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Here I am, sitting at one of the local bars, enjoying an ice cold Corona and eating some chips and salsa. I'm thinking of an excuse to tell my proffessor when I see him next for missing his class that I should be in right now. At this point I really don 't care. I have my beer and munchies, it's a calm Wednesday afternoon and there's Jimmy Buffet playing in the background. I'm a regular at the bar, and I know the owners very well. A couple of my buddies, Mark and Scott, just walked in and sat down on the bar stool's next to me. Mark orders up three shots of Guervo Gold and a big pile of hot wings. We do the shots and start our drinking ritual for the afternoon. Scott is pledging Mark's fraternity and we're going to get him all fucked up. We're all in Fraternities, though I'm not in the same one as Mark and Scott. That's not a problem because we're here on a mission and nothing is going to stop us.

After about the fifth round we're all starting to get buzzed. Scott's more drunk than Mark and I becuase the dude just can't handle his booze. Just about now a couple more of Mark's Fraternity brothers walk in and the circle starts to grow. Our two Fra ternities are having a party later on tonight and we wanted to get the partying started early. Brian orders up a round of Mind Erasers, and after drinking them Scott looks like he's about to pass out. We all start picking on him and he in turn gets real ly pissed off. We just keep on buying him more and more drinks and he gets more and more beligerant. We're all having a really good time, because Scott's acting like such an asshole we can't keep from laughing and egging him on.

The next thing that I know, Scott's in my face calling me every name that he can manage to get out and a few that didn't quite make it past his bottom lip. Appearently, he's blaming me for getting him all fucked up and even though his Brothers bought mos t of the drinks it's my fault. I respond by pouring him another beer (I was really drunk by this point) which really infuriates him. The other guys try to calm him down but to no avail. Scott knocks the beer out of my hand and pushes me, knocking me ov er in my chair. Mark gets in Scott's face and threatens him not to even think about starting shit with me. To do so will get him in deep shit. Scott tells everyone to fuck off and then the Bartender asks him to leave. Brian appologizes for the bullshi t that his pledge gave me and we order up another drink. After that round everone but Mark leaves to get ready for the party. Mark and I didn't feel like changing so we stayed until it was time to go to the party.

I decide to leave shortly after, because I forgot that I had to pick up a couple of CD's from my room. On the way there, I get this very bad feeling that I'm being followed. I look around and notice that Scott and a couple of his buddies, Mike and Vance , are right behind me. "I'm really fucked" I think to myself. There are three guys here that want to beat the living shit out of me. I'm a pretty good fighter and can hold my own one on one. I train three days a week in a boxing gym and I'm in pretty good shape at 5'9" 170 pounds. However, Scott and his buddies are too much for me. I've never fought three guys at the same time. Much less three guys that are so much bigger than I am. Scott is a solid 6' 210 pounds, and a Rugby player. Mike is a cu t 5'10" 195 and Vance is a big boy at 6'2" 235 rock hard pounds. I don't know that much about Mike other than I've seen him in the Student Union from time to time. Vance on the other hand is a big problem. His sister and I went out in High School and e ven though we left on good terms, Vance thinks that I'm slime anyway. He never liked me from the first day I met him and he's made it clear that I shouldn't cross him in any way.

Since I'm pretty much fucked, I decide to start running. Maybe I could make it to the Frat House before they catch me. Unfortunately, I'm drunk and I trip after the first couple of steps. Mike picks me up and holds my hands behind my back. Vance just looks at me and starts laughing. Scott walks up to me and slams a hard right fist to my left eye. He then follows with a couple of afternating rights and lefts to my stomach and finishes off the combination with a roundhouse kick to my mouth. Scott tel ls Mike to let me go and I drop to the ground. The three of them stand on each side of me and Scott tells me to get up and fight. As I stand, Scott throws a solid right cross to my jaw, spinning me around into Vance. Vance follows with a left of his ow n which knocks me off of my feet. He then follows with a kick to my ribs and one to the back of my head. Just then Mike puts me in a head lock and pummels my face with repeated right uppercuts while Scott kicks me in the ribs and stomach.

