Ken and Me Wrestling Story

He is 5�9�, 150 pounds, with short brown hair. He is wearing very short shorts, the bottom of the shorts are just above the curve of his butt. He has no shirt. His nipples are small and hard, his chest is smooth and hairless. His pecs are small, but defined and his skin on his stomach is pulled taut over his rib cage and abs, stretching his belly button. There is no hair above the waist band of his shorts. His back is broad at the shoulders and tapers in a slight vee down to his waist. His arms are lean and cut, not large, but strong. But the centerpiece is the legs. They are lean and muscular, not bulky, and they are smooth with fine hair from his crotch to his feet. They are deadly weapons that can bring anyone to submission.

I am 6� and 170 pounds. I am wearing an oversized tank top that drapes to the tip of my cock. I am pretty well built with strong arms and upper body. I am smooth too.

There are two kinds of wrestling strength: physical and sexual. A wrestler can be strong in one and weak in another, or along any point on the continuum. Usually, a very strong physical wrestler is vulnerable to sexual attacks, like finger fucking, nipple sucking, licking, spanking, etc. So that regardless of how dominating he is physically, he can suddenly find himself the victim if a finger is messaging his anus. His goal is to physically dominate his opponent so completely that his opponent can�t respond with anything, then he strips them and fucks them once they are weak and beaten. For a wrestler with sexual strength, on the other hand, his goal is to go for the nads, so to speak. While he may be up against a very over matched physical opponent, he can equalize the situation by finding the opponent�s �sweet spot�, or his greatest sexual vulnerability. Some guys like to be finger fucked, while others like to have their balls wrung. The sexually strong wrestler tries to find this spot and exploit it until the other guy succumbs and then cums.

Just as each has a strength, each has a weakness. Some guys are more susceptible to sex than others. A physical guy, for instance, may be very strong but very vulnerable to a sexual move. In that case, a French kiss with a tongue down his throat may completely do him in and make him powerless to defend. Someone who is less vulnerable to sexual attacks may be able to resist longer and outlast his opponent. Usually, strong physical guys are more vulnerable, and sexually strong guys are less vulnerable.

The goal of this match is to strip the other guy and then make him cum. If a wrestler cums before he is stripped, he doesn�t lose, the match continues. If a guy cums before he is stripped, he has the advantage because while he recuperates the other guy may be on the verge, so that is his opportunity to go in for the win. You want to dominate, strip, then close him.

I am physically stronger than he is. I am bigger and more experienced. I know how to hurt and force submissions, how to strip quickly and dominate. He is a sexual wrestler that uses his legs as a way to get you in positions that momentarily incapacitate so he can do what he wants. I am very vulnerable sexually to this kind of wrestler, this build and his cocky attitude, I will have to watch his hands.

We approach each other. He will be on the defense since he knows I am stronger. We size each other, I am looking for an open spot. I rush suddenly and grab him by the waist, lifting him up and over my shoulder, throwing him down to the mat. He winces as he hits the mat on his back. I quickly maneuver on top of him and he tries to buck me off. I maintain my balance and tauntingly slap his face. He tries to block, but I get in a few slaps that are pretty hard. He continues to buck, but I know that will only weaken him, so I ride him for a while. My naked balls are on his stomach and my anus is exposed to his now growing cock. It is time for me to move on or I am a goner. My anus is my �sweet spot�.

I force myself down on him to get clear of his reach and turn him over, putting him in a full nelson. I can pretty much do what I will physically with him, he is no match physically for me. In the full nelson, with my hands behind his head, I force his face into the mat. I lift up his upper body with this hold just off the mat and then slam his face back down hard. He grunts with pain. I repeat that again and again to ensure a window to move onto another hold. I then get him into a figure four hold. I put his left calf behind his right knee and bend his right leg on top of the left one. I am laying, now, on my left side next to his left side, my left arm has him in a half nelson, still forcing his face into the mat, my right leg draped over his right leg forcing the figure four hold. His right arm is pounding the mat. I slap the back of his head with my right hand. My cock is up against his shorts. His bucking is rubbing against my cock, I will not be able to hold this for much longer. I slap him a few more times, hard, for good measure. I release the hold but push his face into the mat as I get up. He continues to lay there trying to get his strength back.

He is still on his stomach, so I do a drop elbow to his back. What little momentum he had in getting up was now gone. He was back face down on the mat. I do another drop and another. I then get back on top of him, while sitting on his ass facing his legs, I put a crab hold on him. His legs are bent over mine and I stretch his back causing him to groan again. I ask for a submission but he refuses. I continue to stretch and stretch, but he will not give in--yet. So I stop the hold and while he writhes, I take his shorts off. He is naked. I still have my tank top on. I raise him to his knees.

