The Restaurant Fight Story

It was a very hot night and I was working very late to try and be ready for the next days rush of hungry people. I always thought at the age of 48 I would be retired and sipping margaritas in some tropical paradise. But instead I had given up my executive position a couple of years ago and decided to pursue my lifelong dream and invested my life savings in this little restaurant in the poor section of Minneapolis. I had always wanted to run a �hash joint� and do hands on cooking and serving people decent food at a fair price. Now I was doing it and wondering how stupid I was. I was barely able to make ends meet and every day was a challenge.

The day had been very hot and the evening had not cooled down very much. I had turned the air conditioning way up to try and save on electricity and my 5-8 190# hairy body was sweating profusely as I worked late into the night. I had also decided to just work under the security night light in the kitchen to save on electricity so it was fairly dark. But I liked it that way. It gave me a chance to think and relax as I chopped and prepared food for the next day. I had also decided to strip down to my wife beater t-shirt and just a pair of cotton shorts to try and stay cool in the heat of the kitchen.

As I was lost in my thoughts I suddenly heard the sound of glass breaking, coming from the storage room off to the side of the kitchen. I knew that there was a window in that room that faced off to the alley and I instantly figured that some one was trying to rob me. I grabbed a rolling pin that was laying on the counter and slowly proceeded into the storage room. I did not want to turn on the light so I had to try and see what was going on from the light that was cast in there from the security light in the alley and from the kitchen. Even though the light was dim, I could see that someone was moving around in the room and loading up their arms with my food. It did not appear to be a very big person so I got brave, and as they moved between the window and myself, turned on the light. What I saw before me surprised me. Here was a boy of not more than 18 years of age with his arms full of food. He was about the same height as myself but could not have been more than about 150#. His body was defined but not overly muscular. As he whirled in surprise I could see that his youthful Asian body had grace and balance uncommon in such a young age.

As he whirled I could hear him utter �fuck�. His eyes locked on mine and a mixture of fear and hatred covered his face. �What the hell are you doing, you little punk?� I growled at him. As my eyes adjusted to the light better I recognized him as a local kid that I had seen several times in the neighborhood. I knew that he worked several odd jobs for some of the other businessmen and that he had a younger brother and sister that he was raising by himself. He was dressed in baggy nylon shorts and a wife beater t-shirt also as he stood glaring at me. �Just leave me alone and you won�t get hurt� the young thief grunted at me trying to sound tough. The quiver in his voice gave away his nervousness and diminished his threat. �Put the food down and get you ass over here while I call the cops kid or you might get hurt.� I said in my most threatening voice. �I can�t let you call the cops man!� said the kid. I don�t want to hurt you but if you try and call the cops I will!� The kid actually sounded threatening with that last statement, and the look in his eyes said that he was very serious. �Don�t be threatening me kid or YOU will get hurt.� I started reaching for the phone that was a couple of feet away from me. In a flash the kid had crossed the room and grabbed the phone out of my hand. To my surprise he then nailed me with a hard right fist to my jaw that snapped my head to the side. �You little fucker� I yelled as I returned a hard left fist at his head. Much to my frustration he ducked out the way and my hand hit the wall. As the pain shot up my arm he quickly buried his fist into my abs causing me to double over.

�Now just let me leave and I won�t hurt you anymore� the kid said in a quiet voice as he stood over me with his fists clinched. In my doubled over position I was looking right at his crotch and could see that he was forming a tent in his shorts as he stood ready to hit me again. �The little punk is enjoying this� I thought to myself, and I instantly felt a tingling in my loins.
Instead of straightening up, as he expected me to do, I launched myself at him and tackled him into a pile of flour sacks piled along the wall. The move caught him totally by surprise and I could hear the wind gush out of his lungs as he hit the sacks. As our bodies hit I could feel that his smooth body was very hard under a very thin layer of body fat. Those muscles instantly tensed as we hit and I felt his leg slam up between mine crushing my gonads. I curled up cursing under my breath to have been so stupid to have allowed him to nail me like that.

