College Studs Cockfight Story part2

Part 2
I waste no time and hurl myself at the black stud. I drop to my knees and wrap my arms around Lee's well defined legs and pull back, dropping his surprised ass to the carpet. He is in a sitting position trying to free his legs and I am struggling to keep him down as I slither up his legs and try to pin him to the plush white carpet. I get control of his arms and find myself sitting directly on top of his swelling monster cock. My rock hard erection is safe, pointing straight up at my chin and getting a much needed break from body contact. Lee's rapidly growing anaconda is in much trouble however, as it is pinned between his six-pack solid abs and my slippery muscle ass. I watch as Lee's muscles strain and struggle trying to free himself from this dangerous position. Now I feel the 8.5" swelling meat slipping and sliding up and down my super oiled crack! Daaammmnnn! it feels good too! I focus and start to work my buns up and down the black shaft. "OOHHH YOU Fucker you!" Lee lustily groans while increasing his efforts to break free. "You sorry son-of-a-AAARRRGGHH!" I cut off his bad mouthing by speeding up my ass attack. "Whas wrong buddy? You about to decide you like guys all of a sudden?" I taunt. "Fuck You, Faggot!" Lee grunts up at me. I can now feel that his cock is fully erect underneath my flexing ass muscles, I grind him a little harder hoping he will lose control and shoot a load all over himself. The black shiney cock seems to have developed a mind of its own, working itself all over my slippery muscle ass, I work hard just to stay in control of the blood engorged anaconda. "You LUV my hard white ass, doncha big boy?" I tease. "Come on, let it go, I know this is what you've wanted for years. Cum for us Lee, your big cock feels soooo goooood rubbin' my ass!" Lee begins to struggle with everything he's got. "YOU AIN'T GONNA GET ME OFF THAT EASY, PUSSY ASS CRACKER!" Lee plants his feet into the shag and pushes up with enough force to break the ass-lock I had on his hard, throbbing, 8.5" black man-meat! He quickly scoots to the far side of the living room from me, hoping for a little recovery time. His dick was now jumping up and down with the rythym of his heart beat and drooling pre-cum like a leaky faucet! He was not as cocky anymore, I had got to him bigtime! I had to stay on the attack and try and finish the fucker off! He was gonna defend his pride with every bit of will-power he had, I had to be careful to not make a foolish mistake or I could end up losing my cum just as easily. This cockfight is really getting juicey!

"Look at you, fag!" I taunted as I began to cautiously move toward him. Lee was on his knees in a sort of attack stance. Legs wide apart, back bowed with ripped arms out to his sides, he glanced down at his huge member. Still throbbing up and down with a gleaming stream of slippery pre-cum leaking from the black/purplish head of his vein-filled ebony cock. "Yeah, you almost had me queer-boy!" Lee calmly answered. "But I'm still in the fight, you could'nt finish me, bitch." His coolness was making me nervous. "And Now YOUR GONNA PAY!" Lee sprang into me so fast I wasn't sure what to do. Before I could react Lee clamped my head under his right arm and squeezed me into a headlock. This left my arms free, so I immediately reached around him and grabbed for his unprotected black super dick. But as I leaned forward, Lee lunged forward also, my head still trapped in the headlock. Kind of a reverse DDT move, banging me face first into the floor with enough force that it took me a split second of laying flat on my stomach to get my bearings. That was all fresh prince needed to reverse himself, now laying on my back facing my feet, forcing his feet and calves under my arms and simultaneously wrapping his powerful arms around my waist. I didn't know what he was up to, but his face was right above my vulnerable ass, and the hold was like a very tight knit boston crab. Then he rolled us and I knew what he had been setting up, but it was too late. "UH OH! Whasup now!? Bitch!" Lee growled. He had me pretty good, his bulging calves now pinned my shoulders down, while his upper body rolled me up into a very vulnerable sunset flip pin. Lee grabbed my oiled up shaved cock and began to work on it. I was pinned so that all the action was right in front of my eyes, which made trying to maintain control even harder. I kicked my legs helplessly as I watched Lee's big black hand gently massage my shaved cock and balls. "OOOOHH you kinda like that don'cha white boy?!" he cooed as my 7.5" schlong began to swell and thicken in his hand. I tryed to buck out, but his strong arms held my body tightly to him preventing my escape. "FUCK! YOU SORRY BLACK.......AAARRRRGGGGHHH!" I shouted in frustration at my predicament. "Just reeellllaaaxxx..... Calm down and enjoy it. Fag boy. You know you luv it." Lee said. I could see and feel my dick getting harder and harder from Lee's expert hands. "Let's see how you liiike this." My eyes widened and my body jumped as my Black rival began to work the slippery shaft with his left hand as his right began to rub and explore everywhere from my shaved nuts to my super-sensitive shaved asshole. "Oh! You REALLY like that, huh?" Lee asked. "Fuck you, asshole!" I semi-grunted, fighting to control my obvious arrousal. I watched in disgust as the black hand on my throbbing erection increased the speed of its attack! "Das it, white boy. Give in to me. Look at yo girl, she glad I'm tha winner." the black muscle-god said. I had forgot all about Alicia! The oiled up hand that was expertly milking my smooth shaved dick made it difficult to think about anything. Except how good it felt to be jacked-off while alternately having my slippery balls gently kneaded/pulled and having a lubed finger circle, rub, and poke my biggest weak-spot, my puckered asshole. "OOOHHH SHIIITTT!!! AAAAAHHHH!! NOOO0! NOT THAT! YOU MOTHER FUUUAAAHHHH!!!" Lee laughed out loud at my total loss of control the instant his middle finger plunged to the knuckle in my ass! "WATCH ALICIA! WATCH BABY! FAG BOYS GONNA LOSE!" he shouted to my girl. I kicked and squirmed in a final effort to break free but it was no use. Alicia's eyes widened and her mouth formed that silent "O' signifying probably her 4th or 5th orgasm of the fight. How humiliating being forced to cum against my will in front of my girl, by my best friend who she was cheating with! Lee began working my slick hard-on even faster and started to finger-bang my pulsating asshole at super sonic speed! My mind went dead, every part of me screamed for sexual release, as I went over the edge, I began to kick my legs in time with the finger-banging, driving the intruding digit deeper up my ass. I was staring at my surrendering cock "OOOHHHH GGOOODDD!!! NOOOO!!!! PLEASE NOOOO!!!!!" I shouted as the first of what felt like a gallon of white hot jizz hit me in the face (Lee aimed my cock to hit me there) then coated my pecs and abs with loser cum. The Black Stud kept me pinned for what seemed like an hour, slowly milking every last drop of cum from my hot throbbing dick. "Yeah! Thats right BOY! You lose!" he exclaimed. He then threw me away and walked right to Alicia, who swallowed his slab of hard man-meat whole. He then pulled her up by the hair, kissed her roughly, almost gagging her with his long tongue and out of the corner of his eye, made sure I watched. Lee then spun Alicia around and piston fucked her doggy style with that huge black spear until finally he shot a load up over her back, splatting the wall behind the sofa. I could only sit there and watch, but I will not forget this humiliating loss, and I will get revenge on Lee someday. A rematch will not be far away, I promise you that!
the end

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