Huge Wrestling Man Story

The 6'4, 295 pound tower of muscle Paul Dillett is standing in the ring unexpectedly. He paces back and forth with an angry look on his face. He yells for a mike. Ricky "The Warlock" Williams jumps up to the ring side and hands the black Hercules the mike and he begins to shout into it. "I'm sick and tired of being over looked! Marcus Ruhl, that muscle bound German idiot decides he wants into the FBF after he realized he couldn't make it in that wanna be wrestling league he came from...." Dillett stops and stands in center ring clutching his huge fist. " That white haired freak decides to start off big...reeeaaaallllly big, with Fux. He knows that Fux has size and power but he also knows that Fux is inexperienced. So he takes the muscle boy on and with alittle luck he beats him. NOW he thinks he's unstoppable! He shouts to the world that he "rules" and that he's the strongest, most muscular man in the league. Well pal, you stand here and flex the guns and think that's all it takes...well you're wrong! You need skill, and guess what I have....." With that, Dillett lifts his right arm and slowly flexes it toward the listening crowd. "I have skill...I also have a 24 1/2" bicep. And with the combination of the two, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR BUTT !" He yells and the crowd goes wild.

Suddenly Marcus Ruhl appears and walks toward the ring. The massive 335 pounds of pure muscle packed on his 5'9 frame seemed to be hard as steel. He slid into the ring and walked right up to the taller Dillett. Ruhl's face was met with Dillett's 64" pecs, making the shorter but more muscular man look up to Paul. "I don't know what your problem is..boy !" Ruhl shouted at Dillett. "First of all, I never had a problem in the league I came from. I was totally undefeated. I was bored with the lack of competition and finally left to conquer the FBF. As for Fux, the knew what he was doing. He was cocky and stupid enough to try to match me muscle for muscle and failed, even with that second rate, bloated muscle head Kovacs help. I signed my next match to be with Kovacs in a week but I wouldn't have any problems ripping you apart tonight as a warning to Kovacs to what is coming his way! Oh and one final thing, as for your 24 1/2 " gun ... well I'd like to introduce them to my undefeated 25 1/2" cannons !" Then Ruhl lifted his mighty arm and flexed it.The bicep rose into a mass of peaked twisted steel. The crowd went nuts as Ruhl kissed the bulging peaked boulder.This enraged Paul. Without warning, Dillett started to pound down on to Ruhl's super wide shoulders like a jackhammer in overdrive!

"I think we have a fight here ladies and gentlemen !" The Warlock said as a ref jumped into the ring.
Dillett's powerful blows caught the German monster off guard and staggered him back. Dillett then ran into the wall of mass like a linebacker. The impact was incredible as Ruhl's thick body shot half way across the ring into the ropes. The stunned titan bounced off and Dillett was waiting in the center ring. The black Hercules wrapped his massive guns around Ruhl and lifted him off the ground in a bearhug to end all bearhug! Dillett, using his incredible strength and height squeezed the insanely thick torso of Ruhl, hoisting his torso upwards to bring the shorter man's pecs up against his. Ruhl's feet were a good 6 inches off the ground. Dillett was surprised at how heavy and wide the shorter man was. Ruhl was even more in shock that Dillett got him off his feet and was holding him in place. Dillett put the vice like hold on Ruhl and Ruhl felt the pain. "AAAUUGGGGHHHHHHHGGGG" Ruhl yelled. Ruhl pounded on Dillett's back with all his strength. Dillett just dug in deeper and attempted to squeeze harder but it felt as though Ruhl's torso was made of concrete.

Ruhl then got a smirk on his face and looked Dillett right in the eyes. Even though their pecs were impounded into each other, their heads where a good 2 feet apart because of the massive thick slabs of beef that made up their pecs. Ruhl stopped yelling, he just had this cocky grin on his face as he slowly and deliberately flexed his 67" pecs outward. He then began to spread his enormous lats. Paul's grip was widening as his biceps bulged and flex, trying to stop this muscle bound machine. Ruhl then muscled his hands under Dillett's arms and sunk his tree like limbs down and around Dillett, locking in his own bearhug. The crowd was standing as Ruhl's super muscled body exploded in size as he opened up the power. Dillett released the monster as his arms shot upwards and grabbed his own head in a show of pure agony. Ruhl's pecs slid down Dillett's taller torso and he then planted them into Paul's abs. Dillett felt the life being crushed out of him and in an act of desperation he grabbed Ruhl's head, wrapping his 24 1/2 " guns around it. He then squeezed and threw his own body back and twisted it as he lifted the 335 pound man off his feet and turned him so Dillett could try to get the upper hand. Ruhl gasp as his back hit the mat and the 295 pound Dillett was ontop of him. The two gladiators held their holds on each other, but Ruhl's was weakened by the surprise move. Dillett muscled out of the bearhug and up to his knees and knelt ontop of Ruhl incredibly wide torso, still holding his head in the vice. Marcus grabbed Dillett's arms and tried to muscle apart the pythons.