My balls exploded with pain. But I had been in enough fights in my youth to learn how to suck up the pain and not let it overpower me. Besides, the pain was actually kind of erotic in nature to me also and my cock instantly got hard. The kid grabbed my hair and started to roll me off of his body. As he did my fist slammed up between his legs catching his balls squarely. He cried out in pain as he doubled up beside me. Both of us just kind of laid there for a moment trying to get our wind back and letting the nausea in our stomachs settle. I recovered first and got to my knees and rolled him on his back. �Give it up kid� I said as I looked down on him. The look on his face and in his eyes were a mixture of fear and determination. I almost felt sorry for him for a split second before his knee slammed into my kidney from behind causing stars to explode before my eyes. I rolled away clutching my back in pain. That was it. No more Mr. Nice guy and giving this punk kid a chance. But before I could recover he had pounced on my back and his fists were doing a tap dance on both of my kidneys.

Fuck.. I could hardly breath as he kept pounding on me. In a huge effort I bucked my back up and caught him by surprise, throwing him off of me. I quickly rolled away a few feet to give me a chance to turn and face him. He was rising to his feet as I slowly climbed to mine. My kidneys screaming in pain and I knew I would be pissing blood for several days after that pounding. The kid thought he had me and made a mistake of launching himself at me with his arms open to try and tackle me. I saw him coming and moved to the side and caught his gut with my knee as his body flew past me. He crumbled onto the floor in a heap curled up in a fetal position. I moved quickly to grab his hair and pull his head up and slammed my fist into the side of his face. Once, twice , three times opening up a gash on his cheek that poured out blood. On the last blow to his face I did not see his fist quickly rising between my legs. Damn, I thought as the pain exploded through my body again. I doubled up on my knees beside him trying not to puke my guts out. His fist connected again, only this time it was to my temple and stars flashed every where as my head snapped to the side. Fuck this kid was good. But this was my stuff and nobody was going to take it! I retaliated with my own fist to his temple and I could see his eyes roll for a split second before he came back with a hard right fist to my gut. As I doubled over I could feel his hand grab my hair and pull my head back. Then his fist connected with my gut again, and then again, and then his fist drove down lower slamming into my rock hard cock crushing it between his fist and my body. Oh shit, it feels like it is going to bust he hit it so hard. I could see that his cock was in the same condition as mine. Stiff as a board. So I decided that turnabout is fair play and drove my fist into his cock. Just after I hit and right before he doubled over I could see a huge wet spot form on his shorts as a big load of precum squirted out the end of his dick.

My respect for this kid was starting to grow. It had been a long time since anyone had been able to fight me as well as he was. I also could see that he felt the same way I did when I fought. Sexually charged. Our loins were aching with both pain and lust from the blows that we had been exchanging. Both of our bodies were dripping with sweat as we dropped to our knees nursing our battered man shafts. Our clothing was soaked and clinging to our bodies outlining our muscles. In the dimly lit room the kid was fucking hot looking with his dark Asian skin and his sleek body. I couldn�t help but feel a strong sexual attraction to him. We both looked up at about the same time and our eyes locked on each other for a moment and a feeling of mutual respect was reflected in our gaze. A slight smile even crossed his lips as his eyes twinkled. �Not bad for an old man� he muttered to me in between his heavy breaths. �Not bad yourself� I managed to spit out as I tried to suck in more air than my lungs could hold. �Too bad you are to winded to finish it� the kid exclaimed as he lunged at me, tackling me to the floor. �

Fuck you kid� I exclaimed as his body forced me on my back. As his body drove me backwards my leg slammed up driving my shin between his legs into his young baby makers. His sweaty body collapsed on top of me as a loud groan of pain erupted from his lips. His head was on my chest as I locked my arms around it to hold it in place as I drove my leg up into his gonads again. I could tell he realized he was in a very bad position as his body bucked in both pain and struggled to get free. With my arms locked around his head I could not protect myself against his hands snaking down into my shorts and grabbing my balls and squeezing. The feel of his young hands wrapped around my balls caused my loins to spray a huge rope of precum just before the pain from the pressure he was applying shot through my body. Not wanting to let go of his head I slammed my leg up into his balls repeatedly to try and get him to let go. With each blow his hand squeezed my balls harder. The erotic pain was driving me over the edge and I knew I was going to shoot my load at any second. With one last huge thrust I caught his gonads with the tip of my knee. A scream of pain rushed past his lips as he rolled away nursing his boy balls.

