This is a true story about a GI I used to gutpunch here.

I met Jim at the unlikely hour of four o'clock on a hot summer day. I had been to the gym, a usual Sunday afternoon event for me because it was usually deserted, and I had driven around afterwards because I was bored. My folks had gone to Florida for the weekend and would not be back until late, my best buddies all were busy doing other things, and I was alone and really ripe for trouble. So I drove through town in my truck, without a shirt as I usually do in the summer, and was surprised to see this guy come out of this adult video shop wearing levis and no shirt.

Downtown is notoriously dead on Sunday afternoon, and this was a startling sight. I pulled up to the curb for a better look and was surprised when the guy stuck his thumb out. I nodded, and he jumped in my truck and I drove off before any of my folks' friends might see me picking up a shirtless man on a Sunday in the main part of town!

He didn't say much, and we just looked each over as I drove down the avenue. He was of medium height and pretty well built, with a moderate amount of body hair covering a well-muscled stomach. His arms were small compared to my 17 inch guns, which had just had the benefit of a good workout, but he seemed solid all over. I guessed he was thirty, and it turned out to be right on the money. He had on an old pair of clean jeans and some Reeboks without socks. I thought, he looks pretty hot for an old dude!

Meanwhile, he was looking me over from top to bottom. All I had on was a pair of cotton workout short, for I had taken off my tank top before getting in the truck. My Nikes looked pretty bad compared to his clean shoes, but he seemed to like what he saw as he took in my husky body, recently pumped by a hard workout. We talked, at first hesitantly, but then he blurted out "I like for guys to beat me in the stomach!" I nearly shit.

I had been getting into gutpunching about a year, and had met a guy named Red who loved to show me the ropes, but I had never had a guy so outgoing with his wants as this one. I did manage to keep my cool and not jump on him, as I asked him a few of the standard question. I had already assumed he was a GI because his head was practically shaved, and he told me he was a sergeant at the base and that his name was Jim. I though-Jim, this is your lucky day!

Driving around, I coaxed out of him how he had gotten into this love of pain. Actually he had no rationale for it, but thought that the erotic sight of a fist coming toward his gut was the greatest turnon imaginable. My dick was beginning to rise, and he kept eyeing it as we talked about where and how he liked to feel the pain. I really was about to shoot when we drove up in our driveway, for I had already determined it was safe to take him home and show him my version of Southern hospitality.

I had started weightlifting at 12 and boxing at 13, so my dad, deciding I was going to be a musclehead, had fixed up a gym for me in the garage. I had all kinds of weight equipment, which I hardly used since I preferred to work out at the gym among other muscle guys. I also had a small ring, and I liked it's dimensions for the reason that I could bang up my partners and they didn't have room to get away from me. Jim's eyes bulged when he saw my setup, and he must have sensed that this was the place to have his fantasies realized.

He walked around the gym looking over the equipment as I stood there waiting for him to make the next move. He threw a few punches at the speed bag, then walked slowly to the heavy bag. I walked over and stood by him as he looked at it. "Try it out", I told him, and he threw a few punches. "Now you do it" he told me. I turned, and saw a funny look in his eyes.

I took my stance and began what is my usual routine of heavy bag work. Actually it is my favorite exercise, and I always visualize that the bag is some guy's body, and that I am ready to finish him off in the most brutal way. I threw combinations until the sound of my bare fist slapping against the leather was like a drumbeat. I stopped and looked at Jim again. His eyes were glazed, and I knew I had him hooked!

"Hold it for me" I told him. I slipped on my workout gloves and he watched intently as I separated each finger so they fit as tight as possible. Then he took his position behind the bag as I moved closer, took up a stance again, and resumed my assault on my leather target. Jim was really turned on now. His muscles were tight, and the tension showed in his entire body as he held the bag closer to his body. I realized he was getting off on feeling my punches go through the bag and to his body. My dick was fully erect under my shorts. I was ready to give Jim what he wanted!

