Mark Wrestlers Jay Story

Mark had been anticipating this day for several months. Today was the day that he would finally have a chance to wrestle the man that he despised. That man was Jay, the superstar of underground wrestling. Jay was 29 years old, 6 feet tall, 175lbs, 32 inch waist, and had a 42 inch chest. Jay had been wrestling since high school and was extremely skilled at wrestling both freestyle and submission style. Jay had classic good looks, well developed muscles, wavy black hair, and blue eyes. Every underground wrestling website on the internet had galleries of photos featuring Jay wrestling and posing in his typical wrestling gear: white speedos, knee pads, and black boots.

Mark was extremely attracted to Jay the first time he saw a picture of him. It was a picture taken of Jay while he wrestled in college. The pic showed Jay with his arms raised high above his head immediately after gaining a pin against his opponent. At Jay's feet in the picture was the defeated opponent ; still down on the mat with his face buried in his arms after suffering a humiliating defeat. Mark loved that picture of Jay. He also loved all of Jay's other pictures. But after a while he started to tire of how much attention Jay received on the internet. Jay was the man that EVERYONE wanted to wrestle. Whenever Jay submitted pics of himself to a website, all other pics were shoved aside by webmasters and Jay's pics were published immediately. This started to get to Mark. He was jealous of all the attention that Jay received.

Mark knew it was childish for him to be jealous of Jay. He obviously deserved all the attention he received. He was a great wrestler, great looking, and everyone that knew him said he was an all around great guy. So, Mark decided that he would get to know Jay for himself. He hoped that Jay might even be attracted to him. After all, Mark was also good looking and in shape. Mark stats: 31 years old, 5' 11", 165 lbs, 32 inch waist, 41 inch chest. Mark contacted Jay through e mail and challenged him to a wrestling match. He had hoped that Jay would have noticed the few pics of him on wrestling web sites and make the challenge first but it didn't happen. Anyway, after exchanging several e mails, they scheduled to meet for a match. It would be no holds barred to submission.

The day of their match came and Jay cancelled at the last minute. Mark was upset but he got over it. He figured they could reschedule for another time. Well, later that day, Mark's wrestling pal Mike told Mark that he wrestled John that morning and it was the hottest match he had ever had. Mark was furious. After hearing for the longest time how everyone loved Jay, he gets pushed aside by the stud wrestler.

A few weeks later Mark met another wrestler named Greg. Mark and Greg decided to wrestle. During their match, Greg made a comment to Mark. He said that Mark's wrestling style reminded him of his brothers. Well, it turned out that Greg's brother was Jay. As soon as he discovered this, Mark became a madman. Their friendly give and take wrestling match became a squash job with Greg on the receiving end of the punishment. Mark took out all of his frustration on Greg and eventually broke Greg's arm. Greg let Jay know about this and now Jay was ready to wrestle Mark. It was going to be the match of their lives!

The day of the big match was here. Mark wanted to give Jay a beating he would never forget. Jay wanted to do the same thing to Mark since Mark had injured Jay's brother. The two wrestlers stepped onto the mat. Both wrestlers wore speedos and pro boots. They agreed to wrestle till one man could not continue. There would be no rules and all holds were legal. Mark reached out to shake Jay's hand. He smiled and told Jay that his days of wrestling were about to come to an end. Jay refused to shake and immediately went for a takedown. Jay tried a fireman's carry. As he flipped Mark over, Jay was unable to free his arm from in between Mark's legs. Mark then grabbed Jay's other arm and also trapped it between his muscular legs. Jay was on his back in a crucifix type hold. His arms were trapped and his abdomen was wide open for punishment. Mark punched Jay's abs with all his might. Jay took the punishment and was thankful for being able to take the pain, thanks to the many, many sit-ups he had done throughout the years. Jay tried to slip out of the crucifix but was unsuccessful. He then lifted his legs up and over his head and was then able to free his arms from Mark's legs. Jay didn't get far though. Before he knew it, Mark was on top of him while he was flat on his stomach. As Jay struggled to get to his knees, Mark was able to wrap his legs around Jay's waist. Jay expected Mark to apply a Full Nelson next, but instead Mark wrapped his arm around Jay's neck, attempting to choke him. Jay knew he would also have to fight dirty if he was going to get control of the match. Jay tried reaching back to poke an eye of Mark's but that failed so instead he simply reached behind him and grabbed Mark by the balls. Mark released his choke and scissors on Jay and yelled as Jay squeezed Mark's balls that were confined in his speedos. Jay stood up and scooped Mark up into a body slam. Mark hit the mat and before he knew it, he was being body slammed again!

Eventually Mark was able to fight back and for the next 20 minutes both men fought as hard as they ever had. After a series of punches, both men's arms became tangled and they both rested on each other. They resembled two boxers that had become locked up, except Mark and Jay did not have a referee to separate them. Jay had his eyes closed for a moment and when he opened them he saw his brother Greg standing by the mat. Remembering that he was here to get revenge for his brother, Jay wrapped his arms around Mark and lifted him up into a bearhug. Mark screamed in agony. He felt as if his ribs would crack at any moment. Mark wrapped his legs around Jay so that Jay would have to carry Mark's entire weight. Mark's strategy worked and he felt Jay's grip on him loosen. As soon as his feet were back on the ground, Mark hit Jay in the nose with a headbutt. Blood poured out of Jay's nose but Mark knew he had to go for a submission. Mark applied a headlock on Jay, making sure that his arm crushed Jay's nose. Next, he tossed Jay over his hips, down to the mat. Jay was face down on the mat and Mark raised his arms into the air, feeling that victory was near.

Mark sat down on Jay's back and applied a Camel Clutch. Instead of locking his hands under Jay's chin, Mark placed his hands over Jay's already broken nose. Jay instantly yelled out his submission, but Mark refused to release the hold. Jay begged again to be set free and when Mark refused, Greg stormed onto the mat and swung his broken arm which was in a cast into Mark's head. Mark fell off Jay. Both men were on the mat and in a ton of pain. Suddenly, Mark found himself in serious trouble. Greg had applied a Camel Clutch on Mark! Greg held Mark in the hold until Jay became alert again. The brothers then exchanged places and now Mark was in Jay's Camel Clutch. Mark was now the one screaming out his submission but Jay just smiled. He smiled because he had a very good reason to. Greg had a camera and was taking pictures of Mark in Jay's punishing hold! Mark was totally humiliated and he could not hide his face as the pictures were taken. Jay, the most popular wrestler on the internet, made sure that all the wrestling websites received the pictures that were taken. Of course, all the webmasters were happy to immediately display the pics of their favorite wrestler!

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