Raging Hardon Boxing Story

I made my way to the ring. I was a hot 5'8 150 pds with a buzz cut and blue eyes and a six pac abs. I loved the way my middleweight body was developed. I knew that I was always narcissistic but fuck it! I was hot!
There were a couple of fans lined up for my autograph but I walked by. I was to psyched out for the fight. A worthy contender was after my WBA middleweight belt, and I couldn't let that happen. I slipped through the ropes, located the T.V. camera, and flexed my muscles. I kissed the bicept on my arm. "Fuck I'm sexy." I thought to myself.

I turned to the crowd and stood on the bottom rope in the corner. I raised my arms above my head and flexed my guns. The crowd started to cheer "Snake." (That was my ring name.)
I jumped down and fixated my eyes where my opponent would be making his way down the corridor. About 30 seconds later my opponent appeared and walked down the runway. Some people cheered, but the boos drownded them out. I looked to my trainer who's name was Benny and said, "I guess I'm the hometown favorite around here, eh?"
"Don't get cocky kid," replied Benny, "I've been in this business long enough and I know the guys with the biggest attitude usually falls first!"
"Yeah," I smirked, "That ain't gonna happen tonight."
He just shook his head.

My opponent slipped through the ropes and flicked a few jabs in the air. His trainer pulled off his robe to reveal a pair of 8 pac abs. I was awestruck. He was the only guy I've ever seen who was bigger, and for that matter, sexier than me.
"Oh well," I said to myself, "The bigger they are..."
My thoughts were interrupted when I saw Micheal Buffer climb into the ring. They rang the bell four times and the crowd cheered.
"Ladies and Gentlemen," he began, "from the Madison Square Gardens arena...LLLLet's Get Ready to RRRumblllle!"
The crowd went wild.

"Tonight we have a 10 round WBA middleweight title bout. Introducing first, the champion fighting out of the red corner wearing the green with white trim. Ladies and Gentlemen Jake "The Snake" Robertson."
The crowd roared with appriciation. I started to walk around the ring to show my body off.
Micheal continued, "And fighting out of the blue corner, weighing in at an even 160 pds. He's wearing the Black trunks with gold trim, Ladies and Gentlemen the contender "Two-Ton Tom Tanker!"

There were a few cheers but once again the boos overruled.
Micheal stepped out of the ring and the referee motioned us to the center of the ring. I stood there looking at this stud. I've never seen such a perfect man before. He was absoulutly gorgious. Yetm, there was something about him that unnerved me. He was so calm and collected. Was he sure that he was going to win the fight or was he just the quiet type? Whatever it was I didn't like it. I was a bit jealous of this hunk of man also.
We touched gloves and went back to our corners.
"How many rounds do you think it will take before I ko him Benny? One two...?"
"Just shut the fuck up and box!" replyed Benny as he shoved the mouthpiece into my mouth.
The bell rang and round one began. We started to circle each other. I faked a left and connected with a right cross to his chin. He had an iron jaw. The punch didn't even faze him. He responded with a left hook.
"Damn," I thought to myself, "He's got more power than me."
Three minutes passed like thirty seconds.

That was the end of round one. I strutted back to my corner with my arms up in victory. I sat down on my stool.
"WACK!" Benny smacked me in the back of the head. "What the fuck are you doing? Putting on a mother fuckin' fashion show? You need to be throwing more punches!"
"I've got this thing in the bag." I said passevely.
"Listen to me dammit," said Benny getting down in my face, "This guy is a lot bigger and stronger than you. You need to save your energy. Let him wear himself out and then let him have it. This is boxing not swan lake. BOX DAMMIT!"
Round two began.

The second and third round went about the same way as the first. Toward the end of the foruth I got Tom back into the corner. I started to wave my gloves in the air to get the crowd to cheer for me. It worked!
I started to work on his gut with a flurry of lefts and rights. My gloves where just bouncing off his abs.
The bell rang but my adreniline was pumping too hard. I could feel a hard-on rising in my cup as I hit his gut repetively.
DING! DING! DING! the bell rang trying to get my attention. The ref broke us up, looked at me and said, "You do that one more time Robertson and you're disqualified."

