In Line of Firefighting Gay Story

The Line of Fire: Scott Roberts Wrestling Humiliation
By Bronze Muscleboy

This story, although based upon actual events, is pure fiction.

Scott Roberts had been bodybuilding since the age of 14 and now at age 24, has what
most physique enthusiasts would consider to have the �perfect body.� His youthful, blond
good looks sit atop a 6�-2�, 225-pound frame of rippling, defined muscularity. His
beautifully muscled body is deeply tanned a bronze color and his skin is impeccably shaved
of all hair save the long blond locks on his scalp and a small, neatly trimmed patch of
blond pubic hair which can be easily tucked beneath the minute G-strings he is so found of
wearing in front of admirers. Scott worked many long and hard hours in the gym to
develop his perfect physique. Displaying every inch of his chiseled body was his passion.
Scott has won hundreds of physique contests and has grown quite arrogant, narcissistic,
and exhibitionistic, to the point of being out right brazen. He loves to compete on stage
wearing one of his tiny G-strings as he teases the fans and antagonizes his fellow physique
competitors. Not only during bodybuilding contests does the young muscleboy like to
show off but, on the public beaches, gyms, and at crowded pools as well. �Oiling up�,
flexing, and posing for a crowd is a real sensual turn-on for the young muscleboy and he
frequently conceals a partial hard-on beneath those skimpy G-strings, something not
uncommon among most self-admiring muscleboy types.

Although Scott has been making good money by winning contests and with posing work,
he is anxious to really cash in on his perfect body. He knows plenty of physique loving
fans will pay good money to see his beautifully muscled body, particularly in forms of
strength and athletic contests. His desire to make money, show off his body, and compete
in athletic contests, leads the young muscleboy to become involved in nightclub oil
wrestling shows that are attracting huge crowds. The bodybuilding star now pursues his
new career as a wrestler at a hot Toronto nightclub called �ManSweat�. The club is really
packing in the customers and is filled every night to its 400 plus capacity. About half the
customers are gay men, the rest a considerable number of women along with some couples
and straight men. All are there to see the excitement of well-built, handsome men
wrestling in oil and wearing little in the way of clothes. The atmosphere of the club is one
of extreme sensuality as the huge crowd becomes filled with excitement as they watch
muscled, near naked men engage in physical combat. After a few preliminary matches, the
club air is heavy with the scent of the wrestler�s sweat, the smell of oil, and the body odors
of hundreds of aroused customers as well as those of the wrestlers.

In no time, Scott became the favorite wrestler at the club. His perfect body, wrestling
prowess, and uninhibited desire to wear the smallest of attire to wrestle in, has both male
and female customers fighting for ringside tables. Scott, after several months at the club,
is the undisputed champion, easily defeating all the other club wrestlers. He soon
establishes his trademark appearances by competing in minuscule, leopard skin,
Nylon/Lycra G-strings that conceal the essentials and nothing more. This garment also
provides a modicum of erection control and athletic support, the bare minimum for public
exposure and athletic competition. He also excites the customers by putting on a pre-
match posing show that only helps stimulate both the customers as well as himself. For
the youthful muscleboy, such exhibitionistic/narcissistic performances and teasing of his
admirers, is almost as good as sex itself. Scott Roberts engages in what can be called
�auto-self-eroticism�, finding considerable sexual gratification in his own body and in
showing it off. Something not uncommon among bodybuilders and physique competitors.

All is going Scott�s way and he is making big bucks at beating all the other club wrestlers,
often times by using some rather dirty fighting techniques. Eventually, much as the
customers love seeing Scott in action, resentment begins to grow against his arrogant,
brazen style and his use of dirty fighting. This feeling from the crowd seems to give the
young bodybuilder a certain pleasure and he soon mocks the crowd�s displeasure with
even more arrogance, bragging, dirty wrestling, and exhibitionistic showing off. Then one
night, the unexpected happens. After finishing one of his pre-match posing acts, a
customer from a crowded table of older, black men and women, jumps to his feet and
issues a challenge to Scott, yelling out, �hey, try taking me on kid!� The Black challenger
is quite large, perhaps 250 pounds, but considerably shorter than Scott. The older
challenger has to be close to 60 years of age but appears to have a stout, powerful body
although lacking the defined muscles of the youthful club�s star wrestler. Scott initially
laughs off the old man�s challenge but soon, the entire club is shouting for Scott to accept
the man�s desire for a match. Scott has no choice but to accept since the crowd is not
about to let this end without a �show down� between the two. The old African strips to a
pair of gym shorts worn beneath his trousers, jumps into the ring, and quickly oils up. The
African�s ring attire is in sharp contrast to the young muscleboy�s. His gym shorts are
baggy and he wears no jock or support underneath. The younger muscleboy is practically
naked except for his tiny G-string. The club grows very loud with anticipated excitement
as the match begins. The Black challenger�s friends back at his table are now cheering for
their man. The rest of the crowd cheers for the challenger as well, not because they want
him to win as much as they want to see the muscleboy lose. Some hate his arrogance.
Others are jealous of his looks, pretty-boy muscles, and daring ring attire. Everyone at the
club is looking forward to seeing the two muscular men engage in this ancient form of
athletic competition � wrestling!

As the match prepares to begin, both wrestlers begin to hurl insults at one another. Scott
tells the Black challenger that he has made a big mistake challenging a young bodybuilder
like himself and will soon suffer the consequences. The older Black wrestler only laughs
and informs his young opponent that he is about to get his ass whipped and that he is
facing a night of �total humiliation.� As the match gets under way, it is soon apparent that
the older Black man is no amateur. In fact, later information will reveal that the African
�customer� is, in fact, a former professional wrestler from Nigeria and a self-proclaimed
homosexual that goes by the name of Neombe. As it comes to be known, a large group of
customers have paid the black wrestler to appear at the club and administer a thorough
licking to the young, unsuspecting muscleboy turned wrestler. Not only have the club
patrons paid to have Scott Roberts beaten at his own game but also they have paid good
money to see the big African wrestler administer a total sexual humiliation defeat on the
White muscle star.

As the two wrestlers came together in the center of the heavily oiled wrestling pit, Scott
immediately grabbed at the older wrestler�s wrists and brought both his, and his
opponent�s arms to a vertical position. Scott was obviously going to go one-on-one in a
test of strength. At the same time, the young muscleboy attempted some of his dirty tricks
by bringing his knee up into Neombe�s groin. The big African was quick and turned his
body just enough to avoid Scott�s knee from contacting his groin area. The White
wrestler now concentrated all his efforts in using his muscles to force the Black wrestler
backwards, off balance, and eventually cause him to fall to the mat. Scott appeared to be
succeeding as the African began to bend further and further backwards. A big grin was on
the White bodybuilder�s face as he pushed the Black wrestler further off balance.
Suddenly the grin on Scott�s face began to change to a look of concern, surprise and
finally, worry. The smile was now on the older wrestler�s face as he began to push the
young muscleboy backwards and off balance. The big African let out a laugh and shouted
out, �what�s the matter pretty boy, can�t get this old man to go down?� Then, the
African�s leg shot out, kicking Scott�s feet out from under him. The surprised muscleboy
slipped on the slick mat, spun to the side and landed face-down on the oiled mat. The
customers in the club screamed with pleasure at seeing the arrogant muscleboy get put
down so easily and quickly by the �old man.� It now dawned on many of the customers
that they might get the erotic pleasure of seeing this old Black �duffer� beat and embarrass
the young bodybuilder. There was something highly sexual about such a humiliating turn
of events. Most did not know about the �set-up�, the Black wrestler�s background, and
just how far the humiliation would go that evening. No one would go home disappointed
by evening�s end!

Scott was shocked at what happened and quickly jumped to his feet. Anger filled him as
he heard the crowd�s laughter and taunts. Scott knew the old man had gotten lucky
although Neombe�s strength now concerned the young wrestler. �How could such an old
man still have that kind of power?� Scott though to himself. �I�ll break the bastard�s back
for making me look silly�, as he looked to the spot where the African was now standing.
The Black wrestler laughed and yelled out to Scott, �Come get me boy, let�s see what you
got in you.� The muscleboy became even angrier as he charged at his tormenter. As the
younger club wrestler reached for the African�s neck, the Black grappler quickly side
stepped, drove his leg between Scott�s legs while, at the same time, smashed his upper
arm into the muscleboy�s back. Scott went stumbling forward and again crashed face-first
to the slick mat, sending a spray of hot oil flying in all directions. This time however, the
Black wrestler had not retreated off to the side. Instead, he quickly dropped himself at the
feet of the fallen bodybuilder and applied a Step-Over-Toe-Hold. Within seconds, the
muscular, young bodybuilder was screaming in agony, pounding his fists on the mat, and
squirming in an attempt to break free.

