Robin Boy Wonder Captured Fight Story

Tim Drake looked up from his trigonometry textbook and out the window into the night sky. A full moon was rising above Wayne Manor, promising a night of adventure and danger. But Tim was stuck in his room doing homework! He hated it when Batman was off with the Justice League of America. As the third teenager to wear the uniform of Robin, The Boy Wonder, Tim often felt that Batman overprotected him, not allowing him to out on patrol alone. But then, considering what had happened to the last Robin � blown to bits by the Joker � you couldn�t really blame the big guy�
Tim�s thoughts were interrupted when the Bat Signal suddenly flashed into the inky black sky. Yahoo! thought Tim. He raced down to the Bat Cave and picked up the special phone that connected him with Commissioner Gordon and disguised Tim's wavery teenage voice to sound like the Batman�s.
�What�s up, Commissioner?� he asked. �Batman, this is serious. I just got off the phone with the principal at Gotham High. Four male students didn�t show up for class on Monday. Now they�re all reported missing. This morning, three more disappeared. Their parents are frantic.�
�Any clues? Kidnap demands? Any idea who�s doing this?� asked Robin.
�That�s why I called you,� said Gordon. �We just received an anonymous package. In it was a video that showed all the missing boys. It wasn�t pretty. They were all naked and tied up in bondage. Very sick. And there was a note that says to contact you. It says, �I have come for Gotham�s young men to make them my toys. Robin is next. Tell Batman.� And it�s signed The Pied Piper.�

�Transmit the video to me with the remote TV-conferencing unit I gave you,� said Robin. �I�ll get right on it.�
Within a few minutes, Robin was staring intently at a video showing seven teenage boys. They had all been stripped naked, blindfolded, and gagged. Some were spreadeagled in manacles; others were being stretched in leather harnesses. Several had full erections, suggesting that they�d been sexually manipulated. Robin rewound the video and played it again, this time using the Bat Cave�s extensive video-editing equipment to enhance the image. He stared at the screen for some clue, and then finally spotted it. The boys were in a dark room decorated to resemble a dungeon. In one shot, the back wall of the room was clearly visible. Robin immediately recognized the oversized, distinctively colored red bricks as being one of the old abandoned warehouse buildings at Goth harbor. He and Batman had faced down Caiman in one of those buildings a few months ago.

Tim changed into his Robin suit, checked his utility belt to make sure it was fully stocked, and roared out of the BatCave on his jetcycle. When he got to the harbor, he used his Batrope to climb to the roof of one of the warehouses and began to search each building for some sign of the Pied Piper. On the third roof, Tim gazed through a skylight and saw the Pied Piper�s dungeon. He could see several of the boys writhing in leather harnesses, and a huge hulking figure who must be the Pied Piper. From Robin�s vantage, he judged the Piper to be nearly 7 feet tall. He was wearing nothing but a black leather codpiece, with leather straps crisscrossing his massively muscled chest, huge shoulders and arms. A black leather mask covered his face. He looked like a cross between Hulk Hogan and Batman�s old nemesis, Bane. The Piper was flogging the chest of one of the boys with a large cat o�nine tails, and Robin could hear the boy�s screams reverberate through the heavy glass of the skylight.

Robin prepared a gas-grenade Batarang that would discharge a powerful dose of nerve gas on impact. Holding his breath, he crashed through the skylight to the floor beneath in a hail of metal and glass, and expertly slung the Batarang at the Pied Piper. The Batarang exploded into a cloud of gas but the massive figure of the Pied Piper continued his relentless flogging. �It�s a trap, Robin!� screamed one of the boys. �That�s not the Piper, it�s a robot!�
Robin turned quickly to assess the situation when he felt a stinging pain in his calf. He looked at his leg and saw a tranquilizer dart embedded in his flesh. Out of nowhere, another hit his shoulder. Robin tucked and rolled across the floor, assuming a defensive stance when a third dart landed in his thigh. He couldn�t see where they were coming from. Robin tried to dive across the floor but his leg collapsed under his weight as the dart�s venom began to take effect. Instinctively, Robin reached for the SOS alarm in his utility belt�s buckle but before he could trigger the signal, a massive hand grabbed his forearm and pulled it away from his belt. Robin managed to look up into the grinning, black-hooded face of the Pied Piper before everything dissolved into blackness�


