Hotel Warriors BloodBath Story

I stood in the elevator going up to the cubs room nervous, but full of anticipation. He had started this little war with the first email. It quickly escalated and it would finally be settled this afternoon in his hotel room.

I knocked on his door and it quickly opened. He was standing there in just a pair of jeans and a black leather vest. He glared at me and stepped aside. I walked in, making sure I brushed him with my elbow. He hung the do not disturb sign on the door and closed it. He quickly put the privacy latch on the door and turned around. As soon as he did are our eyes locked, full of hate we bumped chests. Our glares never flinching - we slightly pushed against each other. The stare down lasted for just a few, intense seconds. Finally we broke the stare and moved to the main part of the room.

The cub had taken apart the room, all the furniture was piled in a corner and the king sized mattress was laying in the middle of the floor. The cub removed his vest while I removed my boots, socks and tank top. I reached into the pockets of my camo's and pulled out two six inch chains. The cub picked up two rolls of tape off the floor and heaved one at me, I tossed him one of the chains. We each wrapped our chain around our right fists and then taped them in place. We then wrapped the knuckles of our left hands with the tape. We then moved to opposite sides of the mattress.

Again our eyes locked - and the animosity was obvious. We both slowly dropped our pants and threw them in the corner on top of the pile of furniture. He was standing there in just a white jock while I was wearing a olive green strap. As of yet neither of us had uttered a word, but our silence and our looks had said it all. We slowly started circling each other and ended up meeting in the middle of the mattress. The cub spit out the word "FUCKER" and I responded by slapping him across the cheek. The cub was stunned, but obviously riled. He responded by slapping me back, twice. That was all it took, we locked up collar and elbow and spun each other across the mattress, struggling for control. Suddenly the cub broke free and got me in a headlock and squeesed for all he was worth. I dragged him down to the mattress where he continued to apply the pressure. I knew I had to get free, so i decided it was time to play dirty. I took my left hand and grabbed his balls and squeesed. He let out a moan and broke his hold and grabbed onto his banging balls. I scrambled to my knees, pushed the cub on his back, strattled his chest and put my hands around his throat and tried to choke the life out of him.

The cub managed somehow to gather the strength to roll me over onto my side and grabbing me by the throat and it became a battle of the chokes. We rolled all over the mattress with our hands around each others throats, first one then the other on top. Both our faces were turning blue but neither of us was willing to break their hold first. Suddenly I lifted my left knee right into the cubs already bruised balls. He let out a scream and broke his choke. We seperated, both gasping for breath. We both slowly got to our feet and started circling again, only this time we had our fists up and were ready to throw. As if on cue we charged each other fists flying. We were both throwing everything we had at each other. Most of the blows were hitting our bodies, with a few lefts connecting to the face. The cub got control and managed to back me into the corner where he knocked me into the pile of furniture. When I was picking myself up he connected with a right uppercut to my nose, knocking me back down. I felt the warm ooze as my nose started to bleed. The cub stepped back, laughed and said just two words- "strip fucker".

As agreed to earlier the first to bleed would have to finish the fight nude, so I stood up and stripped myself of my jock and flung it onto the cubs chest. The cub took it off his chest, sniffed it, wiped the sweat off his forehead then flipped it onto the messed up pile of furniture. He made the mistake of turning his back on me to toss the strap and I charged him, bearhugged him from the back and knocked him to the floor. He fell hard onto the mattress on his belly with my full weight falling on his back. I broke the bearhug and put him in a camel clutch. While he was moaning in pain I yanked his head all the way up, put my head over his and started chewing on his forehead. I let him go with my mouth and my left hand. I reached my left hand between his legs and again grabbed and molested his manhood. After a few minutes of this torture I let him go and stood over him. I kicked him as hard as I could in his rib cage. Then I reached down and in one tug pulled his jock down to his ankles. I then pulled them off him and tanked them into the pile of furniture.

By now the cub was on his knees. I stupidly charged him going for the knee drop, but was met by a viscious left to my nuts. I fell to my knees in pain. The cub still on his knees threw a right to my chest - and I responded with a right to his. Soon we were locked up, rolling across the mattress exchanging punches and knees. We rolled off the mattress, but did not stop the brawl. Eventually I managed to roll him up with his back against the wall where I proceded to give him three good shots to the forehead with my chained fist. On the third shot I saw what I wanted to see, the cub was finally bleeding.

We were both injured now, me bleeding from the nose, the cub from the forehead. The smell of his own blood gave the cub his second wind. He let out a sound like I had never heard before and shoved me off of him and out of the corner. He was on me like a shot, he took his chained fist and ground it into my forehead. As soon as he saw the blood start to trickle he took his teeth and gnawed into the wound, opening it up. As mad as as I have ever been I decided that enough was enough. I took my right hand and put it under his chin and pushed his head up. As soon as I had enough space I put my left knee under him and pushed him off of me.

In a shot we were both on our feet. We looked gruesome, both of us bleeding from the forehead and my nose still trickling. We both had marks on our throats from the chokes and the cubs balls were swollen from the abuse. The cub also had teeth marks on his furry ass, even though I did not remember biting him there.

We charged each other like two crazed bulls. We flung each other all over the room, fists and knees flying. I connected with a right to his left arm that caused him to loose his balance and he crashed into the pile of furniture. I threw myself on to the cub and ground my chained fist into the wound I had just opened on his arm, opening it up further. The cub struggled trying to get me off of him, but I put all my weight onto him and started throwing hay makers into his gut. After 7 good shots to his belly I landed two good shots to his face, one to the right eye, the other to his forehead - and then he muttered the word- "enough". I bashed him again in the chest and told him "that's not good enough". He then looked at me with eyes full of defeat and said - "I QUIT, SIR".

Knowing that the match was over I got off the cub and left him lying there in the pile of furniture. I went and sat down on the mattress waiting for the cub to pick himself off the pile. Once he did I told him he knew what he had to do. He crawled onto the mattress, put his bearded face between my legs and proceeded to give me the best blow job I have ever had. After sucking me for a few minutes I pulled his face off my crotch and rolled him onto his side facing me. We layed on the mattress face to face. I reached down and grabbed him by the ass and pulled him close. We wrapped our legs around each other and kissed passionately, the hot man kiss that can only be shared by two men who had been involved in brutal combat. We wrapped our tongues around each other and the blood from our wounds mixed. After we broke the kiss I got to my feet and extended my hand, helping the cub to his feet. We walked to the bathroom arm in arm where we took a hot shower together cleaning each others wounds, sucking each others dicks and taking turns fucking each other.

After the shower I dressed and left the cub laying all bruised on the mattress knowing that there would definetly be a rematch.

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