Doug Wrestles Jason Story

Jason held Doug in a full nelson. Doug reached behind his head and did his best to pry Jason's fingers apart. Jason started to lose his grip so he forced Doug forward and smashed his head into the turnbuckle. Blood started to pour from a cut on Doug's forehead as he slumped down to the ground. Next, Jason started a series of kicks to the side of Doug's face. In unbearable pain, Doug started to lose conciousness. How did a 32 year old athlete like Doug end up in a situation like this?

It all started a week earlier. Doug had been training wrestlers for several years. He was known throughout the country for his ability to gain submissions against everyone he wrestled. Lately, Doug started becoming over confident and quite cocky. Gaining a submission during a match wasn't enough. He also did his best to humiliate his opponents. Usually this meant stripping his opponent during a match and shaving their head after knocking them out with a sleeper.
Well, Jason knew of Doug's reputation and he felt it was time for Doug to learn a lesson! Jason was only 22 but he was identical in size to Doug. Other than the age difference, the only difference was that Jason was smooth and Doug was slightly hairy. Jason did some research, and he knew which gym to find Doug working out in. Jason joined the gym and after a few visits, he finally encountered Doug in the locker room. Jason had just finished a workout and was getting ready to shower when Doug entered the locker room. As soon as he entered, Doug noticed Jason's muscular body and told him that he might look good someday if he continued to workout. Doug was as cocky as Jason had heard. After Doug's remark, Jason grabbed Doug and applied a headlock. Doug, who was fully dressed, ripped Jason's towel off and left him fully exposed. Still in the headlock, Doug lifted Jason into the air and dropped him onto his knee. Jason released the headlock as his tailbone made contact with the knee. Jason fell to the cold, concrete floor as Doug stood over him. Doug made a wrestling challenge. They were to meet at a local wrestling ring in 1 week. They would wrestle a no holds barred match till one of them could not continue. The two men shook hands and stared into the other's eyes. And then Doug's knee made contact with Jason's naked crotch. Jason fell to the floor and wondered if he was ready to take Doug on in 1 week!

The match night arrived. Both men entered the ring in pro trunks and boots. The owner of the ring watched from one of the nearby seats, expecting to see another victory for Doug. Both wrestlers locked up in the center of the ring. Sweat already was noticable on their hard bodies from the heat of the above spotlights. Doug made the first move by going for a single leg takedown on Jason. Doug staddled Jason's chest and began punching him in the face.
Jason reached up and clawed Doug's forehead with his nails. A trace of Doug's blood dripped onto Jason. Jason rolled Doug off of him and managed to climb onto him while Doug was on his stomach. Jason grabbed Doug's wrists and attempted to apply a surfboard. Doug simply laughed. He said that the match doesn't go that way. He said that he was the one that would be applying the holds. Instantly, their positions were reversed. Jason was on his stomach
and Doug was sitting on the center of his back. Doug wrapped his legs around Jason's arms, locking his feet together behind Jason's neck. Next, Doug grabbed Jason's ankles and lifted them up towards Jason's head. This was one of Doug's specialty submission holds that usually had the victim giving up in an instant. Of course Doug usually prolonged the hold until the victim agreed to whatever Doug wanted. Jason's arms were drawn close together by the pressure being applied by Doug's legs. Jason's hands were touching his own feet which Doug was trying to bring all the way up to the back of Jason's head. Jason blocked out all of the verbal taunts that Doug was giving him. He did hear Doug say that he planned on turning Jason into a skinhead and then planned on dumping him naked on the streets somewhere to be found and abused by anyone nearby. Hearing this, Jason knew there would be only one way to escape. Jason yelled out his submission. Doug eased the pressure on the hold and after another minute or two Jason was free.

Doug told Jason that it was now time to take a nap. As Doug went behind Jason to apply a sleeper, Jason elbowed Doug in the gut. Next, Jason kicked Doug several times in the midsection. He grabbed Doug by the arm and spun him into the ring ropes. This was followed by a clothesline that put Doug flat on his back. Jason lifted Doug to his feet and applied a full nelson. He then rammed Doug into the turnbuckle. Doug went down to his knees. He knew that he was a fool for letting Jason out of the earlier submission hold. As Doug was temporarily dazed, Jason ripped off Doug's trunks and stuffed them into his mouth. Jason then brought
the now gagged Doug to ring center and lifted him into what looked like a piledriver. Instead of dropping him head first into the ground, Doug's legs went over Jason's shoulder. Doug was now in a single shoulder backbreaker. Next, Jason bent his own head forward and reached under Doug's arms. He positioned Doug so that they were back to back, with Doug still in the air, naked and gagged. With every bit of strength he had, Jason lifted his arms straight up as his hands clawed at Doug's armpits. Next, Jason hooked his arms around Doug's; making Doug's arms extend as if he were a scarecrow. Doug was now crucified against Jason's back. He could not submit due to the trunks that were stuffed in his mouth. Doug's weight was working against him, adding pressure to the crucifix. Doug placed his feet against the front of Jason's thighs, hoping to push himself upward to ease the pressure of the hold. This is exactly what Jason wanted Doug to do. Jason slowly dropped to his knees and bent forward. Doug was still trapped against Jason's back. As Jason bent his own head towards his knees, Doug's back was being severly arched. Doug's own head was only inches away from his own feet. Tears streaked Doug's face and eventually he blacked out due to the backbreaking pain.

Jason threw Doug off of his back and acted quickly to humiliate Doug. Jason grabbed Doug's gym bag which was nearby. In it was a pair of handcuffs and some hair clippers. Jason thought about giving Doug a mohawk but decided he would rather spend his time fucking Doug's beautiful muscular ass. As Jason fucked Doug, he held Doug tightly in a full nelson. Doug woke up and realized what was happening. The only fucking Doug had ever done had been with women. Keeping Doug in the nelson, Jason pulled Doug to his feet with Doug still impaled on Jason's 9 inches. Doug was shocked to see that he was now sporting a major erection of his own. Jason lifted Doug off the ground with the full nelson and his cock muscle right as he shot into Doug's no longer virgin ass. Doug was dumped on the ground and forced to jack himself off as Jason stood over him and watched.

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