Muscleboy Dock Worker Fight Story

(This is a brief outline of a future story to come)

Billy Fontain is scheduled in the main event at the Oakland Bay Wrestling Association's main arena. Fontain has held the title for almost a year now and will be defending his title against a tough, retired dock worker.
All seats have been sold out for weeks and there will surely be an additional SRO crowd on hand to view another exciting match on the Association's "Adults Only-No Holds Barred" wrestling card.

This particular challenge match has drawn considerable interest as it has been billed as a popular "youth vs age" match-up. The current champion, Billy Fontain, is a very handsome, 22 year old champion bodybuilder who also knows his wrestling. Popular with so many of the female fans, the young champion is indeed something to see in action. He is the classic "muscleboy type" who provides the fans with terrific athletic prowess and a very erotic, sexy appearance. The good looking wrestler is 6'2" tall, weighs in at 220 lbs, and has a physique that has won him countless bodybuilding titles. His body is as close to physical perfection that one could ever hope to see. Fantastic,lean muscularity, beautiful definition, and "ripped" muscles, all on a deeply tanned, smooth body. And the confident young champion enjoys showing off his physical perfection. It's not just fontain's wrestling abilities that make him so popular with many fans but, the youth's willingness to showoff his physical attributes when he appears in a match. Totally exhibitionistic and narcissistic,young Fontain thrills many of the fans by wrestling in barefeet and a tiny, gold lame, Nylon/Lycra thong that covers little more than the essentials. Billy has a beautiful physique that is hi-lited by perfect abs, thighs, and glutes, all of which are nicely displayed by the brevity of his skimpy thong. Nearly naked, except for the brief Nylon/Lycra thong, a beautiful tan, posing oil, and sweat, the youthful champion is something to behold when he enters the arenas. Of course, his physical perfection,championship title, perfect record, and youth, have also made Billy Fontain quite arrogant, boastful, over confident, and quite the showoff. This particular championship match has attracted a large percentage of older fans who whould enjoy nothing better than to see the "young muscleboy" taken down by the challenger, "Big" Frank Harris.

Harris is a retired dock worker, now in his early 60's, but still a tough looking customer. Although never a "professional" wrestler as such, the old dock worker has done his share of brawling and wrestling and still retains much of his brute strength that was built up over years of hard work on the docks. Than too, there were those years when "Big" Frank suplemented his income by doing some underground wrestling shows that offered big bruiser types wrestling and brawling for high paying fans. In these wrestling matches, types like Frank Harris were the norm and one would not have seen the current craze in young muscleboy wrestlers who enjoyed showing off their muscles as much as their wrestling skills.

Although much shorter than the young champion he will face in this challenge match, Harris has about 15 pounds on Fontain and a stocky, thick muscularity that makes him look like a very mean customer. Unlike the smooth, "ripped", and tan look of the champion he will face, Harris shows his age somewhat with crepped, aging skin, little tan, considerable body hair, and a bit of flab about the middle. Still, one can see that the "old man" is likely to give the young champion a decent go of it.

Being a championship title match, the Association's rules require that the match be multiple submissions only and with a required one hour, no stop, time period. All 1,500 seats are sure to be filled as well as the standing room areas by the crowds that will be paying top dollar to see the tough, "old guy" try to capture the title from the "cocky, young, muscleboy" champion. The interest in such a "youth vs age" match-up is sure to attract a much older group of wrestling fans. It's an established fact that most all sports fans find a high degree of entertainment and erotic stimulation in the possibility of seeing a youthful athlete suffer defeat and public humiliation at the hands of some "old guy". Wrestling, more than any other sport, offers the possibilities of extreme loser humiliation too. There is little doubt that, despite his popularity on wrestling cards, most of the paying crowd for this challenge match would love to see an upset that would have the young Fontain losing his title and being publically embarrassed and humiliated by "Big" Frank Harris.

In the few weeks that preceded the big match,a sell-out of all available seats was a sure thing when both wrestlers turned nasty in their press interviews. Fontain made continuous jokes about the challenger's age and said, "that old man should be in a rest home, not a wrestling ring. I'll break the old guy's bones if he gives me any trouble". "Big" Frank Harris had his own opionion of how the match would turn out and got plenty of fans laughing when he refered to the young challenger as a "pretty boy muscle head who was so ego filled that he lack common sense about proper wrestling attire". Harris promised the fans that, "if the pretty boy showed up in one of his 'dental floss' G-Strings to wrestle, he would 'bare ass' the youth and 'tan his pretty little ass' for all the crowd to see". (of course, with the kind of thongs Fontain wore, he was already "bare-ass" but, the fans had already guessed that Harris meant to do more than just expose the youth's nice ass). This was not going to be a nice, little, friendly, sporting event for certain!

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