From behind, I get him in a sleeper hold. He is fighting me with every last bit of strength he has. My biceps are locked around his neck. He never had a chance in this one. I could do whatever I wanted right now, totally unchallenged. I push him down to all fours, he drops to his elbows, his ass in the air. I spank him, his ass becoming pink. I finger fuck him. He is ready to cum. I violently wriggle my finger in his ass with my right hand and hold his head down to the mat with my left. I take my finger out and kick him over onto his back.

I take my tank top off, get down on top of him, and plaster his face with my shirt. In his effort to breath, he writhes and bucks. I lean down to get a lower center of gravity and continue to punish him. He then reaches in underneath me and begins pinching my nipples. I stop plastering him so I can get his hands. While we are holding hands, he then lifts his pelvis off of the mat and sticks his cock into my anus. He has locked his legs around mine. I try to get free, but those legs are strong and his cock is now starting to penetrate. I release his hands and fall to his chest to try to regain control, but it is rapidly becoming too late. He now grabs me by the hair and lifts my face up to his. His cock is in me, he has me locked with those legs, and then he begins shoving his tongue down my throat. I gag but can do little to stop him. He now maneuvers my head at will, licking my face, my lips, my throat. His cock is pulsating, pushing, throbbing in my anus. I am limp and nearly gone.

He rolls me over onto my back, carefully keeping his cock imbedded in me. He sucks my left nipple until I feel like he is sucking it off. With his right hand, he is messaging my other tit. He holds my shoulders to the mat to symbolically pin me. He has me.

He lifts me to my knees, finally taking his dick out of my ass. He lifts my left knee up so that I am on my right knee. He comes up beside me, with his right hand sticks his finger in my ass. He comes up under my left arm and resumes working on my left tit, sucking it and tonguing it. With his left hand he grabs my dick, and with his left thumb me gently messages the head. Slowly, he fucks, sucks and messages until I am going to explode. He stops, and grins. While I am at my most vulnerable, he gets in front of me and slaps my face, almost knocking me down. Then he gets me down again on my knees, and from behind on his back, he wraps his legs, those beautiful legs, around my waist and pulls be backward over my knees stretching my thighs beyond their limit, squeezing the wind out of me. He is now punishing me. He had me and could have ended it, but he wasn�t through. My strength is being mocked by his domination. He now asks for my submission. I am in agony. He squeezes, and now he grabs my hair and pulls me further back. I submit. That was what he was looking for. He squeezes one more time and releases. I fall to my face, trying to alleviate the pain in my thighs.

He turns me over on my back. He sits on my face, with those legs around my head, and my shoulders pinned to the mat. He lays down on my torso and sucks me off until I cum.

He is 5�10� 155 lbs. I am 6� and 165 lbs. What he lacks in strength he makes up for in touch, and I am the opposite. I am stronger than he is, but respond to touch. He is wearing a black loose fitting midriff shirt, a black jock strap, leaving his anus exposed and white socks. I am wearing a loosefitting white tank top, white bikini briefs and no socks. The winner must make the other guy come twice any way he can. The first to do so wins.

We approach each other slowly then quickly embrace. I quickly slide my left hand under his shirt in the back, reach up around his left shoulder across his chest and grab his right shoulder. and my right hand finds his dick. It is flacid but growing. I start pumping it. He is trying to remove my hand with his right hand and he finds his left hand unable to turn me around. He is unable to overcome my strength. Now both of his hands are trying to free his cock, but I feel him gradually relaxing and I am winning the first round. It is good to do so since the person to go first usually ends up losing. It is rare to come twice in a row, and even though he may get me in the next round, I will be flacid while he is starting to become erect again and so it will be easier for me to take him the second time. We are now moving to the ground, slowly. He is giving in. I am on my right knee, my left knee up His back is up on my left knee, he head is back making his back is arched, exposing his cock even more. I raise the front of his shirt up to around his neck and with my left hand I play with his left tit and stroke his front, with my right hand I jack him off. I continue to pump until he finally comes.

He falls to the floor with a sigh. I get up and straighten my closthes up and he cleans himself off. We both still have our clothes on. He has gone unusually early. I went right for the jugglar and he wasn�t expecting it.