Robin�s eyes fluttered open in pitch darkness and the Boy Wonder immediately grimaced from the aching pain shooting throughout his body. Okay, he thought, fighting to control his breathing and stave off panic, I�m still alive. He remembered Batman�s lessons and started to take inventory of his surroundings. He was naked and suspended by his wrists. And his mask was gone, although for now, that was the least of his problems. From the incredible pain in his arms, Robin guessed he had been dangling there for at least several hours. He looked down and saw that his ankles were manacled and tethered to the floor, so he couldn�t kick or move his body, except to arch his back a bit. The room he was in was poorly ventilated and very warm. He could feel his wavy black hair wet and matted to his head as sweat trickled down his brow and stung his eyes. Suddenly, bright white arclights snapped all around him, bathing him in blinding white light and heat. Tim gasped as he saw the body of another naked boy dangling in front of him. The boy�s lean, sinewy body glistened in the bright light and the boy�s face grimaced with pain. Beads of sweat trickled down the furrow between the boy�s rounded pectorals and through the ridges of his deeply-etched eight-pack, through the matted bush of pubic hair and down the shaft of the boy�s flaccid six-inch penis. A drop of sweat beaded and fell from the boy�s cock to the floor just as Tim blinked and realized he was looking into a mirrored wall and seeing his own reflection.

Unlike Dick Grayson, the first Robin who changed his identity to Nightwing, Tim had never bulked up under Batman�s relentless training. Instead, he developed a lean muscularity. His shoulders and arms were more muscular than an average boys, with pectorals were as round and tight as half a melon. But instead of the husky trunk of Batman, Tim�s torso tapered into a 28� waist surrounded by tight bands of muscle that ran through his abs and into his well-muscled thighs. Stretched by his own weight, the banded striations of his muscles stood out in high relief.
The Pied Piper smacked his lips as he gazed at Robin through the one-way mirror. Let him bake awhile there, he thought; those lights would raise the temperature in that room to over 100 degrees. And he had been planning this for a long time. No need to rush things.
Robin�s head hung limply as he gamely tried to conserve his strength. After about an hour of the searing heat of the floodlights, he heard footsteps and looked up to see a woman in a white nurse�s uniform holding up a large glass of water with a straw. The woman held the straw to Robin�s lips and said, �you�re dehydrated, drink this.� Robin knew he needed the water, and he was so helpless that there was no need to drug or poison him, so he sipped deeply. The water had a harsh metallic taste. Oh shit, thought the Boy Wonder, that was drugged! Now what? The woman left as Robin�s mind began to swim. The harsh white light of the arc lamps begin to flicker into a million different colors and swirl around him. The pain in his arms almost seemed to dissipate as the room spun around him.

It�s time, thought the Pied Piper. He dimmed the arc lights and activated the cooling fans which blew the hot air out of Robin�s cubicle. Then he walked through the hidden door He lifted Robin�s chin with one hand and stared straight into the boy�s heavy-lidded eyes. �I am the Pied Piper. I have roamed the world slaking my unquenchable hunger for the flesh of teenage boys and now I have come to Gotham City for the most famous teen titan of all.�
�Those other boys were just bait for you, Robin,� the Piper said. �They�ve already been disposed of and that warehouse has been burned to the ground. I�m sure someone will fish them out eventually. You see, I knew Batman was away with the JLA and I figured you�d figure out that videotape clue I left for you. And you fell right into my trap. I had to burn your uniform, since I wasn�t sure where Batman might have hidden his little tracking devices. In fact, your whole body was x-rayed before we arrived at this facility, just to make sure there weren�t any secret transmitters hidden under your skin. We don�t want Batman breaking up our little party, now do we?�

�I am going to break you, Robin. I am going to make you my slave,� growled the Piper. �You�re currently feeling the effects of a little cocktail I concocted for my guests. It�s a combination of a hallucinogenic much like LSD and a very potent form of Viagra. And I see it�s doing it�s job quite nicely.� The Piper ran his hand down Robin�s body to his now-erect 8-inch shaft, bobbing helplessly from his dangling body. �In fact, I see now why they call you The Boy Wonder,� the Piper said, laughing menacingly. �You�re going to be having some very sexy daydreams. I�ll see you in a little while.�
Robin swam in and out of consciousness while the Piper�s nefarious drug took effect. An hour later, Robin�s cock was so ramrod stiff that it was curling upward and ached unbearably. The Piper returned to his captive and gently stroked the boy�s throbbing member. �What do you want more than anything,� the Piper whispered into Robin�s ear. �Make me cum, make me cum,� the boy murmured. �I can�t stand it anymore. Get me off, please.�
The Pied Piper stepped back as four aboriginal pygmies swarmed around Robin�s nude body. �These are my helpers,� the Piper explained. �I rescued them from the bush and have trained them well. They track prey, kill at will, enter any premises undetected, they�re the ones who subdued you with their blowpipes. And they are very skilled sexually. I will leave you to their good devices. And remember, Boy Wonder, be careful what you wish for. Sometimes wishes come true.�

The pygmies swarmed around Robin. Three began gently stroking his aching body while the fourth expertly placed his lips around Robin�s engorged cock and began sucking him off. Robin�s body twisted and strained with ecstasy. When the pygmy�s highly-trained senses detected it was time, he withdrew his lips and started to massage Robin�s cock with his small fist. Robin�s body arced as an electrifying orgasm ripped through his body and a jet of white cum spurted from his cock. �Thank you, thank you,� Robin sobbed. �Again, again,� the pygmies chanted. �Again, again.� The pygmies expert hands began to arouse Robin again, massaging his testicles, hitting delicate pressure points, manipulating his cock. One of the pygmies jammed his fist up Robin�s rectum and poked and prodded until he began to massage Robin�s prostate. Inevitably Robin�s cock responded and within minutes, he experienced another bone-shaking orgasm. �Again, again,� chanted the pygmies, and started the cycle anew. �No, no!,� beggedd Robin.
But again and again the pygmies plied their artful manipulations to Robin�s body. A third time. A fourth. On the fifth go-around, Robin�s member didn�t even become erect but they pygmies still brought him to orgasm. On the sixth orgasm in less than an hour, Robin screamed in agony as the pygmies milked the last drop of cum from him, and passed out.



When Robin came to, he realized that he had been moved while unconscious. The effects of the drugs had worn off and he was now clearheaded. His cock still throbbed with pain from the ferocious workout it had received from the Piper�s diabolical henchmen, and his arms still ached from having been suspended for so long, but otherwise he was unhurt. Robin now found himself standing with his back to a padded wall. His arms were outstretched to either side and stapled to the wall with metal straps. His ankles were also secured to the wall. He looked as if he were being crucified. Robin realized that while he was unconscious, he had been washed and somehow, he had relieved himself. His bowels and bladder were both empty.
Robin looked up as the Pied Piper entered the chamber. The Piper was wearing his bondage gear again, just like the robot in the warehouse had been dressed � a black leather codpiece with two black leather straps crisscrossing a massive, heavily muscled chest. He was wearing light workout gloves, the kind that boxers use to work the heavy bag.