The only movement form Dillett's guns were them sliding down and wrapping around Ruhl's neck in a sleeper hold. Dillett pushed his way behind the now sitting massive German. He squeezed with everything he had as Ruhl tried breaking the hold. Ruhl flexed his 23" neck bet Dillett's strength was more then a match for it. People were going wild was Ruhl's flaring thick arms slowly lowered. He slowly raised them again as the ref ran over and grabbed Ruhl's wrist to see if it would drop. He grabbed his thick arm and was taken by the point that he couldn't move it, never mind see if it would drop. "IS HE OUT ?" Dillett shouted to the ref who glanced up at Dillett with a puzzled look on his face. Suddenly Ruhl arm rose up alittle higher and he then, to the shock of Dillett, started to flex it. The now famous massive mound of muscle that made up his bicep rose upward, seemingly never to stop. People went nuts as Dillett shifted the grip. He then found him self being lifted by the Goliath German monster as Ruhl muscled his way to his knees and up to his feet, bringing Dillett with him. Now holding Dillett, who still had on the non effective sleeper, the mass man ran to the ring post and rammed Dillett's center back onto it. Dillett released the hold and yelled in pain as Ruhl lifted him up high again and threw Dillett out of the ring. He was tossed with such force that he landed on the other side of the ropes and taking out a few people with him.

"OH MY GOD!!! Now that's power!! Look at size of that neck and those traps!" The Warlock yelled as Ruhl stood on the second rope and flexed his traps and then hit a most muscular. Ruhl then jumped to the floor and ran over into the pile of fallen people. He picked up one man and literally tossed him aside. He was then met by Dillett and a folding metal chair. Dillett cracked the chair over Ruhl's skull with authority. The German mass monster stumbled backwards and Dillett fired off another blow to the chest with the steel chair. Ruhl's back hit the ring and he began to step forward to take on Dillett and his weapon. Dillett then drove the edge of a fresh steel chair into Ruhl's gut. Ruhl's massively thick 8 pack didn't move. Dillett then swung the chair to the head of Ruhl, just to have the German grab hold of it. Ruhl then quickly muscled it out of Dillett's hands and in a show of pure muscle and strength, he bent the steel chair in half and tossed it aside. Dillett lunged at Ruhl but Ruhl clocked him in the jaw, sending the tower of black muscle onto his back. "Holy cow, he just leveled Dillett with one blow!!" The Warlock shouted. Ruhl then jumped back into the ring and started flexing his massive guns and bouncing his thick pecs.

Dillett, seeing stars, stood up and wobbled back to the ring. He grabbed the ropes and lifted himself up slowly. The dazed man then realized that standing on the other side of the ropes was Ruhl, who quickly wrapped his now pumped arms around Dillett's neck and pulled into the ring over the top rope. To show up the black massive Hercules, Ruhl then put Dillett in a sleeper hold and shot all his strength into it. His biceps ballooned out and he flexed his pecs so they would slam into the back of the head of the fallen man. He spread his lats outward, not that it would help the hold, but to show off his dense muscle mass. Dillett's arms dropped to his sides like two muscled ancors."Get over here and count this sleeping wimp out!" Ruhl yelled to the ref. The ref quickly checked him and had a three count with ease. "Let him go Ruhl, don't screw with me this time !" The ref said. Ruhl, seemingly getting off on the show of superior muscle and power stood and flexed his right bicep, keeping the now limp Dillett in the hold with his left. The ref started counting to 10 as Ruhl shouted out "COME ON KOVACS! WHERE ARE YA THIS TIME... THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I'M GOING TO DO TO YOU NEXT!!" He then lifted the unconscious Dillett over head and slammed him with all his strength, making the ring bounce from the force. He then exited the ring.
"This man is big, powerful and mean! I don't blame Kovacs for not coming out. I was told Kovacs is training hard for his upcoming encounter with the muscle bound German beast. They might need two or three Kovacs to stop him !"

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