We approach again. I am erect now and he is flacid. He knows I am ready to go. I get excited when he comes--he knows that. He now lunges for me and grabs my cock and starts immediately to message it. I feel my body tingling and begin immediately to weaken. I am trying to push his body away but he has his legs locked in and around mine--he always did have strong legs. I am going quickly too, but I suddenly realize my left hand can reach his exposed anus. I reach down and begin to finger fuck him. He stops and pulls away--we are separate again. I am weakened but still not down. He is now becoming erect again--a good sign. He comes at me again this time only lower and we are both now on the floor--he on top of me. I pull his shirt over his head and take it off. But I am on my back and he has moved so that most of his body is laying across my chest and right arm, his left tit in my face. His arms are holding my left arm flat as well so I am spread out on the floor exposed. This weakens me slightly, which he must sense since he takes his right hand, while keeping my left arm in check with his left, and begins to easily and slowly, with only his thumb, message the head of my cock--the g-spot. This makes short work of me. I begin to relax and give in. He continues to message until I am ready to come. He suddenly stops.

I am now powerless. He has me right where he wants me. He gets off of me and I remain laying where I was on the floor. He pulls me to a sitting position by my hair and takes off my shirt. He then messages my cock as if to insure my powerless state. It works. He then raises me back onto my right knee--the same position I was in when I beat him last time. My shorts are still on, but my dick is exposed above the waistline. While I am on my right knee, he gets on his right knee with his left knee behind me, so that he is right beside me. He plunges his left hand into my shorts and begins to message my anus. With his right hand he is messaging my cock. Then he begins to suck on my right tit. He is completely dominating me at this point. Taking his time, messaging, not pumping, draining all strength from my body. Finger fucking, messaging and sucking until finally I come.

I collapse on to the floor exhausted. He stands up over me and moves away while I clean up. He still is in his jock strap and I in my shorts, however my shorts are almost down to my legs and stretched out threatening to fall off.

He is erect, but I am too. He carefully planned his last attack so that I would be weak and vulnerable in the next round. We approach, I feebly and he with renewed strength. He finshes off the job on my shorts. I am now naked. He embraces me and begins to suck again on my right tit. I can no longer fight back. My only hope is he is closer to coming than I am. He moves me to the ropes with my back against them and now, releasing the sucking on my tit, sticks his tongue deep down my throat. My muscles are merely for looks now. He is the strong one and can do with me what he wills. He releases his kiss. I slide to the ground and he takes a step back. With the ultimate in confidence he removes his jock. Now we are both naked, but he still has his socks on. He is fully erect. He moves me to the middle of the ring and puts me on all fours. He moves around to me behind and spreads my knees out, opening my butt. He kneels and inserts his cock and begins the end for me.

While he is fucking me he is pumping my cock. He knows a back to back come does not happen easily so he is more aggressive now. I am powerless and accept his cock in me. He stops and I fall to the ground on my stomach. He does a power fall on my back. Again. And again. Domination. He raises me up to standing, leaning into the ropes. He puts both of my arms on his shoulders exposing my mid-section. I am limp. He unleashes blow after blow to my abs. He then turns in front of me and grabs my neck from over his shoulder. He flips me through the air over onto my back. He is the strong one, I am beaten. Now on my back he once again attacks my right tit with his lips while messaging my left with his right hand, all the while fondling my balls with his left hand. I am ready now and he knows it, but he seems to want to linger over the victory a little longer. I have the muscled body, sculpted and strong. He is completely devastating it. He now stops and pulls me up by my hair to my knees. He goes behind me and lays down on his back, wrapping his legs around my middle.

He then grabs my hair and pulls me backward so that my back is arched, he is squeezing me with his legs, and my legs are being pulled from the stretch. Now it is pain. My dick is sticking out and defenseless. He holds this hold until he feels me completely give in. He thrusts me back to my stomach. Now he rolls me over, at will, onto my back. He cradles my head in his left arm and my right leg in his right and rolls me into a small ball, my left leg is extended slightly. He lays in close beside me wrapping his body around the hold. I am stuck and offer no resistance. With his free hand he begins slowly to message my anus. Slowly, very slowly, and each time works his finger deeper and deeper. I am almost coming without his even touching my dick. He continues for a long while, seemingly forever as if to dominate into the next match. Finally, he releases the hold and my legs fall onto the mat. He gets up and leaves me on the mat exposed and naked. He laughs quietly as if to mock my �strength�. He wasn�t supposed to win, let alone so completely. He uses this time to gloat a little. Now he kneels onto the mat by my side and jacks me off with his right hand, holding my body to the canvas with his left hand on my chest. In a few seconds I come for the second time in a row. He has won. He climbs on top of my chest and jacks off in my face--the ultimate in humiliation.

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