Guys Fighting Story

I moved into my new home in a rural area in the Midwest. A nice quiet area where I could enjoy gardening, and the quiet from lack of traffic. Most of all, the house had an enormous basement that I turned into my exercise and wrestling and fight room. The houses were far enough apart that whatever I did in my home would not be noticed by any neighbors. All the yells, groans and screams coming from my opponents mouths as well as mine would never be heard. We could hurt, pummel, pound and punish one another with abandon and have no fear of being interrupted.
Shortly after moving in, UPS arrived with my mat purchase and as I was preparing to take them into the house, a neighbor teenager came up and asked if I needed help. He was 17 years old and on a long jog. His name was Kevin,a beefy football player build, blonde red hair and a very firm handshake. He helped me install the mats and in return I would teach him submission grappling and fighting techniques since his high school lacked a wrestling team and the town was too small for a martial arts school.
He was very enthusiastic and eager to start once the mats were installed. I was glad to have a local person I could work out with and if he showed promise, fight!

I had moved in June so we practiced all summer until he started his senior year and football season resumed. He learned quick and his enthusiasm was invigorating as well as contagious. We started with basic moves and submissions and gradually led up to strikes with gloves but nothing to hard. I didnt want to go at it with him until I knew he could really take it and give it back.
When football season ended he was ready to take up grappling with a vengeance. He had so much testosterone and aggressiveness that we were sparring more and more competitively as winter progressed.
His 18th birthday was in February and I asked him what he wanted for his big 18 years. He shocked me by asking for a full out fight! He said he wanted the opportunity to test out what he learned and that now was better than later. So I gladly told him he had a fight. He wanted to fight until a clear winner was determined, no limit to submissions, fight ended when one of us quit or was KOd. I couldnt believe it, we were going to really fuck each other up! We both agreed that we would willingly bruise and bloody each other up but not try to break any bones. Wed also wait a few weeks after his birthday when his parents would be away on a two week vacation. Wed fight that first Friday night they were away after he returned from school. We also agreed that for us to really lay into one another wed have to spend about a month not practicing together, but training alone or with others until the day of our fight. Wed smack talk on the phone, working each other up to the day we could lay into one another with abandon, leaving our friendship at the door so as to focus on the task of winning a fight.

I did plenty of push ups for punching power and lots of cardio and ab work to prepare myself and I know Kevin did the same. Hed call on the phone and tell me how he was eager to feel his bare knuckles slamming into my face, crushing my cheek to my teeth. How he wanted to hear my moans from the pain he inflicted. I returned the smack letting him know how much I wanted to hurt him prior to making him quit the fight or if he didnt quit hed know what it was like to be KOd.

We got our blood boiling and neither of us could wait for the day of our fight. That day finally arrived and I was nervous and excited about laying into him and by the thought of feeling his fists landing on me, making me want to hurt him more from the pain he inflicts on me.
We agreed to meet in the basement at 6 p.m. Id be already in red fight shorts and wrestling shoes awaiting his arrival. Hed change into his shorts upstairs and come down prepared to fight. Already being friends we wouldnt shake hands because we didnt want to break the built up aggression we created from our month apart.

6 oclock came and I stood on the mats ready for him. My body was almost shaking from the nervous excitement I felt from the anticipation of the pain and punishment to come. Kevin walked down the stairs, grappling shoes and black fight shorts accenting the fighters build. He was chomping on his mouth guard while I clenched my teeth on mine. We stood apart at opposite ends of the room staring each other down both wanting to fuck each other up! 30 seconds later we slowly raised our fists and cautiously advanced towards the center of the room. We lowered our torsos into a staggered stance and got close enough to begin locking up, shoving at one anothers forehead, grabbing and pulling each others wrists until we eventually tied up and fought to drag each other down. He kneed me in my abs, almost hitting my solar plexus. I almost lost my breath. I reciprocated the hit but landed hard in his solar plexus weakening him enough that I could arm drag him down and side mount him. I rammed my elbow into the side of his face at the same time my knee hit the other side, badly stunning him. I wanted this punk to hurt but I didnt want this to end quickly. I wanted this to last as long as possible. He prevented me from mounting him and put the heel of his hand hard against my upper lip, shoving it into my teeth while he pushed up and forced my head back. I switched my base so my weight was in my side shoving into his ribs with one arm behind his head and I gave him a quick and decisive jab into his mouth. I wanted him to taste blood but gauged myself so as not to get a quick win.

We fought slowly. I relished in the pain I could inflict and also appreciated the pounding he could give me. The room was very hot and we were drenched in sweat making some moves very hard to keep. Our bodies were plastered to one another, the heat pulsating from us, my face buried into his side, wet with sweat. Sometimes Id find myself in a hold with my mouth crushed against his skin and the sweat would flow right into my mouth and Id swallow it.