�It looks like Batman keeps you in pretty good shape,� the Piper sneered, as he ran his hand up and down the ridges of Robin�s sharply defined abs. �Let�s see how good. I�m going to give those abs of yours a workout. I�ll stop anytime you like. All you have to do is ask me. But I have to warn you. Remember those high-school boys you swooped in to rescue? Well, I kept one of them. Take a look.� Behind the Piper, a TV monitor embedded in the wall suddenly came of life, showing a closed-circuit picture of one of the kidnapped teens. He was tethered to a wall exactly like Robin. Two large, half-naked men stood in front of the boy.
�Now as soon as you ask me to stop, those two gentlemen in my employ will begin using our young friend there as a punching bag. He�s in good shape but he�s no Boy Wonder, I don�t think he�ll last very long. So do we understand? Good. Now let�s begin.�
With that, the Piper cocked his left arm and fired a powerful jab directly into Robin�s solar plexus. The blow took him by surprise and knocked the wind out of him.

�You�re going to have to do better than that,� chuckled the Piper. �Now tighten your abs and concentrate.�
Robin did as the Piper instructed and tightened his abs. The Piper began throwing lefts, rights, jabs, and uppercuts into the Boy Wonder�s mid-section. �You�re abs are wonderful, everything I hoped they�d be,� said the Piper. Let�s turn it up a notch.�
The Piper stepped back slightly and started throwing his full body weight into every punch. First he�d aim low, at the soft belly just above Robin�s pubis. Pow! Then he�d throw a cross body punch into the meat of Robin�s abs. Wham! Then he�s follow up with an uppercut into the solar plexus, bringing his fist up into Robin�s body and lifting the boy off his feet.
Robin took the punishment silently, concentrating on holding his muscles tight to absorb the Piper�s blows. But slowly the constant flurry of punches took their toll and Robin felt his abdominals weakening.

The Piper went to the back wall and picked up a baseball bat. He came back to Robin and said, �Let�s see if this makes an impression.� The Piper swung the bat directly against Robin�s abs. The boy bounced off the wall behind him as every ounce of wind was knocked from his lungs. Gasping for air, Robin looked up just as the Piper twisted the bat in his hands and plunged it like a battering ram directly into Robin�s mid-section. This time, green bile exploded from Robin�s lips as the contents of his empty stomach erupted from the blow.
Smiling, the Piper probed Robin�s throbbing abs with his hand. They were completely beaten down and soft now, with no tensile strength left at all. The Piper resumed his left/right combinations, this time with every blow taking its toll. Robin desperately tried to suck in oxygen in between hits as the Piper continued battering his body. Robin�s eyes glazed over and a trickle of saliva leaked from the corner of his mouth as he started to lose control of his bodily functions.
�Had enough, Boy Wonder?� snarled the Piper. �All you have to do is ask and I�ll stop.� �Fuck you,� sneered Robin. �It takes more than a few punches to take me out.�

The Piper reared back his head and laughed. He motioned to his pygmy assistants and they swarmed into the room, each holding small wooden clubs. They surrounded Robin and started beating his body � not only his abs, but his chest, sides, thighs, arms, even his genitals. Robin twisted and turned in his bonds, unable to escape the unrelenting assault. Soon, ugly purple welts and bruises covered his arms, shoulders, pecs, and thighs. �Ugh!��Ah!� �Oof� Each blow brought a muffled response from the lips of the suffering teen. Robin tried to concentrate on a Zen technique that Batman had taught him once that would make him lose unconsciousness � the only escape when being tortured. But the lad couldn�t focus with the pygmies lashing his body.
After an hour of the pygmies� relentless assault, the Piper returned to the chamber. He was wearing heavy leather gloves that had steel bars across the fingers. When the Piper made a fist, the steel bars were directly across his knuckles. �Before I start pounding you with these, I�ll give you one more chance,� said the Piper. Robin lifted his head and just sneered at his tormentor. �Very well, then,� said the Piper. He brought back his arm and fired a punch straight into Robin�s belly. The boy buckled and arc�d in his restraints. The Piper threw a roundhouse right into the sharply striated delts and heard a satisfying crunch as it connected one or more of Robin�s ribs. Robin was now semi-conscious, unable to hold up his own weight. His head and shoulders sagged forward over his lower body, his flaccid cock and balls dangling between his thighs. The Piper pulled back his arm, aiming another punch directly at Robin�s groin when the Boy Wonder broke. �Okay, enough, you win,� he sobbed. �Stop, please. No more.�
The Piper roared back his head with laughter. �Clean him up, boys,� he directed his pygmies, who threw buckets of cold water at Robin until his head had cleared and he brought himself back upright.

