Hitch Hiker Fight Story

At the beginning of the semester Jason had no idea what was about to take place tonight.

Jason, a "Justice Studies" student at one of the local community colleges was at the end of the semester and was doing fairly well in his class. He was excited when the Captain asked if any he'd be interested in doing a ride-along that night for extra credit. He'd been on a ride-along before and jumped at the chance to do it again.

Jason showed up a little bit early and met the Officer he was going to ride along with. He was your typical Cop. He stood about 6 feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. He had a blonde high and tight and had a chiseled face. You could tell he was a Marine before joining the Police Force. He shook Jason's hand with an aggressive grip and said, "You must be Jason. My name's Markus". Jason didn't give into him though; he dug in right back with all of his 5'11" 190 pounds and challenged his grip. Markus just smiled with respect and said, "get in the car kid. We are going to have a fun night."

Unfortunately, the night was dead. They went from one bullshit call to another and didn't have the chance to really do anything fun or interesting. In the meantime they got to know quite a bit about each other and found out that they had a lot in common. They both found out that they were pretty much into the same shit. One of which was the passion for fighting.

After about 04:00 they were both bored and pissed off that the night was going to shit so they decide to get some food. After they ate Markus made the comment that they should spar sometime, maybe even a hardcore fight. Jason was turned on at the prospect and said, "Sure man, that would be cool". They then headed out to go on another call.
After the call Markus sat back in his car and asked Jason if he wanted fight. Jason just looked at him and asked, "What do you mean, right now?" "Sure, why not?" he suggests. "It'll be alright bro, I'm not going to arrest you or anything like that even if you kick my ass. I just want to fight." Jason was turned on at the prospect of kicking this guy's ass.

They were about the same size and Jason has beaten bigger. He looked at Markus and said, "Shit yeah. I'm always ready for fight, as long as you don't arrest my ass afterward." "No problem kid" Markus replied "In fact lets make some ground rules so you know what you're getting yourself into". " We fight all out hardcore. No rules, No mercy. We don't stop until the aggressor decides to. Jason, now more pumped than before agrees to the terms.

Markus starts his car and drives downtown to a secluded alley. The stud cop then logs off duty and gets out of the car. He takes off his utility belt and shirt. Jason follows and takes off his shirt as well. Jason could tell that when Markus was not on duty he was in the gym ripping his body to shreds because there's not an ounce of fat on his 200-pound frame. Jason was no slacker himself. He too spends an enormous amount of time lifting and beating the hell out of the heavy bag as well as the occasional brawl. Markus turned and noticed Jason's 190 pounds of solid youthful muscle. With a confident smirk, he motioned Jason to follow him.

The two muscled warriors walked around the side of the building. The alley is in the industrial part of town and is the perfect spot to totally thrash someone. Markus walked over and pressed his pumped pecs against Jason's and said, "Let's rock, Fucker." He stepped back to put up his guard. The two studs circled each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Markus lunges forward and knocks Jason to the ground and mounts him. "I have been waiting to kick your ass all night kid," Markus says as he begins to pummel Jason's face and pecs. Markus slams a few right hands to the mouth and finishes with a hard shot to the jaw. Jason holds his mouth in pain and Markus rises to his feet and kicks Jason in the ribs. After the hard kick, Markus grabs him by the hair and shouts, "Get up bitch!" Once Jason is on his feet Markus back-fists the young stud. The force spins the muscled student back first into the wall. Markus laughs "kid, you are making this too easy." He then reaches into his pocket for some brass knuckles. But before he can, Jason musters enough strength to send his attacker down hard with a roundhouse kick to the head.

Markus falls to the ground and Jason, who is still in pain, tries to catch his breath and grabs the brass knuckles and tosses them away. This guy is out to kill me, Jason thought. If he didn't turn it up, he'd be beaten to a pulp. While Jason tries to catch his breath, Markus gets up and kicks him in the leg but Jason strikes back with a hard punch to the gut. Markus holds his chest and bends over in pain. He sees the brass knuckles and reaches for them but receives a soccer kick to the head from Jason. Markus falls back and moans as he rolls around the ground.

Without wasting any time Jason grabs the brass knuckles and puts them on and waits for Markus to get up.

He slides them onto his right hand and picks his fallen opponent. Markus takes a few vicious blows to the head until he's busted wide open. He then pulls the knuckles off and then starts hitting Markus in the head with them again. Each powerful blow sends shock waves through the cop's body. Markus tries to roll away but Jason continues to kick and punch him. Jason hits him in the back of the head, which puts Markus down for good.

Markus is still conscious by he's in no condition to fight back. Jason takes his time; every muscle in the young stud's body is pumped and ready to continue the slaughter. He circles around Markus, thinking of his next move. Then Jason grins and lifts Markus to his feet. He attempts hitting his head against the wall, but Markus elbows him extremely hard in the gut.

You can hear the air knock right out of his lungs and Jason drops to the ground in a sitting position. Markus, who still hasn't recovered, leans against the wall and bites his lip to help stop the pain. Markus looks down at Jason and wobbles back and forth. One-step at a time he approaches him and then grabs his arm.

He twists it around in an awkward position and begins to pull it. It seems like he's trying to pull Jason's arm right out of his socket. Jason yells and curses before clubbing Markus in the face with the brass knuckles that happen to be lying right next to him. Markus falls down and holds his nose while kicking the ground with his feet.

Jason stands up and leans over with his hands on his knees. He spits out some blood, and then grabs Markus by the back of the head picks him up. He uses all his power and throws Markus into the wall. Markus hits it with full force and falls back down. Jason, feeling a bit sadistic does the same thing about 5 more times. In between slams he delivers blow after blow to the officer's chest, face and head. Large, nasty bruises form all over Markus' upper body from hitting the wall. Jason never thought he'd have this much fun fucking up another man.

With Markus' mouth hanging wide open, his eyes swelled shut, and struggling to stand up, Jason still isn't finished with his opponent turned victim. Jason takes a deep breath and then grabs Markus's leg. He picks it up and then slams it down on the ground!

The sound of Markus's knee shattering echoes through the alley. Markus screams in pain. Jason forces a smile and picks him back up one more time. At the same time, he picks up the brass knuckles. Jason puts them on and then kisses them. He reaches back and with his biceps flaring punches Markus with all his strength one last time to the face. "Now who's the bitch?" Jason says as he watches the thrashed cop slump to the ground.

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