First Fight Story

I had been a rough year. After a long stretch of unemployment I had finally moved to a new city and was starting to get back on my feet.

Not really knowing anyone and starting out with little money, my free time consisted of running and lifting weights and practicing kickboxing routines as best as I could without a proper training partner.

I actually enjoyed having the time to myself. I figured making friends and going out could come in a few months when the
weather warmed up and I had paid off all my moving expenses.

On weekends I would often just walk the downtown streets getting my bearings and watching the bar strip gong show from the sidelines. I always got off on the testosterone in that environment. Guys driving up and down in their muscle
cars, other guys posturing to impress their girls. Drunken fist fights. It was all so predictable, yet so entertaining.

I was never really one to look for fights, but the idea of a street fight with
some musuclar cocky punk turned me on to no end. Occassionally my path would cross with
some stud who had a bad temper and one two many drinks in him and we would lock in a challenging stare for a second or two. I would get an instant rush, but due to my better judgement I never let it escalate anything more.

This particular night I was in a great mood. An early warm spell had set in and
everyone was out on the street. I had just got back from a killer late night chest workout at the local gym (they finally kicked me out at 11PM) and I felt like taking in the air and exploring the western part of my downtown neighbourhood.

I walked for a long time along the main bar drag. Nothing too crazy was happening yet, but the booze was clearly flowing heavily. I figured I would head back this way in an hour or so when the energy was a bit livelier

I had seen a couple of used car dealers earlier in the week and i now realized
that they were only just on the other side of the railroad tracks from where i was
now. I figured browsing cars would be a good time waster before heading home. I could have done the sensible thing and walked 3 blocks to the next underpass, but I decided to hop the fence and head over the railroad tracks instead.

Away from the lights of the street I had a hard time seeing where I was going, but then I saw the lights of the car dealership and headed that way.

Feeling particularly turned on by the gritty surroundings and the warm air I
stripped off my t shirt and started throwing a few jabs, knees and elbows - shadow boxing and moving in and out between the lines of rail cars.

It was then that I saw him.. just a dark silhouette at first.. leaning up against the far fence. As I got closer I could see
that he was built like a tank, only about 5'6 in height but at least 170ibs. I felt a sickening feeling that I was about to get busted by a railroad security guard

I debated whether to make a run for it, but I figured I would just act natural and started walking towards the far fence and the car dealers lot on the other side

As I approached the fence he got up, and began walking so as to cut me off before the fence.

He then stripped off his shirt and casually said

"If you want to hop this fence you are going to have to get past me first" be continued.

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