I could tell that the only thing I accomplished in this round was pissing Tom off. He gave me an evil look as he went back into his corner.
"Ooh I'm scared." I thought to myself.
"You're doing great champ," said Benny, "Get him with some more of those shots and you've got it made."
"I'm having way too much fun with this." I said.
"Just remember champ," said Benny, "Your belt is at stake here."
That jarring realization brought me back to the real world.
Round five began.
Tom was still pissed off. Now he was more aggressive. He punched me so hard I went flying back into my corner. I saw stars. I thought I heard Benny say something but the ringing in my head was louder. I tryed to go into defence mode but Tom just broke through. All through the fifth round he had me stuck in my corner. The round seemed to last longer that the previous rounds. I could feel a black eye starting to develop on my right eye.
DING! the end of the fifth.

Benny slid the stool under me and I fell into the seat. Benny splashed some water in my face that made me jump back into reality.
"What the hell are you doing? He's beating the shit out of you!" He motioned for Harold my cutman, "He's got a cut under that eye. Fix it!"
Harold put some kind of powder on the cut to make it quit bleeding. I couldn't believe that I still had a hard on after the beating I just took.
"Don't screw this up!" yelled Benny as he shoved the mouthpiece in my mouth.
DING! Round 6

Tom was still strong as ever. He dominated the round. He had me into a netural corner this time and started to really work on me. I tryed throwing punches but he blocked them and countered with his on punch. I tryed to tie him up but he just boxed free! He would just work my body then my face in alternate punches. The crowds were starting to boo me!

Even though I was being beaten up, the humiliation hurt worse. My right eye was swollen shut and my left eye was starting to swell. My nose was bleeding causing me to breathe from my mouth. I could taste the coppery taste of blood. It made me sick to my stomach.
CRASH!! All of a sudden an overhand right turned out the lights.
The sickning smell of smelling salts revived me.
"It's over chump!" said Benny with a scowl.

I heard Micheal Buffer say, "Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new middleweight champion of the world.. Two Ton Tom Tanker!!"
The crowds started to cheer for him. I was too groggy to fully accept what had just happend.
I made my way out of the ring and up the runway. There was a few reporters there asking me, "How does it feel to lose the belt?" But I ignored them. I didn't feel like talking to any smart ass reporters. I walked down the corridor and into my dressing room. I knew what was going to happed next.
As soon as I sat down I had to listen to Benny bitch at me for 45 minutes. The doctors looked me over and said I would be fine. Just stay out of the ring for a month.

I went to the locker room and started to take my shorts off. I couldn't wait to get into the shower. Before I could get my shorts off I could hear someone coming. It was Tom. Even though I was mad at him I could feel my cock stir with anticipation.
He came around the corner parading with my belt! I didn't want to start any shit with him because I knew the power he posessed. But I wish I could have fuckin' punched his lights out.
"Thanks for the new belt." said Tom with a smirk.
I didn't reply.

"I said thanks for the belt pussy." Tom said with a hateful tone.
"I don't want any shit from you." I said though clinched teeth.
"Why not," he asked, "You took it from me all night tonight."
I didn't say a word.

Before I knew it Tom twisted my arm and ran me into the metallic doors of the lockers.
"Don't fuck around with me!" roared Tom. "I saw your hard on during the fight. You thik I'm sexy don't ya punk?"
I didn't know what to say.
He pushed my face harder into the locker. "I said you think I'm sexy don't you?" he yelled.
"Yeah." I replied.

"I broke your spirit didn't I?" he asked.
"Yes sir." I said weakly.

"That's what I like to hear." Tom said with a smile. He turned me around and forced me down on my knees. He pulled down his jock revealing his 9" cock.
"Suck it FAGGOT!" said Tom.
I opened my mouth and started to service his rock hard cock. He kept my head tilted with his hand so that I would have my eyes on the belt. I never felt so humiliated in all my life. This was my first sexual encounter. It felt so natural. Tom grabbed a nearby pair of bag gloves and punched my head back and forth until he shot his manjuice down my pussy mouth.
"Thanks fucker." said Tom. "I can hardly wait for the rematch."

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