No matter how much Scott struggled, he seemed unable to break the leg hold and the pain
and inability to break free was scaring him. To make matters worse, the big African was
now taking advantage of the younger wrestler�s helplessness to add humiliation to the
pain. Every few seconds, the African would deliver a hard slap across the bare buttocks
of the youth while yelling out, �what�s the matter boy, you going to let this old man spank
you in front of all these people and do nothing about it? I thought you were the big
muscleboy champion around here. Let�s see you do some wrestling.� With that, the
African released the hold but, as he did, he grabbed hold of the back of Scott�s G-string,
pulled it a good foot away from Scott�s body, and then let it snap back between the
muscleboy�s ass crack. The younger wrestler let out a howl, jumped to his feet, and
attempted to straighten the G-string in the back. The customers by now are hilarious with
laughter over what they were seeing happen. Scott retreated to one edge of the wrestling
pit, looking totally confused and somewhat panicked and now? scared.

Scott decided to again attack the big African, this time hoping to use his magnificent
muscularity against the older man. The younger wrestler managed to get a Forward Bear
Hug on the African, although to some watching, it was if the professional wrestler allowed
the youth to get the hold only so he could later break out. Scott now felt he had the Black
wrestler where he wanted him and would use his beautiful muscles to crush the old man.
Muscleboy Scott squeezed with all his power, expecting the Black wrestler to cry out for
submission. It was quite an erotic sight with the two bodies locked together, glistening
with sweat and oil. Scott�s muscles heavily pumped now as he tried to squeeze the fight
out of the challenger; the White bodybuilder�s deep bronzed, nearly naked body,
contrasting against the purplish/black skin of the older fighter. Those at ringside were
becoming even more sensually excited as they viewed the wrestler�s bodies together and
could now pick-up the heavy scent of their body sweat and nakedness.

As hard as the White wrestler tried, he seemed not able to hurt the big Black wrestler.
�What the hell is going on?� Scott thought to himself. �How can he stand my power?�
Suddenly, the African slammed his forearms hard against Scott�s head, stunning the young
wrestler and causing a ringing in Scott�s ears. Scott loosened his grip momentarily and
that was all the older wrestler needed. The Black fighter cast Scott�s arms to the side,
spun the young athlete in a half circle and applied his own Bear Hug, this one from the
rear. Scott�s arms and legs flailed about as he realized the hold had been reversed on him
and he was now being lifted off his fee and feeling the power of the Black wrestler�s arms
about his rib cage. The African was soon carrying Scott about the oil pit like a rag doll,
applying greater and greater pressure, and causing his young opponent to cry out for
release. After several painful minutes of this crushing Bear Hug, Scott felt relief when the
pressure around his mid-section was released. However, his relief was short lived because
the Black guy switched from the Bear Hug to a very painful Hammer Lock on Scott�s left
arm, yanking the bodybuilder�s heavily muscled arm up behind the back with seemingly
little effort. The muscleboy was again crying out in pain as he found himself being
marched about the pit, most of the Scott on his toes, with the African pulling ever harder
on his tortured left arm. Them, to make things even worse for the mucsleboy, the African
began to pull and yanked on Scott�s G-string, pulling the back-string tightly into the
youth�s ass crack. This action amused the customers and they cheered for more such
punishment on the once proud bodybuilder. The abuse of the muscleboy�s G-string
caused great pressure against both his anus and his testicles. This discomfort, however,
was also acting as a stimulant to his sexual organs and it caused him to become aroused
despite the pain. Mentally too, the once exhibitionistic bodybuilder was now under stress.
With the rough pulling of his skimpy garment, Scott became terrified that the G-string
might be torn off. The young bodybuilder had always enjoyed showing off his fantastic
physique but he now feared the possibility of finding himself fully naked in front of a
crowd. Worse yet, the crowd would see that he was developing a boner. Scott began to
plead with the African to stop pulling on his G-string and to release his hold. Scott
acknowledged the African�s victory of �this fall� (although Scott knew he wanted no more
wrestling against this African). Then, without warning, the Black wrestler took a firm grip
of Scott�s leopard Nylon/Lycra G-string, yanked upward with great force, and ripped the
skimpy garment right off the muscleboy�s ass. The crowd roared, Scott cried out, �What
are you doing? Oh no, no, NO!� and the African laughed and began waving the stripped-
off garment over his head.

What a sight! The crowd was thrilled with what they were witnessing while the once
arrogant and over confidant muscleboy was totally humiliated and petrified. His face was
getting more flushed by the second as he cried out in pain from the Hammer Lock Hold,
his sheer embarrassment, and not knowing what was next in store. He pleaded with
someone to stop the match, hoping that the club�s management would stop things but no
one was about to stop this match. There he was, considered to have one of the best
physiques around, now trapped in a painful wrestling hold, losing to an old man, totally
naked in front of over 400 people. His body was indeed one of the best around and it
looked marvelous now on full display, helpless, shining with sweat and oil, and with every
inch of muscle straining and on display for all to see. Even more amusing for the crowd
was the youth�s partial erect penis, now pointing down at about a 45-degree angle, thick
and firm, and adorned by the small, blond, oil-slicked patch of pubic hair. Those close to
the ringside could also see the small, very tight, close-hung scrotum, typical of a man in
his 20�s, with the two very distinct balls packed within. Many expected that, before the
match ended, these little sensitive balls would receive their share of punishing attention.

As the African continued upward pressure on the muscleboy�s left arm he also proceeded
to shove the young wrestler in circles about the wrestling pit. Then, to further humiliate
the bodybuilder/wrestler, the African took his right hand, still containing the sweat and oil-
soaked G-string torn from the muscleboy, and clamped the tiny, daring garment that
moments ago contained Scott�s erection and provided him some minimal athletic support,
over the muscleboy�s face! The club broke out in near riot laughter as the Black wrestler
began to rub the muscleboy�s own G-string in his face. Scott�s head twisted from side to
side in and attempt to keep the wet, heavily musked, posing string-pouch off his face but
he could not. The bodybuilder�s nostrils were soon filled with the scent of his own sexual
organs, anal area, sweat, and the wrestling pit oils. Humiliating as it was, the smells had
their effect on the strong sexual sensitivities of so young a man and Scott�s erection
hardened to the point of bringing it thumping against his prize winning abdominals.
Comments could now be heard regarding the size of the bodybuilder�s hardened penis.
Big and muscular as Scott was, his cock was a rather average 7 inches in length which
seemed unimpressive to many who thought so powerfully built a man should possess an
equally large �manhood�, not that either had anything to do with the other. In particular,
the Black women in the audience made loud, laughing comments about the muscleboy�s
�small organ.� Scott grew even more red faced and was near tears with pain and
embarrassment. As the bodybuilder was pushed and twisted around the ring, his engorged
cock bounced from side to side and slapped against the adjoining belly. This constant
stimulation now brought more fear to the muscleboy�s heart that he might �lose control.�
What would he do�, he thought, if he could not hold himself and �sprayed� his sex juice�
in front of everyone. He was really terrified now.

The Black wrestler now had Scott�s leopard G-string partially in the youth�s own mouth
and the garment�s elastic strings tangled around his ears. The very portion of the
string/pouch that had been against the youth�s anus now rested directly against his nostrils.
The muscleboy most certainly was inhaling his own most intimate body scent as never
before. This allowed the African to make use of his right hand to administer further
punishment to his young opponent. The Black wrestler reached around with his right
hand, and still holding the Hammer Lock with his left, and began to claw, pinch, and twist
the nipples on the rack-hard pectorals of the muscleboy. At the same time, the older
wrestler began driving his right knee hard into the buttocks of the youth. Neombe�s knee
repeatedly smashed into the muscular anal cleft of the youth, surely striking with great
pressure against the anus and possibly even the ball sack of the young wrestler. This was a
real �pay-back� for Scott�s earlier attempt to knee the African in the groin. With each
blow of the knee, the humiliated bodybuilder�s hard penis snapped against his belly and
swung from side to side, drawing considerable attention to the swollen member. Then,
grabbing the blond hair atop the muscleboy�s head, still holding him with the Hammer
Lock as well, the huge Black wrestler lifted the younger wrestler completely off his feet
and close to two feet off the mat. Then, the African quickly dropped to one knee and
brought Scott down, butt first, onto his raised knee. The bodybuilder hit hard his tailbone
directly on the hard knee of the African. Scott let out a howl of pain as the Black wrestler
now totally released his opponent and watch with a grin on his face as Scott rolled about
the mat rubbing his sore backside. The hurting muscleboy struggled to his feet and pulled
the ripped G-string off his face. With his face flushed red with blood, he made a vain
attempt to don the skimpy garment again and cover his exposed genitals. It was no use,
however, as the string had been torn from the pouch rendering it unwearable. Even if the
G-string had been useable, the muscleboy�s harden cock would have been difficult to tuck
back into the flimsy Nylon pouch. The scene was quite humorous as the young
bodybuilder hobbled from one leg to another, trying to don the damaged G-string one
moment, holding it over his swollen member the next, all the Scott looking confused,
scared, embarrassed, and with the appearance of looking for someone to help him.

