Hotel Muscle Match Story

Subj: Hotel Muscle Strut
Date: 7/19/2002 12:46:28 PM Central Standard Time
From: Bicepflex2
To: Bicepflex2

This incident occurred about 5 years ago in Tampa Florida. It took place at a Howard
Johnson�s in an area of town where all the strip clubs are and the reputation is a little on the
seedy side. And it involves me and a black guy.

It was a hot August afternoon when I arrived in Tampa and I was tired. I had driven about
700 miles that day. I had made reservations at this Howard Johnson�s site unseen and not
knowing Tampa at all, I had no idea what section of town I was in. All I knew was that it
was close to where I had to take care of business. I pulled into Tampa about rush hour
time. I was driving with my window down and of course wearing no shirt. I always drive
with no shirt on for the most part. I had my arm out the window and was taking in every
opportunity to tense my guns up for any guy passing me or me passing them....some
smiled, some ignored me, some flexed back and some just plain flipped me off. I loved it. I
knew I was primed for what I call a �muscle strut� later that night. What I didn�t know was
that my �muscle strut� adventure was going to happen right around my own hotel area AND
I was going to meet someone equally as willing to flaunt the goods as I was.

As I pulled into the hotel parking lot I noticed several strip joints across the street. A perfect
place to wear a wifebeater and probably be successful in fighting some redneck in the
parking lot there. I checked in and did a quick servey of the hotel area. It was big with two
stories of rooms. All rooms opened out to the outside and you could scan all the other
rooms from the second story hallway. I was in room 271. A sort of small, run down room,
but it was cheap and like I said, close to what I wanted. There were also several adult
bookstores in the area and I have been known to go there and show off the bod as well.

I unpacked, but realized I had forgotten something in my car. It was about 6:30 PM now. I
opened my door and walked out to go down to my car. As I did, I noticed this black guy
standing out side his room (or I assumed his room) he was staring at me. I was wearing a
tank top and jeans. Out of habit, when I know some guy is looking I automatically bounce
my pecs so I did. I noticed he stood up straight and took notice. He was wearing a tank top
and shorts. He flexed his pecs back, but from the distance between us I wasn�t sure if he
did it at me or if he just was stretching. I wasn�t for sure he had seen me flex mine either.
So, I went down to my car, got what I needed, and went back to my room. I looked out my
window to see if the guy was still there or not...he wasn�t, but his door to his room was left

I had gone to get some dinner and of course, I started up a conversation with the guy
tending bar. He asked me if I had worked out and I said, �What does it look like�, and I
flexed a right bicep. He said, �damn, dude, that looks solid�. In which I replied, �go ahead,
give it a feel�, so he did. I knew he was going to be inpressed with how solid it was and the
power it exuded. He squeezed it really hard, and I just kept it flexed as long as he wanted to
feel it. It felt good. I finished eating and we chatted somemore and eventually I left. I knew
I was there for a few days and I would see him again. I could see he was pretty solidly built
and I figured I hadn�t seen the last of him.

As I walked back to the hotel I made a sweep around the rooms where this black guy was.
He was in his room with his door open. I had taken off my shirt and I walked real slow past
his door. I stopped about 50 feet past his room, not far from my room. I acted like I was
just checking out the parking lot below. He came out of his room, wearing only a pair of
short, short cut off jean shorts....I looked over and our eyes met. He flexed his pecs
casually and so I did the same one said a word. I turned and went back to my
room and left my door open. I changed into my short short jean shorts and stopped to
admire my physique in the mirror before I went back outside. I looked great. My abs were
ripped, my shoulders were like cannonballs, and my arms, chest and traps were pumped.

I walked around the hotel parking lot. It was dark out and I was looking ripped and
muscular as I strutted my shit around. I would stop once in awhile to stretch and yawn and
do a double bicep flex for anyone that might be looking that I couldn�t see. I rounded the
corner and I saw the black guy coming down the other side of the hotel outdoor corridor. I
walked towards him and I knew he hadn�t seen me yet. I stopped and let him come to me.
He was also wearing his short short jeans shorts and no shirt.

