Gut Punching Stories

Twisting Steel - a gut punching story

That day, I was in a particularly aggressive mood. The boss was in my shit. My mate was upset cause I don't make enough money. Mom nagged me about my helping her on the weekends. This was just a screwed up day! I'm sure glad Don closed up the gym early cause I don't want to deal with nobody right now. Man...I feel like I wanna kill something...where's my fuckin' mitts! I gonna blast that bag so hard! I think I'll go for the filling, Don needs to get a new bag anyway. This bag better take my best shots cause I ain't stopping til I'm done, ripped or not! POW! POW!! POW!!! Damn I'm pissed...gotta work off this aggression! POW! POW! POW! Sure would be nice to smack on some real flesh right now! POW! POW!! I'd love to test my power hook on some hard abs right now. POW!! POW! POW!! POW! POW!! "Who the hell are you!" "Rob...just coming in for a little workout." "How did you get in here, the place is closed." "I got some keys. Don let's me workout late sometimes. I like the place quiet." (Damn!) "Not tonight buddy, this gym is mine tonight! Come back tomorrow..." "Yeah? Seems like there's some room left!" "Don't you fuckin' listen??? I ain't in the mood to share." "I heard ya. You just ain't sending me away so easy..." POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! (What do I gotta do to this kid?) "You better leave...NOW!" POW! POW! POW! POW! POW! POW!

"I don't think so. Maybe you ought to give me a reason." "Look you little shit!" I grab him and slam him against the wall. "don't fuck with me boy!" With him against the wall, I notice this kid is built. His hard body is visable, even under his clothes. I start to wonder... "Yeah? What you gonna do? I'm ready to glove up with you anytime!!!" Shit! Is this kid stupid or what? I could kill him! "WHAT THE..." He jammed a knee into my balls. The pain grew from deep in my gut and rose into my brain. "I can take your best wise ass!" I dropped him and went weak for a moment, slightly losing my composure. "See? I told you! You ain't chasing me away old man!" "Why you sonofa...I will kick your...!" The words choked me as the rage swelled inside. I became delerious from the anger and the pain. "C'mon...let's see whatcha' got." "I am gonna kill you, you little prick!" I jumped back, pulled him from the wall and slammed a spinning back kick to his head. The force of the kick rocked him as he went sailing to the floor. "GET OUT!!!" "No!" He shook his head for a moment while crouched on one elbow. "GET OUT BEFORE I KILL YOUR ASS!!!"

The kid wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth, got up on his knees and shook his head again. "Was that your best shot?" I jumped over and launched a front kick into his midsection that caused the kid to nearly bounce off the floor. "DON'T MAKE ME TELL YOU AGAIN! DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOUR ASS?" The kid groaned for a minute. "Just try it. I got a body of steel. In fact, that felt good!" His words blew me away, then a calm come over me. The rage was still there, but all of a sudden it was focused with pinpoint accuracy. "That does it. I told you and you didn't listen." Funny how things turn out. Sometimes the very thing you need walks right through the door. I gotta calm myself, I don't wanna kill this kid, but I sure am gonna have some fun. "So...I'm staying!!!" I went over to the heavybag and slammed a kick underneath it with enough force to cause it to bounce. Two of the chains broke free from the hook. I slammed another kick into the bag and the other chains popped off the hook. The bag maked a loud thud as it crashed to the floor. He reacted in utter amazement at the sight of the sheer force. Then he grinned at me. SHIT!!! That pissed me off even more. He then jumped up to his feet. He backed up a few steps as I came towards him. His look turned to show a little fear, but not much. "You want me punk???" "...wwwhatcha' gonna do?" "I told you to leave but you wouldn't listen. Now, I'm gonna take out my day on you..." I went to the corner where I saw a pile of jump ropes earlier. I grabbed for the pile and pulled out two ropes, then went for him. I launched another front snap kick into his unsuspecting belly He grabbed his abs and buckeled over. I grabbed him by the hair and forced his head back.

I slip in a kiss to his mouth. "I always kiss 'em before I work 'em over." Then I grinned at him. "What the fuck!" He reacted with shock, but didn't move. "Shut up pussyboy! You had your chance to get away, now you're mine." I rubbed the front of his shirt. I could feel the thickness of his pecs. When I got to his abs, I could feel the huge hills and deep valleys. Still grabbing his hair, I slapped him across the gut. "Those are mine tonight." He grinned at me with a gleem in his eyes. "Take 'em and do your best..." I grabbed him by the throat and ripped the shirt from the seams at his neckline. The rest of the shirt fell down to his pants. I unbuckled his belt and pulled the torn shirt from his pants, ripping it away until it broke free. He seemed to break out into a sweat just as I threw the shirt to the corner. I took my eyes from his to survey his torso that would soon be my battlefield. The mounds of muscle were beautiful. His chest was thick and striated. Beads of sweat traveled down to abs. They were thick and hard. He flexed his abs and they bounced to attention. Then he grinned at me again. "You think you can break me down old man?" Just then, I noticed the obvious bulge in his pants which slumped just enough to display the top of his bush.