After about 5 minutes of that, Mike lets me go and I drop to the ground with a thud. I try to crawl away, using all of my strength to get free, but they just stand there and laugh at me. "Do you really think we're done with you yet?" Mike asks. "Fuck y ou!" I reply and they say that's just what they wanted to hear. Scott picks me up with my hands behind my back and Vance and Mike take turns working on me. Vance walks up to me and drives his massive thigh into my gut, knocking the wind out of me. Befo re I can catch my breath he lands another hard shot with his thigh and follows with a devistating left hook to my face. He follows with about 30 more shots to my face, totally turning it into a bloody pulp. Mike comes up and starts to work on my body, a lternating punches, knees and kicks until I can't hold myself up any longer. Scott lets go and waits to see if I have any fight left in me.

As I lay there, I try to gather all of the strength I can get. Somehow I have to do something or these guys are going to kill me. Scott kicks me in the head just like he would punt a football which sends me on my back. He places his foot on my chest gr abs my chin. "I don't have anything against you, buddy" he says. "I just like to fight when I drink and I decided that I wanted to fight you. I couldn't fight the guys in my Frat or else I'd be blackballed. So you were my only option. I just have one question. Are you done yet?" I ask him what the fuck he's talking about. "Are you done yet? Because if you still have fight left in you, then I have to beat it out of you. If you're done, then I'll leave you alone. All you have to do is tell me you 're done and we'll stop right now. C'mon, buddy. Just tell me you're done so that I know that I've totally beaten you." Just about now this rage is being built up inside of me. This fucker won't break me and even if he does, I won't give him the satis faction of knowing it. "Fuck off you asshole and consider yourself blackballed!!!!!" I yell. Scott gets off of me and tells me that I should've never said that and now I'm really going to get it.

All three of them start kicking me at the same time from different angles. Then Vance picks me up and drops me over his knee in a back breaker. He grabs me by the ears and starts driving knees into my face while Scott and Mike pound my back and ribs wit h punches and kicks. Then Scott slams me up against the wall drives knees and uppercuts to my gut and groin. He follows with a flurry of punches to my face which causes me to lose vision. As I start to drop, he holds me up while Mike fires off kicks to my face and body. All I can think is that these guys are going to kill me. I keep asking myself if there's nothing personal, why are they going so far with this?

I feel myself start to blackout and Scott lets me drop to the ground. "Are you done yet?" Scott whispers to me. I just wince in pain "He's not done yet" Vance says "let's finish it." "I sure hope you're done" Scott says "because I know that Vance does n't like you and I'm going to let him finish it if you're not." I just look at him and tell him to finish it. He tells me that this is the biggest mistake that I've ever made and picks me up. He grabs my left arm and Mike grabs the right. Vance just l ooks at me and unleashes a solid right cross to my face. He then follows with a left hook and right uppercut to my nose. He steps back and just starts to laugh. As I look up, he kicks me square in the gut and then follows with a kick to the face. He i mmediately comes in and lands 10 solid punches to the left side of my face. I'm pretty much done when he grabs me by the back of my head and lands four short punches to my right eye and temple. At this point I can't stand up or even try to resist. He l ands 5 more punches but before he can land a finishing blow, Mark and Brian with about 5 of their Fraternity Brothers and 8 of my Fraternity Brothers jump my attackers. I fall to the ground and black out.

The next thing that I know I'm waking up in a hospital room with one of my Brothers looking over me. I notice that the Sun is coming through the window and ask what time it is. "It's 9:00am" he says. Wow, I was out all night. "No, it's 9:00am Friday morning" he says. I just moan and start to laugh a little bit. Just then Mark and Brian come in. "How's it goin' slugger?" Mark says. I tell him to fuck off and that no matter how bad I look will still drink him under the table. He tells me to name t he time and he'll be there. Brian breaks in and tells me that Scott and his buddies were arrested and Scott has been kicked out of the Fraternity. Unfortunately, they were released on bail. For some reason I have the feeling that I'm going to see those guys again. Hopefully the odds will be different next time.


I've just started to heal from when Scott and his buddies decided to beat me up. Scott was blackballed from his Fraternity and was released on bail. I met up with them again in court for the assault charges that were pressed against them. Needless to s ay that this was their first offense and since Scott had the money for a really good Attourney, he got off with a warning and had to attend Alchoholic Annonymous meetings for the next 6 months. I knew then that this wasn't over with us. Just the way Sco tt and Vance looked at me as we were walking out of the Courtroom told me to watch my back. Mike, on the other hand, was very cool to me.