I instantly curled up cupping my aching baby makers in my hand to try and ease the pain from being squeezed. Precum was gushing out the head of my rock hard cock. I looked over at the young man that was slowly rocking back and forth in pain and whispered � Ok kid, if you are so tough lets go at this like true warriors� man to man.� I slowly stood up and stripped off my shirt. The kids� eyes lit up like firecrackers as he realized what I meant. In a flash he was on his feet stripping his sweat soaked clothing off. We stood for a moment looking at each other in the dim light. His youthful Asian body was almost God-like to me as his 8� cock swayed slightly as precum dripped off the end of the huge mushroom head. My 8.5� cock stood at attention and I could feel my loin muscles tightening and a long rope of precum squirted at the kid. As the kid watched the fluid hit the floor his face broke into a smile and his hips thrust forward slightly as his own string of juice sprayed out at me.

We both knew that the fight had taken a new twist and we both desperately wanted to dominated each other, not only physically, but sexually now. We circled slowly. At the same instant we lunged at each other and wrapped each other up in a mutual bear hug. Both struggling as our cock battled smearing long strings of precum on our pubic hair and abs. Our sweaty bodies twisting and grinding as we struggled. In a quick move I slipped my leg between his and drove my thigh hard up between his legs crushing his unprotected gonads three times before he could react. The kid instantly doubled over in pain as his huge balls exploded in pain from the blow. I knew that I had to move quick and I turned the kid around as his body was bent over in pain. My hands grabbed his hips from behind and I placed the head of my cock at entrance of his virgin manhole. With a hard thrust of my hips I forced my man shaft deep into him. His body instantly arched forward from the pain of his virgin hole being violated. A combination growl / scream erupted from his mouth as he struggled to get free. My arms were wrapped tight around his hips and my body was lost in lust as I pounded my cock harder and harder into his ass. His tight boy hole felt so good as my body plummeted into that chasm of lust that we all experience just before we explode. But just as my body was on the verge of convulsing, a bright flash of stars flooded my vision from the pain that exploded inside my head. The kid had slammed his head back into my face in an effort to get me off his ass.

The blow had almost knocked me out as I staggered backwards holding my face. Before I could begin to clear my head I felt my nuts explode as the kid rammed his foot deep into my groin. Coughing and gagging I stumbled backwards. Leaning against a pile of canned goods trying to catch my breath I felt his arms warp around my waist. Before I could do anything about it his cock was buried deep inside me. Damn the pain of his huge boy meat was incredible. I had never had anything so hard in me before. I struggled to get myself free but his arms were to strong and my head was still reeling from the head butt that he had just delivered to me. I could feel his already huge shaft growing even bigger in me as his thrusting grew faster and faster. The pain was now changing to erotic pleasure as he began to stroke my shaft with his strong youthful hands. I slowly turned and laid my body down to face the kid as his thrusts began to change from hard violent movements to slow gentle probing. I looked up into his eyes and could see that he was looking deep into mine. My hands moved up over his chest playing with his nipples as he gently moved his shaft in and out of me. Both moving in unison. Our bodies becoming one with the movements. Moans of pleasure filled the hot air of the room. I could feel the pressure building in both of us as our bodies worked together. In one explosive moment our bodies convulsed and his boy juice flooded into my body. My man juice sprayed onto his chest and abs. Spurt after spurt erupting from our cocks. The collapsed exhausted on my chest his softening shaft still inside me. I looked at the kid and said in an exhausted voice "Hell kid, anyone who can fight like that deserves some food."

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