Pro Wrestling Bear Story

Pro-Style Means Pro-Style!!!

Bob had been actively looking for his ultimate match for over 2 years. He knew his ultimate opponent was out there but the hard part was finding him. He was taken back with excitement and caution when he received an email concerning a posting he had put on a pro-wrestling site of which he was a member. His posting read like this:

32 y.o., 6ft, 250lbs, hefty and muscular bear with a 40-42 waist seeking similar sized opponent for rough to brutal roughhousing. Wanting a sadist vs. sadist match. Preferred gear is boots and trunks. NO squash jobs!!!!

The email Bob received to his posting simply read like this:

Would you agree to a no mercy and no submission recognized brawl? If you are interested, call me anytime (555)-555-5555.

Signed Mike.

Bob wasn't sure if this guy was for real or not. He had talked to numerous men who had responded to his wrestling ad and as usual they ended up being either guys who wanted to have the shit kicked out themselves or they misunderstood the ad thinking that all Bob wanted was to wrestle NHB. Pro style to Bob means pro-wrestling with striking of all sorts allowed. Bob couldn't understand why men said they were into "pro-style" wrestling but didn't want or allow striking. Bob would always mumble to himself after the wasted time communicating with those individuals:

"When was the last time they watched Pro-wrestling on t.v. when there weren't any punches or stomps utilized by the opponents?

But this Mike person intrigued him. It isn't often when someone answered his ad, much less including a phone number included with the response. That was aggressive and Bob liked that.

Bob contacted Mike who lived in Colorado via the phone. Mike explained to Bob that he was a millionaire and that he owned a private gym and ring. He was 40y.o., 6'1 and weighed 275lbs. He went on to say that most of the men he wrestled were smaller than him and didn't pose much of a challenge and like Bob that he was searching for another heavyweight to fight. He made it clear that he wanted a match where any and all was legal!!! NO submission and No mercy recognized. He stressed that he didn't want to kill or be killed but that the purpose of the match, if both agreed to meet, was to inflict as much pain and brutality on one another as possible... even if the other man couldn't or wouldn't defend himself. He wasn't looking to paralyze or be paralyzed but that injuries that weren't life threatening would be legal to inflict.

Bob stated that he understood and that he was willing to risk all for this type of ultimate match. However, he was worried about possible and probable hospital costs as well as the legal questions and the consequences of both. After all at least one and probably both men would need medical care after this type of match. Mike acknowledged Bob's concerns and offered to not only pay for his medical bills but would also create a contract for both of them to sign which would free them up from possible legal issues if one decided to go back on his word of not prosecuting the other after the fight. Mike also offered to pay for Bob's travel expenses and a prize of $10,000 if Bob won the match. Bob had one last question: How is the winner determined if we are going no mercy and no submission? Mike answered: Match goes on until the top man decides it is over and he pins his opponent with a 10 count. Bob thought to himself that he couldn't pass this opportunity up but before he could verbally agree Mike suggested that they trade pics and think things over for a week before they agreed to the match.

Bob and Mike traded pics later that day. Bob couldn't believe his eyes looking at Mike's pic. Mike was wearing a pair of black pro-wrestling boots and a black butcher's singlet. He was a burly man, broad shouldered with solid arms and legs like tree stumps. He also had a gut but it too looked firm and resilient. Apparently the pic was taken after a match because he saw some blood smeared high on his check bone outside the area of his goatee. Physically speaking, Bob and Mike were very similar in size and build. However, Bob has a mustache instead of a goatee. Bob thought to himself: this guy has a fight on his hands and I plan on destroying him physically!!!

Mike contacted Bob after a week had passed to get Bob's answer about fighting him. Bob very calmly said yes and that when they meet that he would do everything he could to stomp Mike to a bloody pulp. Mike conveyed the same intentions for Bob. They agreed to meet in 2 weeks. Which seemed like an eternity but the time finally came when Bob and Mike were facing each other in the ring. Bob was wearing white trunks with a drawstring in the waist band, black boots with white laces and a black leather vest opened in the front exposing his stomach and naval. Mike was wearing black trunks and black boots with black laces.