It was not long before the big African wrestler attacked the youth again. The older
grappler ripped the G-string from the muscleboy�s hands and threw it aside. He soon had
Scott by the hair again, this time dragging him to the edge of the wrestling pit next o the
ring rope enclosure. Within seconds, the muscleboy found himself ensnarled in the ropes,
arms out-stretched, handing helplessly, and facing outward toward the ringside tables.
Suddenly Scott felt a stinging crack across his naked buttock, then another, and another.
The customers in the club were laughing like mad and expressing their delight in what was
taking place. The older man was administering a public spanking on the bare ass of this
once proud and arrogant young physique champion. Scott felt ultimate embarrassment at
this since the crowd was chiding him �that he deserved being spanked like a bad little boy
by this old man.� Scott�s face was now red as a beat and his prize-winning glutes were
beginning to redden as well from the blows being rained on them by the African. The old,
Black wrestler certainly knew hoe to totally humiliate a young muscleboy in public!

Then, following the spanking, the African began to administer some really brutal
punishment on the younger wrestler. With the youth still handing helplessly in the ropes,
his hair still being pulled by the left hand of the African, Scott felt his opponent�s right
hand snake between his muscular thighs and grab hold of his scrotum. The older wrestler
began to squeeze, pull, twist, and yank at the muscleboy�s most sensitive body part. Scott
began to cry out and pleaded with the African to let go of his ball sack but the old,
professional wrestler from Nigeria just ignored his pleas and continued the punishment.
Scott begged, cried, and pleaded all the more as excruciating pain filled his groin and
flowed up into his abdominal region and down through his inner thighs. At times, the
African would pull down hard on the young athlete�s ball sack, which caused the skin on
his hard penis to draw down along the shaft. This had the effect of emphasizing the
muscleboy�s erection even more and gave those at nearby tables quite a sight. With each
yank on the ball sack, the glans penis would stand out like a huge, shiny acorn with its
darken, purplish ring looking like it was going to explode at any second.

Occasionally tiring of this abuse to his opponent�s most sensitive areas, the Black
challenger would step back, make some insulting comments, laugh at his opponent�s
helpless state, and plant some hard kicks to the White muscleboy�s already sore buttocks.
Some of these kicks were well aimed to drive deep into the crack separating the rock-hard
mounds of the youth�s ass cheeks and strike hard at the anus. Other kicks were
deliberately aimed up between the muscular thighs of the youth so that Neombe�s foot
slapped against Scott�s unprotected balls and cock.

The big Black wrestler was not about to end his whipping and humiliation of the White
muscular nightclub wrestler and the crowd was screaming for more. The African now
moved to reposition his defeated opponent in the ropes. Pulling one of Scott�s arms free
of the ropes, the youth was spun around so as to now face the center of the wrestling oil
pit. His arm was again ensnarled in the ropes, leaving him hanging helpless as before but
facing a new direction. The muscleboy�s penis had softened somewhat from all the pain
and humiliation but was still partially erect and hung heavy and firm between the young
man�s legs. It flopped from side to side and up and down as his sweat-soaked body
bobbed in the ropes. The Black wrestler approached Scott now and began to pull and
twist at the nipples on the muscleboy�s powerful chest. The crowd loved this and yelled
for more of it. It was becoming apparent even to those in the crowd not involved in the
�plot� that the Black professional wrestler was intent on doing more than just defeat the
younger, White wrestler. With the stripping, attacks to the youth�s genitals, and the
frequent �nipple� attacks, the crowd could sense that the gay Black wrestler was out to
totally humiliate his youthful opponent in a sexually explicit manner. No one in the
audience was leaving in protest!

It was not just the audience that now could sense that this was becoming more than just
another wrestling match. The once cocky and over confidant Scott was now confused and
scared. He now began to realize that his opponent was going to humiliate him in a sexual
way and not just by defeating him in an athletic contest. The big Black wrestler was now
pulling and twisting his sensitive breast nipples, something he had never experienced
before. But worse, as he now hung helpless, the older athlete was also attacking his
private parts as well. Neombe was grabbing Scott�s half-hard penis and pulling and
twisting at it. He was also �milking� it in such a way that the youth�s sex organ was again
becoming rock-hard. The young bodybuilder�s balls also came in for some punishment as
they too were occasionally being yanked on, twisted, squeezed, and slapped. As much as
this hurt the muscleboy, it also caused him uncontrolled erotic sensations that flowed in
both directions from his sex organs, flowing upward into his abdominals and down below
his tight ball sack into his anal area. �What was he doing?� the muscular youth thought to
himself. All the time, the Black wrestler was taunting the youth about his being �whipped
by the old man� and not being able to control himself. As the Black fighter worked over
the youth�s most private areas, he made jokes about the size of the muscleboy�s now
totally stiff penis. The African slapped the bone-hard penis of the muscleboy several times
and then stepped back a few feet. The Black wrestler laughed and pointed at the youth�s
erect penis, commenting on its size. �What the hell do you call that? It looks like a little
boys!� (hardly at 7 inches in length). �The big, bad, muscleboy stud sure don�t have a real
man�s cock! All that weight lifting don�t make you a real man, do it? Do it, White boy?
I�ll show you what a real man looks like; a real Black man!� The African suddenly
reached down and peeled off his own sweat-soaked gym shorts. The audience went crazy
with cheers, hooting and hollering, as the old wrestler�s gym shorts came off and a huge,
black, hard-as-a-rod, uncut cock sprang forth. The African�s penis was thick and
unbelievably hard for a man his age and had to be close to 12 inches in length. The Black
wrestler laughed as he ran his fist up and down his swollen organ. �Now this is a real
man, not some fancy-pants muscleboy like you. I emphasize, BOY!� Scott hung helpless,
his eyes wide in disbelief at what the Black was doing.

Now, the young muscleboy felt total humiliation. He not only had been stripped and
beaten by this old man, he was now hanging helpless, his hard penis being compared by all
against that of his opponent�s. The crowd was being merciless in their comments and
shouts. They were saying all sorts of things about the White muscleboy�s inferiority
against that of the �old man.� The White wrestler�s penis was no match in size against
that of the Black wrestler�s. The younger wrestler�s age gave him the advantage of a
hard-on that was straight up and thumping against his hard-muscled abdomen. The Black,
on the other hand, had a very hard cock, but it stood more or less straight out, no longer
possessing the rigidness of youth. Despite this, the African�s sex organ grabbed all the
attention because of its very size, dwarfing the more rigid penis of the young

The Black wrestler walked up against the White wrestler who was again begging for the
contest to be ended. As the older challenger and somewhat aroused wrestler came close,
the youth squirmed and twisted in the ropes, trying in vain to get loose. The muscleboy�s
eyes were big as saucers and his face filled with fear as he looked at the African�s huge
and swollen cock. Totally intimidated by the �old man�s� massive sex organ, the younger
wrestler now realized he might be sexually assaulted as the crowd watched. The Black
was soon pressing his engorged member into the belly of the younger wrester and making
lewd remarks. Soon, the older man was beating his engorged member against the smaller
penis of his trapped opponent, giving the appearance of two men engaging in a dueling
match but using their cocks rather than swords. As the two swollen members smashed
together, the African�s much larger uncut organ crushed and pushed the younger man�s
hard and cut penis at will. The two wrestler�s scrotums also offered quite a comparison
for the excited crowd. The young, White wrestler�s balls were swollen but still tight and
compact in their sack. The younger wrestler�s scrotum was smooth and hairless and shined
with oil under the ring lights. Each time the sensitive ball sack of the muscleboy was
struck by the hard rod of the African, the contents were inflicted with pain and pushed
from side to side but barely moved much because of the youthful tightness of the sack. On
the other hand, the big African�s ball sack was huge and covered with black hair.
Indicative of his age, Neombe�s balls hung down half way along his thighs and swung back
and forth with each movement.

