Marine Fighting Ranger Story

Fuck, man! This tough Marine here is getting bigger every day... This whole workout get me real pumped, fuckin gargantuan biceps bursting my t shrit sleeves like cannon balls! And these massive 48 pec slabs when I see them on the mirror! I almost shoot my load with this awesome power im getting into!
And the fights, man, what a major turn on! Yesterday a cocky Ranger bastard challenged me to a fight, one of those that only ends with the total destruction of the opponent.

The match had place in a abandoned barn and most of the ranger�s buds and mine were the audience. Fuck man, u could feel that testosterone on the air, aroused violent males in uniform wanting so bad to get each other that they all had huge bulges on their camos�.When I got there the Ranger bastard was already at the center of the barn, exhibing his powerful tanned v shaped torso, hugely muscled. Blond buzz cut hair gave him a wild look, masculine as hell. Shit, my hard marine cock stiffen immediately on my camos�.

�Hey Marine pussy! Tonite I gonna have my boots polished with ur fuckin blood! Gonna tear u apart and shine my belt buckle with ur shredded USMC uniform! � Than I saw he was wearing a wide leather belt on his camos with a huge cowboy buckle, just like Dolph Lundgren on Universal Soldier�
�Ill fuck u up, soldier boy! Gonna break every fuckin bone of that body, sucker, and rip ur head off! Stare at ur Destroyer, fucker!� - and I rip my t shirt in shreds with both hands. Fuck! Those guys in the audience shout excited �Fucking huge, man! Hey Hercules! This guy is pure Marine Meat!� Even the Ranger stay in disbelief of what he saw!

We both circle around like two lions in heat fighting for supremacy. Suddenly the Ranger hit me with his big boot on my legs and I go down. We roll entangled, boots locked furiously� punching each other in wild rage, smashing our jaws and noses in brutal fight. Two muscle towers destroying each other, fuckin huge alpha males trying to overpower the other! All the guys shout their insults, rubbing their crotches in uncontrolable urge!
The blond ranger fucker reach to get my balls clawed in strong vice and I scream like crazy, feeling my manhood being bashed like that. The motherfucker laughed sadistically : �So, big marine boy, ur getting hard with this fight, huh? How about I crushed ur balls right here in front of ur buddies?!�
I felt a wave of testosterone fill my muscles and GGGGRRRRRRRRRR! apply a brutal bearhug to that son of a bitch, raising him on the air, boots spasming� Could feel his huge cowboy belt buckle pressed against my 6 pac like a cattle iron carving my muscled flesh! He was pounding my skull hard , trying to set free from that lethal embrace � but I just keep pressssssssssssssssssssssing his lower back, ruining his spine slowly! �

How about now, Ranger stud? Ready to be broken in front of ur buddies?!� The fucker just could shout and groan, trying to release that massive hold, flexing his muscles to max in order to create some space � but no way, his ribs start to snap in a loud CCRRRACCC! and drops of blood start pouring from his mouth.
�Hold, tiger, im not done yet with u!� I said, and I grab his big boots and his huge belt buckle and lift him like a barbell over my head, my boots spread apart to take all that brute weight. The guys watchin couldn�t hold anymore their raging hard ons and get into savage brawl fighting, horney Rangers colliding with aroused Marines, big muscle studs ripping off their uniforms into shreds , trying to release that fuckin pressure�.
That�s when I drive the Ranger down , breakin his spine in two over my knee. Fuckin brutal backbreaker, his spine just produce a loud CCCCRRRRRRRRRRRAACCCCC! and the huge ranger roars like a lion , his boots convulsing in violent spasms. And, what the fuck?!, his camos get wet on crotch !! The motherfucker was oozing precum with all the excitement of being brutalized by a so powerful Marine!
With that sight I get more and more over excited , adrenaline running on my veins .

Fuck! Was I getting gigantic! I slam the tough ranger to the floor and hit double bi, my huge guns provoking shouts in the virile audience. One blond ranger stand up and get into me, grabbing my biceps with both hands in order to feel the power. The poor bastard couldn�t avoid to cum copiously on his camos, the whole muscled body convulsing over his spread eagle boots!!!!
Meanwhile the Ranger was in serious troubles, broken and defeated at my Marine�s boots. I raise my powerful leg and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM! riffled it to the ranger�s abs making his huge belt buckle to get shoved inside his steel hard 6 pac like he has been shot with a missile! I felt my heavy boot slide thru his muscle gut and go into his innards, pulverizing his intestines, exploding his leaver and bladder!!!! His own belt buckle was brutalizing the fuckin ranger! At that very moment he pissed his camos in a river of hot bloody piss, mixed with death cum, clawing my lethal boot with both hands, desperate to survive.
Too late, fuckin bastard! Death throes take care of his broken body, his boots carving the floor in agonizing spasms � but, worst than this, his own buddies, enraged by this dishonorable defeat, take the once powerful ranger and start to tore him apart in a sadistic snuff feast.

They grab his big boots, his wide open muscled arms , his head � and ,all at once, they mangled the huge ranger stud, drawing his arms and legs from his sockets . One of them even took off the ranger belt buckle and with that steel spiked plate split his skull wide open to the square jaw, brains flying all over!
My marine buds, seeing that , grab some pitchforks and attack those brutal rangers, stabbing them on their chests, thighs, throats and in those bulges on their crotches. The rangers tried to resist that savage assault, using the booted legs and arms of the mangled Ranger like weapons . But no way ! The tough USMC studs prove their supremacy and in less then 5 min they have massacred all the muscled rangers! Puddles of thick cum stained the uniforms of both forces and the survivors gave free release to their sexual pressure, shooting huge endless loads over the defeated bodies of their rivals!

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