�Now, Boy Wonder, watch what happens because you wimped out.� The Piper adjusted the volume on the closed circuit monitor and flicked a switch that sent a signal to the other chamber. Without hesitation, the two bruisers on the TV screen began beating the manacled teen before them. The boy screamed in agony with the first punch and was soon sobbing �Stop, please, stop, don�t hit me anymore!� at the top of his lungs. Robin watched with horror and listened as the boy�s screams tore into him. Finally, one of the men threw a roundhouse right at the boy�s chin which snapped his head back and knocked him out.
�That concludes today�s lesson,� said the Piper. �I will see you tomorrow.� And with that, he left the chamber, leaving Robin�s bruised body and psyche to contemplate what else might await him.


Part IV.
Robin realized that he had either fallen asleep or, more likely, had been drugged again. He came too out of an inky blankness in a new location. Now he was in the center of a large empty room, still naked but now spreadeagled, with his wrists manacled to tethers that reached to the ceiling. His legs were spread to shoulder width and his ankles were manacled to the floor. At least he was standing and not dangling in mid-air like before, so his arms didn�t ache.
Directly ahead of him was a black door, the only visible portal in the room. A large black leather chair sat in the corner of the room, the room�s only furnishing.
After Robin had been conscious about an hour, the door began to open. Robin�s jaw almost dropped open when he saw Catman walk into the room ahead of the Pied Piper. Catman, partner in crime to Catwoman, was a petty thief and predatory homosexual who liked to kidnap and rape teenage boys. His leather fetish and fondness for whips soon attracted the attention of Catwoman, who helped transform the psychotic predator into a SuperVillain. The Piper just smiled at Robin and made himself comfortable in the chair.
Catman was wearing his usual skintight leather jumpsuit. A huge bulge at his crotch displayed his excitement. He had a large cat o�nine tails tethered to his right hip and a black leather bullwhip on his left.
�Hello, Robin,� he purred. �So nice to see you again. Catwoman is still being held prisoner in Arkham Asylum, thanks to you and Batman, but the Pied Piper was nice enough to invite me to visit.�

Robin felt a cold chill run through his body as he listened to that familiar silky voice.
Catman scanned the nude body of the Boy Wonder up and down and licked his lips lasciviously. �I�ve waited a long time for this. Too bad Batman isn�t tied up next to you, but you�ll do. I know you�ve seen me use my whips, but usually for climbing buildings or snapping those batarangs out of your hand. Never for what they really meant for. I so rarely get a chance to do this, I am really looking forward to it.�
Catman placed his gloved hand on Robin�s chest, and ran it down over the raised mounds of his pectorals and the curved ridges of his abs. �Now what shall it be, the cat or the bullwhip? Which would you prefer, hmmmmm?� Robin flinched as Catman�s hand traveled down to his groin and squeezed his cock and balls. �No pain without pleasure, no pleasure without pain, that�s what I always say,� said Catman. He slowly began running his gloved hand up and down the length of Robin�s flaccid penis. �Let�s make a little wager. If you can stay soft for the next 3 minutes, we�ll use the gentle cat. If you get hard, it will be the bullwhip for you. Piper, please time us.�
The Pied Piper chuckled as Catman leaned even closer to Robin, pressing his lips to his neck as he continued to massage his shaft. Robin tried to focus all of his willpower on resisting Catman�s efforts, but a 16-year old boy�s cock has a mind of its own � especially when it�s being fondled by a skilled pederast in a slinky leather jumpsuit! After two and a half minutes, it had jerked to attention and was standing stiffly at a 90 degree angle to the boy�s body. Catman leaned even closer and whispered into Robin�s ear, �Sorry, sweety, you lose.� He squeezed Robin�s tool and balls with his gloved hand until the boy screamed in pain. �And if you think that hurt, you have no idea,� he purred.