Then, the older man again repositioned the youth in the ropes so that he was again facing
out toward the crowd of laughing spectators. Now pressing his body tight against the
back of the White wrestler, the big Black grappler grabbed the blond hair of his opponent
and wrenched the youth�s head backward. Scott suddenly found the anaconda-like upper
arm of the African wrapped beneath his neck, choking him. Then, Scott�s face became
buried in the hairy armpit of the African. The White wrestler could barely breathe. What
little air he was getting into his lungs was filled with the heavy, musk-like odor of the
Black man�s armpit. The African�s profuse sweat covered Scott�s face, getting into his
eyes and filling his mouth with his taste. Meanwhile, having pressed himself tight against
the White wrestler�s back, the hard sex organ of the Black now had slipped between the
youth�s legs and protruded out the front, resting neatly beneath the erect penis of the
youth. As Scott bounced in the ropes, he could feel the constant pressure of the African�s
cock pressing against his own tender scrotal sack. Occasionally, the older grappler would
stomp on the ring ropes, causing Scott to bounce up and down in his suspended state.
When this happened, the helpless youngster�s tight scrotum would slam even harder down
upon the African�s hard cock, causing him considerable discomfort. It was almost as if the
muscleboy were falling Scott-after-Scott �off the seat and onto the frame of a bicycle.�
Scott�s balls were soon aching like crazy while he still struggled madly to free his face
from the smelly armpit of his opponent.

Those fans seated on the right side of the ring were treated to quite a sight. With the
African�s stiff cock protruding between the White wrestler�s legs, many of the seated
customers were offered the comparison of the two men�s sex organs. Even coming from
behind the muscleboy�s backside, the older wrestler�s hard cock now stood even with the
tip of the younger man�s, but Scott�s was half as thick. The fans were amazed at the size
of the Black man�s sex organ and how it dwarfed that of the young muscleboy�s. The two
hard cocks pressed together, one bronze colored, the or the coal-black, both sticky with
sweat and oil, and looking as if they would burst from their skins. A close observation
would also have revealed a small amount of fluid oozing from the younger wrestler�s cock
opening. The young muscleboy�s youth made him unable to withstand such intense
stimulation and was causing him to become overly aroused. He now feared the possible
humiliating outcome.

Then Neombe backed off slightly and looker over his trapped opponent. He then
proceeded to administer half-a-dozen sever slaps to the rock-hard buttocks of the young
muscleboy. Oil spattered in al directions with each slap, followed by a cry of pain and
indignation from the younger wrestler, and considerable howls of amusement from the
packed club as the enjoyed the muscleboy�s public �bare-ass spanking.� The spanking
stopped after a few moments and the African placed his hands on each of Scott�s ass
cheeks. Suddenly, the younger wrestler found his buttocks being spread by the rough
hands of the older wrestler who then said loudly, �well, well, lets get a look at this
muscleboy�s tight little ass hole. Looks virgin to me! Scott to break this little opening up,
don�t you think?� With that, the big Black fighter pushed the swollen tip of his hard cock
up against the pinkish brown anus of the youth. Scott cried out in shock and disbelief as
he felt the stiff penis of the African push against his most sensitive area. The young
bodybuilder had never experienced anything like this before and had never known any anal
sexual stimulation. It scared the hell out of him and he struggled even harder against the
ropes and the African�s hold on him. The young wrestler strained every muscle trying to
get free and it presented a beautiful and sensual display for all those watching. The
panicky wrestler�s body twisted in the ropes and his fantastically developed muscles
strained and glistened under the stage lights. The sweat and oil on his body hi-lighted
every curve and shape of his well-trained, yet seemingly useless muscles.

Again, the big gay wrestler pushed his cock tip against the youth�s tight anal opening.
This time, the tip of the African�s hard cock penetrated a small amount into the younger
wrestler�s ass opening. Scott cried out, his eyes big with shock �Stop it! Stop it!
Someone stop him! He�s going to rape me!�

�What�s that?� the older athlete shouted out. �A big, tough muscleboy hero like you
afraid an old man like me might fuck you up the ass? You guts all those pretty-boy,
shiney looking muscles that all the gals go crazy for but you can�t keep a poor ole boy like
me from slapping your ass red and sticking my pole up your brown eye? What kind of
muscleboy rassler are you any ways?� The challenger was getting a real kick out of
tormenting his trapped opponent and the crowd was enjoying it as well.

The older wrestler again pushed up against Scott�s backside and tried to poke his hard
cock between the youth�s ass cheeks. Scott cried out again in panic and squirmed
feverishly to avoid Neombe�s sex organ. Scott�s buttocks look fantastic to any
connoisseur of a well-developed pair of glutes and the young muscleboy�s were some of
the best around. Scott�s well-rounded ass was hard and shapely, beautifully tanned and
glistening with his sweat and the slick wrestling oil. Tan as the youngster�s ass was, at
this point, both of his �globes� also showed a rosy glow from the many slaps the African
had administered as Scott hung defenseless in the ropes. Scott�s frantic gyrations in the
ropes were preventing the African from accomplishing his �final humiliations� of the
nightclub�s star oil wrestler. Neombe reached down and grabbed both of Scott�s ankles
and pulled the White wrestler�s legs out from under him and upward. In a quick motion,
Scott�s body was swung around in the ropes in a three-quarter circle so that he was almost
horizontal to the mat. As Scott�s body, which was still well twisted in the ropes, swung in
an arc, his head ended up jammed between the heavy thighs of the African, face up, with
the Black man�s balls pressed against Scott�s face. The younger wrestler could hardly
breath and could see little day light now as his face was nearly covered with the hairy,
sweating balls and ass of the African. As the Black wrestler moved his thighs about, he
was soon squashing Scott�s head between his trunk-like upper legs and all but muffling
cries of his trapped opponent. Scott�s hands clawed and pulled at the sides of the
African�s hips and legs in a desperate attempt to pull his head free from between the legs
of the African but the efforts were futile. The helpless muscleboy could barely breathe
and, what little air he could get, was filled with the heavy musk of the Black man�s crotch
and ass crack.

In one corner of the club stood Joe and Patricia Barrnet, owners of the club. When they
first introduced nightly oil wrestling at the club some six months earlier, they knew the
matches, both girls and men�s events, would prove popular with their customers.
However, neither one ever thought the matches would get this far out of hand and become
so �heavily erotic and realistic.� Oh, there had been the occasional match that saw
tempers flair, particularly among the girl wrestlers, and there were two incidences in which
girls had been stripped of their bikinis during a match. One of these, in particular, resulted
in a rather hot evening of wrestling. A beautiful, young, and athletic college girl thought
she could earn some easy money by doing some oil wrestling. Unfortunately, she was
matched against an old broad named Helga and ended up stripped, spanked, and in tears.
The customers loved every minute of the girl�s embarrassment! These incidences lead to
some embarrassing moments for the girls but also served to increase the popularity of the
club�s wrestling shows. But now, both Barrnets stood in near shock and disbelief at what
they were witnessing. Their star wrestler was getting his young butt totally whipped and
was being sexually humiliated before the packed club. Both owners felt that perhaps they
should attempt to put a quick stop to what was going on before word got out and their
liquor license might be pulled. On the other hand, both Joe and his wife were as �turned
on and excited� as their customers over what was happening in the ring. It was the hottest
wrestling show either had ever seen! Furthermore, both realized that, to stop the match at
this point, would probably result in a riot among the crowd, which was enjoying the
�show.� Joe and his wife continued to watch the goings on in the ring along with
everyone else, often joining in with cheers. At one point, Patricia turned to her husband
and jokingly said that they needed to do something about the club�s air conditioning. With
the huge crown on hand this night and their extreme excitement over what was taking
place in the ring, the temperature in the nightclub must now have reached 100 degrees.
Everyone was sweating profusely and the aroma in the club had taken on that heavy scent
of sexual sweat and the body odors of the crowd as well as that of the naked wrestlers
currently in the ring as well as that left over from the near naked wrestlers of the previous

What was happening in the ring was a mix of combat sporting event and pure erotic sports
show. The young bodybuilder�s situation had not improved one bit and he still remained
in a most degrading, helpless, and vulnerable position. What had been the proud,
arrogant, muscleboy club champion wrestler was now reduced to a most humiliating and
pitiful sight indeed. Scott�s head was still trapped between the powerful black thighs of
the other wrestler, his face pressed indecently against the crotch of the older man.
Although difficult to tell, Scott�s mouth was pressed against the sweaty, hairy ball sack of
the African while his nose was buried somewhere in the man�s ass crack. It must have
been very difficult for the White wrestler to get any air at all like this and, what little
breath he could get, surely was heavily �spiced� with the older wrestler�s sexual scent.