The next day, I was eating lunch in the caffeteria, trying to identify what was on my plate. The sign said that it was meatloaf, but I didn't believe it. The next thing that I know, Mike is asking if he could sit at my table. I was very hesitant, but I let him. It was really cool. He wanted to make up for what he did to me that night. He said that Scott told him that I raped this one chick and that's why he joined them to fight me. When he found out they were lying, he immediately broke off his fri endship with them. He said that if there was anything that I needed, to let him know. I said that I could use someone to train with and he agreed. It turned out that he'd studied Kickboxing for a good part of his life and was more than willing to train with me. The only condition that he made me adhere to is that I don't try to face Scott. At least not yet. Revenge is the best way to get yourself hurt, if you're not careful.

I agreed with him and we met up the next morning to start our training. Over the next couple of months, I really was impressed how much he taught me. I was fighting better then I'd ever faught before. Mike even brought in a couple of the guys that he u sed to train with so we could work on multiple attacks. Mike and I became very good friends. Unfortunately, Scott found out that I was training with Mike and it made him furious. He showed up to one of our training sessions and issued a challenge to me to fight him with no rules and the loser has to be tied up and beat on by anyone the winner chooses. Mike said that he didn't want me to fight and if he was looking for trouble to take him on. Scott just turned to me and told me that I had 48 hours to decide. Mike told me that it was suicide to even consider it. If I didn't fight, I would get my ass kicked every day until I decided to take him on.

As the 48th hour came, I got a phone call from Scott. Mike went over to his house to talk him out of this, but was jumped by Scott's friends. They beat the living shit out of him and was torturing him while we were on the phone. Scott said that they'd leave him alone if I came over and fought him. If not they'd really fuck him up. Mike screamed at me to not accept but they beat him in the mouth as I was listening. I agreed to come over and he told me to be there in 10 minutes.

Now I'm walking up to the front door of Scott's house. The adrenaline is rushing through me so fast that I'm getting dizzy. I feel like my stomach is about to jump right out of my gut. I ring the doorbell and one of Scott's friends, Rick, answers the d oor. He just laughs at me and takes me into one of the back rooms. I see Mike as I walk past and notice that he's really beaten up. "That's nothing compared to what Scott has in mind for you" Rick says. As we get back to the room I see Scott leaning u p against the wall. He has on black gym shorts and black crosstraining shoes on and no shirt. Since we fought last he's really bulked up to a solid 235 pounds. From what I could tell, his body fat is around 6 percent and he looks like a Mac truck that wants to run me over. He has about a 51" chest 32" waist and 20" arms. He shows me where I can set my stuff. After I set my stuff down, he tells the other guys that are in the room to not get involved. "This is our fight, you can watch if you want, b ut stay out of it. You'll get your chance for target practice. Now Mike, you realize that you've accepted my challenge and you know the consequences. Since you've accepted my challenge you cannot press charges against me." I tell him that Mike can. " No he can't. I have 10 people that will agree with me that he came over here and started trouble. We were just defending this property." he says. "You're one fucked up dude" I tell him. "No, you're the one that's going to be fucked up, Asshole!" he sa ys "so put up your fucking guard and let's fight!!!"

As soon as I put my guard up, he fires in with a powerful left/right combination that almost sends my through the wall. "This guy's twice as strong as he was before" I thought to myself. Before I can finish the thought though, he lands three hard left h ooks to my face that send me to the corner. I quickly realize that there's no way that I can fight him. He's only landed 5 punches and I'm already badly hurt. Blood is running from a cut under my left eye and I can't see out of it because it's watering too badly. He knows that I'm hurt but doesn't let off his attack. He pins me in the corner and pummels me with devistating blows. The pain in my body is so great from the force of his punches that I can't even think straight. I try to somehow manage enough strength to land at least one punch, but Scott just keeps on pounding on me, tearing me down with each punch.

All of a sudden I can't hold up my arms any longer. Scotts destruction of me is quickly setting in. He then takes advantage of this and starts to really work me over. He starts adding knees and elbows to his assault and starts to land knees to my groin . The pain is so great from his 29" thigh being thrust up between my legs that I let out a huge groan and drop to the ground. Scott then starts stomping on my back until I'm laying flat on the ground. He then lands about 20 kicks to my head and ribs. Then he places one knee on my back and pounds on the back of my head and back with his steel fists. I just start to convluse in pain. I don't know if I can take that much more damage. He gets up and turns me over. He sits on my chest and places his kn ees on my arms so I can't move. "Are you ready to really feel what a 450 pound bench press feels like?" he asks me. "It feel a lot like this!" as he starts landing alternating lefts and rights to my face, whipping my head back and forth. Just as I star t to black out, he gets up and grabs both of my legs. He stands between then and lands a knee drop right on my groin. Then he comes around and lands a stomp kick on my face, causing me to black out.

