Musclebear Destruction Fight Story

Mike had been in the wrestling chat room for about an hour hoping to find an experienced wrestling opponent. It seemed as if everyone else in the room just wanted to talk wrestling (or hook up for sex) but no one was man enough to really wrestle. Right before he was going to exit the room he was contacted by a guy who called himself DomWrestler. Dom claimed to be 6' 2", 185 lbs., 36 years old and described himself as a muscle bear.

"Doesn't the term bear mean hairy and fat?" asked Mike.

"Why don't you step into my ring and take a look at me for yourself?" Dom replied with confidence.

Mike was excited to hear that Dom had a ring. He definately thought it would be a better set up than having a match in a small hotel room.

"So, what are your stats?" Dom asked.

"I'm 5' 11", 155 lbs., 23 years old. Plus, I'm no bear. I'm smooth, well toned, and definately have the body that guys your age wished you had."

"Shit!" answered Dom. "I've wrestled on the Indy circuit for the past 15 years! I have the body that punk kids like yourself want!"

"So you wrestle for an independent federation? That only tells me that Vince and the WWF boys don't think you have what it takes to make it big time. And you know what? I do have what it takes to make it in the WWF. In 5 years your gonna see me in the ring kicking the asses of has beens like The Rock and Stone Cold."

"You are definately one cocky bastard!" Dom replied. "I think we need to meet man to man in my ring!"

"If I'm going to waste my energy wrestling you, it had better be worth it. What do you say we make this interesting? Let's set up some stakes for this match."

Dom answered, "You don't know what you're getting into boy, but go ahead and name the stakes."

Mike thought about it for a minute and finally said, "We wrestle best 2 out of 3. No pins. Only submissions. Loser agrees to do whatever the winner wants for 30 minutes."

"You're on kid! 30 minutes will be plenty of time to punish you after the match."

"Don't count on beating me old timer." Mike said, "I don't lose and I'm not going to start losing now!"

The following night Mike met Dom at the wrestling ring. Both men were truthful in describing themselves.

"Damn, you are a bear!" Mike said when he saw Dom standing in the ring wearing only his yellow pro style trunks and white boots. "If your head was shaved you'd look a bit like Bill Goldberg."

Mike removed his shirt and entered the ring wearing only a pair of torn Levi's.

"That's what you're going to wrestle in?" asked Dom. "Where's your trunks? You're at least going to put some shoes on aren't you?"

"Don't need shoes or boots. I wrestle fine without them. Plus, these are my lucky jeans. I won't lose while wearing them."

"Whatever you say kid. Let's wrestle!"

Mike and Dom charged at each other. Both were determined to win. Dom wasn't about to lose to a kid 13 years younger than he was who was also 30 pounds lighter. Mike wasn't about to lose a match that was being watched by his friends Paul and Lee who had taken a seat ringside.

Dom turned to see who were the strangers at ringside at the same time Mike grabbed Dom's arm and whipped him into the corner turnbuckle. Mike was in the corner in an instant grabbing Dom's arm again and sending him into the opposite corner.

"AAAGH FUCK!" Dom shouted. "We never agreed to have an audience."

"My friends are here to make sure that you do whatever I want after I beat you!"

"I always play by the rules." Dom said as he blocked a right hook to the face that Mike attempted.

After blocking Mike's punch, Dom wrapped his arms around Mike's waist and carried the younger wrestler to the center of the ring. Lifting him high in the air, Dom bearhugged Mike as hard as he could. Mike gasped for air as the older, more experienced wrestler continued to squeeze. Mike struggled to escape from the devastating hug but he was unable to pry apart Dom's arms from around his waist. Not ready to end the match so soon, Dom lowered Mike so that his feet once again touched the ground. The wrestlers were already sweating after only a few minutes into the match. Dom liked the way Mike felt against him, chest to chest. He also like the contrast in their bodies; Dom's hairy chest against young Mike's smooth chest. As soon as Mike's feet were on the ground, Mike raised his knee up into muscle bear's balls. Not expecting such a dirty tactic, Dom released Mike from his grasp and clutched his family jewels. Two more knee smashes to the balls had Dom on his back. Mike then went at Dom with everything he had. Knees to the back. Kicks to the gut. Mike was pleased that he had the pro wrestler down and he even took the time to plant his bare foot on Dom's face.

"You like my bare foot on your face, loser? Get up and fight me! Or, are you ready to call it quits?"

Dom shouted, "You're a dirty fighter. I can break the rules also, punk!"

Suddenly, Dom was back up on his knees. He threw a punch and aimed it right at Mike's crotch, thinking he would give the kid a taste of his own medicine.

As the punch made contact with Mike's denim covered crotch, Dom screamed! Mike was wearing a metal cup under his jeans and Dom's hand was now broken. Not giving Dom a moment to recover, Mike grabbed Dom's injured hand and squeezed it. Dom cried out in agony as he was the one being dominated. Next, Mike twisted Dom's arm into a hammer lock and he really shocked the heavier wrestler as Dom found himself being bodyslammed right onto his arm and injured hand which was still behind his back. Dom rolled over onto his stomach and got up onto his hands and knees.

"You look damn good in that position." said Mike as he straddled Dom's back and applied a chin lock.

Paul and Lee, still sitting at ringside, laughed as they witnessed their friend riding the older, more experienced wrestler as if he were a horse. Unable to withstand the weight being placed on his broken hand, Dom dropped to his stomach.