"You like this don't you pussyboy?" He grinned again. "I'm not afraid of you pops. I been workin' hard on this body. Men bigger and meaner than you have tried to break me down. If you think you can, go on and try it." My muscles reacted to the challenge, almost on their own. Without warning, I parried to his left side and drove a knee into his gut. I again caught him by surprise and folded him over. I grabbed his left hand and wrapped some of the rope around his wrist, then I grabbed the other wrist and did the same, stretching his arms behind him. He straightened back up and smiled. "You think this is something new? Guess again pops!" "It's only just beginning...son..." I pushed his head to the wall and kicked his feet into a spread-eagle position. He kept grinning at me. "So, you think you're tough. I like that. I don't like to play with wimps." "Hit me with your best shot pops!" "Shot?" I grinned at him. "I intend to bury by fists and feet into your abs until you beg me to stop!" "Hope you brought dinner." He let out a chuckle. "No, but I did bring dessert." POW! I slammed a viscious spinning back kick into his stomach. It caught him off guard but he was semi-flexed so the damage was minimal. "Ooooo. That was nice!", he said with a grin. "Fuck you boy! There's more where that came from..." I took a position directly in front of him so he could see my face. "Let's start with some basics." I slammed a reverse punch into his stomach. The mounds of muscle protected him easily. It almost seemed like punching a brick wall. He kept his breathing short and his abs flexed so I wouldn't catch him off guard again. I launched an arsonal of 25 reverse punches into his gut, first into his stomach then working my way down to his bush.

I knew it was pointless to aim at the muscle so I focused on the linear tendon running down the center. He stood there and watched me as I fired off the set then he laughed. "Is that the best that you can do?" "Not at all boy, the best is coming." I fired off another 25 punches, this time working my way up into his solar plexus. My target practice paid off because he was no longer smiling, but breathing a little harder. "Had enough pussyboy?" "Fuck you! I can take ALL you got...and more!" "Good, cause I ain't finished." I continued with my precision target practice, first placing 25 hard jabs into his stomach, then another set right below the navel and continuing with a belly-busting set again into his solar plexus. The constant barrage to one area was working, but we both were taxed, breathing hard and sweating. This was just what I needed. The one thing I noticed was that he was not grimacing...just intensely focused. It was almost like he was stealing my power from me and using it for his own pleasure. "How's it feel ready to give up?" "No...PLEASE NO...Sir!" The bravado was leaving both of us.

I had finally earned his respect. "Please Sir! Work me some more! I love it Sir!" More than that he was earning my respect too... "What do you want to take now son?" "Sir! Could you increase the power Sir! Drive 'em deep...make 'em do more than sting Sir! "Oh! So they are not deep enough? You want me to blow out your gut huh? How much damage you willing to take before you submit?" "I will NEVER submit Sir! I will take as much as you have to give Sir! And come back tomorrow for some more...Sir!" He started to grin again. This time, I couldn't help but grin with him. This kid was a monster. He already took a lot from me and still wanted more! I could watch the sweat bounce off this hard body all night, but I couldn't let this kid beat me. I had to break him down, but atfer watching his powerful heaving chest flex with those tight abs, I knew it wouldn't be easy. Still, I never let anyone else go without submission, so neither will he. In fact, I may just take him beyond submission. Let's see if he can handle that! "Ok want more power?" "YES SIR!" I got in real close to him and breathed in his face. "Let's see if you can take my uppercuts." I pushed his head back with my left hand and held it there, then I drove a right into his stomach. My fist bounced off my hard target but he still let out a little 'umpf'. He closed his eyes as if to say GO FOR I did. I drove in one after another, forcing him to flex after each punch. He seemed to get into it, matching my rhythm with his flexing abs. I worked him in that position until I started getting tired, but he still managed to keep flexing as if I had done little damage. I could feel my anger rise a little, realizing that this was the toughest challenge I'd had. "Ok boy. Time to break you down..." "Yes Sir! Please break me down Sir!" His begging told me that he was ready to go the limit. It was time for a new strategy.