As I wake up, I notice that I'm in another room. My arms are tied above me slightly wider than shoulder with apart and my feet are tied to ground about the same distance apart. I'm in the middle of the room so there's access to me from all sides. There 's spot lights in each corner that are shining on me. I feel like an exhibition piece or something. I hear the guys in the other room lauging and talking about the fight. My head is foggy so I can't make out everything, but I can hear enough that I rea lly start to get scared at what's going to happen next. One of the guys walks by and noticies that I'm awake. He yells at the other guys to tell them, and to come into the room. There are about 10 guys that come in with Scott. "Here's our punching bag for the night." He says. "You can take as many shots on him as you like and there's no limit to how hard you can hit him. Who wants to take the first shots?"


Keith gets up and walks towards me. All of the guys start cheering him on. "Let's see some blood Keith" they tell him. Keith is a pretty good sized guy. He stands about 6'1" and weighs about 195 pounds. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and a chisled sur fers body. He walks behind me and just stands there. My heart is racing in anticipation of what's going to happen, but he doesn't do anything. He just stands there, watching me breath harder and harder. The next thing that I know, he lands a hard side kick to my left kidney. I let out a blood curdling moan and he just stands behind me again. As I calm down a little bit, he steps back and lands the same kick to my kidney. He kicks me so hard that I almost fly out of my foot restraints. He comes aro und to my front and does a spinning roundhouse to my mouth, spurting blood about 5 feet away from me. He sits down and Scott calls for the next guy.

Adam gets up next. He's a tough 5'9", 185 pounds. You can tell by the look on his face that he's seen his share of fights and has won all of them. This is one guy that you wouldn't want to mess with. He takes off his shirt and flexes his toned body. He clences his fists and slams a hard left hook to my face. My head whips to the side and I feel that my neck is about to break. He follows with another hard left, landing it with twice as much force as the first punch. "Bust up his right eye, Adam" T ony says "then I'll work on his left." Adam just steps back for a minute and gages my right eye. Then he clenches his left fist and slams a hard punch square on it's target. He coils back and lands 5 more quick punches that seem to get harder after eac h punch. He steps back to see the damage that he's inflicted. Blood is flowing from a cut over and under my eye. "It's not closed yet." Scott tells him "Make him blind for a couple of weeks, Adam." Adam just nods and slams 30 more punches to my eye. By the end of his attack, my right eye is completely closed. He sits down and tells Tony to take out the left.

Tony get's up and walks towards me. He's a typical Italian from Brooklin. He stands about 5'11" and weighs about 220 pounds. He's wearing all black: shorts, tank top and shoes. He's a really strong guy though you can tell that he's had a few beers i n his college career. Nonetheless, he's a really hard puncher and he'll be sure to do some damage. He comes up to me and then turns around as to walk away. All of a sudden he lands a spinning back fist right to my cheekbone. He finishes his turn by la nding a right square on my eye. He doesn't waist any time between punches. He has a job to do and he does it with authority. Blow after blow to the left side of my face make me feel like he's going to rip off chunks of my eye. Blood goes flowing every where, but he doesn't stop. He spends the next 5 minutes working on my left eye. Scott stops him before the eye is completely closed. "I want him to see his attackers" he says "there will be time to close it later." Tony follows with a hard front kick to my groin because he couldn't finish the job he set out to do. As he sits down, Mike (not my friend Mike) and Frank start to argue over who get's to go next. Scott tells them that they each get a free shot to my ribs and the one that makes me yell th e loudest gets to go next.

Mike walks up and gets in a solid boxing stance. He stands about 6' and weighs about 215. He's an Army veteran and is older than the rest of the guys. He also has a lot more fighting experience and really knows how to fuck a guy up. He pauses, just lo oking at my eyes. As our eyes our locked he lands a hard uppercut to my floating ribs, causing one to crack. I let out such a loud moan that everyone knows that Frank can't top it. Frank comes up to me anyway and get's ready for the punch. He's a butc h little dude that stands about 5'6" and weighs about 170 pounds. He has a shaved head and kind of looks like a frog with an attitude. He coils back and lands two hard shots to my stomach. I let out a moan, but not as loud as I did with Mike. All of t he guys start to boo him for taking two shots, but that didn't matter. Mike won the bet.