Id find myself in his guard and Id attempt to keep my forearm in his throat only to have it shoved aside his head and with the fall Id feel his fist slam into my ribs and kidney. Id retaliate with a hard elbow to his ribs, or Id get base, raise my hips into him and start to stack his legs while I swung at his face, landing some solid shots.

We both tapped many times, breaking briefly before resuming the fight. At one point after a break we just looked at each other with malice, raised our fists and just slugged each other in the face. He landed some good shots to my cheek and jaw, and a few to my ear, rattling me good. I was able to connect two solid hits to his nose, drawing some blood. With my fists still raised, I asked if he was going to stop. He called me a cunt and told me to fuck off and then dove in trying for a single leg takedown. I sprawled my legs out, driving my waist with all my weight on top of his shoulders, pushing him into the mats. We fought for position. Eventually I was on top but he had one of my legs in a half guard. I attempted to keep myself up so I could strike but he grabbed my head and then over hooked my arm deep under my pit, pulling me flat against him.
We were chest to chest and my cheek was pressed solidly against his, both of us pushing the other. I could feel his body heat and taste the sweat pouring off his face. Being in his half guard, my thigh was pressing forcibly into his crotch and his into mine. However, since I was on top I had the advantage of leverage and could push harder. I punched his lower ribs five times, wanting to make him hurt bad. He punched the back of my head with his free arm.

We struggled more with the punches and pushing until we started to stale mate. I was acutely aware of our body heat and sweat. My face was still pressed against his. Our crotches were slowly starting to grind and I noticed a rise in my groin. We punched each other again but with less intensity. After about a minute I started to move my head to prepare myself for a more advantageous position when our lips just touched. I felt an electric charge surge through my genitals and rested my head so my mouth was just aside his cheek. He didnt let go of his hold but with his free arm grabbed the back of my head and pushed it so our mouths were in alignment. He shocked me by pressing his hot wet lips onto mine and slowly kissed me. The kiss was pure ecstasy. We sucked down each others tongues with abandon. We ground our thighs firmly into each others crotch, pushing into our balls and hard cocks. After several minutes of this, we broke the kiss and I just said,FUCK!!! He said he wanted that so badly. He never knew how to approach it and decided this was just as good a time as any. oh Man, I said. I started to gently chew on his lip, he sucked on my upper lip. I ran my tongue along the outer portions of his lips, then gradually ran it along his jaw line and under his earlobes. He grabbed the back of my head and rammed his tongue into my mouth with an animal lust and we both ground our cocks into one another. After some minutes of this our mouths parted and I reminded him that our fight wasnt over yet. His eyes showed me a passion for fighting as well as loving.

He shoved my face into his mouth and we locked lips again for a few seconds. This was a distraction as I wasnt prepared to be swept onto my back and pounded in the face. I hipped out and was in his full guard. I tried various techniques to break his guard. Success came when I stacked his legs, thrust an arm and shoulder through and threw his legs over me until I got to his side and kneed him as hard as I could in the ribs. He attempted to knee me in the face but I kept my head to his body and prevented any damage from occurring. I was in a side mount and I succeeded in slamming my elbow hard into his jaw, stunning him enough so I could get into a full mount. I crept my knees up under his arms, pinching them good into his pits and placed all my body weight into my waist. I proceeded to ram my fist into his face, hitting him in the eye a few times until I switched to using my elbows, right, left and right again. I was stunning him and my ego was getting to me. He was able to buck his hips up and attempted to throw me. I was off balance but not enough to be thrown off. I landed my chest hard onto his face while throwing my arms out to secure my base. With his face pinned under my chest I took the advantage and repeatedly slammed my fist into him.

I had him so stunned the fight could have been over but my manhood was too aroused for me to finish just yet. I snaked my body down until our faces were side by side. I kept all my weight on him so he couldnt escape or counter. We were breathing so hard but I could tell he still had some fight in him. At this point I decided to take my time and happily realizing he still had a hard on I started to kiss him passionately. We kept at if for a few minutes until I decided enough was enough. I pulled myself into an upright posture, pushed my arm and hand onto his chest to hold him down and said, Time to finish what we started, Stud! with that I pounded my fist over and over into his mouth, crushing his lips to his mouth guard, bringing up blood, then I switched to his whole face until I could see his eyes start to glaze over and felt him go limp. We agreed the fight would end when one of us quit or was KOd and I decided it was to be a KO.
I kissed his bloody mouth, got off him and went to get some ice and a wet towel to clean him up. I got him to come to and after some minutes sitting next to each other while he recovered we started making out again and gradually and passionately made love to each other. In the passion of our love making we both said how we wanted more fights and afterwards we agreed on a schedule. Wed practice five days a week and once a month on the last day wed fight. We came up with a variety of rules and scenarios to try out and also included others into our friendship.

More will be revealed!

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