"It's submission time!" Mike said as he converted his chinlock on Dom into a full Camel Clutch.

Dom cried out in agony as the young muscle stud had his opponent's back arched back to the extreme. To add further agony, Mike used his fingers to rip at the sides of Dom's mouth.

"Are you ready to submit?" Mike asked as he smiled.

"NEVER, NEVER!" Dom struggled to scream as his mouth was fish hooked by Mike's fingers.

"Fine then! I can keep you in this hold all day!"

About 5 minutes had passed and Dom still had not given up despite the severe pain. His arms had fallen asleep as they were draped over Mike's legs. His neck muscles were starting to cramp as Mike kept his head pulled back so far that Dom could only see the ceiling above him. Right as Dom was about to give up, Mike shoved Dom face first into the mat. Mike knew Dom's back was in bad shape so he decided that he would give Dom a taste of his Boston Crab!

"NO NO," cried Dom. "AAAGH, MY BACK!"

"You ready to submit, fucker?" Mike asked as he lowered himself onto Dom's back.

Dom's legs were being pulled back towards his own head. He could hardly breathe with Mike's full weight pressing against his back. He was trapped in a classic Boston Crab and Mike was being relentless. Dom had been in a few Boston Crab's before, but never had an opponent applied the hold with the intent to cripple someone like Mike had. Dom pounded the mat with his fist and yelled out his submission.

"I can't hear you asshole! What did you say?" Mike said with a huge grin on his face.


"Who's the better wrestler? Who's your master?"

Humiliated, Dom answered, "You're the better wrestler. You're my master. I SUBMIT SIR!"

Mike jumped up, throwing his arms in the air as Dom stayed on the mat face down, beaten and humiliated. Thinking he would have several minutes to rest, Dom was shocked when Mike grabbed him by the hair and brought him to his feet.

"Stop. I need to rest!" Mike pleaded.

"No way man! The second round begins now!"

With Dom standing, Mike applied a full nelson and walked Dom towards his friends, Paul and Lee.

"Strip the bastard, Mike." demanded Lee

"The loser doesn't deserve to wear men's wrestling trunks." added Paul

So, in an instant Dom's trunks were ripped from his body, leaving him clad in only his boots and his sweaty jock strap. Dom could not believe how this kid was beating him. And to make matters worse, Mike also ripped the jock strap from Dom's body. Dom wanted this nightmare to end but Mike was ready to inflict more punishment. For the next 20 minutes, Dom became Mike's wrestling dummy. Mike applied an abdominal stretch while he worked Dom's cock to full erection. He put Dom on display with a suspended surfboard. Everytime Dom was on the brink of submitting, Mike would release the hold and move on to something else.

Mike finally decided that it was time to end the match using a punishing amateur move called the Spladle. Dom found himself trapped. His neck was cranked forward making breathing difficult. His body was doubled over as in a cradle and his legs were split obscenely wide. Dom's asshole was pointing towards the air and Dom's own hard cock was pointing right at his own face.

As the muscles in his groin were stretched beyond limit from the excruciating leg split caused by the hold, Dom gave up.


But Mike wouldn't release Dom from the spladle. Paul and Lee both came in the ring. As if everything had been planned ahead of time, Paul stuffed Dom's torn jockstrap into his mouth to gag him and began working Dom's cock with the intent to make him shoot right into his own face. Lee pulled a huge black dildo out of a gym bag and started to ram it into Dom's asshole.

"MMMPPHH, MMMPPHH." came from Dom's gagged mouth.

"You know the rules. For the next 30 minutes, your pathetic body is mine, bitch." Mike said to Dom.

"Lee, I think Dom might have a virgin ass. Better not fuck him raw with that thing. Go ahead and use some lube." Mike said as if he cared for Dom's well being.

So, Lee covered the 12 inch black dildo with a thick coat of Icy Hot lotion before fucking the defeated wrestler's ass with it. The entire 12 inches went in with one thrust. After a few minutes of the brutal rape with the dildo being pushed all the way in and pulled all the way out, Dom shot his load onto his own forehead. He then passed out as the pain from the Icy Hot became unbearable.

When Dom finally came around, he was disoriented. His body felt like it had been hit by a truck and his insides still burned. Dom's hands were tied behind his back and he was blindfolded. He realized that he was in a moving vehicle.

"Where am I?" Dom asked as he panicked.

"You'll find out soon enough."

Dom recognized that voice as of being Mike's.

"FUCKING PUNK! What more could he possibly have in store for me?" Dom thought to himself.

The vehicle Dom was trapped in came to a stop and Dom was pulled out into the outdoors. An enormous roar of laughter came from the crowd that now surrounded Dom. His blindfold was pulled off and Dom realized he was standing in front of at least 50 or 60 people with his hands tied, wearing only his wrestling boots and a metal cock cage that would not allow any type of erection. Dom's once hairy chest was now completely smooth. Written on his chest were the words, "Michigan Fan". You see, Mike had dumped Dom right in the middle of Ohio State's campus. Michigan and the Ohio State Buckyes are big time rivals. Humiliated beyond belief, Dom started to run away anywhere he could. As he did, Mike was busy getting a few photographs of the event to post on the internet. Mike also gave the only key to the cock cage chastity device along with Dom's address to a few horny college frat boys that he knew who would enjoy using a has been wrestler as a slave.

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