The upper torso of the muscleboy was directly in front of his opponent and stretched
horizontally, held in place by the two upper ring ropes, which were twisted tightly about
the young wrestler�s lower chest. Scott�s muscular legs hung partially outside the raised
ring, thrashing and kicking in a futile effort to free his body. Scott�s beautifully muscled
torso was in a perfect position for his opponent to attack the youth�s chest, hard abdomen,
thighs, and worse, his exposed sex organs. Holding the young wrestler�s head between his
thick thighs, and with the ropes keeping the youth�s body secure, the Black wrestler�s
hands were totally free to punish the muscleboy�s tan, muscled physique. Laughing at his
opponent�s situation, Neombe applied painful �Claw Holds� to the washboard-like
abdominal section of the youth. Despite the White bodybuilder�s superbly conditioned
mid-section, the Black wrestler�s powerful hands were inflicting real torture on the youth.
Each time a new �Claw Hold� was applied, the muffled cries of the younger wrestler could
be detected as his legs kicked out in desperation and his hands slapped and pulled at the
tights and buttocks of his opponent. In addition to the painful �Claw Holds� the older
Black man was also slapping the smooth, tan flesh before him. Each slap resounded
throughout the club and sweat and oil flew in all directions with each blow. Each slap also
brought cheers and laughter from the crowd. Occasionally, Neombe swung under Scott�s
trapped body and brought a stinging slap across the hard ass cheeks of the younger
grappler. With each crack across the youth�s ass, his body flopped up and down in the
ropes causing his still rock hard cock to pulsate and slap against his belly. This too
brought howls of laughter from the turned-on spectators. It was not long before
Neombe�s attacks began to also focus on the muscular thighs of the bodybuilder. Once
these thigh attacks started, it was no time before �suggestions� from the challenger�s
friends in the crowd lead the Neombe to attack the sex organs of the youth.

The African leaned forward causing his own swollen and massive-sized sex organ to rest
along the length of the White athlete�s chest. In this position, the tips of each of the men�s
cocks now touched, giving the strange appearance of some sort of �stare-down� by the
sex tools. There was no doubt about whose cock overpowered who�s. Hard, tight, and
glowing with sweat and oil, the White boy�s cut cock would have looked impressive in
most situations, but not tonight. The big Black wrestler�s uncut pole was just as hard and
much longer and thicker than the White muscleboy�s and totally dominated the match-up.
The African �stabbed� his cock repeatedly into the younger wrestler�s, easily pushing it
from side to side, away from and then against, the muscleboy�s muscular mid-section. As
the two cock tips touched and rubbed, both showed signs of a small amount of sticky,
white substance oozing from their openings.

After amusing himself for a few minutes of this �cock rubbing,� the Black wrestler leaned
back again, punched and slapped the gut of the younger wrestler, and then roughly
attacked the youth�s sex organs again. The African grabbed hold of Scott�s cock and
began to pull and yank it around as well as giving it some painful twists. At several points,
he grasped the younger man�s swollen cock with both hands and then twisted in opposite
directions. Scott�s muscular and glistening body arched and twisted in agony and his
muffled cries grew louder at the application of the old professional wrestler�s famous
�Cobra Twist.� Finishing with the punishment of Scott�s cock, at least for a few minutes,
the Black now grabbed a hold on Scott�s tight, firm ball sack and pulled on it to �examine
it� more closely. Neombe looked at Scott�s balls and yelled out for all to hear, �well, well,
looks like we gots a little bag of cherry stone here don�t it? Well, let�s just shake �em up a
bit and squeeze them a bit, hug?� For the next minute or so, the former club�s oil
wrestling champion found his most sensitive organ being pulled, slapped, squeezed,
shaken, twisted, and everything else imaginable. Had the young wrestler�s face not been
buried in the older wrestler�s crotch and ass, his cries and pleadings would certainly have
been loud and clear. Then, the Black man finally stopped tormenting Scott�s most
sensitive body parts, straightened up, reached behind him, and took a hold of Scott�s hair.
Now having a good grip on Scott�s scalp, the Black opened his thighs and pushed the
young man�s head out of his crotch. For the first Scott in many minutes, the crowd could
again see the face of the beaten wrestler and hear his cries of submission and suffering.

Hanging onto the White wrestler�s scalp hair, the Neombe looked down and said, �well
White muscle boy, how does it feel to get yur ass whipped by this old boy? Huh? What
do you have to say for yourself? What happened to all your bragging and strutting and
posing?� Scott was desperately trying to suck in some much-needed air and trying to
wipe the sweat from his eyes. As soon as he could speak, the scared and beaten youngster
began to plead to the Black man for his release. He wanted no more of this wrestling
contest and wanted his humiliation to end quickly. The Black man chided Scott some
more by saying, �maybe you haven�t learned your lesson yet, boy!!!! Maybe I need to rub
your face in my ass some more?� Scott started crying out, �No, no, please, no more of
that. I can�t breathe there and your smell is too strong.� �What say?� the Black
professional wrestler yelled out. �You saying by balls and ass stink? Well, if you hate it so
much, how come your little pecker is so fucking hard? I think maybe you like the smell of
my sex! Maybe you like men like me as much as all those girls you show off for. Maybe
it�s time to see if you�re more receptive now to having my big, black Mamba up your
cherry ass hole!�

Neombe now stepped off his trapped opponent and pulled him free of the ropes. He then
grabbed Scott and pulled him to the center of the ring. In quick succession, the African
�Snap Mared� the younger bodybuilder some half-dozen times. Each time, as Scott
staggered to his feet, he was grabbed about the neck and flipped over Neombe�s shoulder,
sending him slamming to the mat on his back, sweat and oil flying. By the end of this
series of punishing moves, young Scott was not even sure which direction was which.
Then, in one more punishing maneuver, the physique star/wrestler was crotch lifted,
turned sideways, carried to the edge of the ring, and �Straddle Dropped� on the top ring
rope. With one leg on either side of the ropes, Scott�s naked body bounced four or five
times on the top rope, groin first, and then he fell off onto the mat. The naked, sweating,
muscle hunk now rolled about the mat, clutching his bruised sex organs, and crying in
agony. The big African circled his fallen opponent, laughing and occasionally planning a
well-aimed kick on the nude youth�s bare ass. As the older Black wrestler circled the
prostrate younger wrestler, his massive Black cock remained hard and thick, and bounced
and swayed in front of him like a threatening weapon. By now, all the customers could
sense that the Black wrestler had every intention of using that huge sex tool to further
humiliate and punish his young, muscleboy opponent. From time to time, the old wrestler
ran his fist up and down his oiled sex shaft, helping to keep it rock hard, while, at the same
time, drawing attention to his pride in the superiority of his �manhood� over the much
younger White youth�s body.

After a few minutes of rolling in pain, Scott struggled to his hands and knees and began to
crawl toward the ropes and the ring�s edge. He obviously wanted no more part in this
wrestling contest and was looking for a quick exit. Unfortunately for the young muscle
star, the Black man was not yet ready for the show to end. He ran up behind the escaping
youth and planted a hard kick right between his hard, muscular buttocks, sending the poor
youngster sliding across the mat on his belly. Again, Scott attempted to raise himself up
on his hands. This time, as he rose, he turned his face toward the large Black man and
raised his on hand in a pleading gesture. The look on Scott�s face was one of total fear
and panic. He seemed to sense that he would not be able to escape this powerful
challenger and that he was in for further punishment and humiliation. The African wrestler
reached down and grabbed Scott by the hair. As he pulled Scott to his feet, the younger
man cried and pleaded with the Black man not to hurt him anymore. Scott�s hands
clutched at Neombe�s hands, trying to relieve the tension on his hair. As the young
wrestler was dragged to his feet, his body swung in semi-circles as he spun half suspended
by his hair. The White wrestler cried out in desperation, �Oh, oh, let go of my hair,
please, you�re pulling my hair out! Please! Please! No more, no more! I give, I give!
Please let me go.�

It was an astonishing sight to behold. Here was this handsome, young,
muscle stud, who looked like he would be a top ranked contender in the Mr. Universe
Contest, being totally dominated and punished by this old man. It was unimaginable but it
was happening before the eyes of this huge crowd. Scott�s beautifully muscled body,
totally naked, tan, and glowing under the ring lights with sweat and oil, was a fantastic
sight to see yet appeared helpless against the older man�s thick, powerful frame. Every
muscle in the youth�s body seemed pumped to its maximum as his body fought to free
itself yet it all seemed to be futile. The young bodybuilder�s cock was still, oddly, almost
fully hard and bounced like a tight spring in front of his groin. In this position, the crowd
was getting a perfect view of the youth�s naked and magnificent physique in all its glory.
Every muscle could be studied in detail as well as all the youths golden tanned skin. Every
inch of Scott�s prize-winning physique was deeply tanned and free of body hair. Only a
small G-string tan mark was visible about his groin, hips, and ass crack which seemed to
give emphasis to this total nakedness now. Only a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair sat
at the base top of his cock. The small patch of pubic hair looked almost like a small crown
marking his sex. Scott obviously spent many hours grooming and tuning his magnificent
body. Beautifully as it was, it now seemed useless in this combat of �youth vs. age.�
Youth was facing total, public embarrassment and humiliation and the crowd loved every
minute of it. What an upset! Strangely though, one could see a rather odd reaction
among some of the younger customers at the ringside tables. Even though excited and
aroused as much as any of the other customers over this wrestling erotica show they were
watching, many of the younger ones had a look of bewilderment and showed some signs
of embarrassment themselves. Here they were, looking at a young stud, in their own age
bracket, being beaten and humiliated by an �old man.� Scott was the epitome of all the
all-desirable muscleboy. He had looks, youth, confidence, and a world-class muscle body.
Up until an hour ago, he was looked upon as an unbeatable wrestler as well. Now, the
young night clubbers, along with everyone else, sat and watched as some ancient old
Black man was making a complete fool out of the young muscle hunk. Age and
experience were showing up muscleboy youth! It was somewhat embarrassing for those
of that age group even as they felt the erotic sensuality of what was taking place in the