Catman marched to about five feet behind Robin�s arched back and coiled the long, sleek black bullwhip. He admired the naked form of his captive for a moment. �I have to give you one thing, Boy Wonder,� he said, laughing meanly. �You may be a first-class pain sometimes but you sure have one beautiful ass.� He cracked the whip in the air two times; Robin flinched with every whipcrack, waiting for the first blow. Finally, Catman threw out his arm, casting the whip with a sidearm motion so it snaked across Robin�s back and wrapped around his chest. Robin jerked and gasped as the whip cut through his skin and burned like a fiery poker had raked his body. It hurt worse than anything Robin had ever experienced, even the Pied Piper�s brass knuckles. The whip snaked across the room again and again, crisscrossing Robin�s back with ugly red welts that criss-crossed his broad shoulders and wrapped around his perfectly defined lats and delts.

For Catman, this was more than a dream come true, it was the ultimate realization of his obsession with Batman and Robin. As he expertly coiled and cracked his whip, carefully guiding it across Robin�s back, shoulders, thighs, and the beautiful twin globes of his butt, he lost himself in a trance-like state outside of space and time. He didn�t even hear it when Robin�s gasps and shrieks turned into full-blown screams. The Pied Piper, meanwhile, sat contentedly watching the entire ordeal, staring at Robin�s contorted face and relishing every crack of the whip and every tormented scream.
When Robin had been lashed from head to toe, Catman walked around the boy�s body and faced him head on. �Now we�ll see what you�re really made of,� he said in a dark, low purr. Robin at this point could barely hold up his head. He was drenched with sweat, his long black hair matted and falling into his eyes. Catman brought the whip down against Robin�s heaving chest once, twice, three times. Robin had arched his body as much as he could, bending over backwards and tilting his head back so the whip wouldn�t hit his face or eyes. That left his chest and abs all the more exposed, and Catman continued to lash them relentlessly. Finally, he curled the whip and expertly aimed it, letting fly a perfect blow that flicked the tip of the whip against Robin�s cock. Robin let out a bloodcurdling scream and then, mercifully, passed out, his body going slack in his restraints.
�Good job, Catman,� said the Piper. �I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We�ll bathe him and treat his wounds, give him his nightly enema, and put him to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for Robin. The Joker and the Riddler have both promised to be here for Robin�s last day on Earth.�

Part 5

This time when Robin woke up, he found himself laying on a padded mat. He was still naked but for the first time, wasn�t tied up or bound in some way. He stood up and massaged his arms and legs, checking himself out. His wounds had been treated with a soothing salve and most of the whip marks had receded to faint welts, except for a nasty gash on his cheek where Catman�s whip had caught his face, and a cut across one nipple that would need time to heal. His body was still spotted with lumps and bruises from the beatings he�d taken, but over all, Robin decided, he was still in pretty good shape, even if he still didn�t know where he was or how long he�d been knocked out. It could have been two hours or two weeks since his last punishment session with the Pied Piper.
Suddenly, bright lights snapped on around him and Robin could see several shadowy figures staring down at him through tinted plate-glass windows above his head. Robin was in some sort of amphitheater, with padded walls and floor, almost like a 3-D wrestling ring. The teen titan could make out the shadowy silhouette of the Pied Piper through the glass and two other figures � one unmistakably the Joker, with his white skin and eerie red lips, and the other a thin man in green, probably the Riddler. And there was another man in black, with something strange on his head � a big hat perhaps? A straw hat? The Scarecrow?
�Hello, Robin,� the Pied Piper�s voice boomed through a speaker. �Do you remember those boys that you tried to rescue at the warehouse? They were turned over to your old friend The Scarecrow who has managed to completely brainwash them into thinking that you are their mortal enemy. Let me introduce you to them.�

The Piper pressed a button and a door slid open. Five husky teens clad only in black jockstraps entered the room. All of the boys were clearly champion athletes who had been selected for their physicality � all had big arms and shoulders, massive pecs, washboard abs, and tight trim waists. Their jockstraps bulged with their barely-contained manhood. They were all pumped up, gnashing their jaws and pounding their fists in some sort of drugged blood frenzy.
In a fair fight, Robin could have dispatched all five boys easily. After all, they might be strong but they weren�t trained martial artists. But Robin had been considerably weakened by his prolonged captivity, the relentless punishment to his body, and a lack of food and water. Moreover, he was pretty sure the Piper had cracked a couple of his ribs, which were still sore and painful to the touch.

�There he is,� growled one of the high-school athletes. �Get the little fucker. Tear him to pieces!� All five boys started screaming like wild animals and attacked Robin with flailing fists. Robin dodged their first assault, dropping one boy with a spin kick and knocking another off his feet with a judo throw. But when all five boys rushed Robin at once, their sheer bulk was too much for him. They toppled the teen crimefighter off his feet and flat onto the mat. Two of the boys sat on Robin�s arms, pinning them over his head. Another two held down his legs. The fifth boy, a huge bruiser who was the star halfback for the Gotham Knights football squad, squatted over Robin�s waist. He started banging his fists on Robin�s exposed abs, like a baby banging his hands on a table, only as hard as he could possibly pound. Robin�s abused muscles simply couldn�t withstand anymore punishment, and the blows knocked the wind from his body. Smiling ferociously with the effectiveness of his punishment, the high school boy alternated his punches from Robin�s reddened, softened abs to his solar plexus to his pecs. Robin let out little gasps of pain with every blow � �Agh! Ugh! Uff!� � until he was desperately sucking in air and trying to catch his breath. When all resistance had clearly been knocked out of him, the boys stood Robin up. One of the bigger guys put Robin in a full nelson, bending his neck forward and pinning his arms straight up in the air. The other four boys took turns gutpunching Robin in the abs, the ribs, and the pecs. One of the punches hit Robin squarely on his cracked rib and the teen let out an uncontrolled scream. The high school boys just laughed and continued raining blows all over Robin�s body.

When their arms started to get tired, they dropped Robin to the floor and rolled him over onto his stomach. The boys � who had all been given the Pied Piper�s Super-Viagra serum - dropped their jockstaps and each was sporting a monstrous 7 to 10-inch hardon. The first boy straddled Robin�s bubble butt and pulled his chin straight back in a classic Camel Clutch. Robin screamed in pain as his back was bent backwards like a pretzel. �Let�s see if the Boy Wonder�s a virgin,� said the teen straddling Robin. He lifted Robin�s butt off the floor and made Robin squat on his knees. Then he mounted the teen, forcing the full length of his engorged shaft up Robin�s rectum. Robin squealed from the pain of the large teen�s sizable cock being driven into this body. �Why don�t you beg us to stop?� teased the teen. �We won�t anyway but we�d love to hear you cry like a baby.� Robin shut his eyes and tried to force his mind away from the horror of the moment, as the teen continued to pound his dick in and out of Robin�s boyhole. Finally the teen pulled his cock out of Robin and shot a load of sperm all over the teen�s ass.