I stopped the punches and motion to Jim to move away from the bag. He obeyed like he had been my slave for years. I moved directly in front of him and rubbed my right hand up and down his abs. He looked me in the eyes and I knew he was ready for me to bust him open. I shot a right into his tensed gut and he let out a loud moan, but did not move. I knew if he could take that shot without going down he had a good stomach, and that he would be just what I had always wanted for my workout. I gave him a series of combinations, testing out all the spot around his navel. He even withstood a jab to the solar plexus, a punch I have used in the ring to ko a couple of guys.

Slowly and methodically I circled his gut, trying to find the particular sweet spot that would make him cave in. He moaned and groaned, but never tried to move away from my fist as I busted his gut into mush. I soon noticed that punches right under the navel made him wince, so I concentrated my focus there, and pretty soon he was bending over, but still refusing to move back. I started using an uppercut motion on this tender spot, and found I had softgutted him and that he could no longer keep his muscles tense. Then I concentrated on going in harder, and swore to myself that Jim would feel my fists deeper in him than he ever had before.

I outweighed Jim by at least 15 pounds, and I knew it could not last too much longer like this. The uppercuts seemed to be more effective that the jabs and hooks. Soon he was letting out a constant moaning sound as my fists drove deeper and deeper into his softened gut. Sometimes he shut his eyes, but most of the time he looked straight into my eyes, and this turned me on. I knew he could not last under the punishment I was giving him.

Then all of a sudden he hollered out and fell to the floor. He made strange sounds as he clutched his gut and rocked back and forth on his knees. I realized he was cumming, and the thought that I had punched him to an orgasm was a powerful stimulant to my cock. I moved over him and, as his moans subsided, I pulled his head back where he was looking up into my eyes again. Then I pulled my shorts down and took my cock, now hard as a rock, and pushed it slowly down his throat until I could go no farther. Then I held it there, looked down into his submissive face, and filled his throat with one of my biggest loads yet. He never pulled away, but took it all as I held the back of his head and pushed in as deep as I could fit my cock in his throat.

Jim stayed on his knees as I spurted all my load deep into his throat. He never tried to pull away from my cock, and seemed content to have my eight inches draining deep in him. And I was so turned on by the whole scene that I stayed motionless, my eyes locked on his, and slowly rubbed his face and shaved head with my workout gloves. This is as much tenderness as either of us wanted.

After that first meeting with Jim, when I first busted him to an orgasm, I thought I probably wouldn't see him again. It was dangerous for a GI to be getting into that kind of sex, and I didn't know if I had been to much for him. No need to worry. The following Saturday he called me, just wanting to talk for a while, and I found out a little about him.

He had been stationed at the base for about a year, was married, and had a young daughter. He could never explain how he managed to get into his wild sex without his wife finding out, but I figured she was either stupid or disinterested. Anyway, it was apparent that I had the dude hooked, and that he wanted a steady diet of my fists and cock. And, since he was so fucking hot himself, it suited me fine. I told him a little about me, letting him know I was usually free on the weekends, when my folks usually went to our beach house, and that I had my own phone line and a good bit of privacy for a guy my age.

He asked me about my buddies who were into boxing or into gutpunching. I told him all about Scott, my most confidential friend, and he was immediately interested. Scott was about 28 and weighed around 170, but was hard as a rock. I had met him at the gym when he was in the army, and now he had gotten out and had a job driving heavy equipment. He was a fine boxer, had been into it for years, and we soon got to sparring a couple of times a week. Although I outweighed him by at least 15 pounds he was an even match.

After a short time Scott and I became big buddies, and I told him about my gutpunching. Though he was straight, and lived with his girlfriend, he was interested and confided he had had dudes suck him off a couple of times. He though the gutpunching scene sounded hot, so I set it up for him to watch me once. He liked the macho way I worked the guy over, and told me later he almost shot off when I came on the dude's face.