Now that the Black wrestler had his young opponent in a standing position, he quickly
grabbed the left arm of the youth and yanked it behind his back, applying a painful
Hammer Lock Hold. The Black man now proceeded to �march� the naked youth about
the ring, literally putting Scott on display for the screaming mass of customers. Scott
howled in pain and humiliation as he was paraded about the ring, often being forced to
walk on his toes, his youthful �boner� still bouncing before him. In a moment, things got
even worse for the young wrestler. Neombe released his hold on Scott�s hair and, while
still holding the Hammer Lock with one hand, he reached with the other between Scott�s
thighs and took a hold on the youngster�s scrotum.

The older challenger, now having a good grip on the slippery bag of sex balls, pulled harshly back on the sack, pulling it
almost half way up the youth�s ass crack. Scott�s �march� around the ring now continued
as he begged and pleaded for the African to let him go. With his ball sack being pulled
from behind and between his thighs, his hard erection was pulled away from his belly and
stood sort of straight out. This gave even greater emphasis to his nudity and aroused
state. It also brought even more laughter and lurid suggestions from the amused crowd.
Scott�s free hand alternately clutched at his groin and then at his own hair as he pleaded
and begged for this tormenter to let him go. Neombe was having far too much fun
showing up the once arrogant muscleboy and continued to parade the naked youth about
the ring, occasionally ramming him cock first into a ring post.

Finally, the Black wrestler decided to punish his White opponent in some new fashions.
Neombe began to run Scott in ever decreasing circles until the young wrestler fell face
first to the mat. Then, still holding onto his Hammer Lock Hold, the African once again
proceeded to slap the bare ass of the club�s star wrestler. The sever slaps could be heard
all over the club and, as sweat and oil flew on the round melons of Scott�s ass with each
blow, the crowd began to count aloud each embarrassing �spank.� Even with this great
tan, Scott�s ass cheeks were soon taking on a reddish glow from the public spanking.
Somehow, it seemed like a most suitable way for the much older wrestler to punish his
brazen young opponent. Scott�s face was redder than ever now and he was begging the
Black wrestler to stop his degrading punishment. Well, the older challenger finally did
cease with the spanking but only to begin a new phase of humiliating punishment for

Releasing his Hammer Lock on the younger man, the pro-wrestler quickly flipped Scott
over on his back. Neombe then jumped into a sitting position on Scott�s chest and pinned
the muscleboy�s arms to the matt using his knees. Neombe was now in a perfect position
to further torment and humiliate the beaten wrestler. Sitting, as he was, Neombe�s big,
hard cock poked into the face of the pinned wrestler. Scott grimaced in discomfort and
embarrassment as the older challenger �whipped� the young wrestler�s face with his
massive sex tool. Neombe looked down at Scott�s face and shouted, �What�s the matter,
muscle boy, you don�t like meeting Black Mamba?� The crowd was roaring with laughter
at this latest sexual punishment of the defeated younger wrestler at the hands of the old
wrestler. The older wrestler laughed at the humiliation and fear showing on the face of
the young man pinned beneath. �You should be ashamed of yourself,� exclaimed the
Black wrestler. �Here you are with all that pretty muscle and in your �prime� at 20 some
years old and letting an old man of 60 whip your butt. Not only kick your fancy-pants ass
but strip you naked so all these pretty girls can see your stiff little dick! You are supposed
to be such a powerful physique star and wrestler, huh? Well how come you let me whoop
you so bad and take your pants off and spank you in front of everyone? Yeah, you should
be ashamed of yourself, kid!� Seeing Scott�s colorful G-string within arm�s reach, the
Black wrestler grabbed the skimpy bit of Nylon material and again began to rub it all over
its previous owner�s up-turned face. It was total humiliation for Scott as he was made to
smell and taste this article that had, not long before, been tightly fitted against his most
intimate, sexual anatomy. Scott twisted and turned his head in an attempt to keep the wet,
musk-scented patch away from his nose and mouth but it was futile.

�What�s the matter, muscle stud, don�t like the smell you your own ass and cock?� Scott
resisted having his own G-string rubbed in his face. The Black momentarily withdrew the
bit of Nylon from his opponent�s face and put it to his own face, taking in several good
whiffs. �Hey, boy! That ain�t bad at all. Smells like nice, young, fresh muscleboy ass to
me. Just the kind I like.� Neombe was obviously �gay� and took pleasure in the heavy
�musk� of his subdued opponent. �Hey, what�s this? I smell a little cum juice on your
little cock bag. What you been doing, getting yourself all worked up and dripping some of
your ball juice? Well, if you don�t care for your own smell, maybe you�ll like the smell of
this big daddy rassler�s ass, huh?� said the older man. With that, the big wrestler lifted his
weight off the youth�s chest and quickly spun himself around. The older wrestler again
dropped his full weight onto the muscleboy�s chest but, this time, he sat facing Scott�s
feet. The younger wrestler�s arms were pinned helplessly behind the knees of the older
man. As the Black wrestler looked over his shoulder at Scott, he laughed as he rose up
slightly and threatened Scott�s upturned face with his large, hairy, ebony ass. The young
muscleboy�s eyes grew large with panic as he looked up into the descending ass crack of
the challenger. The young, White wrestler cried out, �Oh no, no, please, I can�t stand
that. I can�t breathe your smell again. It�s too strong! It makes me feel strange in my
privates. Please don�t do that, Pleeease!� The crowd rose to its feet again to watch the
young wrestler�s face disappear under the African�s butt. Wrestling at its dirtiest, many in
the crowd thought aloud!

Muffled cries could be heard from beneath the Black wrestler�s butt as Scott�s legs kicked
outward Scott and again in a futile effort to kick-out of the pin. Each time the young
bodybuilder�s beautifully muscled lower torso bucked and thrashed, the crowd was treated
to the sight of the youth�s still hard cock snapping about against his lower belly. The
young man�s sex tool was solid with blood and looked like it would explode at any
moment. The skin of the circumcised penis head was drawn down fully and revealed the
hard, shiny, purplish glans-penis to all. The older challenger sat confidently across his
opponent�s chest, laughing and looking alternately between the tanned belly of his
opponent and that of the many cheering club patrons. Then, pushing his ass down even
harder across the youth�s upturned face, the Black struck a �double bicep� pose and yelled
to his friends seated near the ring. �Well, what do you think now of Mr. Muscleboy
wrestler? This young punk couldn�t wrestle his way out of a paper bag.

All that fancy muscle don�t mean shit, you know now, right? Look at your so-called club champion! I
told my friends I�d have this young, White showoff kissing my black ass before the night
was over and that�s just what he�s doing now.� Then, laughing, he leaned forward and
began to �spank� the cock and balls of the whipped muscleboy. The crowd went nuts!
Encouraged by the crowds cheers and laughter, the African went to even more extremes in
attacking the muscle boy�s most sensitive organs. The Black hands of the older wrestler
were soon grabbing at the youth�s scrotal sack and pulling it to the tearing point, it
seemed. In the process, the young man�s hard little balls were pressed tightly against the
thin, hairless skin and looking like they might pop free at any moment. At the same time,
the old wrestler�s fingers on his other hand pinched a hold around the swollen know end
of Scott�s hard penis. The Black pulled and twisted on the youngster�s cock tip which
seemed to make the organ all the harder. A close look would also have revealed several
whitish drops of pre-cum forming at the tip of the swollen member.