The other four teens each took their turn raping Robin, taking as long as possible before they each got off and came. By the time it was over, Robin�s ass and the mat under him was smeared with a puddle of sticky white cum. The boys formed a circle around Robin�s body and proceeded to circle jerk another round of jism on him. Robin simply lay on the floor, too exhausted and humiliated to even look at his tormentors.
The door to the chamber opened again and the boys quietly filed out, as if following pre-arranged orders. As the Pied Piper and his guest � Joker, Riddler, Catman, and the Scarecrow � filed into the room, two ropes descended from the ceiling. Each had a wrist manacle on its end.

The Piper�s pygmies attached the manacles to Robin�s wrists and then stood back as the ropes began to recede, dragging Robin to his feet and eventually suspending him spreadeagled by his wrists several inches above the floor. �Riddle me this, Robin,� screeching the Riddler. �What hurts and feels good at the same time? Why an orgasm, of course! And look what I have for you!� With that, the Riddle plucked a large silver butt plug from his pocket and waved it in the air. �This is no ordinary dildo, Boy Wonder. It has a special transceiver in it that will broadcast an electronic signal direct to your prostate, and from their to the pleasure centers in your brain. Turn on the power a little bit and you get a boner. Turn it up halfway and you have an orgasm. Turn it up full-power and �. Ever wonder what it would be like to have an orgasm for ten minutes? A half hour? An hour? That exquisite electric shock of pleasure and pain wracking your body and never stopping? On and on and on. Eventually, your lungs would collapse, your heart would explode from the strain, and you�d have cum to death. Well, dear Robin, that�s what we�re going to do to you.�

With that, the Riddler brusquely inserted the killer butt-plug up Robin�s rectum. �Lucky we had those boys loosen you up in there,� laughed the Joker. �Plenty of room for our little toy up there now. Ha ha ha ha!�
�Turn it on, Riddler, and let�s get this over with,� said the Pied Piper. �I grow bored with him.�
The Riddler turned to an electronic panel in the wall and turned a small dial. A small amount of power started flowing through the device. Robin felt his cock twitch, like a faint electric shock. The Riddler let out his insane giggle and cranked the dial higher. Robin watched helplessly as his cock expanded into full rigidity. In a matter of seconds, it was perpendicular from his suspended body.

�All the way now,� said the Piper. �Gentleman, prepare yourself for a show.�
The Riddler cranked the machine to its highest level. Robin�s entire body spasm�d and he threw his head back, letting out a shriek. A jet of white cum spurted from his cock, then another, then a third. Robin thrashed in his restraints, his body writhing as the exquisite pain and pleasure of a thousand orgasms assaulted him without let up. �Stop, make it stop!� he screamed. �Please, make it stop!�
The Joker let out a bloodcurdling laugh to see his nemesis in such a dire predicament. The other SuperVillains watched intently as Robin�s body continued to twist in the air.

Suddenly, the back wall of the exploded into a cloud of plaster and rubble as a blue figure streaked into the room. It was Superman! The black-clad figure of Batman followed through the hole that Superman had created. The opposite wall suddenly lit up with an intense green light, then melted away as the Green Lantern blasted his way into the sanctuary. �Turn that thing off!� yelled Batman. A bolt of energy from Green Lantern�s power ring blasted the Riddler�s machine, killing the power. Robin�s drained body sagged limply as Superman cut his bonds with his heat vision and cradled the boy to the floor. Superman took a quick look at Robin�s heart and lungs with his x-ray vision. �He�s going to be all right, we got here in time,� he said.
�Let�s clean up this trash then,� said Batman, staring at the Joker, Riddler, Catman, and Pied Piper with barely bridled fury.
There were no arrests that day. No trials. No jury ever heard details of the naked humiliation and torture suffered by Robin. The kidnapped high-school boys were deprogrammed by Green Lantern and returned to Gotham High with no memory of their ordeal. After a short recovery period, Robin returned to Batman�s side on patrol, but Gotham City seemed much quieter after his return. And no one ever heard of the Joker, the Riddler, the Catman, or the Pied Piper ever again.

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