.......

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