Mike handed Bob the contract and a pen in the center of the ring and told him to sign it. Bob glanced over it and signed it. Mike grinned and while he was taking the contract and pen from Bob's hand he knee lifted him in the groin, catching him off guard. The force of the blow lifted Bobís boots at least 2 inches off the canvas. While Bob was doubled over in pain, holding his crotch. Mike strutted to the side edge of the ring and crumpled up the contract and threw it on the floor. He took the pen and twisted the writing part off which revealed a small letter opener type of tool. Mike quickly inserted the semi sharp object in his trunks where his stomach was hanging over his waist-band. He threw the writing part of the pen on the floor close to where the contract had landed.

Mike turned around talking to Bob as he walked toward him: ďdamn, that looks like that hurt!! I am glad you agreed to no cups being worn!Ē

Bob was still trying to recover from the cheap shot as Mike approached him. Bob saw him out of the corner of his eye but was too late to dodge the knee Mike fired into his right eye. The force of the blunt knee jerked Bobís head to the side and made him fall to his knees. Bob was stunned by the pain and stars he was seeing. In the middle of the ring he was on his knees with his left hand on the canvas supporting his upper torso and with his right hand covering his right eye. Mike grabbed Bobís right wrist in both his hands and twisted the arm clockwise forcing bob to bow with his head on the canvas.

Mike forcefully twisted the arm again and Bob turned his head toward Mike with the left side of his face was pressed hard to mat. Mike grinned because that is exactly what he wanted Bob to doÖMike put the toe of his boot at the corner of Bobs swelling right eye and raked the toe across the swelling tissue. Bob stared kicking the mat with the toe of his boots trying to get a grip on the pain. With his arm still secured, Mike executed a knee drop with his full weight to Bobís swollen shut eye. Mike just stayed kneeling on the canvas, pinching his own nipples, watching Bob nurse his injured eye cursing and kicking the canvas with the toes of his boots.
Mike slowly rose to his feet and approached Bob who was still on all fours seemingly struggling to get himself together. Mike grabbed Bob by the hair with the intention to pull him up for more punishment when Bob drove his left fist, sending an uppercut to Mikeís nuts. When Mike bent forward in reaction to the pain, Bob grabbed Mike by the hair with both hands and head butted Mike right on the temple. The blow made Mikeís knees wobbly and he dropped to one knee. Bob quickly rose to his feet and grabbed Mike by the hair again and while holding his head in place, delivered another knee to Mikeís head. Bob positions Mikes head so that it is between Bobís knees, Bob jumps up just enough to bring his own feet out from under him while keeping Mikes head securely locked between his knees and drives Mikes head face first into the canvas using his weight to compound the force. Bob stands up and admires his technique as blood starts to ooze from Mikeís face via his nose and lips.

Bob backs off, giving Mark a breather. He didnít want to end this match to quickly, he wanted to drag it out and enjoy it. Mark shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs and wipes the blood from his nose and mouth and curses ďmother fucker you will regret that!Ē Mike slowly gets to his feet and Bob meets him in the center of the ring. Mike puts his hands in the air wide, opening his fingers for a bout of mercy.

Bob, with a cautious and determined look and slowly intertwines his fingers with Mikes. As if on Que., both men start to apply pressure with all their might on the other attempting to bend the others wrist back. Mike, still feeling the effects of Bobís rendition of a face buster, realizes that he canít let Bob get the upper hand again. Mike pivots his head back as far as he can, and cries out in pain making Bob think that he is weakening. As Bob leans in to try for a win in this test of strength, Mike snaps his head forward catching Bob right in his swollen right eye. The force loosens Bobís grip, but Mike holds on, not letting go, and raises knee lift into Bobís nuts. The force drops Bob to his knees while Mike stands over him applying as much pressure as he can, essentially trying to break Bobís wrist. Mike looks down and notices blood trickling from an obvious cut from Bobís swollen right eyebrow.

He also sees that Bob cannot close his knees to protect his groin because of the downward pressure Mike is applying via the wrist locks. Mike brings his boot as far back as he can and viciously kicks full force with the toe of the boot right into Bobís nut sack. Bob convulses feeling an intense pain in his lower stomach and testicles. Mike releases the wrist locks and allows Bob to fall forward and lay on his back rocking from the pain. Mike positions himself so that he is standing, facing the right side of Bobís head which is lying on the canvas face up. Mike jumps up and comes crashing down with his full weight behind his right knee and lands the knee drop right to Bobís injured eye. Bob is nearly knocked unconscious by the knee drop, not really knowing how or what had hit him. Mike grabs Bob by the head, raising him to a sitting position. Mike drops to one knee behind Bob and secures a reverse chin lock with his left arm. With his right, he goes into his trunks and grabs his weapon of choice, the semi sharp object which Bob had initially used to sign the contract, with his right hand. Mike put the tip of the opener right into the open wound over Bobs right eye and jabs it in under the skin and then rakes it across the eyebrow, tearing the cut even deeper.