Well, Jim immediately liked what I told him about Scott, and asked if I could have Scott watch us at our next session, which we had already scheduled for the following Sunday. I knew that there would be no problem, and it sounded really hot, so I said yes.

Sunday Scott came over about an hour before Jim was to appear, so we could get in some sparring. He was like me in that he hardly wore a shirt in the summer, and his red hair and freckled, but tanned, body looked great in his levis. He had that kind of metabolism that never required much exercise, he just stayed ripped by breathing! I loved to box him, and would have loved sex too, but knew he was straight and had accepted him almost as a brother. In spite of that we went at each other all out in the ring. When Jim appeared we were really sweaty for several rounds of hard boxing and some bag workouts.

As last time, Jim was in levis and no shirt. I introduced him to Scott, and he hardly spoke. He stared at us like he was on drugs, and it took me several more encounters to find out he just got this high on sex. I had boxing gloves still on, and he walked up to me, took my fists and rubbed the gloves over his torso. He had that strange look in his eyes, and I knew he was ready for me to totaly fuck him up.

I stepped in the ring and gestured for him to come in with me. He seemed turned on to be getting in a ring, and moved to the middle and looked at me with that cow-like look in his eyes."I'm ready!" he said. I stepped in front of him and put my fists up. "No mercy?" I asked. He nodded yes, and my dick started getting hard! He never ever thought of putting on gloves. He just held his hands behind him and stood there waiting to be butchered. Scott stood outside the ring waiting to see me begin the slaughter, but I was enjoying the moment just like Jim; the anticipation of this was almost as hot as the event. I stood with my guard up, letting him have a good look before I moved on him.

I started off hooking him with both hands, moving all around his stomach, not using full power. I wanted to make it last longer this time, specially since Scott was watching. Jim stood with his feel spaced so he didn't move backward, and took the punches. I started circling his navel, putting a little more muscle in each punch. Soon he was groaning, but still had not moved back. Then I dug a vicious right into his solar plexus and he let out a holler and went to his knees. I though, "Shit, I did it too fast again!" but he started trying to get to his feet. All of a sudden Scott was in the ring behind him, helping him up. Then Scott took his place behind Jim as I moved in again.

I did the whole routine over again, this time starting off a little harder. After a minute I softgutted him, and could then dig my fist deep up in the mauled gut. I had though I would see how deep I could sink my fists, and sometimes I would use my right over and over again to try to touch his backbone. Scott stood directly behind to keep him up for me, and when he sagged Scott quickly slipped his hands under Jim's armpits and supported him. I backed off once more as he gasped for his breath.

I looked in his eyes and he looked straight back at me-no thought of surrender. Remembering how I had finished him last time, I told him, "Put your hands on top of your head!" He did as I commanded and stood there before me, ready for the finish! I moved in, flicked a few hooks right under his navel to the left, and gave him all I had in the same place. He let out a scream and started down, but Scott held him up again. I stood toe to with him and hammered his sweet spot as he let out all kinds of screams and moans until I felt my fist sink in, and I knew I had gone as deep as I could go. He shot off gallon as Scott held him up, and I nearly shot myself at his ecstasy.

While his cock was still dripping Scott let him go to his knees and he knelt there, moaning, his cock draining on my mat, while I stood in front of him with a raging hard on. I threw off my gloves and quickly unbuttoned my jeans, as my cock popped out. Scott took his head in his hands and tilted it backwards as I shoved it to the bottom of Jim's throat. Two pumps, with Scott holding the head steady, and I filled him with cum.

Then, a surprising thing-Scott released Jim's head and stepped in front of him. He took his dick out and it was rigid. He just stood there in front of Jim's face and let him see it, and all of a sudden Jim crawled into Scott's crotch and took it down all the way. Scott lasted about four pumps, which made him a better man than me, before nutting down the throat. Jim, still holding his busted gut, looked up and smiled, and I realized I had a real live punching bag for my own.