He was about 5�10 , 200
pounds of solid muscle. He had about 18 inch arms, 47 inch chest (his best feature) and
about a 31 inch waist. When he saw me, he looked me right in the eye and did a double
bicep shot. I returned the favor....we got closer and went nose to nose. Our pecs were
flexing against each others� in a war of muscle. Eventually he reached over and grabbed
my bicep in which I immediately flexed up and he squeezed it very hard. Then he said, �you
think you�re pretty tough�?, I said, �you wanna step over there behind that dumpster and find
out�? He said, �I got a better idea, follow me.� We strutted our shit back across theparking
lot. We ran into two rednecks coming back from across the street from the tittie bar.

had their shirts off and one of them made a racist remark. We both squared off right there
in the parking lot and started fighting. I made short order of the one dude I was fighting ut I
noticed my new muscled black friend was still fighting. I watched for awhile until I noticed
this other guy was about to kick his ass. I stepped in, flexed my pecs and said to the guy,
�wanna try some of this� and flexed a bicep. He flexed back at me and said, �bring it on
pussy boy�...I wailed on his ass so fucking hard, he didn�t know what hit him. Within 5
blows I had him down on the ground and begging me to stop. I stopped and told him to
apologize to my friend (hell, I didn�t even know this guys name) and he did. He looked at
me and said, �damn dude, you fight real good. You must have done this before.� I said, I
had and if he wanted another round with me I would be glad to oblige him. He said, hell no.
The two of them went their way, and me and my new friend went our way.

We got to his motel room and went inside. He didn�t bother to close the door which was
fine with me. He reached down and pulled out a posing thong and asked me if I would put it
on all the time telling me how impressed he was with the way I handled both of those men in
the parking lot and occassionally reaching over and sqeezing my guns (which I would
instinctively flex). I pulled off my shorts and put on the red posing thong....I checked myself
out in the mirror and thought damn, I look pretty damn good. I turned around and he had
put on a blue posing thong. He started flexing his guns. I reached out and examined them
good...they were very solid and 18 inches like I had figured earlier. He asked me if I was as
good of wrestler as I was a fistfighter. I didn�t answer but I figured what was coming next. I
just stared at him and we started to slowly circle each other....all of a sudden he reached
out and grabbed me and threw me down on the floor. We struggled for dominance, our
muscles straining against each others. We rolled over and over and over again.

Finally I
got him in a headlock and started squeezing his head for all I had. I said, �feel this fucking
muscle power boy.� He started hitting me in the abs with his fists. I tightened up my abs
and took his blows. He threw about 10 of them real hard. He finally stopped at which time I
took my left fist and started hitting him in the face while I had him in a head lock. I stopped
and dropped on top of him and straddled his muscular chest with my beefy quads
and did a double bicep flex. I said, �check these out and tell me who tougher, you or me�.
He reached up in awe and began to feel my flexed biceps with both of his hands. I stayed
on top of him the whole time. Keep in mind, we only had posing thongs on, so there was
alot of skin to skin and muscle to muscle action. I told him that if he thought he could take
me with his big muscles we could go behind the dumpster right now and duke it out. He
told me that he wasn�t stupid. Even though he knew he was bigger than me, he said he
knew he couldn�t take me.

We eventually got up and he went and got some oil and asked if I minded if he oiled me up
and I agreed. I love to me oiled and pose. He oiled me, and I flexed every muscle he
touched. Then it was my turn. He flexed every muscle I oiled. Then we went to the mirror
and flexed and flexed and flexed. Then all of sudden we went into another wrestling match.
The whole time his hotel door was open. I noticed two guys standing over watching us. I
told him that and so we decided to really put on a show because we both loved th attention.
We wrestled until we couldn�t anymore. Finally, we tired enough and then we walked
outside into the night air to have a beer, both sweating and oiled up in our posing thongs.

These two guys kept watching us from a distance. I finally looked at one guy and flipped
him off and asked him he wanted a piece of me, and I did a double bicep flex. The guy
litterally RAN away, the other guy slowly back down and eventually left too. Obviously they
were thinking they were going to see a naked oil wrestling match, but that wasn�t going to
happen. I thanked my frined and went back to my room and showered. It was 2:00 AM and
I thought, I think I�ll go for a muscle strut. I put on a pair of jeans and a tight tank top and
set off out the door. It wasn�t long before I ran into a white guy wearing about the same
thing I was wearing and him and I locked eyes.

Another story......but to tell you the truth, not much of a one.....but none the less, I LOVE
strutting my shit at hotels and on the streets, rest stops, truck stops and anywhere else I
may get a man�s attention. And if he�s half a man, he�ll show it back and take it outside with

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