Someone in the crowd yelled, �Show us the muscleboy�s ass hole.� The �request� caught
on and there was soon a huge cry for this further indignation of the young wrestler. The
big Black wrestler was all too happy to meet the crowd�s cries and took the required
action to give the customers what they wanted to see. The African leaned forward and
wrapped his arms behind the knees of the younger wrestler. Then, rolling backward some,
the Black grappler raised the entire lower torso of the youth until it was vertical. Now,
Scott�s ass was in the air and, with the more experienced wrestler�s arms pulling the
young wrestler�s legs somewhat apart, those lucky enough to be sitting on the right side of
the ring stage, were given a full view of the space between the White wrestler�s ass
cheeks, the brownish-pink opening centered there, as well as this swollen ball sack
hanging between his spread legs. A more humiliating position would be hard to imagine
for any wrestler!

Holding his opponent in this helpless and highly humiliating position, the older gay
wrestler deliberately pushed his own naked ass down harder against the young wrestler�s
up-turned face which was still tightly pinned between the mat and the Black man�s large
ass. The older wrestler laughed and said loudly, �how�s my ass smelling to you now,
White Boy?� as he began to wiggle and squirm, screwing his buttocks even tighter into
Scott�s face. Surely the young bodybuilder�s mouth and nose was being forced directly
between the ass cheeks of the big Black man as well as his hairy balls and hard cock.
Then, to expose every intimate inch of this trapped opponent, the old wrestler reached
down and grabbed each of the youth�s hard buttocks with his hands, still using his arms to
hold the young man�s legs trapped. He then pulled Scott�s ass cheeks further apart, giving
the spectators a full view of the space between the muscular glutes. The club patrons
roared in delight as many could new see Scott�s pink and brown anus; sweat and oil
running down across it off the muscleboy�s back. But the older African wrestler was not
yet finished humiliating the younger wrestler. Within a minute of so after spreading
Scott�s ass apart, Neombe had begun forcing fingers into the small, virgin ass hole of the
youngster. With the young muscleboy being held as he was and the excess of sweat and
oil on both wrestlers� bodies, the older man had little trouble getting his fingers started
into the tight anal opening of his young opponent. Before long, three of the Black man�s
large fingers were buried in the muscleboy�s tender anal opening.

Scott�s muffled cries grew louder from beneath the big ass of the Black man as his lower arms and legs kicked
and flailed wildly over this penetration of his most private body part. The gay customers
in the audience roared their approval of this �sexual submission hold� and even the female
and �straight� customers seemed totally aroused by what was taking place. Although
difficult to see except for those lucky enough to be in just the right seats, both men in the
ring had full erections and the tips of both pushed against one another where their bellies
pushed together. After humiliating Scott totally by both sitting on the youth�s face as well
as �finger raping� him for some time, the big African released the hold and jumped to his
feet. Scott, now free for a moment, gasped and sputtered for his breath, tried to wipe the
smell of the African from his face, and then crawled on his hands and knees, attempting
again to escape towards the ring�s edge.

�Not so fast, pretty muscleboy,� the Black yelled as he quickly chased after the frightened
and confused club wrestler. �We ain�t through with all the fun and games yet, boy!� The
Black wrestler reached down and grabbed Scott by the ankles and dragged him away from
the ropes. One had to wonder what affect this �face-down� drag across the slippery mat
had on the young wrestler�s stiff penis (which certainly felt the mat rub on it�s tender
stiffness). Scott cried and pleaded, �No, no, no, please, no more. Let me go. I�ve had
enough. Please don�t embarrass me anymore, pleeease no more!� But the African just
laughed and said, �Oh, come on boy! You are so young and tough and have all those
pretty muscles. You don�t want to quit now, do you? Maybe you can still beat this old
man, huh. Ha Ha Ha.� The Black wrestler then reached down and secured a combination
neck hold and crotch grip on the younger wrestler lifted him high overhead, and then
�Body Slammed� Scott�s perfect physique to the mat. Scott�s body slammed hard against
the oily surface and bounced several times, oil and sweat flying, as Scott clutched his back
in pain.

After some half-dozen of these bone-jarring body slams, the handsome young muscleboy
seemed more dazed and confused than ever and could hardly pick himself up before he
was grabbed and slammed again. The crowd seemed to love the sight of this once proud
and young muscle star being so badly whipped and humiliated. They cheered and became
even more aroused each time they saw the naked, tan, muscular, and oil-slicked form
being lifted and slammed to the mat. The young bodybuilder�s cries and pleading only
seemed to entertain the sadistic customers the more. Then, as if Scott had not already
endured enough punishment and public humiliation, the African pulled Scott to the ring
center, pulled the youth into a sitting position, and positioned himself tight behind Scott,
also in a sitting position. Then, the Black man wrapped his legs in a scissors hold about
Scott�s waist while, at the same time, applied a �Full Nelson� hold on the club�s favorite
oil wrestler. Now, the young White wrestler was suddenly set-up for one of wrestling�s
most degrading and humiliating maneuvers, the �Keaster Bump.�

The African would rock backwards lifting his young opponent completely off the mat and high into the air. Then,
a second or two later, would bring the young wrestler crashing, ass first, back to the mat.
Each time Scott was lifted off the mat, he cried and begged the African not to drop him
again. Many of the customers on the right side of the ring were treated to a full view of
Scott�s ass crack and balls and cock each time he was lifted off the mat. Not only were
the �Keaster Bums� highly humiliating and embarrassing for the younger man, they were
also proving quite painful as well. The impact on the mat was hard on the spine and
tailbone to say the least and, unprotected and without support, the young athlete�s ball
sack slapped hard against the mat surface each tiime he came down, causing him
considerable pain to that sensitive part of the anatomy.

The muscleboy�s cock remained
bone-hard throughout the ordeal and snapped to-and-fro each time his body slammed
down on the oily ring surface. With his arms helpless in the �Full Nelson� hold, Scott
could do nothing to conceal or support his genitals against the crashing impacts. The once
proud youth was suffering in both pain and absolute humiliation and was looking totally
foolish before his once admiring fans. The outcome of this wrestling contest was proving
almost unbelievable. Here was a handsome young stud with the boy of a Mr. Universe
being defeated, stripped, and humiliated in a wrestling match against an unknown African
man in his 60�s and all as a crowd watched. The sexual aspects of the defeat and
humiliation were not lost on the crowd either and everyone was highly aroused by the

After many of these spine-jarring and humiliating crashes to the mat, young Scott was
yelling out in anguish in hopes someone would come to his rescue. Strangely though, he
was feeling a strange mixture of pain along with a peculiar feeling or arousal that was
creeping through his groin. His hard-on grew even stiffer from this feeling that was
generated at his scrotum and anus impacted against the mat upon each �Keaster Bump�
execution. Too young to really understand his own bodies reaction to this odd
punishment, the pressures from the impacts were causing uncontrolled stimulation to his
testicles, penis, and prostrate gland, thus leading to his �funny feeling� of arousal. What
ever it was, the young wrestler was confused and scared over what was happening to him.
He soon began to fear that his strange feelings might lead to his having an �accidental�
ejaculation. �In front of everyone? How awful that would be�, the muscular youngster
though to himself, as he was overcome all the more with terror.

Finally, the African tired of this �game� he was enjoying with his beaten opponent. The
big Black wrestler finally stopped the �bumps�, still holding Scott in the seated position
with the combination �Full Nelson� and �Leg Scissors� and shouted to the youth, �So
boy, you had enough? How�s your balls and tender ass hole now? You want me to give
you some more ass bumping?� The once arrogant club wrestler now as reduced to
pleading and begging for the older man not to punish and humiliate him further. Scott
cried out, �No more, no more, please! I�ve had enough. I�m beaten. I can�t take
anymore. It�s hurting my bottom too much. Please, please! Let me go! Please! Everyone
is laughing at me and I�m embarrassed too much. You win. You win. Please!� �Fucking
right I win, punk,� said the challenger. �Now, nice and loud for everyone to hear. Let�s
hear you say �I admit that old guys are much better wrestlers than young, pretty-boy,
muscle bound punks like me�, OK?� With little hesitation, the young muscleboy was
crying out every one of the words the older fighter was demanding. The crowd loved it!

Young Scott Roberts was finally released from the �Keaster Bumps� position and just sat
there for a few seconds, unable to shake the confusion and fear from his head over what
had taken place. The screaming, laughter, and taunts from the club�s customers rang in
his ears and he felt total humiliation. �How could such an old man do this to me?� he
thought to himself. The defeat and public embarrassment was not yet quite over though!
Scott was suddenly grabbed by the hair and a tight �hammer Lock� hold, pulled to his
feet, thrown into the ropes, and quickly found his arms outstretched and bound-up in the
top ring ropes. The muscle stud hung there, helpless, naked, covered with sweat and oil,
and facing out toward the crowd. His body bounced slightly in the ropes as his still stiff
cock snapped against his rock-hard abdominals, looking very vulnerable and about to
explode for the audience.