Bob tries to raise his hands to try and protect the injury from further abuse but canít, still groggy from kneedrop to his head. Mike throws the foreign object out of the rings satisfied at the damage he has caused to the profusely bleeding injury of his opponent. He then changes his reverse chin lock into a sleeper grinning at Bobís pitiful attempts to struggle out of it. He watches Bobs arms wave out in front of them both fighting to stay awake but the struggle was in vein as Bob blacks out. Mike keeps the hold on for another 30 seconds to make sure Bob will be out for a while.
Mike lets Bobís head drop to the mat. Mike says to himself, ď now the fun beginsĒ. He brings his boot up off the canvas and positions it over Bobís injured eye and stomps it onceÖ. TwiceÖand again a third time. He drags Bob to the corner and sets him up draping his arms over the second turnbuckle. He grabs Bob by the hair and positions his head so that he has a clear shot to his right eye and starts to pummel it with right fists over and over again. There is so much blood that Mikes fist just slides off of Bobís eye socket after each fist that is delivered.

Mike grabs Bob by the boots and drags him to the center of the ring. Still unconscious, Bob lays prone to attack unaware of the danger he is in. Mike grabs Bobís right arm and holds it away from Bobís body and twists it clockwise, putting as much pressure as he can on the shoulder and elbow. Mike again jumps up and lands knee first into Bobís right shoulder, again he delivers a knee drop to the shoulder, on the third knee drop he felt a pop thunder though Bobís arm from the shoulder. Mike stands up, satisfied with the cartilage and ligaments he has torn in Bobís shoulder, and walks down to Bobís feet, facing Bob and taking in the pool of blood streaming from Bobís right eye. He grabs Bobís boots off the canvas and spreads them vertical in the air as far apart as he can get them. Mike takes the heel of his boot and stomps Bob in his vulnerable testicles, ripping Bob back to consciousness. Bob jerks up to a sitting position and then screams out in agony not able to use his right arm and shoulder and doing his best to use his left to grab his nut sack. Bob falls back and curls up in a fetal position trying to protect himself the best he can. Mike grabs Bobís right wrist again and twists it, further damaging the shoulder socket, he then drops knee first onto Bobís armpit.

This forces Bob to abandon holding his crotch and attempt to protect his shoulder and arm. Mike is so wrapped up in inflicting damage that he decides to go for broke. He notices that Bobís trunks are bulging to one side in the crotch area. Mike grabs Bobís trunks and wrestles them off of him, exposing his nuts and dick. Mike looked closer at Bobís testicles and realizes what the bulge was: it was Bobs left testicle. It was considerably more swollen than the right and had a darker shade of bruising as well. Mike walks back up to Bobís head and stomps down hard on his head, dazing him. He then walks back down to Bobís legs and picks them up again, vertical in the air and uses the toe of his boot to nudge Bobís swollen left nut to the center of the sack above the pubic bone. Satisfied that it will stay in place, Mike pulls his knee pad away from his right knee he then jumps up as high as he can and comes down with his 275lbs right on top of the swollen orb inside Bobís nut sack.
Mike feels the testicle give way under his knee which brings an evil smirk to his lips. He gets off of Bob but not allowing him to close his legs or cover up his injured manhood. The sack starts to swell even more as it fills with blood and cum. He probes it one last time and was able to isolate the half crushed but terminally injured testicle and with a widening grin, traps it between his fingers and thumb and mashes what was left inside of the testicle into the scrotum.
Mike, noticing that Bob had passed out from the pain, lays on top of him and counts a slow 10 count.

Mike says to himselfÖ.. I WIN!!!

Mike calls his driver and helps him put Bob in the back of the limo for the ride to the emergency room. Once there, Mike pushes Bob out of the limo onto the parking lot.

The End.

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