Headlock Wrestling Story

The day was hot but he liked it that way. He had just finished his work out and his body was covered with sweat as he looked at himself in the clear quiet pond. He was admiring his body that he worked so hard at keeping in shape, for he was the chosen one of his village. He was the warrior that the elders had picked from all the others to battle with the chosen warrior of their enemy village. His body that stood 5feet 10 inches tall was solid muscle of about 210#. He was the result of selected breeding over the years. Long ago the two villages would wage fierce battles against each other, almost to the point of killing off all of the men in the villages. It had been decided that each village would select one young man to represent the village every 2 years in a battle to decide who the victorious village would be. The victor of the battle would be allowed to breed indiscriminately in both villages. He would have his choose of any man or women whenever he felt the urge for, for the next 2 years. This tradition had worked well to keep the peace between the villages. This was Dars year to fight.

His hard body had a covering of dark hair made him look a little older than his 18 years. The European influence that had been brought to the village back in the 1700�s still lingered today and gave Dar a heavy set, broad shouldered look. That was one of the reasons he was chosen. He looked more intimidating than most of the other young men in the village. His dark closely cropped hair and thick eyebrows gave him a menacing look that could send chills down another mans spine. He was also chosen because his breeding capabilities were well known in the village. The young men were not allowed to bred with the women until the elders had chosen the warrior but to help eliminate the sexual lust that built in their bodies they were allowed to bred with each other. Dar had one of the most insatiable sexual appetites of any young man the elders had ever seen. He had been known to have sex with up to 10 other young men in one night. Now he sat down by the pond waiting for his opponent from the other village to show up. His 10� man shaft, even though only half erect, was already starting to drip his young man pre cum. He had purposely withheld from having sex for several days in anticipation of the fight. He knew that this fight was for more than physical dominance, it was also for sexual dominance and he wanted to make sure that he had a full load to deposit in and on his opponent.

Lin had arisen early this morning so that he could get in a light work out to loosen his muscles. His young, smooth body was a beautiful work of art. His village had been influenced by Mongol invaders in their past and still had the lean hard look of their Asian conquerors. Lin had been chosen at a young age to be the warrior for this year�s battle. Even in his youth when the young boys would �play� fight he would take it very seriously. Sometimes he had to be pulled off his opponent so that he did not seriously injure them. As he matured his muscles developed very rapidly and he had always excelled in the practice fights. He especially seemed to take pleasure in the sexual fights that the boys would practice. He was both feared and respected by his peers in the village. He was not the largest of the boys, being only 5�-8� and 190# but his speed and endurance more than compensated for his smaller frame. To practice for the upcoming fight he, many times, would have 3 or 4 other boys attack him and most of the time he had defeated the entire group and deposited his boy sperm in each of them. His nine-inch cock was almost always dripping as his sexual appetite was insatiable, and he had non-touch orgasms on a regular basis. The elders of the village had high hopes for this warrior as they had lost the last two battles and it was an embarrassment to have the other village�s warrior parading around and breeding both the men and women of the village. Lin had one of his friends massaging his muscles to help them loosen up as he was preparing to leave the village to meet his opponent. The though of the fight was exciting him so much that he was having a hard time controlling his lust. Finally he shoved his friend aside and headed out to avenge his villages losses of the past.

Dar instantly sensed Lin drawing near to the clearing that had been chosen for the battle. He was on his feet as Lin entered. Both young men eyed each other carefully and started moving toward each other around the pond. As they approached their man shafts grew hard and bounced as they walked. Pre cum dripped out the tips in huge long ropes as their lust grew. Dar thought to himself �this boy is so beautiful I hate to hurt him�. Lin, as he walked toward Dar was almost over taken by his desire for Dar. He was the most handsome male that Lin had ever seen. Both of them hesitated for a moment to try and shake these thoughts from their heads, as they both knew that they had a job to do. But each was so beautiful to the other that their loins were burning with desire and it made it hard to think about fighting. But Lin took the lead and crouched and started to circle Dar. The move almost startled Dar into reality but he responded instantly and crouched also. Both young men lunged simultaneously at each other and locked up in a bear hug struggling to throw the other to the ground. Just as they locked up their bodies also convulsed and their rock hard cocks sprayed each other with huge streams of cum, spreading over first each others chests, then onto their abs and finally the last of the spurts coating their pubic hair. Loud groans of sexual release carried through the air as they shot their first load of the battle. As their bodies continued to press together in their struggle the hot smell of sex filled their nostrils as the boy cum smeared between them. In a quick move Lin pulled Dar into a headlock and smashed his fist into Dars face 3 times. Dar was a little stunned but retaliated with two hard elbows to Lin�s abs.

