Car Thief Fight Story

It was a warm night and I needed some time to think. I had gone to the park for a late night run. Something I usually did not do as the park was kinda dangerous late at night and most people tended to avoid it. But I didn�t really care tonight. The run had been good and given me the time I needed to try and sort things out in my mind about my messed up life. My tank top was soaked in sweat even though I had not pushed myself real hard this evening. I pulled the wet top off of my body as I walked back toward my car to allow my body to dry a little so I would not get my car seats too wet. My hairy chest tended to hold in the moisture and I wanted to let the cooling night air get to it. I looked over at my shadow that was cast in the full moon as I walked along and thought that even it didn�t look to bad for a 30 year old guy. I was not real big, only about 5-10, maybe 5-11 on a good day, and weighed in at about 180#. My European heritage tended to give me broad shoulders and solid muscle tones which I worked on a few days a week at the gym.

As I approached my car I could see in the moonlight that was enhanced by the streetlight that I parked under that someone was bent over the drivers side door. I instantly knew that someone was trying to break into my car. I kicked into high gear running as quietly as I could to get close before he took off. I was not in the mood tonight to have my car messed with I had no intention of letting the guy get away. As I approached I could see that he was fumbling with something to try and spring the lock but he must have been an amateur as he was not having much success. The kid was concentrating so hard he did not even hear me come up behind him. I looked him over quickly from behind. He was not large, smaller than me, maybe about 5-7 and around 160#. I quietly said to him � would you like to use my keys, it might be easier?� I thought the kid was gonna fill his pants as he whirled around. His eyes wide and a look terror on his face. I could see he was a young Asian kid in his early 20�s. He had on nylon pants and a tank top which outlined a solid body underneath. The kid instantly gained some composure and looked at me and said �just move on and you won�t get hurt� He waived his tool at me as if to try and threaten me with it. �Put it down before YOU get hurt kid� I growled. The kid was starting to get a little more composed now and actually looked like he was ready to take me on. He started shifting back and forth a little on his feet as if ready to fight. I smiled. I liked the thought of that. I was in the mood and I figured I could take this punk without too much problem and if the cops came I was in the clear as he was trying to steal my car and he had threatened me. This was gonna be good.

I shifted my feet just a little to make it look like I was going to move and saw that the kid fell for my fake and looked down at my feet. That was all I needed and I reached over and grabbed his tool and ripped it out of his hand before he realized what I was doing. I hear him mutter �fuck� as he shifted back a little to give himself some more space. He could tell that he was not going to get away without a tussle and he was starting to size me up. I tossed his tool away and as I did he did something that took me by surprise. He seemed to relax, look me in the eye and smile. Almost with the same look I must have given him a few seconds ago. He slowly raised his hands and with one hand he made a motion of �let�s go�. I thought to myself, �I �m gonna clean your clock punk� and charged thinking I would catch him by surprise and drive him into the side of the car. Well I was the one surprised as he adeptly side stepped me and used my momentum to push me into the car and then he stepped a couple of steps back and gave me the same �let�s go� motion that he had given me a few moments ago. Only this time he had a look that said �I�m not a pushover� to go along with it. I had misjudged my opponent and I would not do that again. I stood up and smiled back at him with a little nod of acknowledgement at his initial move.

He nodded back with a smile. His hands quickly pulled his tank top off to reveal a solid body with well formed pecs that exuded strength. He bounced them at me a couple of times as we started to circle each other. Our hands were in a half boxing half wrestling stance as we both quickly moved in toward each other. I slipped a quick jab through his guard and popped him on his cheek snapping his head back a little. He instantly returned a quick upper cut to my jaw. Neither blows really hurt either one of us but it was the start. Just as I was about to try and pop him with another jab he surprised me with a quick snap kick to my knee cap from his right leg. I was finding out that this kid knew how to fight as I staggered back from the intense pain that the blow had caused. Seeing an opportunity he quickly came at me with a spinning back kick to my ribs that knocked me into the side of my car. I felt him grab my hair and knew that he intended to smash my head into my car. I put my hand up quickly to block the move and drove my knee up to try and fend him off. I had not intended the knee to land where it did but I got lucky and it landed in his crotch doubling him up and making him stagger back in pain. He managed to stay on his feet but he was definitely stunned and was coughing and choking as I grab his head and pulled him hard into the side of my car. Thinking that this would be over quickly now I turned him on his back against my fender and pulled my arm back to deliver what I thought would be the final blow when I felt his fist slam up between my legs. Instantly I saw stars and pain exploded through my loins and my stomach tightened into a knot. Now it was my turn to stagger back doubled over coughing. My opponent was not shy about fighting dirty either it seemed. I saw him push himself off my car but noticed that he must still be in some pain as he was not moving real fast. I straightened up to meet him just as he slammed a hard righ fist into the side of my face.

I returned a left connecting to his face in retaliation. For a few minutes it turned into a slug fest, each exchanging blows back and forth. I could feel my loins stirring and knew that my shorts were fully tented at this point as fighting had always turned me on. I moved in close and pulled him into a clinch to catch a breather and could feel the bulge in his nylon pants pressed against me. Holding him tight I pushed him back against the car slammed my thigh up hard between his legs catching his balls hard. I could hear him groan in pain and double over from the blow, but his arms stayed locked around me and he instantly returned a knee up hard into my baby makers. A cry of pain erupted from my lips as the pain exploded in my balls. Both were still hanging onto each other and my leg drove up into him again crushing his balls under my knee cap. A loud gasp escaped from his mouth as his body convulsed from the blow. I let go of the clinch and drew my fist back and slammed it hard into his temple sending him down to his knees in front of me. I could see that he was dazed a little from the look in his eyes but obviously he was not dazed much as his fist hurled up directly into my balls from his kneeling position dropping me to my knees clutching my balls and trying not to puke. Sweat was rolling off our bodies by this time and both of us were breathing hard, not only from the low blows but from the exertion that we were expending in our battle. My balls were on fire and my face was puffy with one eye partially closed from earlier blows but I knew that my opponent was no better off than me. There was a trickle of blood running down from his nose and a little from a cut on his lip. We both had given as much as we had got in our battle tonight. We faced each other on our knees trying to gather our wits. Suddenly I felt him grab my hair and my face was being smashed into the pavement in the parking lot. Stars exploded as I felt blood gushing from my nose.

 I was laying flat on my stomach as I felt him climbing on my back and wrapping his arms around my neck. His rock hard cock was pressing into my ass and I felt him rubbing it against me as he tightened his grip on around my neck. His hot breath in my ear as he whispered �give it up man I have you now�. I tried to struggle as he continued to grind into me. My loins were going crazy from the feel of his shaft against me and the pressure against my cock and the pavement. My struggle was futile and I knew it as he tightened his arms a little more. I could hear him grunting just a little with each grind and I knew he was close to shooting but I also knew that he had me. �Give it up man and I will let you go� he grunted in my ear. �OK OK� I managed to get out through his tight grip �I give up � let me go�. Just as the words left my lips I felt his body spasm and I could tell he was shooting his load. The feel of his body convulsing triggered my own volcanic eruption in my shorts.

He let go of his grip on me and we collapsed on the pavement with him laying on my back. Our hot sweaty bodies pressed together and both breathing hard from both the battle and the bodily explosions we had experienced. Slowly he climbed off of me and up to his feet. I looked up and saw him offer me his hand to help me up. With his help I dragged myself to my feet. We looked in each others eyes with a look of respect. He turned then and walked away into the night.

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