Redneck Wrestling Arena Story

The Redneck Arena was bustling with excitement. The last match had just concluded and the loser was being
taken back to the locker room for some post match action. But most people in the crowd were anxious for the
next match to begin. It was a first for the Redneck Arena; actually two firsts. Number one it was a handicapped
match, 2 versus 1 (actually there had been other 2 on 1 matches before, but this was the first "legal" one), and
number two all the combatants were related.

Fighting alone was Jon a 19 year old, 6', 220 lb bodybuilder who had won several bodybuilding titles. His
opponents were his identical twin stepbrothers, Brad and Barry. They were 5'8", 150 lbs and competitive
gymnasts. The hatred between the stepbrothers had been ongoing since their parents marriage 4 years ago. After
the twins mother died, the hatred had intensified finally leading up to tonight's challenge, which was also the twins
18th birthday, the legal age for entrance to the Arena. In anticipation of the problems associated with the match,
the promoters had assigned Tim, their best referee, to the match. Tim was 6'1" and 215 lbs of raw masculinity
and accepted no shit from anyone. In addition, he also fought and wrestled in another league.

Tim was standing in the center of the ring when the announcement was made. The crowds reaction indicated that
most of them were rooting for the twins. The ref called the combatants to the middle of the ring and admonished
them, "Okay, you all know the rules, no low blows and regular tag-team rules. Don't even think about violating
them, because I won't stand for it." "It doesn't really matter what you think," Jon said. "These two pieces of shit
are going down in a matter of minutes so you don't have to worry about violations." "There you go daydreaming
again big brother. You always were such an asshole," Brad replied. "Enough already. Save it for the damned
wrestling. Now go back to your corner and wait for the bell." As Jon turned and headed to his corner, both Brad
and Barry executed simultaneous flying dropkicks to his back. The blow catapulted him into the corner where his
head hit the top turnbuckle. Tim started to warn the twins about their tactics, but the bell keeper sounded the bell
to start the match. Tim shot a dirty look at the bell keeper who just shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

Barry went to his corner while Brad charged after the dazed Jon. Brad grabbed him in a side headlock and
turned away from the ref. Once he was safely out of the ref's view he jammed a thumb in Jon's adam's apple.
Brad let go of Jon who grabbed his throat and fell to the mat gasping for breath. As the ref began berating Brad
for his actions, Brad threw his hands up and gave the ref his most innocent look and denied any wrong-doing. He
went over to Jon, lifted him to his feet by his hair and again locked him in a headlock. He repeated the thumb jab
to the throat again. This time Jon fell back into the twin's corner. As the referee began reading the riot act to
Brad, Barry took the tag team rope and wrapped it around Jon's throat. He then placed his arm around the neck
hiding the rope. The ref turned and saw the action in the corner and went after Barry, who released the hold and
walked down the ring apron away from the corner with the ref following.

Taking advantage of Tim's absence, Brad delivered a series of knee lifts and punches into Jon's exposed gut, with
the last knee delivered low into his groin. Brad grabbed Jon by the arm and slung him into the opposite corner
back first. Brad tagged his brother who charged across the ring and dove headfirst into Jon's exposed gut. He
then repeated Brad's earlier maneuver and sent Jon hurling across the ring into Brad's outstretched knee.
Laughing, Barry picked Jon up off the mat, placed his head between his knees and lifted Jon off the mat in
preparation for a pile driver. He then tagged Brad who climbed up to the second rope and dove off forcing Jon's
head deeply into the mat. Jon was now almost completely out of it. Brad rolled Jon onto his stomach and began
using knee drops to his muscular lower back. After a series of 7 knee drops to the back, Brad tagged Barry who
climbed to the top rope to deliver a super knee drop to his victim. Jon bounced from the impact, and let out a
loud low groan. Trying to regain some semblance of order, Tim grabbed Barry by the arm, moved him away
from Jon, and began raising hell.

Seizing the opportunity, Brad jumped to the arena floor, reached under the bottom rope and dragged Jon out of
the ring and executed a body slam onto the concrete floor. He then hurled Jon back first into the fence
surrounding the ring. Finally realizing what was happening, Tim exited the ring and went to the fallen Jon in an
effort to help him and restore some order. As he was helping Jon to his feet, one of the leaders of the local M/C
club, whom Jon had defeated at the last bodybuilding contest, reached through the fence, grabbed the top of Tim
jeans and pulled him face first into the fence. The blow surprised and stunned Tim. A couple of other M/C
members quickly grabbed the dazed ref's wrists, spread them out and fastened them to the fence with leather
restraints. Meanwhile, Brad and Barry had taken their victim back to the ring. A body slam was executed from
the second rope to the mat. Jon was all but unconscious by this point.