Lin double over and released his hold on Dars head. As he did he took a step away and swung a hard sidekick to Dars temple sending him stumbling back several steps. Dar shook his head to clear the stars that he was seeing and charged at Lin wrapping his large arms around his waist and driving him back into a tree. Lins back and chest exploded with pain as he was slammed into the tree but that pain was nothing compared to the pain he felt as Dar slammed his thigh up between his legs and smashed his nuts up into his pelvic bone. Lin let out a load moan as he tried to double over from the pain between his legs but Dar held him in place in a massive bear hug. Again Dar slammed his thigh up into Lin causing him to gasp for air. But Lin had been in enough fights and had conditioned his body to absorb pain. He quickly gathered his wits and slammed his own thigh hard up into Dars gonads. Dars let out a loud gasp as the pain shot through his body. As he started to sink he felt the strong arms of Lin wrap around him and another thigh slam between his legs. Both sets of balls were on fire but the blows had also triggered the fight lust in each of them as their hard cocks were now dripping again. As they both tried to catch their breath, their bodies rested against each other, their cocks pushing and smearing each other�s bodies. In a lightning fast move Dar pulled back his fist and buried it deep in Lin�s ribs, once, twice, three times, causing Lin to fall to the ground clutching his side in pain. As Dar turned and raised his foot to stomp on him, Lin leg swept Dars leg knocking him to the ground beside him. Lin instantly rolled on top of Dar and straddled his chest and started pounding on his face.

Blood started flowing from Dars nose as he tried to protect his face from the raining blows. In a desperation move Dar reached up and drove his thumbs into Lins throat causing him to roll off him clutch his throat in pain. Dar slowly rose to his knees wiping the blood from his face and trying to clear his head. Lin also rose to his knees facing Dar. Both of their shafts were rock hard and dripping again as the fight lust was flowing in their veins. They both looked at each other, sweat dripping off their faces and chests. They were both within striking distance of each other but they just faced each other watching. Dar made the fist move and swung his fist hard, directly into Lin�s nuts. Lin let out a loud groan of pain as the pain shot through his body. At the same time a long rope of pre cum shot out the end of his cock spraying Dar. Lin retaliated with his one fist slamming hard into Dars large baby makers. Dar doubled slightly and gasped in pain as he to sprayed a long rope of his boy pre cum onto Lin. Back and forth they exchanged bows to the point that they had to lean on each other to stay upright. The erotic pain was driving them crazy. Finally Dar grabbed Lin by the head and drove his face down into the ground. Lin lay there stunned, trying to recover. Dar proceeded to move around behind Lin and grab his hips and pull him toward him. In one hard thrust he drove his hard cock deep into Lins� manhole.

Now Lin had never been on the receiving end of a sex fight before, having always won. The pain was excruciating and his head instantly rose up and he let out a howl of pain that could be heard for miles. Dar started to pump hard into Lin�s ass and he had already started to pour cum out his cock with out having an orgasm yet. Lin in a fit of rage and surprise reached back and raked Dars eyes causing him to pull out and fall over on the ground holding his eyes trying to clear his vision. Lin�s ass at this point was bleeding from the brutal assault on in it but his cock was harder than ever. He crawled over to Dar and grabbed his hips and thrust his 9� steel shaft deep into him. Dar, his vision still a little blurred, screamed in pain as his ass was also virgin. Lin began pumping hard and deep into Dar. Dar tried to crawl away but Lin had a tight grip on his hips. As Lin pumped in and out Dars cock began shooting long strings of pre cum. He had never experienced the sensation of another mans cock inside him. The pressure it made against his prostate was driving him wild. As Lin started pushing into him in a slower pace Dar turned on his back so he could face his warrior/lover. Lin�s eyes were semi glazed as the feel of Dars tight manhole was driving Lin to new heights of ecstasy. The twisting feeling against his cock as Dar turned over drove Lin into a huge orgasm and his body convulsed flooding Dars hole with his boy cum. Dar also reacted and his cock started spraying load after load of cum onto Lins face and chest. Both young men were sweating profusely as their bodies emptied their semen. But neither of their cocks even started to soften as most men do.

The lust in them was so strong that they continued fucking as hard as before. They looked into each other�s eyes and truly saw each other for the first time. Lin laid down on top of Dar with his hard cock still buried in him. Dar wrapped his muscular arms around Lin in a loving embrace as their bodies humped against each other. Lin�s thrusts turned into slow, powerful movements rather than hard ripping thrusts. Neither had felt this way before and they knew that they were meant for each other. The lay there locked together slowly caressing each other, making love rather than having sex. Their faces pressed together as their bodies churned and ground. Both could feel the most powerful orgasm ever building in each of them.
Slowly, lovingly they held each other. Lin pumping his hard shaft gently into Dar. Dar rubbing his hard shaft up against Dars abs in return. Both gently pinching and playing with each other�s nipples. Moans of passion coming from their lips as their movement become more intense as the pressure builds. In one huge convulsion both of their bodies become one and cum flows like a river out of them.
Spurt after spurt until they collapse in each other�s arms from exhaustion.

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