As Scott hung helpless and begging for release, the big Black wrestler stood several feet
behind his young, helpless White opponent laughing and seeming to be considering further
torment. The older man was also covered with sweat and oil and, although nowhere near
possessing the contest quality physique of his young adversary, looked rather impressive
himself with his naked body still highlighted with it�s massive, hard, black cock protruding
proudly. The Black wrestler occasionally stroked his �black Mamba� with an oily hand
while admiring the hard, tan, slick, muscled buttocks of the trapped youth. One could
sense that the African was considering �satisfying� himself at the expense of the youth
caught in the ropes and so very vulnerable.

As the old, Black wrestler stood behind his trapped opponent, he joined in with the
crowd�s laughter at the young muscleboy�s frantic struggling in the ropes. Taking
advantage of the younger wrestler�s perfectly positioned ass, Neombe planted several
swift kicks to the tanned, shiny muscle globes of the helpless bodybuilder/wrestler.
Scott�s body bobbed and swayed in the ring ropes with each kick as he cried out with
indignation at this latest humiliating treatment. Then, a Black man in the audience who sat
with the same group that Neombe had risen from, jumped to his feet, waving a leather belt
in his hand. He shouted, � Hey, Neombe, that White muscleman insulted you and the rest
of us old guys. He came out tonight all proud and arrogant thinking he was the world�s

Well, you showed him up good and bared his ass for us to see. You made the
fool of him but he ain�t learned a full lesson yet. That White boy needs more whopping in
front of us. Here, Neombe, you�re the winner so use this to teach him some humility.�
With that, the Black customer threw the leather belt into the ring where it landed near the
feet of the old challenger. Neombe reached down and picked-up the belt. He doubled
over the leather belt strap, laughed, and made some �practice� swings with the belt across
his own hand. He approached his trapped opponent and said to Scott, �My fans demand I
give you a bit more of a whipping and I sure don�t want to disappoint my loyal fans now,
do I, White boy?� The White wrestler could see what was about to happen and began to
beg the Black man not to whip him with the belt, but this was to no avail. For the next
few minutes, the crowd of club customers was treated to the wildest of spectacles. The
old man delivered more than a dozen �strappings� across the brown ass cheeks of the
younger wrestler who hung defenseless in the ropes. But the Black man took care not to
use too much force as he swung the belt. He did not whish to cut the muscleboy�s skin or
even cause any welts to form.

He applied just enough force to make each blow sting the
tender flesh on the youngster�s ass so as to cause him a mix of pain, humiliation, and
sexual stimulation. Each blow could be heard throughout the club as the belt cracked
loudly against the tender skin of the muscleboy�s rock-hard glutes. Scott cried out with
every blow, �No, No, No. Please. No more. It stings too much. Please stop. Please, no
more. Oh, Oh, Oh, Nooooo.� Scott�s perfect ass cheeks began to redden even under the
deeply tanned tone of his skin. Again, the crowd felt the exotic pleasure of watching this
spectacle of the �perfect Mr. Universe muscleboy youth, helpless, beaten, stripped naked,
and being public whipped by an old man.� Then, as Neombe administered the last few belt
whippings, he changed the angle of his stroke slightly. The last three applications of the
belt did not land across Scott�s ass but, rather, up and under his legs so as to snap
viciously against the youth�s exposed bass as well as his anus. These blows doubled the
look of shock and discomfort on the young wrestler�s face and brought a howl of grunts
and laughter from the crowd. Finally, feeling satisfied that he had thoroughly whipped the
arrogant young wrestler to his friends� satisfaction, the Black wrestler through aside the
belt and moved up behind the naked White wrestler.

By this time, the beaten, confused, and scared White wrestler was hardly aware of what
was going on. He bounced helplessly in the ropes, moaning, and pleading for someone to
save him. But, his final humiliation was now coming. Scott felt the African�s hands grab
the sides of his hips, keeping him from moving his lower torso. The Black man rubbed
some oil off the back of his younger opponent and applied it along the shank of his hung,
stiff, black cock. Then, the African pushed up against the back of Scott and said, �Boy,
I�m mighty horny now and I�m going to relieve myself right up your pretty-boy ass hole.�
Scott screamed and pleaded as he felt the big African�s erect penis pushing between his ass
cheeks. The crowd roared for the Black man to �DO IT! DO IT!� and the African
proceeded to locate Scott�s anus with the tip of his massive organ and, once found, began
to push his stiff rod into the tight opening of the White wrestler. Scott cried and yelled
that his body was torn between pleasure and pain and humiliation. Soon, the gay
challenger was well into the other man�s most private possessions and thrusting away.
There was a loud �squishing� sound as Neombe�s cock pulled part way out and then
jabbed back into Scott�s small anal opening. The Black man�s sweaty and oiled front
smashed against the oiled and sweaty backside of his opponent, heightening the sounds of
the two bodies in contact. Those sitting near ringside could see from the African�s face
that he was soon to �bloc� his heavy load of semen that had built up during the long,
erotic combat. He continued to thrust away into the younger man�s back sex opening
despite the pleas from Scott that �he was hurting him and that the Black man�s cock was
too big to fit his small virgin anal hole.� Strangely, man near ringside could see that the
young, White wrestler�s penis was hard beyond belief and seemed about to explode It�s
load as well. A small droplet of white pre-cum juice now sat at the small opening at the
penis tip and drew considerable attention from several women sitting near the edge of the

As the African thrust away into the younger wrestler�s ass crack, he occasionally reached
down between Scott�s legs and grabbed hold of the youth�s ball sack. Then, the Black
man would yank back on the muscleboy�s balls, causing the foreskin on Scott�s erect penis
to draw tightly back. This action emphasized the size and totally aroused state of the
young bodybuilder�s sex organ. Occasionally too, the older wrestler worked over Scott�s
pectoral muscles, pinching, twisting, and clawing at the tender nipples protruding from his
tan and powerful chest. These actions also seemed to increase the number of pre-cum
drops forming at the youth�s cock tip. The crowd knew that Scott, despite his humiliating
public defeat, was soon going to humiliate himself even further.

After several minutes, it all happened. The big Black man gave several hard thrusts with
his hips and began to yell and grunt. At the same moment, he reached around in front and
began to slap and �spank� at his White opponent�s erection. The African gave one final
forward thrust with his hips and then froze tightly against the back of the man against him.
Scott cried out as he felt the final thrust into his anal opening and then a flow of hot fluid
into his insides. Unable to control his own body function by now, his own cock exploded
and began to spew a series of whitish, gooey loads. Being so young, Scott�s sexual fluid
discharges shot eight to ten feet out in front of him, spraying across some customer�s
tables. Many customers in the �line of fire� jumped back to avoid being �hit� while,
laughing and showing amazement at the quantity and force of the youth�s discharges.
Some customers expressed the belief that the young, beaten wrestler must have �broken
something inside� as the number and size of his semen discharges seemed almost
abnormal. Even though he was very young, for such a quantity and force like that, they
believed it must have been quite �some time� since the young bodybuilder had �satisfied�

Finally finished now, the big Black wrestler pulled free from the White wrestler and began
a �victory strut� about the ring. His somewhat softening cock flopping and swinging
between his legs, covered with the shine of oil and body juices. The crowd cheered as the
African strutted and laughed and taunted the younger wrestler as he was freed from the
ropes and allowed to flee to the dressing rooms. As the frightened and totally
embarrassed young muscular wrestler fled between the customer�s tables, the big African
picked up the youth�s tattered G-string and shouted after him, �Hey boy, you forgot your
little cock bag and dental floss.� The crowd roared!

It was a most exciting night of wrestling that not only gave the crowd a terrific athletic
show but satisfied their need for erotic entertainment as well. Everyone remarked at the
sensual aspect of seeing this �age over youth� upset. Without a doubt, the perfectly
muscled, young, handsome, arrogant type had been totally defeated and humiliated for all
to see. Who would have believed that a 24-year-old bodybuilder and wrestling champion
would suffer such a humiliating, painful, and embarrassing defeat at the hands of a 60-
year-old opponent? In all his cockiness, egotism, and youthful arrogance, certainly the
young muscleboy could never have imagined that he would suffer such as humiliating
public defeat and, worse, at the hands of an African almost three times his age. It just
destroyed the young bodybuilder�s confidence. Scott Roberts was not on the next night�s
wrestling card! In fact, he soon left town. Few believed he could ever appear on a
physique contest stage or even a public beach. How could he risk being seen again
showing off his body in a G-string when someone from that night at that club might
recognize him? Or worse, suppose the big African caught him showing off again in a
public place? Imagine the possibilities of another public beating and humiliation. Would
he ever chance it again?

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