While Barry went to Jon's corner and removed the tag team rope, Brad pulled Jon's trunks and jock down
exposing his cock and bull balls. The crowd let out a loud roar of approval. Brad proceeded to manipulate Jon's
large cock into throbbing hardness. Barry then took the tag rope and made a cock ring around the base of Jon's
cock and balls. Jon now had a hardon that he couldn't lose. His jock and trunks were pulled back up with the
prominent bulge to be seen by all. Jon was rolled onto his stomach and Brad applied a Boston crab. Barry
walked around and delivered several punches into the exposed crotch and balls, all the while laughing at Jon's
screams of agony. Next Brad and Barry stood back to back and lifted Jon onto their shoulders for a double over
the shoulders back breaker. Brad was pulling down on the chin, Barry pulling down on the balls. Jon was
pleading for mercy and begging to be released. Meanwhile, security had finally gotten to Tim and released him
from his bondage. As he returned to the ring, he saw Barry had Jon in an over the shoulder backbreaker and
airplane spin, Barry's right hand was firmly locked over Jon's balls. As Tim entered the ring he heard Jon begging
for mercy and submitting. Tim signaled the end of the match, but the bell didn't ring. He looked at the bell keeper,
but he was not at his table.

Tim told Barry to break the hold, but since the bell hadn't rung Barry ignored him. Then he dropped Jon to the
canvas and tagged in Brad. Brad pulled Jon from the mat, lifted him up and brought him down across his knee
with a backbreaker. He held Jon over his knee torturing him further. With Jon stretched out and defenseless,
Brad delivered a series of punches to the stomach and lower abdomen before delivering a final series of vicious
punches to the exposed and inviting balls. The bell rang at this point and Tim reluctantly declared Brad and Barry
the winners. As the twins celebrated their victory and paraded around the ring showing off for the crowd, Tim
noticed Jon's hardon within the trunks. Being curious as to why someone in so much agony could keep a hardon,
he went over and knelt down. Jon, although in much pain, tried to explain about the cockring that was roughly
tied around his manhood. Sensing that Tim was about to discover their little gift to Jon, Brad charged across the
ring and delivered a flying knee square into Tim's back. Tim fell over the prostrate Jon, knee first will all his 215
pounds of muscle hitting Jon's crotch, who had been cupping his bruised balls with his hand.

The sudden crushing blow to his battered manhood exceeded his pain threshold and Jon passed out. Barry
arrived to assist his brother. They picked Tim up and sent him flying into the ropes. As he caromed off, he was on
the receiving end of a double body slam, which forced the air from his body. Each of the twins took one of the
ref's arms, extended them from his body, stood on the forearms and began stomping into the exposed 19" biceps.
After 20-30 stomps, each dropped knee first into the hurting muscles. Tim was in real trouble and began pleading
with the twins to stop. Ignoring him, they picked him up and placed his right arm in a hammerlock before
propelling him across the ring into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Laughing, they attacked the hurting stud and
repeated the maneuver with the left arm. Tim's arms were hanging useless, but the twins aren't finished with him
yet. Brad picked him up and delivered a shoulder breaker to the left shoulder, then Barry did the same to the
right shoulder. They rolled Tim onto his stomach and his arms were forced up his back. Barry sat with his feet on
Tim's shoulders, seized the arms and pulled upward in a painful double hammer lock. Brad sat on his muscular
back to keep him on the mat and delivered a series of quick, brutal fists to the biceps and shoulders.

Now Tim was promising, begging, to do anything, if they would just stop. He issued a sigh of relief when the
twins finally did stop, but he was too soon. They picked him up and took him to the edge of the ring outside the
ropes. The twins remained in the ring, each applied a hammerlock, then they kicked Tim's legs off the ring apron,
and suspended him by his injured shoulders. He screamed, begged and pleaded for mercy, but the crowd only
urged the twins to commit more mayhem and do more damage to the hunky bodybuilder! Suddenly, security
allowed a single figure into the ring area who charged into the ring and delivered a series of stinging forearm
blows to the twins. The stunned twins dropped the hurting ref, he fell to the floor and lay there with his useless
arms still up his back. The twins turned to face the intruder. "Well, well Brad, if it isn't dear old stepdad" sneers
Barry. And yes standing before them was Bruce, their stepfather, a 40 year old ex-marine with bulging muscles.
He was dressed in a pair of tattered jeans and a tank top.

The tank top allowed his muscular biceps total freedom, and also exposed the tatoo on the left arm of the marine
bulldog. It was obvious where Jon got his build from. "You fucking assholes. I'll teach you to beat up my son,"
was his only comment. "We'll see who teaches who a lesson, Brucie baby" was Brad's reply. For the third time in
the match it was two versus one as Tim's arms were useless and Jon was still unconscious. Bruce threw a round
house punch that struck Brad square on the jaw knocking him down, Barry went after the fallen Jon, he grabbed
both of the lifeless legs and lifted them into a wide vee. He placed his foot on the exposed cock and swollen balls.
He screamed "Hey Brucie, say goodbye to your grandchildren." Bruce turned and momentarily stopped as he
realized he couldn't get across the ring in time to stop the mayhem about to happen to poor Jon's manhood. As
he tried to devise some plan, Brad delivered a devastating pump handle between his spread legs from behind,
smashing his full bull balls into his pubic bone. Brad's hands flew to his agonized crotch. His knees buckled, and a
sickly high pitched scream emanated from his lips. Seizing the opportunity the twins attacked Bruce, with Brad
delivering an arm across the head that sent the ex-marine face down onto the mat.

