Extreme Gay Cabin Brawl Story


Joe made his way through the dense underbrush, pushing through a
clump of bushes he saw the old dilapidated cabin sitting amongst a bunch of
dead shrubs. Opening the creaky door the black haired bear slowly entered.
The only light filtered in from gaps in the ceiling and the small, yellowed
window next to the door. Adjusting his eyes to the lack of light he saw that
the floor was covered in a blanket of dust and dirt. Cobwebs covered the
ceilings and walls while a brown spider sat in her web. A rodents nest in the
fireplace showed proof of a recent occupant. The air was thick and dank,
smelling of mildew and rotting wood. The silence was shattered by a deep
voice, �I didn't think you'd show asswipe�. Turning, Joe saw the reason he
had traveled to the woods.

Sam stood leaning in the corner nearest the door, clad only in a cum
stained yellow jock and white tank top, his arms dangling at his side, fists
clenched, eyes full of hate and challenge. �Fuck you Sammie� said Joe as he
slowly removed his boots, jeans and shirt revealing an equally stained black
jock encasing his rapidly swelling cock.

The two men were compatible in size, both 5'11'' Joe at 190, Sam at
185. The two had met over the net on the gaywrestle channel, and it didn't
take long for a rivalry to develop, one that quickly turned ugly. The two had
never met until today, and each knew they would probably never meet
again. The agreed upon rules were easy to remember, there were NO rules.
The two would fight until one of them couldn't or wouldn't continue. The
only thing the two could agree upon was that they deeply disliked each
other and that they really wanted this fight.

Sam stripped off his tank top and shucked it at Joe growling �lets go
cocksucker�. Joe took Sam�s top off of his shoulders and wiped his jock
with it before throwing it into the fireplace. Sam spit and started walking
towards Joe who put his fists into a fighting stance. The two circled slowly,
their eyes tunneled. Suddenly Sam threw a solid left which connected to
Joe�s cheek. Joe retaliated with a uppercut that stung Sam�s chin. The
brawlers threw their bodies together in a clinch, a real test of strength that
saw them rolling against the walls, still standing, struggling for dominance.
Joe placed a kick to Sam�s groin, doubling him over, a double fist to the
neck sent Sam to the floor. Joe picked his enemy up by the hair, forearmed
him and then threw him against the wall.

Sam came off the wall with his fists up, charged Joe and caught him
in the gut with a hard shot, a kick to the nuts and Joe was on the floor
clutching his now limp balls. Sam then kicked Joe in the back and dropped a
knee on him. As Sam started to rise Joe placed a hard shot to Sam�s balls
and pulled him to the ground. Joe straddled Sam and started a viscous
punching attack aimed at Sam�s face, opening up a cut on his right cheek.
Tiring of hitting his foe, Joe rolled off Sam and sat next to his bleeding

The two men slowly rose to their feet and without speaking a word
assumed boxers stances and started circling. As if on cue both men let out
guttural screams and lunged at each other, fists and knees flying the two
pummeled each other across the room, blood flowing as a cut opened over
Joe�s left eye and the gash in Sam cheek deepened. Joe managed to get Sam
in a headlock and dragged him to the floor. Joe applied very little pressure
and Sam barely struggled as the two took a few minutes to rest. Suddenly
Sam hit Joe in the kidney, Joe retaliated by spitting in Sam�s face. The two
then started rolling around in the dust, knees and fists flailing, first one, then
the other on top, rolling and struggling for dominance. Sam ended on top,
pounding on Joe�s cut eye until the blood flowed freely. Rolling off and
getting to his feet Sam asked Joe if he had had enough. �FUCK NO� was
the answer as Joe kicked at Steve from the floor placing the heel of his foot
onto Sam balls. Sam fell to his knees clutching his jewels, Joe threw a
forearm which sent him to the floor. Joe straddled his enemy and threw
punch after punch at his face and chest, until his arms were to tired to throw
anymore. Joe rolled off his opponent as he lay next to him, both men
bleeding and breathing hard.

The air now smelled of mildew, rot, sweat and blood. The dust and
dirt on the floor now mingled with blood and sweat. After a few minutes of
rest Joe got to his knees, �this ain't over is it asshole?� he asked. He got his
response as Sam got to his feet and spit into his face. �Then lets finish it�
Joe said as he got to his feet. The two men put their fists up, but did not
circle. Their eyes tunneled into each others. Even though no words were
spoken the hate in their eyes spoke volumes. Slowly they started circling,
throwing totally ineffective jabs they inched closer and closer together.
Suddenly they grabbed each other in a mutual bearhug, their hairy chests
straining against each other as they tried to squeeze the life out of each
other. Pushing Sam up against the wall Joe kneed him in the gut, Sam lost
his grip and Joe threw three solid punches to his gut. Grabbing a handful of
Sam hair he pulled his head up and threw three more solid shots shattering
Sam�s nose. Joe slammed the back of Sam�s head into the wall. Releasing
his hold he backed away as Sam slowly slid down the wall into a lump an
the floor.

Joe picked up Sam�s tank top and used it to wipe the blood from his
face. He then stood over Sam�s prone body and removed his once again
swollen cock from his jock and jacked off, shooting his load onto Sam�s
bloody face, he watched as his cum mixed with the free flowing blood from
Sam�s cuts. Using the tank top to dry off his dick, Joe then threw it on top of
Sam and got dressed. As he was leaving Joe heard Sam moaning in pain. He
turned around, spit towards his mortal enemy and said, �See you on the line
cocksucker� and closed the door behind him.

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