Mike takes off his shirt and pushes Frank aside. "How much time do I get with him?" he asks. "Until you're tired" Scott tells him. Mike walks up to me and starts to talk to me. "I hear that you're a Vet also." I nod my head. "It's too bad that you p ut yourself up to this. You and I could've been friends. But now I have to really hurt you." He lands another uppercut to the cracked rib, shattering it. Then he spends the next 30 minutes working on my body, breaking all but two of my ribs. He then steps back and lands two hard side kicks that snap my collar bones in half. He follows with a series of blows to my face for the next 30 minutes that almost kill me. For a portion of the attack I lose consciousness, but he doesn't stop the assault. He' s out to finish me off. He then kicks my legs, causing them to break in 4 places and finishes me off with a nice palm strike to my nose. I black out from the punishment and all of the guys think that I'm dead. Scott cuts the ropes and I fall to the gro und with a thud. I just lay there, not moving.

Frank just looks at Scott and says that he didn't think Scott wanted it to go this far. Alex comes over to me and checks for a pulse. There is one, I'm just knocked out. Mike just looks down at me and says that I was asking for it. Scott is so upset t hat he tells everyone that despite of what he said, he actually extended the challenge to me. Not the other way around. He never wanted it to go this far. Tony gets on the phone and calls 9-1-1 but Scott rips the phone off of the wall. "We'll all go t o jail, don't be an idiot!" The other guys are so furious because Scott lied to them that they threaten to kick his ass. My friend Mike comes in the room after recovering from his beating and tells them that this is not the first time that Scott has lie d get guys to beat me up. The guys start to circle Scott and end up jumping him and tie him up. They hang him up like he had me hung up and prepare to beat the shit out of him for me. "Mike's been hurt twice by this fucker, now we're going to pay Scott back since he can't do it himself."


(note: Since there are two Mike's in this, "my friend Mike" will be called Mikey.)

Frank just looks at Scott and says that he didn't think Scott wanted it to go this far. Alex comes over to me and checks for a pulse. There is one, I'm just knocked out. Mike just looks down at me and says that I was asking for it. Scott is so upset t hat he tells everyone that despite of what he said, he actually extended the challenge to me. Not the other way around. He never wanted it to go this far. Tony gets on the phone and calls 9-1-1 but Scott rips the phone off of the wall. "We'll all go t o jail, don't be an idiot!" The other guys are so furious because Scott lied to them that they threaten to kick his ass. My friend Mike (Mikey from now on) comes in the room after recovering from his beating and tells them that this is not the first tim e that Scott has lied get guys to beat me up. The guys start to circle Scott and end up jumping him and tie him up. They hang him up like he had me hung up and prepare to beat the shit out of him for me. "Mike's been hurt twice by this fucker, now we'r e going to pay Scott back since he can't do it himself."

Mike is so pissed off at Scott that he looks like he's about to explode. For some reason though, he just looks at the damage that was inflicted on me and starts to tear up. He pick me up and lays me on the couch. Alex tries to pull him away so he can t end to me but Mike won't let go. Mikey comes up to him and tells him to give Scott what he deserves. Mike just looks at Scott and turns bright red. He gets up and walks over to him and spits on his face. Scott starts to panic and begs the guys to let him go. He looks like he's about to cry. "Sure, you can dish it out but you can't take it!" Mike yells at him. "Now you're going to pay!" as he punches him in the throat. He follows by kneeing him in the groin and then pummels his ribs until almost al l of them are broken. Adam gets up and beats on his face until you can't make out his features any longer. Scott starts to spit blood and they cut him down.

As he's crawling on the floor all of the guys start to beat on him at the same time. Scott is just crying out in agony and tries all he can to get them to stop. He can't and they continue their attack for the next hour. After he's totally beaten, they just look at him. Alex props me up a little bit and I look at him also. He's just laying there like a scared animal. He's curled up in a little ball and is crying. "How the mighty hath fallen" I say. "What a fucking loser." Just then the Police and Paramedics show up. Appearently, Alex's dad is high up in the Police Department and he told his dad what happened. His dad was very cool about it and since things were taken care of, no charges are pressed. I'm taken to the hospital and will be there f or the next two weeks. All of the guys come to visit me every day to try to make up with me. I'm hesitant at first but I eventually give in. Who know's, maybe my circle of friends will start to grow.

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