Barry, after delivering a short ball crushing stomp into the helpless crotch of his stepbrother, dropped to the floor
outside the ring. He delivered a gut kick to the slowly rising Tim, and raced around the ring to where Bruce lay on
the mat. Reaching under the ropes, he grabbed both of his stepfather's ankles, separated them on each side of the
ring post, and pulled as fast and hard as he could, sending the defenseless man's crotch careening into the metal
ring post and flattening his balls. Again a loud high pitched scream began in Bruce's throat but was quickly
overcome by the nausea rising from his crotch and balls. Brad pulled Bruce partway back into the ring so that
Barry could repeat the brutal maneuver. Brad removed the tag team rope from the twins corner and preceded to
tie Bruce's hands behind his back. He and Barry then stripped the hurting, defenseless man naked. "Well pops,
looks like we're going to win the battle of who's tops around here and there doesn't seem to be much that you
can do about it," taunts Barry. "Brad what should the punishment be?" "Since all the children this jerk managed to
produce are assholes, I propose that we see if we can't destroy all the 'bad genes' he has." "An excellent idea."
With that began one of the worst, or best if the crowd was any indication, examples of brutality seen in the

Bruce was pulled from the mat and sent flying across the ring into the far ropes. As he rebounded off the rope,
Brad charged across the ring in a lineman's stance and delivered a head butt low into the crotch, knocking the
man not only backwards but out of the ring as well. Barry exited the ring, and delivered a series of nut crunching
heel stomps to the helpless figure's manhood before he tossed him back into the ring. The twins next delivered a
nutbuster to Bruce's battered manhood. The nutbuster consisted of placing Bruce over the ring ropes with his legs
straddling the top rope, Brad on the inside and Barry on the outside. They lifted the man by his ankles and thighs
high above the ropes. On the count of three Brad dropped to the mat while Barry dropped to the floor. Bruce
was pulled down into the rope, balls first! The ropes gave a good foot before rebounding and pulling him from the
grasp of his vengeful assailants, catapulting him into the middle of the ring. The pain in his crotch was absolutely
unbelievable as his nuts were cracked. After he hit the mat, he curled up in a little fetal ball clutching his crotch
and mangled manhood while he made animal like moans and groans. Brad moved to the middle of the ring,
reached down and locked a ballcrusher on the hurting man's inflamed equipment. As he mashed and pulled on the
rapidly swelling balls, especially the left one, he felt them becoming tender and mushy.

With tears running down his face, Bruce was begging and pleading "Please stop. Ohhh...please, anything just
stop." "But dad, the fun was just beginning," was Barry's reply. With that the twins began another type of
punishment. Bruce's body became a sexual plaything for the twins. The fun began with a brutal double-fuck from
the twins, followed by Bruce cleaning his stepsons manhoods orally. Bruce's ass was then given to his son, who
was quickly convinced to obey the twins with a few more well placed ball crushers. Bruce's balls were subjected
to several more blows, ball crushes and stomps. He agreed to whatever his stepsons wanted as long as they
would stop. When the mayhem was over, the once proud marine's manhood had been reduced to rubble. He had
exchanged his freedom to retain what was left of his mangled equipment. His left ball, had been reduced to soft
useless mush, his right ball was extremely swollen and battered, his cock bruised and painful. His asshole had
been repeatedly violated. The twins left the ring to the overwhelming roaring approval of the crowd. But they left
with more than that.

The ref was left naked, tied in the ropes with a roaring hardon compliments of Bruce's new found cocksucking
talents and another cockring made from the tag ropes. Additional pain was being applied to his nuts as well. Each
of his shoes had been untied and unlaced a couple of notches, and the free ends knotted around his exposed nuts.
He hung from the ropes by his still hurting and useless arms, the cockring kept his cock hard and his own feet
were about a foot off the mat, pulling his balls down and out. Jon was lead out by the noose around his balls, his
body bruised and in considerable pain. Bruce was draped over Barry's shoulder, his tender balls firmly locked in
Barry's manipulating fist. The crowd was cheering wildly and the twins invited them back next week to see the
"new" Jon and Bruce, who were going to be "remodeled" during the week. The promoter smiled as the bizarre
progression went past, knowing that next week would be a sell out from fans anxious to see the twins new
playthings. Now he just needed a match to further titillate the fans.

Looking at Tim helplessly in the ropes, an inspiration overcame him. It seems that Tim's days as a referee were
going to come to and end, but his time of abuse, humiliation and torture were about to begin, and the promoter
knew just the man for the job. A wrestler who only occasionally wrestled at the Arena because after his match no
one would sign a contract against him. But it had been several years and Tim would not be aware of the man's
reputation for slowly, methodically, destroying and humiliating his opponent. On his way to the phone to arrange
the match he told his head of security, "Leave the ref in the ropes until the arena is empty and then release him.
That should make him ripe to sign a contract to begin his comeback so he gets another shot at the twins." But
would he survive his first match to get that contract??

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