I grabbed him by the throat and pulled him to the place where the heavybag was laying. I positioned him in front of it, then pushed him over it. His body arched backward over the thick, round bag while his head and feet touched the floor. He grabbed the bag with his tied hands to maintain the position. "You ready for me son?" "Sir Yes Sir!" I hadn't noticed before, but the kid had a U.S. Marine insignia tattooed on his left shoulder. "Are you a grunt boy?" "Yes Sir!" No fuckin' wonder this kid could take so much abuse! "I LOVE workin' over grunts, but you're the best one yet!" "Thank you Sir! Please work me good Sir!" From this position, his bulging crotch was obvious. "Work me good Sir! Let me take your best Sir!" Damn! A grunt! I am gonna have some real fun now... There he was...laying there. His body was spread in the perfect position. He tried hard to maintain his flexed abs but his breathing made it difficult. His belly muscles balooned as he breathed. "You want it hard or easy grunt?" "Please start light Sir! Let me get into it...Sir! I promise not to let you down Sir!" "You haven't so far..." I positioned myself over his stretched out belly and pressed my right foot into his stomach. He began to moan almost immediately. I couldn't help but notice the crotch bulge. "Let me set you free grunt." "Sir Yes Sir!" I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees, but did not take them off. His cock rushed out at me, breaking through the slit in his boxer shorts. His huge one-eyed snake was staring at me, pulsating with a bright purple hue. He started to smile at me again.

"I'm all your's...Sir!" Then he bent his head back and closed his eyes. The sweat mixed with the oil from his skin and produced a glow from his muscular body that is usually only seen on a posing platform at a bodybuilding contest. His body was beautiful, from his muscular arms to his beefy chest to his striated legs. He had worked hard on his body and now it's my turn. I stepped over his torso and again pressed my foot into his gut. He started moaning again. He breathed heavily against the force of my foot as if to challenge me to stop him. I snapped a sharp kick into him. His moan got louder. I started slamming kicks into his stomach as his moan bounced from the impact. "Deeper Sir!", said with a raspy voice, "Please dig deeper..." I repositioned myself and leaned my knee into his gut. The moaning indicated that I was right on target. I grabbed both sides of the heavybag, lifted my body and dropped my right knee into his abs. There was a loud thud as my knee came crashing into his gut and he let out a moan as the air rushed out. I continued with a few more kneedrops until the position started to take its toll on me. "How you doin grunt?" "Lovin' it Sir! Please keep going..." This kid ain't never gonna quit. But that's ok because I ain't ready to quit either. I jumped up from that position and dropped into his solar plexus, slamming my elbow into him with all my strength. He let out a big groan as his body quivered and squirmed and tried to receive my power blow. Finally, his face started to grimace, I knew that I'd gotten into him but I didn't say a word...except "KAI!!!" as I drove another elbow deep into his gut. Now I got him! His breathing was heavy, his body started to squirm across the heavybag.

His moaning became heavier...deeper. SLAM! I drove another elbow into his gut forcing him to open his eyes wide and lift his feet slightly off the floor. "Had enough grunt?" "...nnnever Sir!" His breathing and moaning had effected his speach so much it was difficult for him to talk. "You sure?" "Please Sir! More Sir!" By now, his voice was week and I knew he couldn't take too many more elbows like that. I brushed my fingertips across his abs and he squirmed at the touch. I knew this boy was done, but he wouldn't quit, so neither would I... I decided to pull back a little, I did not want injured meat on my hands. I kneeled down beside him and I started massaging his now tender abs. They were bright red from all the abuse. I wanted to give him a moment to rest and think about if he wanted to continue. Even with his torso stretch out, his abs felt like a washboard. I worked them deep with my thumbs, circling from the center outward.

 The sweat was a good lubricant as I kept rubbing. I kept massaging his torso while I took in as much of the view as possible. I couldn't help but slam a few hammer fist into his chest and abs as I worked on him. He seem to get into it again as I continued massaging. His thick arms were almost white from the lack of circulation. "How are your arms doing grunt?" "They are numb Sir, but I will survive." "Here let's do this..." I grabbed the rope that tied his hands under his body and pulled his arms down. "Slip your legs through your arms." He struggled for a moment, but managed to get each leg through his looped arms. "Ah...Thank you Sir!" He pulled his arms overhead, stretching out his body even more. As he took in a deep breath, I couldn't resist the urge. SLAM! His body jerked as I landed a punch into his gut. The air rushed out of his lungs as he moaned. "Thank you Sir!" "You had enough grunt?" "No Sir, but it looks like you have!" He grinned at me and I laughed. "Maybe I have..." The he looked at me with an evil grin. "Lightweight!" he whisped to my face. I leaped to attention at the sound of his confrontation. "You sonfabitch!" He didn't move, just grinned at me. "I will break your muscled ass if it takes me all night!" "I will NEVER submit...sir!" He spoke as if he was not impressed with my performance. I sure was! Nobody has ever taken this much...not even me! I could sense the strength rushing back to my body. "You are goin' down grunt! I WILL break you this backing off!" He kept grinning..

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