Oil Wrestling Story

Eddie was nervous. He had been ever since he answered the ad placed by Shane, an avid wrestler and jobber. His ad read like this: "Tough jobber looking for a dominant heel. Are you tough enough?...call 555-4567 to set up the match".

Eddie arrived at Shane's loft. When he knocked at Shane's door, it swung open. In the background he could hear a voice. "It's about time, Eddie. I've been waiting for you. "Just get ready to be dominated!" replied Eddie.

Eddie quickly stripped, putting on the oil (Shane loved oil wrestling) and his robe. the room, which had been darkened, flooded with light. "just step to the middle of the mat, Eddie" Shane said, admiring himself in the wall of mirrors he had installed to watch himself grapple. Eddie quickly made himself ready in the center of the mat. Shane spoke. "at the count of three, we'll drop our robes and start wrestling!...one...two...THREE!"

They tossed their robes away, getting their first looks at each others nude body. they circled slowly, drinking in the beauty of the moment. Both their cocks began to stiffen. "you got a good looking piece of meat there, Eddie" Shane said. "too bad it'll be ME that strokes off on your loser ass!" "we'll see who suffers..." replied Eddie as he attempted a single leg takedown. Eddie enjoyed a size advantage he hoped would be the deciding factor in their match. Eddie was 6'3" and 175 lbs, while Shane was only 5'8" and 150. Eddie felt he would have an easy time of it but soon he would be proven so wrong...

Shane sidestepped the takedown attempt but was soon trapped by Eddie's long lean arms in a side headlock. Eddie held a wide stance, really putting on the pressure! Shane could only groan with each squeeze. "feel good, SHANE? where's your big talk now? feel what it's like to taste the sweat of a REAL man! hahahaha". they circled the mat, Eddie almost dragging Shane with him. but Shane had a good counter ready. He placed his arms under Eddie's left leg, picking Eddie up enough for an improvised belly-to-back suplex. Eddie was taken completely off guard. "OOOOOOFFF" the hold was broken!

They circled again, this time Shane was rubbing his neck. Eddie was gaining confidence with each step. Eddie raised his arms, signaling for a test of strength. as they stepped closer and clasped hands, Shane turned the match around. pulling Eddie with him, Shane slammed his bare feet into the pit of Eddie's stomach, monkey flipping him across the mat! THUD went Eddie! Shane pounced on Eddie before he could regain his footing. he grabbed Eddie's right leg and began twisting it savagely, gaining screams
of pain. "AAAAAGGH" was all Eddie could say. "who's the boss now, Eddie? ready to be dominated?" Shane kept the pressure on tighter and tighter! Eddie was in pain. He knew he had to work fast if he wanted to win. After all, HE was supposed to be the heel! He placed his bare foot on Shane's ass and pushed with all his might, shoving Shane off his hold! Shane waited for Eddie to scramble to his feet before his next move. Just as Eddie regained his footing, Shane spun and delivered a vicious karate-style kick to Eddie's exposed ribs! "SHIT YOU FUCKER, AAAGGGH!" Eddie got out while dropping to the mat again. Shane was on Eddie in an instant! turning Eddie onto his stomach, Shane folded Eddie's injured right leg under his left leg and put Eddie into a leg lock! " AAAGGGH, you bastard!" "how's that feel Eddie? your pain is just beginning..." Shane said as he grabbed a handful of Eddie's long blonde hair...

Shane held this hold for a full 5 minutes, whispering into Eddie's ear. "Struggle for me Eddie...yeah, that's it. fight me pussy... show me what you got! I've got some fun planned for when you SUBMIT!" as Shane said this, he put more pressure than Eddie could imagine into his leg lock. Shane wanted to weaken Eddie for his next few moves. Shane released Eddie. but before Eddie could roll away to safety, Shane grabbed both of Eddie's arms, pulling them into a merciless surfboard! "you getting close to submitting yet? Shane once again admired himself in the mirror. Watching his own hard lean muscled body over power his larger opponent "

Shane stretched Eddie out even further, almost bending him over backwards. "GOD NO! AAAAAAAAHHHH...PLEASE STOP! I GIVE! PLEASE..."

"I DON'T think so, pussy! I'LL say when you submit!" Shane released his hold, only to administer another hot stud move! Quickly positioning himself in front of Eddie, Shane shoved his ass into Eddie's face!
wrapping his smooth muscular legs around Eddie's head in a rear head scissors! Shane had the hold so secure, he could barely hear Eddie's cries of pain. "OH YESSSSS" Shane shouted. "I can feel your loser breath on my ass you pussy!" Shane maintained this hold for a long time, even doing push ups with Eddie's head completely trapped! when Shane tired of this hold, he released it, got up and strutted around his totally defeated opponent. Eddie was almost out of it now, he just laid there rubbing his neck and softly moaning. "time to finish you off..."

Grabbing Eddie's hair, Shane got Eddie back to his feet. Shane snaked an arm between Eddie's legs lifting him high enough to deliver an incredible backbreaker! what a sight, Eddie's long lean body draped over Shane's compact hard body... Shane gave Eddie's cock a couple of quick tugs, enough for Eddie to realize Shane could do anything he wanted. "ready to submit now Eddie's body just slipped off Shane's muscular legs and onto the mat with a thud.

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